Index and partial information for the

1875 State Census

Town of Conquest

Cayuga County, New York

Note: This index provides only name, page, sex and nativity

Last Name   First Name Nativity Sex Page #
Abbey   Charles Onondaga County Male 28
Abrams   Edwin B. Wayne County Male 21
Aldrich   Francis P. Cayuga County Male 15
Aldrich   Zachariah New Hampshire Male 22
Allen   Lyman Montgomery Male 24
Allen   William S. England Male 17
Alorich   George W. Cayuga County Male 5
Andrews   Robert England Male 33
Anthony   Mary L. Jefferson County Female 21
Arnold   Francis Cayuga County Male 16
Avery   David Cayuga County Male 27
Avery   Saul Cayuga County Male 27
Baines   William J. Wayne County Male 22
Balcom   Dora Penn. Female 22
Balcom   Elsie Penn. Female 19
Ballard   Joseph R. Cayuga County Male 3
Banta   Willis A. Wisconsin Male 3
Bates   Cora Indiana Female 27
Bates   Franklin Mass. Male 11
Beach   Laurence Ontario, Canada Male 24
Beach   Richard H. Cayuga County Male 4
Beagle   Affie M. Penn. Female 32
Becker   Henry N. Jefferson County Male 24
Beebee   Isaac L. Delaware Male 29
Belknap   Anna Vermont Female 29
Belknap   Levi Cayuga County Male 15
Bell   Ralph L. Vermont Male 8
Bell   Samuel E. Cayuga County Male 1
Berry   Sarah L. Albany Female 23
Bessy   Allen Onondaga County Male 12
Bessy   Edward Onondaga County Male 21
Bessy   Murray Cayuga County Male 24
Bessy   Wellington Onondaga County Male 23
Bevier   Amos Cayuga County Male 15
Bevier   David Ulster County Male 14
Bevier   John Cayuga County Male 12
Bishop   Milton Tioga County Male 30
Blakeman   Hiram Washington Male 26
Blakeman   James H. Albany Male 16
Blakeman   John H. Montgomery County Male 24
Blass   Hiram Jr. Wayne County Male 10
Blass   James Cayuga County Male 34
Blass   Lafayette Wayne County Male 10
Blass   Michael Wayne County Male 2
Blass   Peter D. Columbia County Male 20
Blass   Smith Columbia County Male 3
Blass   Walter Columbia County Male 34
Bogart   Ella Cayuga County Female 15
Bogart   Grant Cayuga County Male 27
Bolson   Betsy Herkimer County Female 27
Bramhall   Joseph Columbia County Male 2
Brayton   John Washington Male 29
Brayton   Perry Cayuga County Male 27
Brayton   Wallace Cayuga County Male 6
Brennan   Thomas Canada Male 35
Brooks   Charles A. Wayne County Male 38
Brooks   Peter Cayuga County Male 6
Brower   John Onondaga County Male 13
Brown   Alfred Cayuga County Male 1
Brown   Jeremiah Washington Male 14
Brown   Lewis France Male 38
Brown   William H. Onondaga County Male 8
Brownell   George Madison County Male 35
Buck   Thirza Cayuga County Female 27
Burghdorf   Charles Wayne County Male 11
Burghdurf   Minerva (not listed) Female 35
Burke   William Ireland Male 14
Burns   Austin Ireland Male 32
Burns   Horace Cayuga County Male 12
Burns   William H. Ireland Male 19
Burton   Philander Cayuga County Male 29
Busby   Samuel Montgomery County Male 30
Bush   George Cayuga County Male 18
Buss   Diantha Mass. Female 30
Butler   Erastus Oneida County Male 22
Cager   William England Male 7
Campbell   Irving Onondaga County Male 15
Campbell   Lewis M. Orange County Male 12
Campbell   Samuel B. Cayuga County Male 1
Carl   Jacob O. Cayuga County Male 31
Carl   Peter Rensselaer County Male 32
Carpenter   George W. Madison County Male 37
Carr   Aaron Orange County Male 20
Carr   George Cayuga County Male 29
Carr   John T. Orange County Male 20
Carrier   Aaron P. Cayuga County Male 37
Castor   Alonzo Oswego County Male 2
Caswell   John Cayuga County Male 33
Caswell   Samuel Wayne County Male 9
Caton   Walter Wayne County Male 23
Chafee   Fanny Vermont Female 16
