Head Of Household Name Index for the
Federal Census of 1870
Town of  Ledyard
Cayuga County, New York

Note: This index provides only the name of the apparent Head of Household
and census Page number within the Town Section.

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This census index only includes the apparent head of household or alternate surnames within a household.  The number opposite the name is the page number in the specific Town section of this 1870 census.  


Surname		First Name	Town		Page #	


Adams,		A. L.		Ledyard		pg.53
Adams,		Louise		Ledyard		pg.53
Ague,		James		Ledyard		pg.9
Akin,		Deloss		Ledyard		pg.26
Alaxander,	Oran		Ledyard		pg.30
Aldrige,	Palmyra		Ledyard		pg.53
Allen,		Andrew		Ledyard		pg.47
Allen,		W. S.		Ledyard		pg.50
Allice,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.50
Anthony,	Elijah		Ledyard		pg.25
Anthony,	Hicks		Ledyard		pg.31
Anthony,	Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.31
Anthony,	James		Ledyard		pg.36
Arms,		Ebenezer	Ledyard		pg.50
Armstead,	Francis		Ledyard		pg.11
Armsted,	William		Ledyard		pg.46
Armsted,	Alford		Ledyard		pg.49
Armstrong,	Kitty		Ledyard		pg.22
Armstrong,	Austin		Ledyard		pg.46
Armwood,	Sarah		Ledyard		pg.2
Armwood,	Whiting		Ledyard		pg.28
Atwater,	Richard		Ledyard		pg.21
Aumock,		John		Ledyard		pg.27
Austin,		James H.	Ledyard		pg.30
Avery,		Cornelia	Ledyard		pg.9
Avery,		Charles D	Ledyard		pg.17
Avery,		Edgar		Ledyard		pg.17


Baird,		John W.		Ledyard		pg.24
Baker,		George		Ledyard		pg.13
Baker,		E. P.		Ledyard		pg.20
Balan,		Joanna		Ledyard		pg.49
Baldwin,	Bengimen	Ledyard		pg.49
Balwin,		Hannah		Ledyard		pg.45
Bancroft,	William F.	Ledyard		pg.5
Banler,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.42
Barnes,		Nellie		Ledyard		pg.54
Barrey,		Brigett		Ledyard		pg.54
Barrie,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.50
Barry,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.35
Bartlett,	Betsy		Ledyard		pg.49
Bartraw,	E. F.		Ledyard		pg.52
Bates,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.12
Bates,		Warren		Ledyard		pg.20
Bates,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.22
Batten,		Janak		Ledyard		pg.44
Battey,		Isaac N.	Ledyard		pg.3
Battey,		George		Ledyard		pg.4
Battey,		Walter		Ledyard		pg.6
Battey,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.8
Battey,		Winifred	Ledyard		pg.10
Battey,		Joseph D	Ledyard		pg.11
Bawler,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.45
Bays,		Katy		Ledyard		pg.22
Beardsley,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.53
Beatty		Benjamin F	Ledyard		pg.8
Beck,		Martin		Ledyard		pg.42
Beck,		Louis		Ledyard		pg.57
Beckly,		Daniel		Ledyard		pg.23
Beggs,		Libbey		Ledyard		pg.21
Bellows,	Minnie		Ledyard		pg.54
Benedick,	John		Ledyard		pg.52
Benedicke,	Uria		Ledyard		pg.30
Benson,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.46
Bingham,	Flaurance	Ledyard		pg.54
Birney,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.41
Bissel,		Calvin		Ledyard		pg.10
Blarey,		John		Ledyard		pg.19
Bockew,		Robert		Ledyard		pg.23
Bogart,		William H.	Ledyard		pg.39
Boghes,		Margaret	Ledyard		pg.43
Bonker,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.3
Borman,		Francis		Ledyard		pg.6
Bourne,		Ezra A		Ledyard		pg.17
Bowen,		George		Ledyard		pg.7
Bowen,		Burt		Ledyard		pg.9
Bowen,		Loam		Ledyard		pg.28
Bowen,		Alfred		Ledyard		pg.32
Bowen,		Jesse		Ledyard		pg.32
Bowen,		John B.		Ledyard		pg.32
Bowen,		Seneca		Ledyard		pg.50
Bowen,		Melvin		Ledyard		pg.52
Bowen,		Samuel G.	Ledyard		pg.52
Bowler,		Joanna		Ledyard		pg.54
Boyce,		Seneca		Ledyard		pg.50
Boyer,		Austin		Ledyard		pg.39
Bradford	John		Ledyard		pg.1
Brannan,	Anna		Ledyard		pg.45
Brannen,	Patrick		Ledyard		pg.29
Breed,		Ann		Ledyard		pg.21
Brewster,	Tytus		Ledyard		pg.4
Brewster,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.4
Brewster,	Henry		Ledyard		pg.5
Brighman	Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.34
Brightman,	William		Ledyard		pg.9
Brightman,	George		Ledyard		pg.25
Brightman,	William C.	Ledyard		pg.41
Brimsmaid,	Zalman		Ledyard		pg.25
Brookes,	Stephen		Ledyard		pg.57
Brooks,		William		Ledyard		pg.35
Brower,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.48
Brown,		Christopher	Ledyard		pg.2
Brown,		Ennis		Ledyard		pg.3
Brown,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.23
Brown,		Pardon		Ledyard		pg.25
Brown,		Efingham T.	Ledyard		pg.40
Brown,		Alford		Ledyard		pg.48
Brown,		Bengimen	Ledyard		pg.50
Bruster,	Irvin		Ledyard		pg.3
Bruster,	A. E.		Ledyard		pg.49
Buckhout,	Edward		Ledyard		pg.19
Buggey,		James		Ledyard		pg.8
Burke,		Jerry		Ledyard		pg.48
Burns,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.18
Burns,		Michael		Ledyard		pg.44
Bush,		Carrie		Ledyard		pg.40
Bush,		William		Ledyard		pg.44
Butler,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.26


