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Woman's Foreign Missionary Society
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Removed without letter
In Memoriam:

From the "Auburn Citizen" (newspaper) dated March 30, 1945: Fire of unknown origin completely destroyed the 60 year old Montezuma Methodist Church late yesterday afternoon and for a time threatened to spread to nearby buildings. The loss is estimated at $10,000. The destruction of the church is a serious blow to the parish. Firemen of Engine Co. 4 of the Auburn Fire Department responded to an appeal for help and the local men worked with members of the volunteer companies of Montezuma, Savannah and Port Byron. The burned church is almost a total loss, and only a small amount of insurance was carried on the property. The blaze had been going for some time before it was discovered by Mrs. Henry Decker of River Road.  Mrs. Decker was on her way to the village when she immediately gave the alarm. The church, of frame construction, had a slate roof and the roofing kept the fire from bursting through and confined it until the entire interior was ablaze. the firemen of the volunteer companies could do little toward halting the flames in the church building and turned their attention to the buildings on both sides of the church. The Methodist parsonage, occupied by Rev. Kenneth Stewart, was scorched but it did not ignite. Also located nearby is the rectory of St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church and the home of Martin Nugent and family was just south of the burning church building. Neither the Nugent home nor the St. Michael's rectory was damaged. The call to Auburn was received at 4:39 p.m. and Engine Company 4 with Drillmaster Luke Bergan in charge made the trip. When the firemen arrived they hooked their pumper into lines, but the church already was doomed. The fire originated, it is thought, in the northwest corner of the church. Firemen believe that defective electric wiring may have been the cause as there had been no fire in the church furnace since last Sunday. Flames spread so fast through the building that very little in the line of furnishings could be moved out. Nothing except the church piano was saved. This later was taken to the Montezuma Town Hall. The steeple of the church fell with a crash and the church bell was dropped into the interior. The burned building measured approximately 60 by 80 feet. Now the parishioners will have to seek a place of worship. The Auburn firemen returned to their station shortly after 7 o'clock after their 23.2 miles round trip. Preparations of Easter services were to be made Good Friday night by the pastor and leaders of the congregation. They planned to meet in the church to put flowers into place.


The church was rebuilt on it's current site, and the Service of Dedication was held Sunday, December 23, 1951 by Rev. Arnold Mellin. In 1945, the church which was destroyed by the fire, stood at the site of the current Thruway bridge on Route 90 in the village. Apparently all of the records were lost. However, following the construction of that church in 1882, the pastor, Rev. William M. Benger, published a small, pamphlet that included a list of members and probationers, as well as those individuals who had contributed to the construction of the church. When settling the estate of Paul Radford, the family donated a copy of this booklet to town historian, Horace M. Carner, and he has preserved it with other town memorabilia, where the original may be seen. A copy is also available at the church. In transcribing this for this publication, I have included several letters and editorials written by the pastor that give an insight to some of the problems encountered by this church family, and some advertisements by local merchants. Other advertisements by out of town merchants have been omitted.

Auburn St., Montezuma, N.Y.
_______ MARCH, 1882 _______
Rev. Wm. M. Benger, Pastor _______
Auburn, N.Y. Printed by Warren S. Towner, 82 Genessee St. 1882

Pastor's Letter. To the Members of the Church - Suffer a Word. Your society has now passed a crisis not known before in its history. God has lead you in a way that you knew not, and He has lead you safely and gloriously. Do not fail to praise Him for it. We issue this little directory not for vain show, but with the hope that it will secure 1st A better acquaintance among you as members of Christ's Church 2nd. A more thorough knowledge of the various officers, committees, and organizations of the church. 3rd More sympathy and cooperation with all that makes for the success of the church. If it will do this it will reach the end for which we were impelled to get up this directory. We are ambitious that all the members shall be in earnest to know and love one another and also become conversant with all the workings of the church. Let me urge your consistent attendance upon the prayer meetings and every social means of grace. Much is lost to you individually by your absence from the prayer meetings. Take care of this little book. Read it often. Know and enjoy all you can of your own church. Be true to it: as it is the church of your own choice. Remember all your obligations. N. B. - I invite your attention to the advertisements in this directory. When you need anything in their line call on them. -William M. Benger

Times and Places of Various Church Services ________ MENTZ Sunday-school 10 A. M. Preaching every Sabbath at 11 A. M. Class meeting always at the close of the Public services Prayer meeting and general Bible class Friday evenings MONTEZUMA Sunday school 12 m. Preaching at 1 p.m. Brother Bennett Radford's class meeting at 2 1/2 p.m. Preaching at 7 1/2
p. m. with the exception of a portion of the winter, when it is held at 7 p.m. Brother Horatio Mack's Class meets at the close of the services Half an hour's Prayer meeting always before the Public services. General Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 7 1/2 p.m. in the summer months, in the winter at 7. General Missionary Concert by the Sabbath schools held at Montezuma on the first Sunday evening of every month Woman's Foreign Missionary Society meets at the church the second Tues. of every month or at the call of the President. General Church Sociable held in the reception rooms of the church first Tuesday evening of every month.


