Auburn First United Methodist Church
( 99 South St., Auburn, NY )

 Membership List Summary "Circa 1872- 1885"
Sorted Alphabetic by "Surname"


Abbott, Lavina		W	
Ackerman, Garrett	M	89 Mechanic St.
Ackerman, Jane N.	M	89 Mechanic St.
Ackerman, Minnie	S	89 Mechanic St.
Adams, Charles B.	S	
Adams, Ella M.		M	
Adams, Frank J.		S	
Adams, Lottie		S	Married Hamm? 14 Fulton
Adams, Luella		
Aiken, Jane		S	35 Orchard St, 10 Florence St., 28 Havens Ave..
Alabaster, Francis A.	S	
Alabaster, Harriet A.	M	
Alabaster, Mary M.	S	
Aldrich, Minnie		S	State St. near Cottage St  Married Frank Austin.
Allen, Carrie		S	
Allen, Charles E.	M	Rem by letter May 86
Allen, Cordelia		M	Rem by letter May 86
Allen, Eliza A.		W	36 Franklin  Removed by letter 1883
Allen, Mary A.		S	Sheridan St., 80 Walnut St.
Allen, Nellie		S	Married Mr. Kinne and moved toRochester
Andrews, Blanch		
Andrews, Jesse			119 Franklin 
Andrews, Joanna		M	119 Franklin
Anthony, Edward H.		
Apthorpe, Mary J.	M	Formerly Mary J. Cooper    Gone without letter
Apthorpe, Sarah		M	35 Orchard St.
Apthorpe, William	M	35 Orchard St.
Armstrong, J____	M	92 State St.  Removed by letter Oct. 1886
Armstrong, Lydia	M	92 State St.  Removed by letter Oct. 1886
Armstrong, R. S. R.	M	92 State St.  Removed by letter Oct. 1886
Arnold, Leander		M	Grant Ave. Dead - Recorded 1880
Arnold, Merriam		M	
Atwater, Allen E.	S	17 Acadamy St.
Atwater, Lizzie C.	M	Formerly Lizzie C. Robbins
Austin, Antoinette		113 Fulton St.
Austin, Frank A.		113 Fulton St.
Babcock, Edwin		M	17 Sheridan St.
Babcock, Hannah		M	17 Sheridan St.
Babcock, Luella			17 Sheridan St.
Backman, Ameda		S	
Backman, Leora		S	
Backman, Merwin A.	S	3 Spring St.
Backman, Minerva	S	
Bailey, Sarah E.	M	
Baker, Allen E.			5 Owasco
Baker, Ellen A.			33 Lincoln Rem. by letter 
Baker, Henrietta	M	
Baker, Jerome B.	M	5 Owasco
Ball, Adelia		S	96 North     died
Balland, William		Rem. by letter
Banker, Lilly R.	S	74 Fitch Ave.
Barnes, Libbie		M	Logan St. near Steel St.
Barney, Arzetta Adelia	M	Union St.
Barney, Emily		M	Union St. (Pulsifer St.)
Barney, Norman W.	M	Union St.   (Pulsifer St.) dead
Barnhart, John C.		3 McDougal
Barnhart, Phebe			3 McDougal
Barrett, Henry		M	
Barus (Barns?), Gertie	S	
Baxter, Betsy		W	Frances St.
Bearss, David A.		117 Mechanic St.
Beaudet, Emma M.	M	40 E. Genesee
Beaudet, Urbin S.	M	40 E. Genesee
Becker, Nellie		S	
Bell, Angilia?			52 Elizabeth
Bell, Ellen			Gone to Baptist
Bell, Ethan A.			52 Elizabeth
Bell, Mary			Moved by letter to Bay City, Mich. Jan 12, 1889
Bemish, Marion E.	S	
Bender, Nellie M.		State St.  dismissed
Benham, Cynthia		M	
Benham, Matilda		M	Half Acre  Dead recorded 1880
Benham, Vincent		M	Half Acre   Died March 28, 1876
Benham, Wyatt		M	Throopville
Benham,Rev. Asa B.	M	
Benjamin, Mary		M	229 1/2 State St. REmoved by letter Dec. 1882
Benson, Charles S.		
Benson, H. Ida			146 Nelson St.
Bevier, Belle		S	Married Mr. Chapin
Bevier, Phebe J.	W	93 N. Fulton
Birgs?, Lulu Bell		Died Jan 2, 1884
Biram?, Nellie		S	Married H.D. Raus? and trans.
Bischoff, Mary		M	
Blanchard, Sarah J.	S	Lincoln St. Died March 2, 1879
Blood, N. D. M.D.	M	
Blood, N. D. Mrs.		
Bodley, Jennie		S	Lincoln St.  Mrs. Jennie Townsend
Bower, D. C.		M	
Bower, Caroline		M	94 Fulton St.
Bower, H. Maria			94 Fulton St.
Bower, Samuel L.	M	94 Fulton St.
Bower, William Frank		94 Fulton St.
Bradburn, Olive F.	M	53 Walnut St.
Bradburn, Samuel L.	M	53 Walnut St.
Bradie, Katie J.	S	E. Genesee St. near Cayuga St.  Removed to Weedsport 1882
Bradley, Fannie		S	Benton St.  Deceased May 1878
Brightman, James	M	Foot Owasco Lake, Corner Aureliue & Clark
Brightman, Jennie (Jane)M	Foot Owasco Lake, Cor. Aurelius & Clark
Broad, Richard		M	128 Owasco St.
Broad, Sarah		M	128 Owasco St.
Brockway, Belle		S	2 McMaster St.
Brockway, Geo. W.	M	2 McMaster St.
Brockway, Isabella	M	2 McMaster St.
Brockway, Lucinda	S	2 McMaster St.
Brooks, Frances		M	
Brooks, George H.	M	
Brown, Augusta		M	2 miles East on Franklin St.
Brown, Augusta J.	M	
Brown, Chauncey		M	
Brown, Sarah J.		M	
Brownell, Sarah A.	M	17 Garden St.
Burgdorf, Alice		M	75 E. Gen. St.
Burgdorf, Josiah C.	M	75 E. Gen. St.
Burgess Nellie M.	W	Sep. 11, 1877 Removed by letter to Grand Rapids
Burgess, Mrs.(Hellen)	M	38 Lewis St.
Bunce, Loritt		M	10 Elizabeth St. Removed by letter
Bunce, William		M	10 Elizabeth St. Removed by letter
Burr, Edwin A.		M	Logan St. near Steel St., 17 Mann St.
Burr, Louis A.			17 Mann St.
Burr, Millie		M	Logan St. near Steel St., 17 Mann St.
Burridge, Chas A.	S	31 Holly St.
Burridge, Jessie H.	S	31 Holly St
Burridge, Maria J.	W	31 Holly St
Burrows,Sarah E.		
Byer, Maria			Francis St.
Carkner, P. Electa	S	
Carlish, Permelia	M	59 VanAnden St.
Carman, Charles		M	Deceased
Carman, Sarah		M	
Carpenter, Alice	S	34 Mechanic St.  Married Mr. Dolphin
Carpenter, Anna		W	34 Mechanic St.
Carrington, Abijah? B.	M	15 Beach
Carrington, Dennis	M	38 Grant Ave.
Carrington, Eva?	M	38  Grant Ave.
Carrington,Sarah A.	M	15 Beach
Caulkins, Angie M.	M	74 VanAnden St.