Cabren,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.45
Caffery,	Ella		Ledyard		pg.36
Cafrin,		Michael		Ledyard		pg.42
Cagan,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.38
Cain,		Phineas		Ledyard		pg.7
Callanan,	Michael		Ledyard		pg.26
Camp,		Kermis		Ledyard		pg.53
Candee,		Elson		Ledyard		pg.55
Cane,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.6
Canner,		Michael		Ledyard		pg.21
Carmikle,	Edner		Ledyard		pg.51
Carpenter,	Isaac		Ledyard		pg.25
Carrol,		Anna		Ledyard		pg.38
Carrol,		Bridget		Ledyard		pg.40
Carter,		Garret		Ledyard		pg.10
Carter,		Edwin		Ledyard		pg.22
Carter,		James		Ledyard		pg.47
Carter,		Mary M.		Ledyard		pg.53
Cartie,		Caroline	Ledyard		pg.21
Cartin,		Briget		Ledyard		pg.39
Cary,		William O.	Ledyard		pg.36
Case,		John		Ledyard		pg.54
Case,		G.		Ledyard		pg.58
Cauf,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.16
Celier,		Mae		Ledyard		pg.53
Celley,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.15
Cerrano,	Peter		Ledyard		pg.46
Chamberlin,	George		Ledyard		pg.3
Chase,		James B.	Ledyard		pg.10
Chase,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.10
Chase,		Howard		Ledyard		pg.10
Chase,		Lina		Ledyard		pg.12
Chase,		Peter		Ledyard		pg.31
Chase,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.58
Chidester,	Clarrie		Ledyard		pg.37
Clark,		James		Ledyard		pg.2
Clark,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.42
Clark,		Carrie		Ledyard		pg.53
Claton,		John		Ledyard		pg.45
Clayton,	Emeline		Ledyard		pg.17
Clifton,	Jenny		Ledyard		pg.53
Close,		Alanson N	Ledyard		pg.18
Cochran,	Ann		Ledyard		pg.43
Cole,		Ellen		Ledyard		pg.20
Cole,		George		Ledyard		pg.35
Collins,	Thomas		Ledyard		pg.8
Colwell,	Deloss		Ledyard		pg.26
Comstock,	C.		Ledyard		pg.55
Conner,		James		Ledyard		pg.39
Conrey,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.11
Conway,		Julia		Ledyard		pg.12
Cooper,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.37
Cornwell,	Oscar		Ledyard		pg.2
Corwin,		Adelade		Ledyard		pg.53
Covert,		Ira		Ledyard		pg.58
Crawley,	James		Ledyard		pg.31
Crego,		Emma		Ledyard		pg.53
Crimene,	Catherine	Ledyard		pg.16
Crimings,	James		Ledyard		pg.47
Criss,		William		Ledyard		pg.57
Criss,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.57
Crosby,		George		Ledyard		pg.49
Cross,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.50
Cross,		William		Ledyard		pg.50
Crumel,		Jane		Ledyard		pg.48
Culver,		Edward		Ledyard		pg.12
Cumber,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.29
Cunningham,	John		Ledyard		pg.13
Curtis,		Foster		Ledyard		pg.5
Cuyler,		John		Ledyard		pg.47
Cylcocks,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.25