Bishop - Henry W. Warren, D. D.
Presiding Elder - Rev. Theron Cooper
Class Leaders - John Gilmore, 1st; Ford Doty, Bennett Radford, Horatio Mack.
Stewards - For Montezuma - John W. Mills, C. C. Mallory, Alonzo J. Weston, L. D. Fenlon,                                                 Henry Damewood
For Mentz - George W. Bell, Benjamin Beach, William Gilmore, 2nd; Wesley Gilmore
Recording Steward - George W. Bell
District Steward - John W. Mills
Trustees for Montezuma - W. W. Emerson, Pres.; Horatio Mack, Sec. and Treas.: Charles C.                        Mallory, Jacob Gutchess, George Denman, Alonzo J. Weston, Robert H. Bush. Trustees for Mentz - George W. Bell, William Gilmore, 2nd; Wallace Weston.
S. S. Superintendent for Montezuma - Horatio Mack
SS. Superintendent for Mentz - Mrs. Joseph McLoud


Missions: George W. Bell, Horatio Mack, L. D. Fenlon
Sunday Schools:
     MENTZ: John Gilmore, 1st; Ford Doty, Mrs John Bell
     MONTEZUMA: W. W. Emerson, A. J. Weston, Mrs. George Denman, C. C. Mallory,                                        Horace Carner, Mrs. W. B. Janes
Temperance: George W. Bell, Horatio Mack, Bennett Radford
Tracts: Mrs. Wallace Weston, Mrs. Ann Barlow, Mrs. George Ross
Education: C. C. Mallory, W. W. Emerson, Ford Doty
Church extension: B. F. Beach, Horace Carner, Arthur Vreeland
Church records: George W. Bell, L. D. Fenlon, John W. Mills
Parsonage and Furniture: Henry Damewood, Mrs. L. D. Fenlon, Mrs. W. W. Emerson, Mrs. A.         J. Weston, Mrs. George W. Bell, Mrs. John Gilmore, 1st, Mrs Wm. Gilmore 2nd, Mrs B.          F.Beach, Robert H. Bush.
Church Music
      MENTZ: John Gilmore, Mrs. John Bell, Mrs.Joseph McLoud
      MONTEZUMA: S. D. Mallory, Richard Vreeland, Mrs. B. Radford, Mrs. S. Kelley, Nelson              Ross
Estimating Preacher's salary: W. W. Emerson, George W. Bell, R. H. Bush, John W. Mills,                     William Gilmore, 2nd.


WENDEL GILMORE Montezuma's Popular Butcher, will run his wagon and keep up his Meat         Market. Best of Meat always on hand.
WILLIAM DAILY Will start up his Market and furnish the same article as good as any. Let               Montezuma patronize her own boys.
MRS. LEWIS GILMORE is ready to furnish Lessons in Music. The youth of Mentz will do well         to form a class and engage her as teacher.
MRS. GEORGE PAYNE, Montezuma NY whose experience and accomplishments in the realm      of Music, is seldom excelled, will be at liberty this summer more than for some time in the past      to give lessons to any who wish to unite with her class, which at present is quite large. Music        accomplishments are unquestionably desirable and our people can not do better than to                engage her as Teacher of their youth.
HORATIO MACK, Montezuma NY - Keeps everything in the line of Drugs. He still lives - does      a thriving business, and expects to. Call on him.

_____ Officers of Sunday Schools

Horatio Mack . . . . Superintendent
John W. Mills . . . . . Assistant Superintendent        
Mrs. A. A. Benger. . Secretary
Miss Mertie Warrick Treasurer
Teachers: Mrs. Horatio Mack, John W. Mills, Mrs. Sarah Kipp, B. H. Benham, Mrs. George                    Ross, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Mrs. Samuel Bonker.

Mrs. Joseph McCloud . . . . . Superintendent
Mrs. Wallace Weston . . . . . . Assistant Superintendent
Teachers: Mrs. Wallace Weston, Mrs. Hannah Cole, Mrs. Ann Barlow, Mrs. Mary Hutchinson,                Mrs. John Bell, Mrs. George Bell, Miss Gertie Bell


Sunday School Missionary Society

      George W. Bell . . . . . . . President
      R. Lasher . . . . . . . . . . . Vice President
     Mrs. Hannah E. Cole . . Secretary
     Mrs. Wallace Weston . Treasurer

      John W. Mills . . . . . . . President
     Mrs. A. A. Benger . . . Vice President
     Mrs. Sarah Kipp . . . . . Secretary
     Mrs. H. Mack . . . . . . . Treasurer