Chamberlain, Dolly		18 Mann St.
Chamberlain, J. 		18 Mann St.
Chapin, Belle		M	Dismissed by letter
Chapin, Sarah		M	gone
Chappell, George	M	
Chauncy, Margaret	M	Hamilton Avenue Removed by letter Nov 16, 1877
Chose, Elizabeth H.	S	Laken letter July 21, 1874
Clark, Alice J.		S	83 VanAnden St. Married Smith
Clark, Ann C.			140 E. Seymour St.
Clark, Gertrude L.	S	83 VanAnden St.
Clark, Mary		W	
Clark, Rebecca		M	75 VanAnden St.,  83 VanAnden St.
Clark, Reita V.			65 Clark St.
Clark, Wm C.		M	75 VanAnden St.,  83 VanAnden St.
Clymer, Edith 		S	
Clymer, Linda?		M	
Clymer, __ H.		S	
Claudius, Edward		68 Elizabeth St.
Claudius, Maria		W	68 Elizabeth St.
Clough, Clark		M	
Cobb, William H.	W	
Coddington, Alexander c.M	30 Lansing St.
Coddington, Caroline	M	83 N. Fulton St.  Died Sept. 12, 1890
Coddington, Ellis B.	M	83 N. Fulton St.
Coddington, Mary	M	30 Lansing St.
Colby, Addie E.		S	Franklin St.
Colby, Mary Jane	S	Franklin St. near Beach Ave.
Colby, Rosetta		W	Franklin St. near Beach Ave.
Cole, Charles E.	S	Dropped
Cole, Eliza		M	103 Fulton St.
Cole, Estell V.		S	15 1/2 Grover
Collins, Mary A.	W	21 Mary St.
Compton, Harriet	M	Deceased Feb. 16, 1885
Compton, Wm. E.		M	Rem by letter Mch 30, 1885
Cone, Emiline			41 Franklin St.
Conklin, M. F. Mrs.		39 Capitol St.
Connelly, Geo. B.	S	
Connelly, John		M	Rem letter 86
Connelly, Martha	M	Rem letter 86
Connelly Sarah		S	Rem letter 86
Connon, Rose			14 1/2 Grover
Cook, Nancy		W	17 Cottage St.
Cooley, S. C.		M	
Coope, Calista M.	S	Franklin St. near Calvery Ch.  Married Mr. Hacher
Coope, Eliza M.		W	Franklin St. near Calvery Ch.
Cooper, Amy B.		
Cooper, David B.	M	Fitch Ave.
Cooper, George W.		
Cooper, Mary J.		S	E. Genesee St.  Mrs. Mary J. Apthorpe
Cooper, May A.			49 Grant Ave.
Cooper, Theresa		M	Fitch Ave.
Coon, I. Warren		S	44 Clark St. Removed by letter
Corfield, Joseph	M	49 Seymour Rem by letter Sep. 27, 1885
Corfield, Mary A.	M	49 Seymour  Rem. by letter Sep. 27, 1885
Corfield, William		Gone to Baptists in peace or trouble
Cornell, Cornelia	M	220 State St.
Cornell, Horace		M	220 State St.
Cornall, Jennie		S	13 Perry
Cornall, Nellie		
Cottle, Sarah		M	Franklin St., 52 Nelson St.
Cotton Alvira Jane	M	18 Florence St.
Cotton, Daniel M.	M	18 Florence St.
Crayton, Jane		M	3 Benton St.
Crayton, Sarah		S	3 Benton St.
Creed, James		M	
Creed, Mary A.		M	
Cromwell, Deborah	M	164 E. Genesee St.
Crosley, Mary		M	30 Walnut St.
Crowell, Deborah	M	Removed by Certif.  apr 7, 1878
Crowell, Mary E.	S	Removed by letter Apr. 7, 1878
Crowley, Derrick R.	S	
Crowley, Job B.		M	
Crowley, Louise		M	
Cummings, Emma		S	Lanisng St.
Cummings, Sarah		W	
Curtiss, Carrie M.	S	
Cutting, Sarah L.	M	North St.
Cuykendall, Emeline M..	S	2 Beach Avenue    Married Cone???
Dangerfield, Flora		
Dangerfield, Frank S.	M	70 Fulton St.  Removed without letter
Dangerfield, L. Josephine(S)	Married to Mr. Hemingway
Dangerfield, Lydia	M	Fulton St.  Removed without letter Died Dec. 24, 1881
Dangerfield, Sarah	M	70 Fulton St.  Removed without letter
Dare, Anna		S	
Dare, Edwin		M	44 Nelson St.
Dare, Sarah		M	44 Nelson St.
Dates, Catharine	M	
Dates, Lydia		M	Gone to Adventists
Dates, Mary J.		M	85 Owasco St.
Davis, Celia B.		M	
Davis, Edith A.			Moved to 1 ME Church Omaha Neb. Feb. 8 1882
Davis, Geo. H.		M	Deceased June 1878
Dean, James A.		
Dean, Mary L.		
DeGroff, A. Grace	M	3_ Grant Ave.
DeGroff, George H.	S	30 Grant Ave.
DeGroff, John D.	M	Franklin St., 20 Grant Ave.
DeGroff, Sarah C.	M	Franklin St. 30 Grant Ave.
Delano, Ida		S	Seymour near R. R.
Denio, Eunice C.	M	Church St.
Denman, Edman		M	22 (27) Fitch Ave.
Denman, Maria		M	22 (27) Fitch Ave.
Denman, Minnie		S	
Dibble, Alice J.	S	Perry St. Married and moved West
Dibble, Benjamin.	M	44 Perry St.
Dobson, Emma		S	
Dobson, Jane		M	
Dolphin, Abigail	M	Beach Ave.  Withdrawn
Dolphin, Alice		M	
Dolphin, Carrie		S	3 Beach Ave.  Married Mr. Robbins Jr.
Dolphin, Elizabeth	M	Lewis St., 3 Beach Ave.
Dolphin, James		M	Lewis St.   Withdrawn
Dolphin, John		M	3 Beach Ave.
Dolphin, Laura		S	3 Beach Ave.
Dolphin, Sarah L.	M	Gone to Ky
Dolphin, William A.	S	3 Beach Ave.
Doowing, Carrie		S	Mattie St.Deceased
Doty, Cornelia			26 Perry St., 26 Perry St. Removed by letter Oct. 9, 1882
Downer, Carrie E.		38 Nelson St.
Downer, Mark		M	38 Nelson St.
Downer, Mary			38 Nelson St.  deceased
Downer, Mary A. (J)	M	38 Nelson St.
Downing, Augie		S	
Downing, Lillie			Moved to Albany
Driggs, Cynthia I.	S	Clark St., 150 North
Driggs, John F.		S	ClarkSt., 150 North
Dundon, Jane H.		M	Exchange St., 5 State St.
Dundon, ? Minnie?	S	5 State St.
Dundon, Wiliam		
Dunning, John		M	25 1/2 Union St.
Dunning, May		M	25 1/2 Nelson St.
Durant, Sarah		M	156 State St.
Durnford, Mary H.	M	
Eaton, Mary A.		
Eaton, Sophia E.	M	Removed without letter
Eddy, Annie A.		M	66 Fulton St. Removed by letter to Baptist Church, Schenectady
Eddy, Chas H.		M	66 Fulton St. Removed by letter to Baptist Church, Schenectady
Eddy, Clarissa		M	45 Franklin St.