Chandler   Charles H. Seneca County Male 36
Chango   John H. Madison County Male 37
Chapman   John Conn. Male 3
Chappel   John Cayuga County Male 7
Chappell   Ira Wayne County Male 8
Chatfield   Hattie Onondaga County Female 29
Clark   Alfred England Male 5
Clark   Emma Onondaga County Female 17
Coddington   Jane New Jersey Female 17
Collins   Myron C. Cayuga County Male 15
Collins   Philo Oneida County Male 4
Colvin   Joseph Cayuga County Male 13
Colvin   Lydia Cayuga County Female 11
Connor   John Cayuga County Male 32
Cook   Henry Canada Male 36
Cook   Sarah A. Rensselaer County Female 15
Cool   Charles Cayuga County Male 29
Coon   Elisabeth Schoharie County Female 37
Coon   Ella S. Cayuga County Female 17
Cooper   Adam Albany Male 6
Cooper   Dexter Cayuga County Male 27
Cooper   Elias Cayuga County Male 6
Cooper   Elmer Cayuga County Male 18
Cooper   James Cayuga County Male 16
Cooper   Mary Rensselaer County Female 35
Cooper   Obadiah Cayuga County Male 6
Cooper   Samuel Cayuga County Male 1
Cooper   Thomas Cayuga County Male 6
Coppernol   Abigail Cayuga County Female 32
Corgan   Patrick Ireland Male 36
Corwin   William Ontario Male 40
Cotton   Delos Wayne County Male 34
Cowell   John Albany Male 21
Cowles   John W. Mass. Male 24
Cowles   Orlo Oswego County Male 21
Cramer   Chauncy P. Cayuga County Male 11
Crane   William Montgomery County Male 7
Craver   Charles Oneida County Male 7
Craver   Seymour Oswego County Male 17
Crawford   James Ireland Male 37
Creller   John Cayuga County Male 13
Crosby   William Niagara County Male 35
Crounse   Henry F. Albany Male 25
Crowell   Jacob D. Cayuga County Male 3
Cuddeback   Irving Wayne County Male 25
Cummings   Louisa Columbia County Female 9
Curran   Augustus E. Cayuga County Male 8
Curran   William T. Cayuga County Male 38
Curren   Henry Wayne County Male 39
Curren   Jacob Cayuga County Male 10
Cushney   Eliza Herkimer County Female 12
Daley   Liverius Conn. Male 11
Darling   Richard Onondaga County Male 11
Day   Harrison Greene County Male 12
Derby   Ephriam Cayuga County Male 21
Derby   Harriet E. Cayuga County Female 17
Detzel   Andrew Germany Male 28
Dimond   Emma Cayuga County Female 3
Dixon   Peter (No other information listed)   27
Dolson   Samuel Cayuga County Male 13
Dowling   John Ireland Male 28
Drable   George Cayuga County Male 33
Dugan   Daniel Ireland Male 13
Earl   Aaron B. Cayuga County Male 27
Earl   Cornelius D. Albany Male 26
Earl   George Cayuga County Male 32
Earl   Levi Albany Male 19
Earl   William Albany Male 23
Eastwood   Worden Canada Male 18
Eckert   Carrie E. Dutchess County Female 16
Edee   Daniel Oneida County Male 14
Eeling   Lewis B. Orange County Male 19
Ellsworth   John Warren County Male 26
Elmer   Joseph Schoharie County Male 24
Emmerson   Albert Ohio Male 3
Emmerson   Ardell Cayuga County Male 23
Emmerson   George Cayuga County Male 23
Emmerson   Lewis Cayuga County Male 24
Emmerson   Richard Cayuga County Male 27
Everett   George England Male 25
Everett   George England Male 25
Faly   John Ireland Male 31
Fancher   Lucius Madison County Male 35
Fay   Melissa B. Cayuga County Female 16
Filkin   Cornelius Rensselaer County Male 3
Fisher   Emma ? Female 40
Fisk   E. Madison County Male 37
Forbes   Archibald Herkimer County Male 8
Forbes   John Cayuga County Male 39
Fowler   Abel Cayuga County Male 10
Freeman   William Virginia Male 35
Freer   George Ulster County Male 26
Freer   William Ulster County Male 26
Frost   Charles J., Jr. Cayuga County Male 33
Frost   William Cayuga County Male 33
Fuller (2) ? Daniel Delaware Male 8