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society

Mrs. A. A. Benger . . . President
Vice Presidents: Mrs. L. D. Fenlon, Mrs. C. Pease, Mrs. C. C. Mallory, Mrs. mary Mitchell,             Mrs. Frank Curry, Mrs. J. V. Stewart, Mrs. George Denman
Mrs. Samuel Bonker. . Recording Secretary
Mrs. C. E. Chase . . . . Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. William kelley . . . Treasurer
Mrs. Fenemore Helmer: Solicitor for Heathen Woman's Friend
(Other Members) Mrs. Benj. Helmer, Mrs. B. H. Benham, Mrs. E. Ross, Mrs Jacob Gutches, Mrs. Frank Harrington, Mrs. Forshee, Mrs. W. W Timpson, Mrs. W. Weston, Mrs. h. Carner, Mrs. W. Mills, Mrs. Zimori Weaver, Mrs. R. H. Bush, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Eliza Burk, Mrs. Eliza Post, Mrs. Eugene McAarther(sic), Mrs. W. W. Emerson, Mrs. D. Adams, Miss Emma Traver, Mrs. A. Cook, Mrs. E. Burk, Miss R. Teal, Mrs. Jessie Helmer, Mrs. Horatio Mack.

Church Sociables:
William M. Benger. . . . . . . President
C. C. Mallory . . . . . . . . . . Secretary
John W. Mills . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
Finance collectors: Nelson Ross, George Denman
Church Sexton
   Montezuma: S. D. Mallory
   Mentz: Charles Weston
Alonzo J. Weston . . . . . Church Chorister
Miss Emma Bush . . . . . Church Organist
Miss Gertie Kipp . . . . . sunday School Organist
Mrs. Ann Barlow. . . Church Organist at Mentz

All the seats are free and we trust always will be (A One page Financial Plan is included in original here)