Eddy, Grace		S	66 Fulton
Eddy, Hattie		S	Deceased
Eddy, Samuel H.		M	45 Franklin St.
Edmunds, Mrs. E.?		58 Fulton St. Removed by letter 82
Edmunds, W. J.			58 Fulton St.
Edson, Cordelia H.	M	
Egleston, Anna			21 North
Egleston, Lizzie A.	S	Rem. by letter Jun 4, 1878  (also a listing for an Anna Egleston, may be the A. in this name)`
Egliston, Geo A.	M	
Elista, Anna		M	
Elliott, Elisabeth J.	S	
Elliott, Geo. W.	S	Removed without letter
Elliott, John		M	27 Garden St. Died Sep. 22, 1885
Elliott, Olive		M	27 Garden St.
Elliott, Sarah E.	S/M 	See Hubbard
Ellis Eddie R.		S	34 Elizabeth St.
Ellis, Amelia B.	M	34 Elizabeth St.
Ellis, Flora		
Elphe, Anna E.			63 Elizabeth St.
Elphe, Henry			63 Elizabeth St.
Embody, Isaac		M	14 Miller St.
Embody, Phebe		M	14 Miller St.
Emory, John		M	8 John St.
Emory, Marilla		M	8 John St.
Emrick, Mary A.		
Englisch, Frank T.	S	2 Foote St.
Eno, Drayton		M	Removed by letter July 28, 1878
Ensley, Caroline		2 Easterly Place
Ercanbrack, Catharine	M	
Ernsburger, Albana	W	
Ernsburger, Clarrissa E.W	
Evans, Carrie J.	M	14 Court?
Evans, Elizabeth	M	138 E.Genesee St.
Evans, George H.	M	13 Perrine St.
Evans, Letetia		M	13 Perrine St.
Evans, Morris (Maurice)	M	138 E.Genesee St.
Evans, Wm J.		M	14 Court?
Evarts, Margaret	M	28 Lincoln
Fairfield, Fannie		
Fales, Fanny		M	77 VanAnden St. Moved by letter Mar 12, 1888 to Ganuauogue?, Canada
Fales, George E.	M	77 VanAnden St. Moved by letter Mar 12, 1888 to Ganuauogue?, Canada
Fanning, Lizzie			20 ____ Ave.
Farmer, E. Adelaide		2 miles S. of the city
Ferry, Eugene C.	M	
Ferry, Mary J.		M	
Fischer, Lillian	W	Dismissed by letter Feb 18889
Fischer, Mary F.	W	84 Elizabeth St. Died 1882
Fitch, Edwin R.		M	
Fitch, Minnie W.	S	
Fleming, Mary A.	M	Formerly Shean
Fletcher, Mary A.	W	
Foster, Martha Frances	S	
Fowler, Maggie F.	S	
Frampton, Sarah J.		170 State St.
Fraser, Mary J.		M	
Fraser, Ralph L		M	
French, Anna E.		M	
French, Joseph L.	M	
French, Mary E.		M	Removed by letter to Wall St. Church Nov. 6, 1877
French,James M.		M	Gone by letter
Frost, Belle		
Frost, Harriet		
Frost, Millie?		
Fuller, Frances M.	M	Granted letters June 20, 1876
Fuller, James C.	M	Granted letters June 20, 1876
Gale, Egbert J.			42 Logan St.
Gale, Rachel M.			42 Logan St.
Garrett, Lydia		S	Dis by letter June 24, 1876
Gaskell, Emma			81 Catlin St.
Gaskell, Samuel P.		81 Catlin St.
Gaston, Annie		S	Removed without letter
Gaston, Harriett	M	Removed without letter
Gaston, Ira		M	Removed without letter
George, Mary		M	
George, John		M	
George, Susan		M	8 Lawton St.
George, Mrs. T. R.	M	
Gibbard, Zorretta S.	M	21 North St.
Gibbons, Hiram		M	Removed by letter Oct. 19, 1877
Gibbons, Mary K.	M	Removed by letter Oct. 19, 1877
Gibbord, Christophen G.	M	
Gibson, Clara Bell	S	32 Perrine
Gibson, Kittie E.	M	32 Perrine
Gibson, Thomas E.		2 Perrine St.
Gillespie, Lucy A.	M	19 Elizabeth
Gifford, Ida J.		S	Removed and married
Gifford, Rhoda E.		40 Fulton St.
Gifford, Thomas		M	40 Fulton St.
Gilchrist, Charles H.	M	Died (1880 recorded)
Gilchrist, Mary P.	M	
Gillett, Mercy A.		Gone without letter    Took letter Mar 23, 1878
Gillispie, Isabella	S	Taken letter Dec. 16, 1876
Gilsh, John		
Glasier, Cynthia M.	M	51 Genesee St.
Glasgow, Robert			15 Mary St.
Glasgow, Sarah			15 Mary St.
Gray, Ellen	M		9 Grant Ave.
Gray, Esther J.	W		39 Seminary St.
Gray, Cora L.	S	
Gray, Jennie M.			9 Grant Ave.
Gregory, Ida M.		
Greenfield, Arthur		1 Elm St.
Greenfield, John M.	M	1 Elm St.
Greenfield, Martha		1 Elm St.
Greenfield, Mary Ann	M	1 Elm St.
Greenwood, Sarah	W	Died Feb. 27, 1877
Grover, Betsy		
Hacker, Calista M.	M	88 Seminary 
Hadden, Mary J.		M	3 E. Genesee St.
Hadden, Samuel		M	3 E. Genesee St.
Hadley, Melissa		M	
Haigh, Ann M.		S	46 Clark St., 21 Genesee
Haight, Bessie H.		24 Grover St.
Haight, Helen		M	24 Grover St.
Haight, John W.		M	24
Hale, Philey A.		M	99 Mechanic St.
Hale, Titus J.		M	99 Mechanic St.
Hall, Fred. J.		M	Orchard St. 19, 136 E. Genesee St.
Hall, Margaret, Hunter, John	M	38 Orchard St.
Hall, Theodosia		M	Orchard St. 19, 136 E. Genesee St.
Hallett, Isabella	W	North N. with Wm Masson  Taken letter Aug 24, 1877
Halliday, Polly A.	M	239 North St
Halliday, Theodore P.	M	239 North St.
Halsted, Celia F.		2 W. Grant Ave.
Halstead, Franc D.		
Halsted, William W.		2 W.Grant Ave.
Hamm?, Charlotte E.	M	14 Fulton St.
Hamblin, Mrs. D. M.(Adelia)M	29 Franklin St.
Harvey, (Error)		
Harvey, Sarah A	S	
Hastings, Henrietta		9 Cayuga St.
Hastings, Mary		M	Formerly May Sperling
Hatfield, Maria		W	23 E. Genesee
Hawkins, Edwin E.	M	
Hawkins, Emily		M	
Hayden, Emma		M	Seymour St, 12 Hulbert St.
Hayden, Julia		M	Formerly Julia Pimm
Hayden, Tho's		M	Removed without letter
Hayden, William			12 Hulbert St.
Hayden,Maria		M	Removed without letter
Haynes, Lillian E.		Removed to Baptist Church
Haywood, Diantha	S	8 Lawton Ave.
Haywood, Emeline	S	
Hemans, Ann		W	Married to Mr. Parsons  Removed without letter Deceased
Hemans, Charles			39 Seminary St.
