Auburn First United Methodist Church
( 99 South St., Auburn, NY )

 Baptism Records "Circa 1875 - 1885"
Sorted Alphabetic by "Surname"


Adams, Ida M.			A		1860	

Adams, Martha Jane		A		1855	

Alexander, Clara Etta		I		June 19, 1876		James & Josaphene

Andrews, Blanch			A		

Andrews, Jessie			A		1866	

Anthony, Edward H.		A		1865	

Anthony, George			A		

Arnold, Herbert S.		A		

Austin, Allen Clymer		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Austin, Antionette		A		

Austin, Frank Alphonso		A		1857	

Austin, Milton R.		A		1854	

Babcock, Edwin			A		

Babcock, Luella			A		1863	

Backman, Armeda			A		

Backman, Dora A.		A		

Backman, Minerva		A		

Bailey, Fannie			A		1867	

Bain, Jane			A		1834	

Baker, Ellen A.			A		

Barnett, Harry			I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Barnhart, Ernest J		I		March 22, 1881		John & Phoebe

Barnhart, John Curtis		A		1847	

Barns?, Gertie			A		

Bearss, David Augustus		A		1866	

Beaudet, Clara May		I		May 8, 1872		Urban S. & Emma M.

Beaudet, Horace Frederick	I		October 13, 1874	Urban S. & Emma M.

Beaudet, Washington Irving	I		November 18, 1870	Urban S. & Emma M.

Beddow, Arthur Wellington	I		February 1, 1875	John & Elisabeth

Bell, Fred R.			I		September 10, 1880	W.H. & May

Bell, Lester H.			I		May 23, 1883		W. H. & May

Bell, Mary			A		

Benham, Mary Elisabeth		I		March 29, 1877		Asa B. & Cyntha

Benson, Charles S.		A		1855	

Bocker, Nellie			A		

Bradburn, Ida May		A		

Brightman, Charles Carroll	I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Brown, Mary			A		

Buckin, Oliver E.		A		

Byer, Sarah Alice		A		1855	

Campbell, Eliza Jane		A		

Chapin, Edward Alexander	A		1856	

Clark, George C.		A		

Cleveland, Alice Augusta	A		1859	

Coats, Charles Sigel		A		1863	

Cole, Charles E.		A		

Cole, J. Estella		A		

Cone, Theodore Henry		A		1827	

Connor, Rose			A		

Cooper, Walter J.		I		July 2, 1879		David B. & Theresa J.

Corfield, Sarah			A		

Cornwall, Jennie		A		

Cornwall, Jessie		A		

Cottrell, Nellie May Bunting?	I		Baptized Apr. 17 1885	

Crowley, Derrick		A		

Crowley, Henrietta L		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Crowley, Lewis B.		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Crowley, Maria Louise		A		

Dangerfield, Flora		A		

Doane, Arthur			A		

Dolphin, Laura Ann		A		1862	

Downer, Emma L.			A		1868	

Downing, Angie			A		

Durant, Agnes E.		A		

Eddy, Grace			A		

Eddy, Hattie J.			A		1864	

Ellis, Charles Rudes		A		1829	

Ellis, Cora May			A		

Ellis, Flora			A		

Fales, George W.		A		1869	

Farmer, John Henry		A		

Fitch, Edwin R.			A		

Fitch, Minnie W.		A		

Frost, Belle			A		1868	

Frost, Harriet			A		1845	

Frost, Nellie			A		1868	

Fuller, Harriet Lucy		A		1863	

Fuller, Watson D.		A		

Gale, Egbert J.			A		

Gale, Rachel M.			A		

Gaskell, Charles A		I		September 10, 1880	Samuel & Emma

Geer, George F.			A		

Gibson, Clara Bell		A		

Gray, Cora L.			A		

Gray, Edward F.			A		1845	

Greenfield, Ella E.		I		February 2, 1878	John & Mary

Gregory, 			I					Iva May Gregory

Grey, Jennie Maria		A		1857	

Haight, George C.		A		1869	

Haight, Hellen Ives		I		May 8, 1876		John W. & Hellen

Hale, Sarah Asenath		I		December 9, 1876	

Hall, Emma			A		1869	

Halstead, Franc			A		

Halsted, Celia F.		A		1844	

Hayden, William			A		1821	

Haynes, Lillian Estella		A		1862	

Hoskins, Charles Volney		A		1830	

Howland, Grace P.		A		

Hoyle, George Henry		I		February 9, 1876	John & Alice C.

Hoyle, John Cocker		I		September, 1877		John & Alice C.

Hudson, Mary Belle		A		1864	

Hudson, William T.		I		July 6, 1874		Watson M. & Mary

Hughes, Mary E.			A		1838	

Hughes, Mertice May		I		

Hughes, Walter H.		A		

Hummell, Ada C.			A		1866	

Hummell, Augustus		A		1870	

Hummell, Melvin A		A		1868	

Hyde, Lucina			A		

Johnson, Susan Emma		I		July 29, 1876	

Jones, Edgar			A		1859	

Jones, Frederick Bird		I		September 29, 1877	

Jones, Thomas Merritt		I		June 11, 1881		Thomas & Ella T.

Keeler, Carrie Emogine		A		1862	

Kelsey, Jane Parthena		A		1825	

Kilburn, Alfred			I		October 30, 1880	John & Anne

Kilburn, Allen			A		

Kilburn, Gracia May		I		December 6, 1876	John A. & Georgiana

Kilmer, Gertie			A		1865	

Kirkpatrick, Nellie		A		1866	

Knapp, Hatte E.			A		

Kus, Liela F.			A		

Lee, Addie			A		

Leonard, Alice J.		A		1853	

Leonard, Henry M.		A		1851	

Lewis, Isabella Frances		A		1857	

Lewis, Lily Beatrice		I		October 6, 1875		William F. & Emma

Lewis, Mary			I		July 1, 1878		George B. & Minnie H.