Names 			Society 	Residence 
Adams, Catherine 	Montezuma 	Village 
Benger, A. A. 		Montezuma 	Village 
Bell, Mary 		Montezuma 	Village 
Bush, Robert H. 	Montezuma	S. of village 
Burk, Eliza 		Montezuma 	S. of village 
Burk, Elizabeth 	Montezuma	S. of village 
Bush, Jacob M. 		Montezuma 	S. of village 
Beach B. F. 		Mentz 		S. of church 
Beach, Portia 		Mentz 		S. of church 
Beach, Samantha 	Mentz 		S. of church
Bell, Mary E. 		Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Bell, George W. 	Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Bell, Julia A. 		Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Bell, Ethan 		Mentz 		Near Batavia 
Bell, Zelia		Mentz 		Near Batavia 
Barlow, Ann E. 		Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Bell, Gertie 		Mentz		S.E. of church 
Bivins, Martha 		Mentz 		Crusoe Island 
Baldwin, Elizabeth 	Mentz		S.W. of Village 
Carner, Horace 		Montezuma 	S.E. of Village 
Carner, Emily F.	Montezuma 	S.E. of Village 
Carner, Lottie 		Montezuma 	S.E. of Village 
Carl, Philinda 		Montezuma 	S.W. of Village 
Carl, Sarah H. 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village
Clark, Levi 		Montezuma 	Village 
Clark, Alida 		Montezuma 	Village 
Clark, Charles C. 	Montezuma 	Village 
Comerford, S. 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Cole, J. H.		Mentz 		E. of church 
Cole, Hannah E. 	Mentz 		E. of church 
Denman, George 		Montezuma	N. of village 
Denman, Mrs. George 	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Denman, Kittie		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Damewood, Henry 	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Devoe, Daniel		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Devoe, Pheobe 		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Devoe, Libbie		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Dennes, Sarah 		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Dolly, Oliver O. 	Montezuma 	Village 
Davidson, Julia 	Montezuma 	Crusoe Island 
Doty, J. F.		Mentz 		S. of church 
Doty, Cornelia 		Mentz 		S. of church 
Emerson, W. W. 		Montezuma	Village 
Emerson, H. E. 		Montezuma 	Village 
Fenlon, L. D. 		Montezuma 	Village
Fenlon, Eliza 		Montezuma 	Village 
Fitch, Wm* 		Montezuma 	Village 
Fitch, Luiza*		Montezuma 	Village 
Foster, John 		Montezuma 	W. of village 
Filkin, Dora 		Montezuma	Village 
Gilmore, William 	Montezuma 	S. of village 
Gilmore, Caroline 	Montezuma	S. of village 
Gilmore, John 2d 	Montezuma 	S. of village 
Gutchess, Jacob 	Montezuma	S. of village 
Gutchess, Helen A. 	Montezuma 	S. of village 
Gilmore, Elizabeth	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Grimes, Stephen 	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Graham, Elizabeth	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Goodman, Athelia 	Montezuma 	Savannah 
Gilmore, John		Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Gilmore, Mary 		Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Gilmore, William, 2d 	Mentz 		S. of church 
Gilmore, Louisa 	Mentz 		S. of church 
Gilmore, Eliza Jane	Mentz 		S. of church 
Gilmore, Lewis 		Mentz 		N. of church 
Gilmore, Jane 		Mentz		N. of church 
Glassgow, Smith 	Mentz 		N.E.of church 
Hooper, Ransom 		Montezuma	Village 
Hooper, Mary A 		Montezuma 	Village 
Hubbard, P. J. 		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Hitchcock, S. P. 	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Hitchcock, Pheobe 	Montezuma	N. of village 
Helmer, Fenimore 	Montezuma 	Village 
Helmer, Laura 		Montezuma	Village 
Helmer, Orson 		Montezuma 	Village 
Helmer, Jessie 		Montezuma 	Village
Harrington, Frank 	Montezuma 	Village 
Harrington, Mrs. F. 	Montezuma 	Village
Kelley, Harriett 	Montezuma 	W. of Village 
Kurn, Louisa 		Montezuma 	Village 	
Kipp, Sarah 		Montezuma 	Village 
Janes, W. B. 		Montezuma 	Village 	
Janes, Mary A 		Montezuma	Village 
Jones, Edgar 		Montezuma 	S.E. of village 
Jones, E. B. 		Montezuma 	S.E. of village 
Jones, Ursulia 		Montezuma 	Village 
Jones, Mary 		Montezuma 	Village
Ladue, Abram 		Montezuma 	N. of Village 
Ladue, Maria 		Montezuma 	N. of Village
Lasher, Renssalear 	Mentz 		S.E. of church 	
Lasher, Maria 		Mentz 		S.E. of church
Mallory, S. D. 		Montezuma 	Village 	
Mallory, Lovina 	Montezuma 	Village 
Mallory, Louis 		Montezuma 	Village 
Mallory, C. C. 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Mallory, Jane E. 	Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Mack, Horatio 		Montezuma 	Village 
Mack, Sophia		Montezuma 	Village 
Mills, John W. 		Montezuma 	S.E. of village 
Mills, Warren		Montezuma 	S.E. of village 
Mills, Jennett 		Montezuma 	S.E. of village 
Mitchell, Mary 		Montezuma 	Village 
Mills, Hannah 		Mentz 		S. of church 
McKracken, Franc	Mentz 		S. of chruch 
McLoud, Mary E. 	Mentz 		N.E. of church 
McLoud, Mary F 		Mentz		N.E. of church 
McIntosh, Ella 		Mentz 		E. of church 
Pidge, Caroline 	Montezuma	Village 
Post, Eliza 		Montezuma 	Village 
Pease, Emma 		Montezuma 	Village 
Pine, Ella 		Montezuma 	Village 
Pausley, John W. 	Montezuma 	Clyde 
Radford, Bennett	Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Radford, Sarah H. 	Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Ross, Jane 		Montezuma 	Village 
Ross, Catharine 	Montezuma 	Village 
Rhodes, Catharine	Montezuma 	Village 
Ross, Nelson 		Montezuma 	Village 	
Ross, Unice 		Montezuma 	Village
Rodgers, Josephine 	Montezuma 	N. of village 
Rowe, A 		Mentz 		S. Fosterville 
Robins, Retta 		Mentz 		N.E. of church 
Stahlnecker, Elizabeth 	Montezuma 	S.W. of village
Sturge, Helen M. 	Montezuma 	Cato 
Stewart, Elivra 	Montezuma 	Village 
Sinclair, Jane Ann 	Mentz 		S.E. of church 
Trufant, Cordelia 	Montezuma 	Village 	
Torry, Fanny A.* 	Montezuma 	Village 
Treat, Sarah 		Mentz 		S. of church 
Vreeland, Richard	Montezuma 	Village 
Vreeland, Almena 	Montezuma 	Village 
Vreeland, Arthur 	Montezuma	Village 
Vreeland, Eva A. 	Montezuma 	Village 
Weston, Alonzo J 	Montezuma 	E. of village 
Weston, Ruthett 	Montezuma 	Village 
Williams, Irene 	Montezuma 	Village
Warrick, Kate 		Montezuma 	Village 	
Watson, Emma 		Montezuma 	N. of village 
Weaver, Jane E. 	Montezuma 	E. of village 
Williams, Elizabeth 	Montezuma 	Village 
Weaver, Sarah M. 	Mentz 		Near church 
Wright, Nancy 		Mentz 		E. church 
Weston, Anna 		Mentz		N.E. church 
Yarns, Jane Ann 	Mentz 		S. church 