Dailey		Timothy		Ledyard		pg.7
Daley,		John		Ledyard		pg.6
Darman,		George		Ledyard		pg.10
Davisson,	Amos		Ledyard		pg.48
Day		John		Ledyard		pg.45
Daykin,		James		Ledyard		pg.36
Daykin,		Samuel G.	Ledyard		pg.36
Dean,		William		Ledyard		pg.15
Dean,		Benjamin	Ledyard		pg.27
Dean,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.39
Deans,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.33
Decater,	Oliver		Ledyard		pg.14
Dedrick,	Ruth L.		Ledyard		pg.4
Dellefield,	Tallmadge	Ledyard		pg.58
Deshong,	Sarah		Ledyard		pg.29
Deshong,	V. C.		Ledyard		pg.51
Devine,		Daniel		Ledyard		pg.10
Devoe,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.39
Dewey,		Jane		Ledyard		pg.17
Dewire,		Cornelius	Ledyard		pg.41
Dibble,		Eva		Ledyard		pg.53
Dickinson,	John B		Ledyard		pg.24
Dicksen,	Sarah		Ledyard		pg.13
Dickson,	Caroline	Ledyard		pg.13
Dickson,	Richard		Ledyard		pg.14
Dillen,		Hugh		Ledyard		pg.45
Dillon,		Theodore	Ledyard		pg.23
Dills,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.57
Doil,		Denis		Ledyard		pg.19
Doil,		James		Ledyard		pg.51
Doyl,		Tary		Ledyard		pg.25
Doyle,		Maggie		Ledyard		pg.7
Drake,		George L.	Ledyard		pg.19
Drewer,		Dwite		Ledyard		pg.26
Duck,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.8
Duck,		Jonathan	Ledyard		pg.10
Duck,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.20
Duck,		John		Ledyard		pg.29
Duck,		Ella		Ledyard		pg.49
Dudley,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.22
Dudley,		Jason W.	Ledyard		pg.37
Dudley,		Jennie		Ledyard		pg.53
Dulihan,	Patrick		Ledyard		pg.18
Duncan,		Pheba		Ledyard		pg.42
Durphy,		Mary A		Ledyard		pg.17

Eager,		Therdore	Ledyard		pg.54
Eagles,		Nancy		Ledyard		pg.43
Ealy,		John F.		Ledyard		pg.15
Elger,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.8
Ellis,		Hiram		Ledyard		pg.41
Ellis,		Hiram		Ledyard		pg.43
Ellis,		William		Ledyard		pg.47
Ellis,		Luke		Ledyard		pg.47
Ellis,		John		Ledyard		pg.56
Elma,		Ira		Ledyard		pg.20
Ennis,		Andrew		Ledyard		pg.11