Fuller   Emily Cayuga County Male 7
Fuller   Henry Delaware Male 8
Fuller   John Westchester County Male 16
Fuller   Mary Cayuga County Female 6
Fuller   Reuben Vermont Male 8
Fuller   Sherwood Delaware Male 8
Gallt   Alexander Cayuga County Male 23
Gardner   Henry England Male 15
Garner   Robert Wayne County Male 23
Garrity   Frank Ireland Male 38
Gifford   Ida L. Albany Female 15
Gilfoos   George Cayuga County Male 32
Gillhuly   James Ireland Male 12
Gilluly   James Ireland Male 38
Gilmore   Levi Vermont Male 3
Goodell   Justin Vermont Male 5
Goodell   Norman Cayuga County Male 4
Goodsell   Nathan Conn. Male 37
Goss   John Ireland Male 14
Goss   Julia Ireland Female 13
Green   Samuel Wayne County Male 6
Griffin   Thomas Cayuga County Male 7
Guilfoil   Michael Ireland Male 37
Guilfoos   Christopher Ulster County Male 31
Guthrie   John W. Tompkins County Male 21
Hadden   Abram Wayne County Male 15
Hadden   Rosalinda Steuben County Female 29
Haley   Jane Ireland Female 38
Haley   Walter Cayuga County Male 39
Halstead   Abram H. Cayuga County Male 30
Hamilton   John Saratoga County Male 1
Hammond   Hiel Steuben County Male 27
Hannum   William A. Oswego County Male 2
Hare   Mary J. Cayuga County Female 25
Harmon   David F. Cayuga County Male 1
Harris   Abigail Vermont Female 17
Harris   Esther Ulster County Female 16
Hart   Edmund Jefferson County Male 33
Hatmaker (?)   Alfred Madison County Male 35
Haws   William Cayuga County Male 7
Hibbard   Bettie S. Wayne County Female 17
Hitchcock   John A. Rensselaer County Male 5
Hodson   Richard J. Cayuga County Male 19
Hogan   Sheldon Wayne County Male 2
Holcomb   Homer V. Conn. Male 33
Holliday   Mary A. Albany Female 28
Hopkins   Robert Ireland Male 20
Heroune   Daniel W. Onondaga County Male 12
Horton   David New Jersey Male 15
Horton   David C. Cayuga County Male 16
Hotaling   William Albany Male 39
Howell   Charles S. Cayuga County Male 14
Howland   William Penn Cayuga County Male 40
Huffman   John Penn. Male 28
Huffman   Matthias Penn. Male 32
Hunter   Matthew Ireland Male 32
Hutchings   Robert Albany Male 38
Hutchings   William Cayuga County Male 27
Hutchings   William Cayuga County Male 27
Jackson   Hugh Canada Male 18
Janes   Nathan Ohio Male 21
Jenkins   Alexander B. Orange County Male 30
Jetty   Frank Canada Male 5
Jewell   Wilbur Cayuga County Male 30
Johnson   John D. Cayuga County Male 11
Johnson   Orville Oswego County Male 10
Johnson   Rufus Oswego County Male 10
Johnson   William H. Cayuga County Male 9
Jones   David Albany Male 12
Jones   Hilburn Albany Male 12
Jones   Isaac Cayuga County Male 22
Jones   John A. Cayuga County Male 1
Judson   Norman Cayuga County Male 18
Judson   Norman Cayuga County Male 18
Keegan   Patrick Ireland Male 25
Keegan   Thomas Ireland Male 25
Ketchum   Alonzo H. Wayne County Male 3
Ketchum   Charles M. Wayne County Male 29
Ketchum   Sylvester Herkimer County Male 39
Kidney   Robert Cayuga County Male 2
Kiley   Catherine Ireland Female 14
Kiley   John Ireland Male 13
Kilmer   Margaret Columbia County Female 34
Kimble   David Penn. Male 14
Knapp   William Cayuga County Male 30
Knowlton   John M. Cayuga County Male 3
Koon   Lewis Rensselaer County Male 37
Koon   Lewis Rensselaer County Male 37
La Dow   Willis Cayuga County Male 23
Lake   Hiram J. Conn. Male 3
Lane   Grover Montgomery County Male 2
Lane   Hamilton Montgomery County Male 9
Lason   Asa A. Cortland County Male 21
Lee   Christian Germany Male 36
Legg   Cornelius Ulster County Male 29
Lemon   Richard New Jersey Male 7
Lewis   William England Male 20
Leyburn   John Ireland Male 13
Lincoln   Milton Cayuga County Male 16