Bush, Sarah 		Montezuma	S. of village 
Burk, James 		Montezuma 	S. of village 
Benger, Edith F. 	Montezuma	Village 
Banlon, Orluff 		Montezuma 	Village 
Ballow, Alace 		Montezuma 	Village
Bonker, Samuel 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Bonker, Louisa 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Barlow, John 		Mentz 		S.E. church 
Curry, Deborah 		Montezuma 	S.W. village
Cook, Alice 		Montezuma 	N. village 
Carner, Clara 		Montezuma 	S.E. village 
Collenwood, Sarah L. 	Mentz 		S.E. village 
Denman, Ida 		Montezuma 	N. village 
Denman, Walter		Montezuma 	N. village
Davenport, Emeline 	Montezuma 	Village 
Forshee, Susan		Montezuma 	Village 
Foster, Sibilla 	Montezuma 	W. of village 
Forshee, Mary 		Montezuma	W. of village 
Fenlon, Flora C. 	Montezuma 	Village 
Gay, Moses 		Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Ireland, Caroline M. 	Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Morgan, Marietha	Montezuma 	Village 
Pease, Charlotte 	Montezuma 	S.W. of village 
Shaw, Lousia		Montezuma 	Village 
Simpson, James W. 	Montezuma 	W. of village 
Simpson, Mrs. J. W 	Montezuma 	W. of village 
Traver, Emma 		Montezuma 	Village 
Teal, Rilla		Montezuma 	Village 

MEMBERS REMOVED BY LETTER Names Where removed to 

Adams, Mary 		Fairport, NY 
Butman, Mary E. 	Cato, NY 
Doty, Mary Caroline 	Dresden, NY
Faatz, F. H. 		Kansas 
Faatz, Amelia 		Kansas 
Lemon, Jane A. 		Montezuma 
Port, Lizzie		Cayuga 
Pease, Josephene 	Pennsylvania 
Peck, Hiram 		Auburn 
Peck, Mellie E. 	Auburn
Radford, O.B. 		West 
Radford, Clayton 	West 
Radford, Helen M. 	Port Byron 
Radford, Annie 		Port Byron 
Radford, Nellie 	Port Byron 
Vreeland, Spencer 	Michigan 
Vreeland, Lousia 	Michigan 
Wright, Helen R. 	Colorado 
Wright, Caroline 	Colorado 
Wilkins, H. D. 		Colorado 

Removed without letter 

Scism, William 		Arkansas 
Lemon, Henry		Village 

In Memoriam: 