Failing,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.53
Fairbank,	Amanda		Ledyard		pg.25
Fallen,		William		Ledyard		pg.15
Farnam,		Curtis		Ledyard		pg.20
Feeny,		Katie		Ledyard		pg.50
Fellows,	Henry B.	Ledyard		pg.42
Fenner,		Adam		Ledyard		pg.56
Fenner,		Betty		Ledyard		pg.57
Finch,		Hiram		Ledyard		pg.3
Fisher,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.7
Fisher,		Maryan		Ledyard		pg.8
Fitzgerald,	Denis		Ledyard		pg.16
Fitzgerald,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.50
Fitzgerald,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.54
Flanigan,	John		Ledyard		pg.45
Flint,		Amey		Ledyard		pg.43
Ford,		Peter		Ledyard		pg.39
Fouler,		William		Ledyard		pg.6
Fouler,		Esteran		Ledyard		pg.6
Fowker,		George		Ledyard		pg.49
Fowler,		Frank		Ledyard		pg.35
Fox,		Margaret	Ledyard		pg.15
Fox,		John		Ledyard		pg.15
Fox,		David		Ledyard		pg.18
Frankford,	Madisen		Ledyard		pg.53
Franklin,	Samuel		Ledyard		pg.19
Frasure,	Ellis		Ledyard		pg.7
Frecer,		Christopher	Ledyard		pg.36
Fritts,		Hellen		Ledyard		pg.5
Fritts,		Ira		Ledyard		pg.31
Fuller,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.17
Fuller,		Lyman		Ledyard		pg.20

Gamlin,		Gerry		Ledyard		pg.7
Gardner,	William		Ledyard		pg.8
Gaskin,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.13
Gaskin,		Rosa		Ledyard		pg.16
Gator,		E. S.		Ledyard		pg.43
Gauer,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.14
Gay,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.57
Giblen,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.9
Gifford,	Sanford		Ledyard		pg.7
Gifford,	Henry		Ledyard		pg.23
Gifford,	Simon		Ledyard		pg.25
Gifford,	Abner		Ledyard		pg.30
Gifford,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.33
Gifford,	William B.	Ledyard		pg.34
Gifford,	Gardner		Ledyard		pg.37
Gifford,	George W.	Ledyard		pg.44
Gifford,	Jackson		Ledyard		pg.46
Gifford,	Biles		Ledyard		pg.46
Gifford,	Daniel H.	Ledyard		pg.46
Giles,		Amos		Ledyard		pg.12
Glanister,	James		Ledyard		pg.22
Gleason,	James		Ledyard		pg.47
Goslin,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.27
Gould,		Jack		Ledyard		pg.26
Gould,		Jeremiah	Ledyard		pg.26
Gould,		Jane C.		Ledyard		pg.41
Gould,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.48
Gould,		Bengamin	Ledyard		pg.49
Grant,		William		Ledyard		pg.5
Grant,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.34
Graves,		William		Ledyard		pg.43
Gray,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.3
Gray,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.8
Gray,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.32
Gray,		Martin		Ledyard		pg.35
Gray,		Anna		Ledyard		pg.50
Gregor,		Josephine	Ledyard		pg.50
Gregor,		Gerome		Ledyard		pg.57
Grenell,	Jerome		Ledyard		pg.37
Grenell,	William		Ledyard		pg.57
Griner,		Julie		Ledyard		pg.53
Gum,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.52
Gun,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.43
Gunn,		John B.		Ledyard		pg.38
Guybard,	M.		Ledyard		pg.53