Hemans, Chas. A.	M	Lincoln St.   Deceased
Hemans, Eleanor A.	S	52 Elizabeth St.
Hemans, Ida M.			52 Elizabeth St.
Hemans, Mary A.		M	Married to Mr. Parsens
Hemans, Mary A.		M	Formerly Mary A. Parsons
Hemmingway, L. Josaphine(M)	Was Miss Dangerfield
Henderson, Catharine	S	
Hendrick, Enziella		Watkins house E. Genesee No. 19
Hendrick, William		Watkins house E. Genesee No. 19
Hill, Addie		M	Removed by letter 1882
Hill, Sarah A.		M	
Hitchcock, Thomas	M	28 Maple St.
Hooker, Sarah B.	W	Rem by letter
Hopping Stephen		M	Removed without letter
Hopping,Caroline	M	Removed without letter
Hoskins, Aurora		M	E. Genesee St., 42 Grant Ave.
Hoskins, Charles V.		42 Grant Ave.
Hosmer, Clara E.	S	28 Washington St.
Hosmer, Harriett L.	M	40 Swift St.
Hosmer, Martha M.	M	Died Dec 21, 1878
Hosmer, Wm. M.		M	40 Swift St.
Houghton, Lizzie E.	S	19 Wadsworth St.
Houser, Elmer		S	
Houser, Frank		S	
Howard,Josephine	S	10 Lewis St.
Howland, Grace		S	
Howland, Lucy		M	Lansing St., 23 Franklin St.
Howland, Nettie E.	M	Formerly Nettie Noyes 2 Owasco St.
Howland, Orren P.	M	2 Owasco St.
Hoxie, Martha		S	30 Fulton St.
Hubbard, Ella A.	M	89 State St. Removed by letter Nov. 1882
Hubbard, John W.	M	27 Garden St.
Hubbard, Sanford C.	m	89 State Et. Removed by letter Nov. 1882
Hubbard, Sarah E.	M	Formerly Sarah E. Elliott 27 Garden St.
Hubbard, Urcelia	M	31 Washington St.
Hudson, M. Belle	M	22 Holly St.
Hudson, Mary J.		M	
Hudson, May		M	50? Holly St.
Hufman, May		M	13 Sheridan St.
Hugg, Daniel F.		W	With son died 1881
Hugg, John J.		M	32 Steel
Hughes, Mary E.			113 Mechanic St.
Hughes, Walter R.		113 Mechanic St.
Hunter, Carrie		S	55 Mechanic St.
Hunter, John		M	
Hunter, Martha		S	
Hurd, Ella A.		S	17 Logan
Hyde, Leticia		W	29 Cayuga St.
Hyde, Lucina		S	29 Cayuga  Now Mrs. Barrus? of Cato.  Moved by letter Aug 25, 1891
Hyde, Tima?		S	29 Cayuga St.
Ives, Belle			111 South St.
Ives, Frank B.		S	111 South St.
Ives, Julia		M	111 South St.
Ives, Willie			111 South St.
Jackson, Catharine	W	Died March 26, 1880
Jenkins, Clara Bell	S	109 Franklin St.
Jenkins, Ida		S	30 Elizabeth
Jennings, Daniel	M	33 Seymour St.
Jennings, Harriett	M	33 Seymour St.
Jennings, Hattie	S	33 Seymour St.
Jennings, Lillie	S	33 Seymour St.  Married Martin
Jewell, Mary J.		
Johnson, Martha		M	Old Ladies Home     Died at The Home
Johnson, Mary		S	3 John St.
Johnson, Sarah A.	M	Deceased Aug 1883
Johnson, Sarah H.		7 Morris St. Deceased Aug 1883
Johnston, John		M	58 Water St. Died 1884
Johnston, Lucetta P.	M	170 State St.
Johnston, Rue		M	58 Water St.
Jones, B. W.		M	Lincoln St.
Jones, Clara V.			98 South St.
Jones, Eddie A.			98 South St.
Jones, Edgar		
Jones, Ella T.		M	98 South St. Died in peace Apr 1885
Jones, Frances E.	M	Lincoln St.
Jones, Fred A.		M	3 Sheridan St.
Jones, Jared		M	Removed without letter
Jones, Sarah M.			5 Evans
Jones, Thomas		M	98 South St.
Jones, Vestra		M	3 Sheridan St.
Judd, Margerett		W	111 E. Genesee/ dismissed by letter June 18th
Judge, Libbie		
Kass, Willie		S	Orchard St.
Keeler, Carrie E.		
Keenan, Rose		S	14 North
Kelsey, Floyd			41 Orchard St.
Kelsey, Jane P.			41 Orchard St. Died in Sept. 1883
Kelsey, Mary A.		M	Married Elmer Houser
Kerr, Martha A.		M	
Kerr, Willie		S	
Kies, Nettie H.		M	Elizabeth St. opposite Mattie
Kilburn, Georgianna	M	117 Mechanic St.
Kilburn, John A.	M	117 Mechanic St.
Kies?, Lida? F.			Removed by letter June 1885
Kilmer, Maria		S	9 Mary St.
Kilmer, Caroline E.		9 Mary St.
Kilmer, H. Gertie		9 Mary St. Dismissed by letter 1885 Mar. Burr?
King, Lottie		S	
King, Mary		S	
Kinne, Nellie		M	Formerly Nellie Allen
Kinnie, Estella May	M	Dill St.
Kirkpatrick, Charles H.	M	Hamilton Ave. near Steel
Kirkpatrick, Joanna	W	Genesee St.
Kittle, Minnie L.	M	
Kittle, Nettie L.	S	
Knapp, Hattie		S	
Knapp, Mary E.		S	Beach Ave., 4  Benton Ave.
Knight, Lydia		S	61 Orchard St.
Lamb, Edwin		M	160 State St.
Lamb, Elizabeth		S	13 1/5 Hulbert  Removed by letter June 11, 1888
Lamb, Eugene		W	160 State St.
Lamb, Frances		M	
Lamb, Mary F.			160 State St.
Laraway, Lottie M.		Gave letter Mar. 9, 1886
Latham, G. W.		M	
Latham, Mrs. H.		
Laycock, Mary		M	81 E. Genesee
Lee, Frank		M	
Lee, Sarah A.		S	Lincoln St., 18 Perrine St.
Leffingwell, Ellen O.	M	
Leonard, Alice J.		10 Lewis St.
Leonard, Henry M.		10 Lewis St.
Lewis, Deborah		W	Orchard St.  Died Nov 13, 1880
Lewis, Emma W.		M	Throopsville, 9 Grant Ave
Lewis, Lilly		S	
Lewis, Minnie H.	M	64 Washington, 13 Washington
Lindsley, Conelia	S	25 Court St.
Lisk, Nellie			Married Mr. J. A. Scott
Lore, Bessie		S	Removed by letter to Orange NJ
Lore, Julia A.		S	Married Mr. McGrew.  A missionary to India
Lore, Rebecca A.	W	Removed by letter to Orange NJ
Lottile, King		S	
Love, Emma		
Loveland, Michael	M	168 Seymour St.
Lovell, Chester P	M	15 1/2 N. Division   
Lowery, Mrs. E.		
Lynes, Wilbor C.	S	Capitol St. In store with N. Lee??