Members who have died during the present administration and who are now
residents of the Church Triumphant" William Bell Mrs. Jacob Groff Ann Gilmore Diamanda Hall John M. Jones Mary A. Mills Mary Nye Abbie Sherman "Aggrieved" The following is a complete list of these members who withdrew Jan 1st,
1882 Bush, Susan H. Carl L. R. Crispell E. W. Crispell Isabel Crispell Levi McLoud J.J. McKone Mary C. Rockafeller Phillip Rockafeller Mrs. Phillip Ross P.W. Ross Martha S. Shook Grovernor Shook Mrs. Grovenor Stewart, Ann SUSCRIBERS TO THE NEW CHURCH EDIFICE Montezuma Adams, A. $ .25 Adams, Mrs. C. E. 10.00 Arnold, N. 2.00 Atwater, A. E. .50 Atwater, Addie .50 Atwater, L. L. 1.00 Baldwin, M. .50 Baldwin, Mr. 1.00 Baldlwin, S. .50 Baldwin, Theodore 1.00 Baldwin, William .50 Ball, Edward 1.00 Barnes, J. W. 1.00 Beattie, Edd. .25 Bell, Mrs. .25 Bells, N. D. 1.00 Benger, William M. & wife 35.00 Benham, B. H. 7.25 Benham, W. A. (of Throop) 5.00 Benton & Traver 15.00 Blanchard, James 5.00 Bonker, Samuel & wife 46.00 Buckingham, William & wife 12.00 Burk, Mrs. E. 1.00 Burk, Eliza 5.00 Bush, Jacob 10.00 Bush, Robert H 200.00 Carberry, Patrick 2.00 Carl, L. R. 20.00 Carl, William, Mrs. .25 Carner, Mrs. Emily & husband 30.00 Carris, James 3.00 Chase, Dr. & wife 17.00 Clark, Charles 26.00 Clark, Claude .50 Clark, Myron .50 Cobb, J. B. 1.00 Comerford, S. 37.00 Conger, Mr. 1.00 Cook, James M. 5.00 Cooley, Lewis .25 Curry, Francis 11.25 Curry, Willialm L. .50 Daily & Sons 11.00 Damewood, Oscar 1.00 Damewood, Henry & wife 150.00 Decker, William H. .50 Denman, Kittie .50 Denman, George & wife 65.00 Denman, Simpson 1.50 Denman, Walter 6.50 Deman, F. 2.00 Dennes, Sarah 7.00 Dickinson, Mrs. .75 Duffey, Michael 3.00 Doherty, Martin 5.00 Dolley, Oliver H. 5.00 Easter, J. 1.00 Ecker, George, Mrs. .50 Emerson, William W. 210.00 Errity, C. B. & wife 3.00 Ervin, Jacob 5.50 Fenlon, Flora, Miss 1.00 Fenlon, Lewis 126.00 Ferreo, Mr. .50 Filkins, Charles 2.00 Filkin, S. B. 6.00 Finney, Martha .25 Forshee, Garry 5.00 Forshee, Mary M. 11.00 Forshee, Susan 50.00 Foster, William 6.00 Fox, Michael & wife 3.00 French, Mr. 1.00 Gates, Charles H. 5.00 Gay, George 1.00 Gay, Milton 1.00 Gay, Moses 11.50 Gill, Mrs. .25 Gillen, Mary 6.25 Goodman, John 10.00 Gowers, James 4.00 Greaney, Edward 5.00 Gutchess, Jacob 35.00 Hall, Thomas 5.00 Harrington, Frank & wife 6.00 Hatfield, Jacob 2.00 Helmer, Mrs. Benjamin 1.00 Helmer, Mrs. Laura 1.00 Helmer, Ort 10.00 Hicks, S. .50 Higgins, Charles 10.00 Hitchcock, Samuel P. 7.00 Hooper, Ransom & wife 25.00 Humphrey, C. 5.00 Humphrey, George 2.00 Hurd, George B. & wife 6.00 Hutchinson, David 5.00 Janes, Lewis A. 25.00 Janes, Wheaton B. 25.00 Jenkins, Isabella .50 Jetty, John 5.00 Jones, James P. 8.00 Jones, Jonathan P. 5.00 Jones, Washington 2.00 Kelley, Ross & Co 50.00 Kelley, William, Mrs. 5.00 Kern, Christian 15.00 Ladue A. 105.00 Ladue, C. P. 5.00 Ladue, Mortimer 5.00 Laraway, Frank 2.25 Lemon, Ezekiel 2.00 Mack, Horatio 110.00 Mallory, Charles C. 60.00 Mapes, Charles 2.00 Marcus, F. 1.00 Maroney, William 5.00 McCarthy, E. 2.75 McIntosh, C. D. 2.00 McNamara, John 5.00 McNamara, Mathew 5.00 Mills, Benjamin & wife 3.50 Mills, John W. 215.50 Mitchell, A. C. 3.00 Molloy, John J. 20.00 Morse, John 1.00 Mould, A. S. 2.00 Myers, Albert 2.00 Nolan, John 11.00 O'Brien, Patrick 3.00 Palmer, Mrs. Tryphena 5.50 Parker, John 1.00 Payne, Alford, Mrs. .50 Payne, George A. & wife 12.00 Pero, Peter H. 10.00 Pine, Emma 1.00 Post, Eliza 7.00 Post, Nathaniel 5.00 Radford, Bennett 35.00 Radford, Mrs. Bennerr-Com'n set 25.00 Ransom, robert & wife 210.00 Rapanork, James .50 Reckmond, James .50 Remer, A. L. 10.00 Ross, Jane 10.50 Ross, John 25.00 Ross, John, Mrs. 1.00 Ross, Nelson 5.00 Sawyer, Charles .25 Schemerhorn, Authur 5.00 Shaw, Jacob H. & wife 5.50 Shepard, Pratt - Furnishing 50.00 Shockey, Mrs. H. 1.00 Shook, Grovener 15.00 Simpson, James W. 5.00 Smith, Clinton H. 5.00 Stahlnecker, A. 3.50 Stahlnecker, William 11.00 Stalts, D. .25 Stewart, J. V. 15.50 Stewart, William