Hagar,		Lewis		Ledyard		pg.7
Hale,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.25
Haley,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.41
Hall,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.35
Halstead,	Ruber		Ledyard		pg.13	
Hanford,	Emiline		Ledyard		pg.30
Hanifan,	John		Ledyard		pg.42
Hanifan,	John		Ledyard		pg.45
Hannay,		Sam		Ledyard		pg.54
Hanson,		John		Ledyard		pg.49
Harden,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.38
Harmon,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.54
Harris,		William		Ledyard		pg.10
Hart,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.51
Hart,		Sarah J.	Ledyard		pg.56
Havens,		Nellie		Ledyard		pg.54
Haw,		Leusie		Ledyard		pg.53
Hawkins,	N.		Ledyard		pg.35
Hawkins,	Anna		Ledyard		pg.40
Hawlong,	George		Ledyard		pg.33
Haws,		Julie		Ledyard		pg.54
Hayes,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.2
Haynes,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.46
Hazen,		Eva		Ledyard		pg.54
Hazzard,	William R	Ledyard		pg.12
Hazzard,	Rowland		Ledyard		pg.12
Hellen,		John		Ledyard		pg.7
Hewitch,	Latt		Ledyard		pg.21
Hickey		Oliver		Ledyard		pg.1
Hickey,		James		Ledyard		pg.34
Hickey,		Catherine	Ledyard		pg.42
Hickey,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.42
Hickey,		Lawrance	Ledyard		pg.44
Hickey,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.44
Higher,		John		Ledyard		pg.35
Higley,		William		Ledyard		pg.54
Hiliker,	George H	Ledyard		pg.26
Hill,		William		Ledyard		pg.54
Hillman,	John		Ledyard		pg.28
Himrad,		L.		Ledyard		pg.40
Hinkle,		Augustus	Ledyard		pg.56
Hitchcock,	James		Ledyard		pg.33
Hoage,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.9
Hoage,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.9
Hoage,		Lidia C		Ledyard		pg.11
Hoaghan,	Stinson		Ledyard		pg.50
Hoaglan,	Spencer		Ledyard		pg.17
Holdridge,	John		Ledyard		pg.6
Hopper,		Alansa		Ledyard		pg.40
Horten,		George		Ledyard		pg.36
Hotchkus,	Fanney		Ledyard		pg.53
Howard,		William W.	Ledyard		pg.37
Howard,		Alonza		Ledyard		pg.41
Howe,		Otis		Ledyard		pg.56
Howland,	Perry		Ledyard		pg.5
Howland,	Augustus	Ledyard		pg.7
Hoxie,		Calvin		Ledyard		pg.12
Huchison,	Mathew		Ledyard		pg.17
Hunt,		William		Ledyard		pg.36
Hunt,		William		Ledyard		pg.58
Hurley,		Cornelius	Ledyard		pg.6
Hurley,		Julie		Ledyard		pg.54
Hussey,		Lemuel D.	Ledyard		pg.20
Hussey,		Edward		Ledyard		pg.20
Hussey,		John D.		Ledyard		pg.32
Hussey,		Erastus		Ledyard		pg.49

Iden,		Greenfield	Ledyard		pg.9

Jackson,	Andrew		Ledyard		pg.23
Jackson,	Hugh		Ledyard		pg.24
Jacobb,		William H	Ledyard		pg.11
Jansan,		Harry		Ledyard		pg.42
Jenner,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.2
Jenner,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.5
Jenner,		Julia		Ledyard		pg.29
Jennings,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.30
Jerney,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.47
Johnson,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.2
Johnson,	Harison		Ledyard		pg.3
Johnson,	David		Ledyard		pg.10
Johnson,	C. H.		Ledyard		pg.30
Johnson,	Jane E.		Ledyard		pg.53
Johnson,	Anna		Ledyard		pg.54
Jones,		George W.	Ledyard		pg.30
Judge,		William		Ledyard		pg.21

Kavanaugh,	William		Ledyard		pg.15
Kearney,	Magie		Ledyard		pg.54
Kelley,		Thrisn		Ledyard		pg.36
Kempston,	Susan		Ledyard		pg.8
Kenedy,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.54
Kenney,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.57
Kent,		Nellie		Ledyard		pg.53
Kenyon,		Sylvester	Ledyard		pg.23
Kerwin,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.26
Kibler,		jesse		Ledyard		pg.16
Kighwarder,	William		Ledyard		pg.26
King,		Alfred		Ledyard		pg.14
King,		Nelson		Ledyard		pg.36
Kline,		Bell		Ledyard		pg.50