Lusk, Susan			66 North St. Removed by letter Oct. 82
Mabey, Carrie B.		Married Hunter? 100 Connell
McCrea, Mary L.			3 McMaster
Macomber, Elizabeth	W	
Macomber, Margaret F.	W	100 Connell
Madan, Mary E.		S	41 Clark
Mahar, Ann C.		M	Gone without letter
Main, Alley E.		M	
Martin, Albert S.	M	13 1/2 Clark St., 60 Seward Ave.
Martin, Harriet C.	S	13 1/2 Clark St. 60 Seward Ave
Martin, Harriet M.	M	13 1/2 Clark St.  60 Seward Ave.
Martin, Walton S.	S	13 1/2 Clark St.  Rem. by  C. Mar. 24, 1878
Martin, William A.	S	60 Seward Ave
Marvin, Ida		S	168 State
Maxin, E. W.		S	71 Cottage  Removed by letter Jun 82
Maxwell, Mahala		
Maynard,James B.	S	
McCaull, Aggie		S	Died June 1883
McCaull, Hannah		W	8 Gaylord St.
McClelland, Alma M.	W	24 State St.
McComb, Annette A.	M	
McComb, Geo. M. M. D.	M	
McComb, Jane		W	Rem by letter 1885
McCrea?, Bell			McMaster
McCrea, Edward A.	S	3 McMaster St.
McCrea, Lillie		S	73 Orchard
McGeer, Alice		M	64 Fulton St. Removed without letter
McGeer, Geo?		M	64 Fulton St. Removed without letter
McGrew, Julia A (H)	M	Formerly Julia Lore Medical Missionary in India
McIntyre, Maria		S	Orphan Asylum
McKean, Alvira		M	
McMahon, Mrs. C. V.	W	46 Grant Ave.
McNaughton, David	M	
McNaughton, May C.	M	42 Seminary St. Removed by letter  Sept. 83
McNickol, James		
McNiel, Adelia			Married Mr. Woodcock
McQuigg, Daniel		W	Seward Ave. (with M. D---?)
Mead, Lovisa		M	Removed by certificate July 22, 1878
Meeker, Mary 		S	Died in great peace on the 12 of January 1876
Meeker, Phebe		M	E. Genesee St.
Meridith, Caroline		
Merritt, Hannah		W	Dis by letter Jan 25, 1877
Metzgen?, Frances	M	
Mickley, Alida			26 Steel St.
Mickley, Catharine E. (Carrie)(Kate)	M	26 Steel St. 
Mickley, William	M	26 Steel St.
Millard, Jennie		M	
Miller, Anna			84 Wall St.
Miller, Augusta	M		84 Wall St.
Miller, Catherine E.	W	Removed by letter April 1878
Miller, James E.		Dis by letter Dec 1, 1875
Miller, Lewis F.	M	
Miller, Lizzie C.		
Miller, Mary		M	
Miller, Mary D.			Dis by letter Dec 1, 1875
Miller, Stephen		M	84 Wall St.
Mills, Elon F.		
Mills, Mary A.		M	
Monroe, Alvira		M	73 Orchard St.
Monroe, David			89 Franklin
Monroe, Jennie		
Monroe, Mary J.			89 Franklin
Moore, Cornelia		M	32 Clark
Moore, Mary J.			Married Mr. Van Alstine 1880
Morenue, Mary J.		
Morrison, Minnie	S	
Morse, Ann Elizabeth	S	E.Gen. St.
Moses, Abbie		S	Pine St.
Moses, Wm. J.		W	Pine St.
Mosher, Arthur		S	292 Genesee St.
Mosher, Lewis P.	M	292 Genesee St.
Mosher, Lydia M.	M	292 Genesee St.
Mosher, Mary		M	111 Franklin St.
Moshier, Allie A.	M	68 Grant Ave.
Moshier, Edwin J.	M	68 Grant Ave.
Mudge, Geo. W.		M	229 State St.
Mudge, Rachal		M	229 State St.
Mulford, Ed		M	Removed by letter 1881
Mulford, Edward			87 E. Genesee  Removed by letter Dec. 26, 1889 to Brooklyn
Mulford, Levi		S	Gone without letter   Took letter Dec. 1, 1877
Mulford, Sarah J.	W	Gone withoutletter    Took letter Dec. 1, 1877
Murphy, Emma			Rem by letter
Murphy, Francis E. MD	M	Rem by letter
Murphy, Laura P.	W	
Murry, Barbara		M	22 Howard St.
Murry, Lucetta		S	Removed by letter Dec 1, 1877
Murray, Lucetta		S	65 Fitch Ave. Moved by letter Nov 18, 1888 to Syracuse
Myer(s), Cordelia E.	S	9 Elizabeth St.
Myers, Luman			72 Walnut St.
Nelson, Martha		S	Seymour St.
Nelson, Sarah L.	W	Seymour St.
Newbold, Charles C.	S	40 Clark St.
Newbold, Huldah		M	State St. cor VanAnden, 40 Clark
Nichols, Hannah		M	W. Genesee St. cor James
Nickson, Catharine	M	Formerly Catharine Dates  Gone to the Adventists
North, Mary		
Noyes, Catharine R.	M	In the country Owasco St.
Noyes, Nettie		S	In the country Owasco St.
Noyes, Samuel B.	M	In the country Owasco St.
Nye, Belle		M	
O'Dell, Gertrude	S	Letter
Ocheobock, Mellissa	M	Church St.  Withdrawn
Ohlheiser, J. S.		20 Franklin
Osborne, Catherine E.		4 Walnut St.
Ostrander, Henry	M	Florence St.  Gone without letter
Ostrander, Mrs.		M	Florence St.  Gone without letter
Otis, Frank H.		
Palmer, Ada L.			Perry St.
Palmer, Alice E.		54 Elizabeth St.
Palmer, Carrie	M	
Palmer, Clara M.	M	30 Elizabeth St.
Palmer, J. Foreman	M	30 Elizabeth St.  Died June 21, 1886
Palmer, Julian			Perry St.
Palmer, Levi			38 Orchard
Palmer, Mabel			Perry St.
Palmer, Samuel W.	M	ElizabethSt.
Palmer, Sidney W. (H)	M	10 Mattie St.  Died Mar. 1886
Parsons, Anne		M	Formerly Anne Hemans 52 Elizabeth St.
Patten, Lydia		M	4 Grant Ave.
Patterson, Isaac	M	36 Dill   Gone without letter
Paul, Clara		
Paul, Frank		
Pausley?, Henry?	S	23 Lawton Ave.  Removed by letter
Payne, Charles		M	
Payne, Clara L.		M	
Peck, Rhoda		
Perkins, John D.		
Perrine, Medici E.	S	Court St., 11 Holly St.
Perry, Eva		S	50 Genesee
Perry, Harriett		M	Owasco St., 50 Genesee.
Perry, John		M	Owasco St., 50 Genesee
Perry, May E.		M	81 North St.
Peters, Mrs. R. L.	M	98 Seymour
Peterson, Charlotte	M	Lansing St, 42 State St. Removed by C. Nov 16, 1877
Pettibone, Adelia	M	
Pattibone, H. W.	M	
Petty, Jennie		M	
Petty, Martha J.	M	128 E. Genesee, 10 Gaylord St.
Petty, Minnie S.	S	128 E. Genesee, 10 Gaylord  Married J. N. Knapp
Phelps, Edith			55 Fulton St.
Phelps, Fred			55 Fulton St.
Phelps, George A.	S	
Phelps, Mary E.			55 Fulton St.
Phelps, Mary 			79 Franklin St.