M. 5.00 Stokes, Henry 105.00 Sturge, Helen 2.00 Sullivan, Frank 1.00 Sullivan, Thomas 5.00 Sullivan, William F. 1.00 Thompson, L. 3.00 Thorn, Edward 1.00 Thorn, William 60.00 Thorn, Mrs. William 25.00 Thurston, Mrs. H. 10.00 Tosh, Henry 1.00 Tosh, James E. 15.00 Traver, Charles & wife 5.75 Trufant, Adelia, Mrs. 2.00 Trufant, Caroline 5.00 Trufant, Curtis 5.00 Walling, Albert 2.00 Warrick, Jerome & wife 11.25 Watson, N. 1.00 Weed, Oscar 1.00 Weston, Alonzo J. 105.00 White, Arthur .50 Wiley, Mr. 1.00 Wiley, Mrs. 1.00 Winters, Alvin J. 10.00 Wyman, A. 8.00 VanDenburgh, P. F. 2.00 Vreeland, Arthur 5.50 Vreeland, Richard & wife 12.50 MENTZ Barlow, John & wife 3.00 Barlow, William 10.00 Beach, Benjamin F. 102.00 Beach, S. S. 10.00 Bell. E. 1.00 Bell,George & wife 15.50 Carberry, William 3.00 Cole, Jessie H. 3.00 Everett, David 5.00 Fowler, John 5.00 Fowler, John 2.00 Gilmore, Charles 5.00 Gilmore, John C. 2.00 Gilmore, Wendell 3.50 Gilmore, William 2nd 10.00 Hamm, E. 1.00 Holstead, Mr. 2.00 Howard, Sylvester 2.00 Jones, Clifford 5.00 Kick, John 10.00 Lasher, R. 10.00 Maroney, M. 10.00 McIntosh, Jarvis 3.00 McLoud, Joseph 10.00 Mills, Hannah 210.00 Mills, Warren 10.00 Sinclair, Robert 1.00 Tobin, David 2.25 Weston, Joseph 2.50 Weston, Wallace 10.00 Wright, Jennie 1.00 SAVANNAH Evans, D. H. 6.00 AUBURN Bailey, George 5.00 Beebe, U. S. 10.00 Burtis & Son 5.00 Carlisle, L.F. 5.00 Carpenter, Charles 10.00 Choate & Brother 25.00 Cook, Horace T. 10.00 D. M. Osborne & Co. 25.00 Dean, W. B. 10.00 Dunning & Co. 25.00 E. D. Clapp & Co. 35.00 F. L. Griswold & Co. 25.00 Fowler, John S. 5.00 Hoskins, J. H. 10.00 Hyde & Bettys 15.00 Ives, B. I. 10.00 Johnson, J. A. 5.00 Jones, Thomas 35.00 Lyon, S. 5.00 M. L. Walley & Co 5.00 Madden & Sons 15.00 Manroe, T. J. 5.00 McCrea, A. 5.00 Merrett, C. D. 5.00 Moses, William J. 25.00 Olmstead, M. M. 2.00 Peat, Robert 10.00 Pierce, A. B. 5.00 Richardson - In Furniture 9.00 Searles & Tallman 10.00 Searles, William 10.00 Smith, D. A. 10.00 Smith, Fred M. 10.00 Stokes, C. D. 15.00 Strong, J. B. 5.00 Tremaine Brothers 2.00 Turner, N. 10.00 W. H. Reilly (New York Store) 5.00 Wheeler, C., Jr. 25.00 William B. Hislop & Co. 25.00 Wooden, W. B. 25.00 ROCHESTER A. Soule (of the Hop Bitters Co) 50.00 PORT BYRON Ballard, Horatio 5.00 Dixon, T. Fayette 2.00 Gutchess, Oscar 10.00 Gutchess, Stephen 25.00 Gwynn, Wm. M. Dr. (Throop) 5.00 Hadden, Joseph H. 10.00 Homel, O. 25.00 Howard, Rush M. 5.00 Johnson, J. 5.00 Kelley, A. 5.00 Kent, Oscar 2.00 Mills, D. Mrs. 5.00 Mills, David H. 25.00 Mills, George H. 10.00 Smith, J. P. 5.00 Toll, William C. 5.00 Van Blarican, J. C. 5.00 SYRACUSE Amos, Jacob & Son 10.00 Bronner, P. 3.00 Crouse, Jacob 10.00 Crouse, John 10.00 Durston, Thomas W. 5.00 Greenway, John 32.00 Hall, Francis 5.00 Hier & Aldrich 5.00 Kenyon, Potter & Co 5.00 Kenyon & Stevens 5.00 McCarthy, R. 5.00 Pierce, S. & Son 5.00 Price, Milton S. 25.00 Sperry, Neal & Hyde 10.00 NEW YORK Crosby, Hiram B., Esq. 200.00 Martin, R. H. 20.00 Perren, E. O. 10.00 Rapallo, Hon. Charles A. 25.00 Stahlnecker, O. 50.00 Stilwell, Silas M. 10.00 CAYUGA Anthony, D. W. 6.00 Baldwin, D. L. 5.00 Baldwin, James H. & wife 28.00 McArthur, W. L. 10.00 Niver, James A. 5.00 Titus, Hiram 5.00 Wiley, H. S. 2.00 Willard, H. 5.00 FOSTERVILLE Ball, C. W. 5.00 Cone, J. S. 5.00 Dean, William 2.00 Fuller, Jerome 10.00 Glasgow, Robert & wife 11.00 Mullen, J. W. 12.00 Townsend, R. L. & wife 6.00 Townsend, Samuel & wife 11.00 Warrick, J. 5.00 Warrick, S. B. 1.00 I have lost the list of subscribers for the bell Seneca Falls for the bell 100.00 Troy for the bell 100.00 Clark, James W. - Boston 50.00 WEEDSPORT Martin, F. 1.50 Martin, Philip 10.00 Shurtliff, A.W. 5.00 SUPERVISORS OF CAYUGA Abbott, Charles A. 1.00 Burlew, James B. 1.00 Chase, John P. 1.00 Cuykendall, T. .50 Gould, Charles B. 1.00 Guyon, C. F. .50 Hamilton, L. T. 1.00 Hunter, Hon. Thomas 5.00 Priddy, W. B. 1.00 Robins, B. C. .50 Robinson, E.R. 1.00 Roseboom, A. W. 1.00 VanBuskirk, M. B. 1.00 Waldron, Jacob A. 1.00