Mabey, Carrie B.		A		1863	

Martin, jElla May		A		

Martin, John C.			A		

Marvin, Ida			A		

McCrea, Lillie			A		

McIntyre, Eliza Jane		A		1860	

Metzger, Frances A.		A		

Metzger, George 		A		

Mickley, Alida			A		1866	

Mickley, Herbert William	I		March 31, 1878	

Miller, Anna Edith		A		1869	

Milliman, Mary A.		A		1848	

Monroe, David			A		1840	

Monroe, Georgiana		A		

Monroe, Jennie A.		A		

Monroe, Mary Jzne		A		1844	

Moore, Mary Jane		A		1862/4	

Morenus, Mary Jane		A		1849	

Morrison, Minnie A.		A		

Mudge, Curtiss Adelbert		A		1869	

Murray, Grace Agnes		Child		

Murray, William McCoud		Child		

Murry, Douglass James		I					John D. & Barbara

Newbold, Charles C.		A		1865	

O'Hara, Alice Ellen		A		

Otis, Frank Henry		A		1858	

Palmer, Frank			A		

Palmer, Julian V.		A		

Palmer, Mabel S.		A		

Paul, Clara			A		

Paul, Frank C.			A		

Peck, Frank S.			I		August 3, 1880		F. M. & Rhoda

Peck, Willey G.			I		January 14, 1877	F. M. & Rhoda

Perry, Eva?			A		

Petty, Jennie A.		A		1849	

Phelps, Edith A.		A		1865	

Phelps, George A.		A		

Pierce, Wilma			A		

Pierce, Wilmina			A		

Porter, Carlton A.		A		

Rich, Lilla L.			A		

Robbins, Julius Nathan		A		1856	

Robinson, Frances Clara		A		1857	

Robinson, Lena			A		1867	

Rogers, Fred H.			A		

Roseboom?, Burdett W.		I		July 6, 1872	

Sanders, Kate			A		

Sanders, Mary Ardilla		A		

Saunders, Hurbert Roland	I		May 10, 1883		H. G. & Margaret

Sayles, Gertrude Alvira		A		1870	

Scott, Ella			A		

Seekell, Charles		A		

Seekell, Ida Lucinda		A		1866	

Seekell, Kate			A		

Seekill, Alice Elisabeth	A		1864	

Shapcott, Anna			A		

Shepherd, Edith May		A		

Sisco, Anna Violet		I					John & Jessie

Smith, Gertrude Caroline	I		July 16, 1874		Emma L. & William A.

Smith, James Seymour		A		

Smith, Mary Grace		A		1864	

Smith, Minnie			A		

Somers, Carl Warrington		I					Warrington

Sowles, Ida May	A		

Sowles, Mary Elizabeth		A		

Sowles, William Henry		A		1836	

Stanton, Jesse Hartop		A		1867	

Stanton, Roland A.		A		1871	

Stevens, Wealthy B.		A		

Stocum, Frances J.		A		1850	

Stokoe?, William Edward		A		Now 60 yrs (12/7/84)	

Stone, Clarissa			A		1853	

Stone, John H.			A		

Swart, Lillian May		I		January 7, 1882		Frank J. & Edith M.

Talladay, Susie E.		A		1865	

Tallman, Eva			A		

Terwilliger, Clarence Leroy	A		

Terwilliger, Margaret Celia	I		March 7, 1878	

Thompson, John Henry		A		1855	

Thornton, charles E.		A		

Thornton, Emma C.		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Thornton, William P.		A		

Thornton, Winnefred		A		

Tournier, Fred			A		

Towner, Frederick S.		A		1862	

Treat, Nettie Maria		A		1868	

Trowbridge, Grace		A		

Van Patten, Mary J.		A		

Vandervater, Merinda		A		1818	

Vose, FrankClinton		A		

Ward, Mary Frances		A		

Warrick, Caroline		A		Now 60 yrs (12/7/84)	

Warrick, William M.		A		69 yrs old (12/7/84)	

Wheeler, George Albert		A		1868	

Wheeler, Jessie E.		A		

Whitbeck, John Webster		A		

White, Albert Grant		I		May 15, 1878		Roderick & Mary F.

White, Anna Elisabeth		A		1857	

White, Caroline			A		1832	

White, Leonard Robert		I		May 29, 1876		Oscar & Elizabeth J.

Wilcox, Florence		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Wilcox, J. Dudley		I		August 2, 1878		Benjamn M. & Mary A.

Wilcox, James Stanly		I		Baptized June 14, 1885	

Wiley, Liltie? E. D.		A		

Williams, Emma Sarah		A		1855	

Wilson, Florence Helena		A		1868	

Wood, Eva			A		

Woodcock, Bertha May		A		1868	

Woodcock, Madeline		A		

Woodcock, Willard J.		A		1864	

Wooley, Fred Arthur		A		1857	

Titles of columns are as follows: Name, Adult or Infant, Date of Birth, Parents. You will note that the Date of Birth and Parents is often missing from the records.  A copy of the original church records book is available for research at the Cayuga County Historian's Office, 157 Genesee St., Auburn, NY  13021.
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Thanks to Kathleen Shaw Decker for transcribing these records at the Cayuga County Historian's Office in Auburn, NY.
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