Phelps, S. Seymour	M	Dismissed byletter Nov. 19, 1885
Phillips, Arbell	M	Same as Belle Bevier
Phillips, Elizabeth	W	Cottage St. near State, 70 Wall
Phillips, Julia E.	S	Cottage St. near State, 70 Wall
Pickard, Elizabeth	M	Owasco St., 22 Augustus
Pickard, Solomon	M	Owasco St., 22 Augustus
Pierce, Wilmina		M	146 E. Genesee Rem. by letter Nov. 24, 1883?
Pike, L. C.		S	
Place, Laura		M	Sheridan St.
Place, Raymond		M	Sheridan St.
Platt, susan F.		M	Wm. St.  Taken letter Nov 2, 1876
Porter, Carlton		M	14 VanAnden
Porter, Carlton A.	S	
Porter, Fannie			14 VanAnden
Porter, Matilda		M	Mechanic St. Granted letter Jan 1877
Porter, May L.		M	14 VanAnden
Pratt, Ella		S	
Price, Joseph			2 North St.
Puirm?, Julia		S	Sennett now Julia Hayden wife of Lewis
Putman, Mary A.		M	66 E. Genesee St., 36 Lewis
Putnam, Polly		W	Removed to asylum
Quick, Jane		M	
Quick, Julia A.		S	Married to Mr. Tallowday
Quick, Wm M.		M	
Quigley, A. A.			33 Sheridan
Quigley, Catharine		33 Sheridan
Ramsey, Hellen B.	M	
Randolph, Emma		M	Buffalo, moved by letter to Kansas City Mar 9, 1888
Rathbun, Helen M	S	John St.
Rathbun, Samuel R.	M	John St., 9 Court St.
Ray, Ellen (Ella) G.	M	E. Genesee St.
Raymond, Mrs H.		M	Rem. with letter 1881
Reader, Robert		M	
Reid, Mary		S	Lincoln St.  Died in the Lord Dec. 6, 1875
Reid, Sarah L.		W	22 Lincoln St.
Reigle, Daniel		M	South St. Died in the Faith
Reigle, Nancy		M	South St., 39 Genesee
Reseboom, Belinda	M	Orchard St.
Reynolds, Margaret	M	E Genesee St.  Rem. by letter July 21, 1884
Rhodes, Louie M.	M	
Rice, Mary		W	3 Lincoln St.   
Rich, Lilla		S	
Rinders, Jane			Rem. by letter May 1882
Roach, Jas. C.		M	80 Orchard  REmoved by letter
Robbins, Carrie		M	3 Beach Ave. Removed by letter Oct. 21, 1882
Robbins, Delia		M	Died July 22, 1882
Robbins, Julius (Rev.)	M	19 Acadamy St.
Robbins, Julius			3 Beach Ave.
Robbins, Lizzie C.	S - M	Acadamy St.
Roberts, Hel(l)en S.	M	Lincoln St., 95 Washington St.
Roberts,George		M	Lincoln St., 95 Washington St.
Roberts, Maggie J.	S	Rem by letter Sep. 22, 1888
Robinson, Anna E.		3 South St., 41 Elizabeth St.
Robinson, Mrs. E. R.	M	66 Hamilton Ave.
Robinson, Edwin Y.	M	24 Fulton St.
Robinson, Frances C.		Married Watkins spring of '92
Robinson, J. B.		M	Mistake?
Robinson, Jennie	M	24 Fulton St.
Robinson, Lena			3 South St.
Rodgers, Lizzie	S		Removed
Rose, Permelia G.	M	
Rose, S. M.		M	
Roseboom, Belinda	M	30 Garrow
Roseboom, Gilbert F.	M	Orchard St., 30 Garrow
Russell, Helen			63 Cottage
Russell, John G.		63 Cottage St.  Removed by letter
Russell, L. Marcus		63 Cottage
Sanders, Andrew S. (Rev.)M	Jail Building, 6 John St.
Sanders, Arthur M.	S	
Sanders, H. G.	M		46 Nelson St.   94 Lansing
Sanders, Kate		
Sanders, M. Ardilla	S	
Sanders, Margaret	M	94 Lansing
Sanders, Mrs.			46 Nelson St.
Sanders, Sarah		M	Jail Building, 6 John St.
Sant, Maggie		S	49 Clark
Sarr, Clarence			89 Owasco
Sarr, Leona		
Sayles, Sarah Anna		50 Nelson
Sawyer, Flora			5 Owasco St.  Rem with letter 1883
Sawyer, Janie?			5 Owasco St.  Rem. with letter 1883
Sawyer, Joseph			5 Owasco  Rem with letter 1883
Schellinger, Lucretia		50 Nelson
Schoonmaker, Phebe A.	M	30 S. Fulton St.
Scott, Nellie J. A.	M	100 Orchard
Searls, Catharine	M	Wife of Rev. Wm. S.  105 Franklin
Searls, Nellie		M	107 Franklin St.
Searls, Theodore J.	M	107 Franklin St.
Seekell, D. W.		
Seekell, Geo.?		M	10 Mulvey
Seekell, Alice E.		Married Palmer  10 Mulvey Ave.
Seekell, Emma			8 Anna St.
Seekell, Lucinda M.		10 Mulvey Ave.
Severson, Malinda M.		18 Lewis
Shank, Jane B.		W	6 John St.  Removed by letter
Shapley, Mary L.	M	77 Van Anden
Shaply, Mary L.		M	
Shear, Mary		S	Sennett
Shear, Susan L.		S	Sennett
Shear,Lydia			Sennett, 4 Chestnut
Shepherd, Hattie A.		
Shepherd, Wm A.		M	
Sherman, Julia A.	M	
Sherman, S. .		M	
Shove, Benj. Jay	S	100 E. Gen. St. Taken letter Oct 29, 1876
Shove, Blanche		S	100 E. Gen. St. Removed by letter Oct. 23, 1877
Shove, Cornelius	M	100 E. Gen. St.  Removed by letter Oct 23, 1877
Simpson, Margaret E.	S	
Sisco, Jessie			Rem by letter Mch 30, 1885
Sisco, John		M	Rem by letter Mch 30, 1885
Skul, Sally		
Skul, Truman			Died May 1886
Slate, Angeline		M	33 Seward Ave. moved by letter Dec. 21, 1887
Slater, Emily		S	withdrawn
Slee, Ellen		W	North St. Died Oct. 13, 1880
Slee, Flora H.		M	156vNorth St.
Slee, Isabella T.	S	North St., 1 Park Ave.
Sloane, Arthur			Rem by letter June 1885
Sloane, Georgia			Rem by letter June 1885
Sloane, Goe. F.		M	124 Seward Ave. Rem. by letter Jul 1885
Sloane, Margaret	M	124 Sewrd Ave.  Died in peace
Smith, Allen W.		M	
Smith, Amanda E.	S	
Smith Caroline			Gone without letter
Smith, Byron Gary	S	Romoved by letter 6/9/1880
Smith, Clara E.		S	14 Court St.
Smith, Clarissa A.	M	
Smith, Edmund		S	Gone without letter
Smith, Edwin M.		S	
Smith, Ella		S	Removed by letter Sep 3, 1885
Smith, Emma L.		M	84 Grant Ave.