At a Quarterly Conference held at Montezuma March 18, 1882, Rev. Theron Cooper, P. E. in the chair, a resolution was unanimously adopted asking that the following editorial from the Evening Auburnian be inserted in this directory. In connection with this it is but proper that we should say that this editorial was published without the solicitation or knowledge of the pastor, and as far as we can learn, of any one connected with the Church. The editorial is a faithful showing of facts by a person not in the least interested. Facts gathered outside of the controversy thus expressive of public sentiment in general. We publish the editorial in full with the exception of the work "Parsonage" in one place, which was corrected by the editor a day or two after the publication of the editorial:

A CHURCH CONTROVERSY ENDED. Some of our neighbors at Montezuma are not ecstaticly happy, if they may be judged by the standard by which the average man measures happiness. A portion of the residents have been, for some time, engaged in a controversy - one of those church controversies, than which there can be none more unpleasant or bitter. So far as we can glean from sources not within the controversy - and hence, unprejudiced - is (that it) has been a case of youthful blood against antiquated notions and dictatorial intolerance of anything new. It would appear that an earnest young clergyman was settled over one of the churches in the city of the Montezumas, and that he was imbued with a creative power and a degree of push that soon commended him to the good will of the many. But, in every community there are to be found those persons who have come to entertain a regard for their own importance not shared by their neighbors. Old residents of almost any locality can point out such persons. Why any man so contracted as to see naught but his imagined virtues - why such a man should come to be regarded as one having authority is something difficult to understand. Perhaps it may be accounted for by the assumption that men of more intelligence than he, can afford to let him think as well of himself as he may. Montezuma, if we are permitted to judge, has this element in its community. The youthful and energetic young clergyman felt that his congregation should have a a new church and the parsonage, too, was one that was altogether inadequate. The enterprise of the new clergyman gave birth to the new project, and it grew under his pushing influence. It would naturally be supposed that this effort would have been appreciated without exception by the young clergyman's congregation. But it was otherwise. The element of dictatorial assumption asserted itself in certain quarters. Here was a young person of whom people were beginning to speak in high commendation. This would not do. The dictatorial factor must not suffer any to outstrip its dictation. It must be consulted and deferred to in all details pertaining to the growing enterprise. It must be looked up to and none must travel at a pace beyond that it had set for his own locomotion. It must appear to be the Nestor of all that was and should be, else its self-complacency was disturbed by jealousy. But the young clergyman chose a faster pace and led the work. This would not have been so bad, had not the people noted the fact and applauded the effort that made it such. Then was Othello's occupation gone. He could no longer assume the credit of good results flowing from the ideas of others. Hence, cause was sought "gainst Rhoderic Dhu." The young upstart should be taught that he could not stand up and dare - by his energy - the wrath of the opinionated and dictatorial factors. But his people held up the hands of the young clergyman, and those who must rule or ruin - they withdrew and proceeded in an attempt to ruin. This at least, would seem to have been the case so far as can be gleaned from sources outside the controversy. The subsequent events would go to show that the dictatorial faction was not able to hold its distorted opinion of itself and also a Christian spirit at one and the same. A prejudiced mind might affirm that there never could have been any Christian spirit filtered through the interces of arrogant conceit in the self-important and dictatorial factor. But we have no prejudice in this matter, and would by no means affirm anything of the kind. It is thought to have been unfortunate that the seceding factor neglected to pay any part of the sum it had subscribed to the new church, before going out in pique and jealous anger. Indeed , so far as we are able to glean from sources outside the controversy, those who complained most and were least satisfied and who finally went out - so far as can be gleaned, we say - this factor has never shed a dollar for the project it assumed to direct and control. Thus was the controversy intensified and feeling waxed warm and was at length carried into the espousal of either one or the other of two men who were opponents in the political field. The young minister and his friends were successful and the dictatorial factor was still deeper stabbed by its own jealousy. The former, so far as we can learn from sources outside the controversy - are now masters of the situation, and the dictation of the dictatorial factor is now confined to an extremely limited number of subjects. So far as we may judge, this has been a contest between earnest enterprise on the one hand, and on the other hand that small spirit which turns its back upon and puts up its elbows, to check anything which may grow into praise for aught but its own selfish vanity. As to the influence of such an affair upon those outside, there need be nothing said. It must be distressing to the man ordained to preach peace and good will. But even the worldly will no less respect the man who, when just cause arises, strikes back and strikes hard too. If a battle must be fought, then hard blows bring not only victory but admiration and respect. We congratulate the Montezumians upon the ending of this contest.
The information on this page was Transcribed by Kathleen Shaw Decker

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