Lincoln   Silas S. Cortland County Male 16
Linson   Joseph Onondaga County Male 32
Locke   Harriet Herkimer County Female 21
Locke   Henry Jefferson County Male 33
Lockwood   Oliver Westchester County Male 19
Lockwood   Richard K. Cayuga County Male 19
Lovejoy   Daniel Wayne County Male 9
Lucas   Winfield S. Cayuga County Male 11
Lyon   Peter D. New York Male 35
Lyon   Peter D. New York Male 35
McArthur   Henry Dutchess County Male 10
McCollum   Sarah S. Cayuga County Female 2
McCurdy   Watson Chemung County Male 7
McQueen   Jerome Wayne County Male 35
Mantanyo   Thomas E. Cayuga County Male 26
Mantanyo   William E. Cayuga County Male 23
Marble   Congdon S. Cayuga County Male 29
(Marc)   Wyman Oswego County Male 8
Maroney   Morris Ireland Male 31
Marr   Matthew Ireland Male 37
Martindale   Laura A. Mass. Female 18
Marvin   Abram C. Cayuga County Male 22
Marvin   Alvin Cayuga County Male 22
Marvin   Delavan Herkimer county Male 22
Marvin   Edson H. Cayuga County Male 9
Marvin   Orin Herkimer County Male 23
Merriman   Horatio Onondaga County Male 21
Merriman   Lydia Onondaga County Female 23
Merritt   John Cayuga County Male 10
Merritt   Zita New Jersey Male 4
Millen   Jerome Onondaga County Male 27
Miller   David A. Cayuga County Male 2
Miller   Mary Cayuga County Female 28
Miller   Nicholas France Male 37
Miller   Winfield S. Oneida County Male 37
Mills   Samuel Schoharie County Male 12
Mills   Washington Cayuga County Male 6
Mills   William J. Onondaga County Male 16
Mitchell   John St. Lawrence Male 39
Mitchell   Katie Cayuga County Female 11
Moon   Sylvanus Columbia County Male 7
Moor   Edson Cayuga County Male 4
More   Henry Oneida County Male 4
More   William Oswego County Male 11
More   William J. Oneida County Male 5
Morey   Rosa A. Cayuga County Female 30
Morrison   Eleanor Jefferson County Female 33
Morrison   Fergus Ontario, Canada Male 28
Mosier   James Cayuga County Male 40
Mosier   John Wayne County Male 29
Mosier   John H. Wayne County Male 20
Mosier   William Wyoming County Male 3
Moss   Deborah Onondaga County Female 26
Mudge   James Seneca County Male 4
Mudge   Lucinda Wayne County Female 3
Mudge   Mary E. Conn. Female 5
Mudge   Orilla Wayne County Female 15
Mulligan   Sarah Cayuga county Female 17
Myers   John Albany Male 15
Myers   John Albany Male 15
Navin   John Canada Male 1
Near   Charles Columbia County Male 18
Nedam   Francis France Male 9
Newman   James L. Cayuga County Male 11
Newman   James L. Cayuga County Male 11
O'Coner   William Ireland Male 25
Odell   William H. Wayne County Male 11
Olmstead   Eugene G. Cayuga County Male 7
Olmstead   Marion Wayne County Male 35
Olmstead   Marion Wayne County Male 35
Palmer   Daniel Wayne County Male 39
Parker   Dighton Cayuga County Male 27
Parleton   Elias C. Westchester County Male 31
Parsell   Alfred Ulster County Male 23
Parsell   George Ulster County Male 16
Petty   Proxy L. Cayuga County Male 22
Petty   William Cayuga County Male 22
Phelps   Emma Cayuga County Female 16
Phelps   Isabel Cayuga County Female 16
Phelps   John Saratoga County Male 17
Picard   Martha Cayuga County Female 24
Pickard   Charles Cayuga county Male 28
Pickard   John Otsego County Male 26
Pinckney   John Onondaga County Male 16
Porter   Melvina S. Cayuga County Female 7
Post   Thomas England Male 40
Potter   Levi Cayuga County Male 38
Powell   Samuel Ireland Male 30
Presko   Vincent Mass. Male 20
Price   Franklin Cayuga County Male 4
Price   Ziba Cayuga County Male 10
Priddy   Willoughby Otsego County Male 34
Prindle   Michael Onondaga County Male 17
Pulver   George Wayne County Male 7