Smith, Fannie		M	7 John  Removed to Seneca Falls Sep 3, 1885
Smith, Gracie		S	Removed by letter 6/9/1880
Smith, J. Seymour		6 Morris       Died in great peace
Smith, James H.		M	Elizabeth St.  Removed by letter Jun 6, 1875
Smith, Lena B.		S	7 John 
Smith, Martha J.	S	54 Clark Rd.
Smith, Mary J.		M	Elizabeth St.  Removed by letter Jun 6, 1875
Smith, Melvin		M	7 John Removed to Seneca Falls Sep 3, 1885
Smith, Rebecca M.	M	Sennett
Smith, William A.	M	Sennett There are two members named William A. Smith.  One at Sennett and one in the city. Wm. A. listed at 84 Grant Ave. and 4 Franklin 
Smith, William Adelbert	M	1 Paul St. There are two members named William A. Smith.  One at Sennett and one in the city. Wm. A. listed at 84 Grant Ave. and 4 Franklin
Snooks, Martha		W	Deceased
Snyder, May E.			11 Lawton Ave.
Southwood, Alice	S	Taken letter Aug 10, 1877
Sowles, Daniel T.	M	
Sowles, Emma D.		M	
Sowles, Ida May			66 Elizabeth St.  Married Mr. Coe
Spaid, Elizabeth	M	Rem by letter
Spaid, James		M	Rem by letter
Spencer, Carrie F.?		28 Elizabeth St.  Removed by letter
Spencer, May B.			28 Elizabeth  Removed by letter
Sperry, L. F. Jr?		6 Lansing
Sperry, L. F. Mrs.		6 Lansing
Sperling, Henrietta	S	Married Hastings
Sperling, Mary J.	M	15 Maple Transfered to H
Sprague, Eliza A.	W	Lawton Ave.
Stanton, Jane		M	Clark St. Rd., 7 Elizabeth
Stanton, Levi		M	Clark St. Rd., 7 Elizabeth
Stapleton, Hannah	W	Cr. Clark and Benton St.   Dead
Steele, Sidny		
Stevens, Harriet S.	M	
Stevens, Wealtha B.	S	
Stewart, Charles C.		2 John
Stewart, Lydia W.	W	2 John
Stohoe?, Cornelia	M	
Stocum, Frank		M	54 Orchard
Stocum, Oliver		M	54 Orchard
Stone, 				14 Washington
Stone, Edith		S	Cr. Eliz & Mattie St., 14 Washington;    Swart  by marriage
Stone, Eliz. H.			30 Lewis St., 14 Washington
Stone, Elizabeth	W	Elizaabeth & Mattie, 14 Washington
Stone, John H.		M	
Stone, Phineas C.	M	Deceased June 26, 1878
Strough, Adam		M	10 Augustus St. Died Jan. 1883
Stough, Annetta J.	M	10 Augustus St.
Strough, Delia		M	10 Augusta St.  10 Owasco
Stratton, T. J.		M	Taken letter Nov 1876
Swan, F. Mrs			9 VanAnden  Removed by letter Oct 1883
Swart, Frank		
Swartout, Mary J.	M	4 m. Owasco Lake
Talladay, Leona		S	Married  Sam ?
Tallowday, Julia E.	M	88 Seymour St., 139 Seymour, 23 Frazee
Tallowday, Julia A.	M	There are two Tallowdays - Julia E. & Julia A.;  7 Westlake Ave.  Removed by letter Oct. 1, 1883
Tanner, Mary E.		S	Elizabeth St.
Tate, Mrs. J.		M	74 Garrow St.
Taylor, Olive		W	
Terry, Aaron W.		S	Lincoln St. Rem. by certif. Jun 30, 1878
Terry, Jerome		S	Lincoln St.  Rem by letter Oct 22, 1876
Terry, Phebe		S	Lincoln St.
Terry, Sarah S.		W	Lincoln St.
Thomas, Phebe L.	S	Removed by letter July 1882
Thornton, Charles E.	M	
Thornton, Cleora L.	M	2  - South St?
Thornton, Edwin L.	M	1 mile west of the city,  100 Cornell
Thornton, Martha L.	M	1 mile west of the city, 100 Cornell
Thornton, Martha K.	S	
Thornton, Wm. P.	S	
Thornton, Winifred	S	
Tiffany, Rebecca	S	
Tournier, Elizabeth C.	M	Adams St.
Tournier, Frances E.	S	Adams St.
Tournier, Fred		S	
Tournier, Sarah E.	S	Adams St.  Removed to Calvery Presby. Church
Tournier, William H.	M	Adams St.
Towner, Fred S.			12 Beach Ave.
Towner, Mary Amelia	W	12 Beach Ave.
Towner, Warren S.	S	12 Beach Ave. Removed by letter Dec. 1, 1882
Townsend, Jennie	M	170 E Genesee
Treat, Anna		M	14 Capitol
Treat, Caroline H.	M	Pt. Byron Rd., 4 N. State St.
Treat, Catherine E.	M	9 South St.
Treat, Clarence P. (D)	S	Port Byron Road, 4 N. State St.
Treat, Horace H.	M	Port Byron Road, 4 N. State St.
Treat, Manly T.		M	14 Capitol St.
Treat, Mary Elizabeth	M	Pt. Byron Rd., 4 N. State St.
Treat, Mary J.		M	Capitol St.  Died Aug 1880
Treat, Naomi		M	Port Byron Road, 4 N. State St.
Treat, Nettie 		M	4 N. State St.  Removed by letter July 1886
Treat, Wilber, F.	M	Pt. Byron Rd., 4 N. State St.
Trimble, Georgia E.	M	
Trowbridge, Ann		M	North St. near R.R., 27 Franklin
Trowbridge, Emma R.	M	Cor Seymour & Fulton Sts., 27 Franklin
Trowbridge, Jasper	M	North St. near R.R. DiedJan 7, 1882
Trowbridge, John J.	M	Cor Seymour & Fulton Sts., 27 Franklin
Tucker, John		S	Dis. by letter Jan 20, 1879
Tuller, Ellin			19 Sheridan
Tuller, Hattie L.	S	17 Capitol  Removed without letter
Tuller, John C.		M	State St.
Tuller, Mary		W	17 Capitol St.  Died July 15?, 1886
Tuller, Watson D.	M	
Turner, Nathaniel	M	23 ClarkSt., 54 Clark
Turner, Ruth S.		M	23 Clark St., 54 Clark
VanAlstine, Mary J.	M	60 Water
VanDyne, Martha		M	Rem by letter
VanEpps, Ella		S	Walnut St. near Seward Ave.
VanEpps, Martha		M	14 Walnut St. Deceased Jan 11, 1879
VanEpps, Nelson		M	14 Walnut St.
VanGuilder, Rachel		52 Holly St.
VanKleak, Carrie	M	3 Mary
VanKleak, John H.	M	3 Mary
VanKleak, Susan			90 Owasco Removed by letter Feb. 83
VanMartin?, Emma	M	24 Fulton St.
VanNote, Sarah		W	Removed (?and married)
VanOrder, Julia		S	
Van Patten, May J.	M	65 Fitch 5 Garrow St.
Verplank, Sarah		M	N. W. of City;  Removed without letter 1880
Wackman, Ella M.	S	10 Garden St., 11 Garden;  Married.  Transferred to A
Wackman, Nancy		M	10 Garden St, 11 Garden
Wackman, Smith D.	M	10 Garden St.
Wall, John		M	19 North St.  Died Sep 11, 1882
Wall, Sarah		M	19 North St. Died July 22, 1882
Wallace, Rhoda E.	W	Married to Mr. Gifford Nov 1878
Wannote, Sarah		W	
Warburton, Ada M.	S	Sheridan St.  Rem letter Oct 14, 1877
Warburton, Samuel	M	Sheridan St.  Rem. letter Oct 14, 1877
Warne, Burroughs P.	M	39 Cayuga
Warne, Jennie A.	M	39 Cayuga
Warrick, Caroline	M	
Warrick, Wm. M.		M	
Warrington, Dormus?		
Watkins, Benjamin	M 	3 South St.
Watkins, Frances C.	M	3 South St.
Watson, Helen?		M	102 Lewis
Watson, James		M	102 Lewis 
Weaver, Anna S.		M	
Webster, Minerva	M	
Welch, Rachel C.		
Wendover, John		M	Hoffman St.  Withdrawn
Weeks, Martha M.	m	23 E. Genesee  Removed by letter Mch 28, 1882
Weeks, Wm. T.		M	23 E. Genesee  Removed by letter Mch. 28, 1882
West, Minnie E.		S	Removed by Certif Apr 7, 1878
Weston, Malvina F.	M	14 S. Fulton St.
Weston, Reuben		M	14 S. Fulton St.
Wheeler, Adaline	W	N.Seymour St., 148 Seymour
Wheeler, Albert B.	M	Seward Ave. Removed without letter 1880
Wheeler, Gardner H.	M	N. Fulton St., 38 or 58 Orchard
Wheeler, Jenine			Removed by letter July 1881
Wheeler, Jessie E.	S	38 Orchard
Wheeler, M. Jennie	M	Seward Ave., Removed by letter Jan 1, 1881
Wheeler, T. B. Mrs.	M	5 Elm? St.
Wheeler, Victoria	M	N. Fulton St. 58 or 38 Orchard
Whitbeck, John W.	M	Removed by letter
White, Anna M.		W	38 Orchard St. Rem. by letter
White, Bill		
White, Carrie		S	
White, Catherine A.	M	Cayuga St.  Withdrawn
White, Clarissa		M	E. Genesee St., Perry St.
White, Hattie		S	
White, Jennie			25 Cayuga
White, Leonard		M	E. Genesee St.  Died June 29, 1878
White, Mary F.		M	25 Cayuga St.
White, Nellie		S	25 Cayuga
White, Reuben F.	M	N. Fulton St.  Withdrawn
White, Roderick		M	25 Cayuga St.
White, Sarah J.		M	N. Fulton St., Married Frampton, 170 State St.
Wicks, Josephine	M	15 Sheridan  Removed by letter
Wicks, Wm.		M	15 Sheridan  Removed by letter
Wilcox, Adaline		S	20 Grant, 41 Franklin, removed.  
Wilcox, Benj. M.	M	Howard St., 7 Moravia
Wilcox, F. Ziah		S	36 Moravia St.  Removed letter Sep 8, 1877
Wilcox, Hannah		S	Married to Mr. Geo. H. Morgan May 21, 1879 and removed by letter
Wilcox, Joseph		M	36 Moravia St., 41 Moravia
Wilcox, Lydia		M	36 Moravia St., 41 Moravia
Wilcox, Mary A.		M	7 Moravia
Wilcox, Philinda	S	68 Wall St.
Wilcox, Susie E.	S	Dismissed by letter April 2, 1886
Wilcox, Vashti		W	68 Wall St.
Wiley, Lettie E. Denis?	M	Removed by letter Nov 17, 1882
Wilkinson, Sarah E.	M	151 VanAnden  Removed by latter July 1885
Wilkinson, Sarah R.		Deceased   Sennett
Williams, Emma S.	M	
Williams, Fred M.	M	Died Mar. 15, 1889
Williams, Julia		M	170 State St.
Williams, Sherman S.	M	170 State St.
Wills, David		M	Genesee St. over Express, 56 Mechanic
Wills, Sidney		S	
Wills, Zellah		M	Genesee St. over Express, 56 Mechanic
Wilmot, Marion L.		57 Mechanic St.
Wilson, Charlotte M.	M	136 VanAnden St.
Wilson, Ella M.		S	136 VanAnden St.  Married Backman
Wilson, Emma M.		S	136 VanAnden St.
Wilson, Florence H.		136 VanAnden St.
Wilson, Francis M.	M	136VanAnden St.
Wilson, Ida L.		S	VanAnden St.
Wilson, Mary A.		S	VanAnden St.  Married Mr. Miles
Winegar, Clara		M	160 VanAnden
Wood, Eva? 		S	2 Park Ave.  Removed with letter May 3, 1890 Now Mrs. Nathan Salisbury Little York, NY
Wood, Jane		M	26 Walnut St., 28 Walnut St.
Wood, Walter, L.	S	Elizabeth St.
Woodburn, Katharine F.		
Woodcock, Bertha M.		79 Wall
Woodcock, Leonard M.	M	66 Wall St., 77 Wall
Woodcock, Madeline	S	
Woodcock, Mary Adelia	M	Formerly Adelia McNeil, 79 Wall
Woodcock, Willard J.		79 Wall
Woodin, Edwin A.	M	Elizabeth St.
Woodin, Ella A.		M	Elizabeth St.
Woodin, Mary A.		M	North St.  Deceased in 1881
Woodin, William B.	M	116 North St.  Ceased for years to attend church
Wooding, Anna M.	M	Lincoln St.  Withdrawn
Wooding, Celia B.	S	Mattie St.  Married to Mr. Davis
Wooding, Lewis G.	M	Lincoln St.  Withdrawn
Wooding, Mariette	M	23 Florence
Wooding, Mrs.		M	Removed without letter
Wooley, Fred A.			24 Garrow
Wright, Samuel		M	
Wyant, Betsey		S	4 Florence
Wyant, Sarah		W	Died May 28, 1880
Young, Adaline		M	
Young, Caroline		W	Removed by church letter Sep. 1881
Young, John		M	23 Lawton Ave.
Young, Lillie		M	23 Lawton Ave.
Young, Olive? P		W	24 State St.
Zink, Maria		M	
Zink, Wm T.		M	

Titles of columns are as follows: Name, Marital Status, Residence or Notes.   It is the membership roll for the years 1872-1885. Because not all pages had years or dates for the events, no dates are included in the transcription. The alphabetical listing is a compilation of 4 different rewrites of the membership rolls over the years. Where I could positively identify families or individuals with different addresses on the different lists, I included all addresses on the same entry. Where I couldn't be positive that the individuals were the same, I added additional entries. I am certain that many of these individuals are duplicates, but because of the span of time involved, there was no way to ascertain whether a person listed as Ed in one entry and Edward, or Edwin in a subsequent one, for example, were the same person.

Also, it is evident that there was a continuous flow of individuals transferring membership to and from Trinity Methodist Church. Names found here may possibly be found in a search of Trinity's records as well. I included most of the references to "removed by letter," to indicate that other church records may exist elsewhere. Whenever there was a source for a different City for transfer of records, I included it. The original volume also includes some dates of acceptance into the membership rolls as well as occasional references to where membership was transferred from. Also, as is usual with these transcriptions, the handwriting dechipering is occasionally a "best guess" effort.
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Thanks to Kathleen Shaw Decker for transcribing these records at the Cayuga County Historian's Office in Auburn, NY.
Auburn 1st United ME Church Marriages 1877-1885
Auburn 1st United ME Church Baptisms 1875-1885
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