Purcell   Thomas Ireland Male 14
Putnam   Orson Mass. Male 36
Putnam   Orson Mass. Male 36
Quinn   Jeremiah Ireland Male 13
Quinn   Jeremiah Ireland Male 13
Rathbun   Charles Cayuga County Male 31
Reynolds   Ella A. Cayuga County Female 8
Reynolds   George W. Rensselaer County Male 17
Reynolds   Jane M. Rensselaer County Female 15
Reynolds   Maria Washington County Female 14
Reynolds   Nelson Cayuga County Male 35
Rhoades   Ezra Cayuga County Male 15
Rhoades   Olive Cayuga County Female 30
Rich   Mary Washington county Female 18
Richards   Elizabeth Saratoga county Female 26
Roach   James Ireland Male 31
Roarke   John Ireland Male 25
Robinson   Alonzo Cayuga County Male 2
Robinson   Elizabeth England Female 19
Rogers   James England Male 26
Root   William S. Cayuga County Male 18
Roraback   Garry Conn. Male 38
Ruloff   George Cayuga County Male 27
Ruloff   John Cayuga County Male 14
Rumsey   Allen T. Cayuga County Male 1
Rumsey   Bradley Saratoga County Male 2
Rumsey   Harriet Herkimer County Female 23
Russell   Harrington Mass. Male 28
Ryan   Margaret Ireland Female 13
Ryan   Margaret Ireland Female 13
Sample   George J. Onondaga County Male 8
Saunders   James Cayuga County Male 23
Scott   Mary A. Albany Female 7
Shoemaker   Henrietta Cayuga County Female 31
Shoemaker   John H. Columbia County Male 4
Shoemaker   Philip Cayuga County Male 34
Skinner   William (Not listed) Male 24
Slack   Henick C. Wayne county Male 1
Slayton   Burton H. Cayuga County Male 1
Slayton   Francis H. Cayuga County Male 22
Slayton   Joseph Mass. Male 16
Slayton   Thomas J. Mass. Male 23
Smith   Charles Canada Male 39
Smith   Frank B. Cayuga County Male 17
Smith   James C. Cayuga County Male 11
Smith   Mary New Hampshire Female 17
Smith   Nancy Columbia County Female 38
Smith   Sarah Washington Female 1
Snow   Walter Cayuga County Male 40
Snyder   Amariah T. Steuben County Male 38
Snyder   George W. Albany Male 27
Snyder   Margaret Schoharie County Female 31
Snyder   Samuel Cayuga County Male 4
Snyder   William Schoharie County Male 4
Southwick   Eliza A. Rhode Island Female 25
Spohr   Louis Germany Male 36
Starks   George A. Washington County Male 30
Starks   Lewis N. Cayuga County Male 30
Starks   Orin Washington County Male 28
Stearns   George H. Onondaga County Male 16
Stearns   John R. Washington County Male 15
Sterry   Cyrus R. Cayuga County Male 2
Stevens   Phebe Broome County Female 11
Sticklemyer   Catherine Rensselaer County Female 39
Stocking   Charles G. Cortland County Male 38
Stone   Eli Dutchess County Male 6
Stone   Frances Cayuga County Female 31
Stone   Francis E. Cortland County Female 16
Stone   Seth W. Onondaga County Male 18
Stone   Timothy Cayuga County Male 22
Struble   Daniel Cayuga County Male 17
Struble   Jacob Tompkins County Male 17
Stuart   Mary A. Cayuga County Female 2
Swift   Philip Herkimer County Male 39
Switzer   Eber Montgomery County Male 34
Switzer   Henry Albany Male 3
Switzer   Martha A. Cayuga County Female 1
Switzer   Martha A. Cayuga County Female 1
Tallman   Olive Onondaga County Female 19
Tallman   Thomas T. Dutchess County Male 39
Taylor   Catharine Ontario, Canada Female 31
Taylor   Nelson Onondaga County Male 38
Terwilliger   Benjamin Jr. Cayuga County Male 17
Thomas   William Orange County Male 39
Thompson   Alfred Onondaga County Male 9
Thompson   Emory Onondaga County Male 8
Thompson   Joseph P. Cayuga County Male 34
Thompson   Melvin Cayuga County Male 8
Thompson   Melvin Cayuga County Male 13
Thornton   Harriet Columbia county Female 34
Townsend   Samuel Greene County Male 19
Treat   Janus Wayne County Male 20
Tripp   Alvira Cayuga County Female 4
Tubridy   Patrick Ireland Male 31
Tubridy   Patrick Ireland Male 31
Vail   Frank Penn. Male 12
Vail   John Onondaga County Male 16
Van Auken   Adrian Cayuga County Male 12
Van Auken   Daniel Orange County Male 29
Van Auken   Elias Albany Male 6
Van Auken   John Albany Male 6
Van Auken   Mortimer Cayuga County Male 14
Van Blaricom   Arthur Cayuga County Male 23
Van De Water   George P. Dutchess County Male 5
Van Der Hoof   Philip New Jersey Male 14
Van Der Vere   Henry New Jersey Male 37
Van Dusen   John Onondaga County Male 20
Van Dusen   Porter Columbia County Male 9
Van Olinda   Benjamin Canada Male 33
Van Ostrand   David Ulster County Male 12
Van Ostrand   Elizabeth Ulster County Female 26
Van Ostrand   John Ulster County Male 11
Van Ostrand   Philip Cayuga County Male 12
Van Pelt   John New Jersey Male 16
Van Valkenburg   John Wayne County Male 7
Vanderhoef   James Cayuga County Male 33
Vosler   Theron W. Cayuga County Male 1
Vosler   William Montgomery County Male 1
Wade   Michael Ireland Male 11
Walford   Daniel Albany Male 1
Walker   Henry N. Columbia County Male 19
Walker   James Cayuga County Male 29
Walker   Thomas B. Seneca County Male 7
Waterman   Lewis Wayne County Male 34
Way   Frank B. Missouri Male 11
Weaver   Andreas Cayuga County Male 38
Weaver   Henry Dutchess County Male 34
Welch   Richard Ireland Male 19
Wendover   Henry Herkimer County Male 38
Wendover   Sally Washington County Female 39
West   Lewis Oneida County Male 37
West   William Onondaga County Male 33
Wetherel   Ray Michigan Male 5
Whitbeck   Ann B. Columbia County Female 3
Whitbeck   Frederick S. Columbia County Male 3
White   David E. Rensselaer County Male 39
White   Delia A. Cayuga County Female 30
White   Jacob Rensselaer County Male 39
Whitford   Elias Washington County Male 19
Whitford   Rufus Washington County Male 18
Widrick   Charles Herkimer County Male 2
Widrick   George H. Herkimer County Male 35
Widrick   Wallace Oswego County Male 7
Wilcox   Harry J. Delaware Male 17
Wilcox   Henry A. Delaware Male 17
Wilcox   Robert E. Delaware Male 17
Williams   Ezra F. Monroe County Male 7
Williams   Morris Wales Male 21
Williams   Nathan Onondaga County Male 29
Wilson   Amos Cayuga County Male 20
Wilson   Daniel Cayuga County Male 26
Wilson   James Cayuga County Male 23
Wilson   Sylvester Cayuga County Male 32
Wilson   William Washington County Male 25
Wilson   William J. Washington County Male 26
Winegar   Willie Cayuga County Male 38
Wise   William H. (?) Madison County Male 35
Wolford   Daniel J. Cayuga County Male 13
Wood   Barnabas Albany Male 29
Wood   C. Gaylord Wayne County Male 8
Wood   Elias C. Albany Male 22
Wood   Jennie Penn. Female 21
Wood   John H. Steuben County Male 8
Wood   Lewis Cayuga County Male 18
Wood   Perry Vermont Male 18
Worden   Arnold J. Onondaga County Male 36
Worden   Clark Cayuga county Male 34
Worden   David Onondaga County Male 37
Worden   George K. Rensselaer County Male 39
Worden   James F. Rensselaer County Male 31
Worden   James P. Rensselaer County Male 34
Worden   Nancy Wayne County Female 8
Wright   Charles Cayuga county Male 20
Wright   Elmer Cayuga County Male 34
Wright   Jane Cayuga County Female 34
Wright   Katie Albany Female 32
Wright   Katie Albany Female 32
Young   Harlow Cayuga County Male 2
Young   Ira Cayuga County Male 1
Young   Joanna M. Cayuga County Female 26
Young   Samuel Cayuga County Male 19
Youngs   George Conn. Male 12
Youngs   George Conn. Male 12
Zellers   Levi Onondaga County Male 37

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