Lack,		Abram W.	Ledyard		pg.10
Lacy,		Catherine	Ledyard		pg.57
Lagrand,	Alford		Ledyard		pg.39
Lamborn,	Thomas		Ledyard		pg.4
Lane		Abram		Ledyard		pg.1
Lane,		John		Ledyard		pg.6
Lang,		Pheba		Ledyard		pg.7
Larowe,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.27
Laurence,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.29
Lavin,		John		Ledyard		pg.41
Lea,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.37
Ledric,		Minnie		Ledyard		pg.53
Leffingwell,	Elisha 		Ledyard		pg.43
Lewis,		Hattie		Ledyard		pg.54
Lidingham,	Anna		Ledyard		pg.53
Light,		Frances		Ledyard		pg.14
Lilie,		Jenney		Ledyard		pg.54
Linch,		Margaret	Ledyard		pg.8
Linch,		James		Ledyard		pg.9
Little,		Michael		Ledyard		pg.28
Lock,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.57
Low,		H. A.		Ledyard		pg.31
Luther,		Georgia		Ledyard		pg.30
Lymburn,	Ella		Ledyard		pg.53
Lyon,		H.D.		Ledyard		pg.7
Lyon,		Mey		Ledyard		pg.55

Mabey,		Nelson		Ledyard		pg.49
Mack,		Adalade		Ledyard		pg.21
Magordie,	Ann		Ledyard		pg.40
Malady,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.18
Malery,		Harrison	Ledyard		pg.51
Maloly,		Anthony		Ledyard		pg.16
Maloney,	Martin		Ledyard		pg.48
Manchester,	Lidia		Ledyard		pg.3
Manchester,	Minie		Ledyard		pg.51
Mandell,	S. D.		Ledyard		pg.38
Marasen,	Joseph		Ledyard		pg.6
Marason,	Charles W.	Ledyard		pg.10
Marshall,	Arthur		Ledyard		pg.4
Marshall,	Moses		Ledyard		pg.22
Martin,		Lewis		Ledyard		pg.36
Martin,		Laurance	Ledyard		pg.38
Martin,		William		Ledyard		pg.39
Mason,		Albert		Ledyard		pg.19
Mason,		Jenney		Ledyard		pg.26
Mason,		Andrew J.	Ledyard		pg.31
Mathues,	Smith		Ledyard		pg.14
Mathues,	Peter		Ledyard		pg.51
Maurice,	James		Ledyard		pg.35
Maurice,	John		Ledyard		pg.35
McCaleb,	Catherine	Ledyard		pg.31
McCanegy,	Martha		Ledyard		pg.54
McDahwell,	Henry		Ledyard		pg.47
McDarrell,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.10
McDowel,	George A.	Ledyard		pg.45
McDowell,	Johnson		Ledyard		pg.37
McDurnot	Charles		Ledyard		pg.2
McGrath		Mary		Ledyard		pg.58
McKeel,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.16
McKeel,		Walter		Ledyard		pg.16
McKelly,	Thomas		Ledyard		pg.52
McManus,	Burnett		Ledyard		pg.12
Mead,		Cornelius	Ledyard		pg.12
Mead,		Laura		Ledyard		pg.17
Meking,		Hugh		Ledyard		pg.21
Meridiran,	Elizabeth T.	Ledyard		pg.50
Michell,	David		Ledyard		pg.24
Michell,	Joseph		Ledyard		pg.25
Middleton,	Andrew		Ledyard		pg.20
Midelta,	Andrew		Ledyard		pg.20
Milike,		Emily		Ledyard		pg.53
Miliman,	James		Ledyard		pg.29
Milk,		Sharlott	Ledyard		pg.8
Miller,		Frank		Ledyard		pg.54
Milliman,	John		Ledyard		pg.58
Mills,		Eva		Ledyard		pg.54
Mincken,	John		Ledyard		pg.13
Minier,		Nenus		Ledyard		pg.14
Minsey,		Henry R.	Ledyard		pg.40
Mitchell,	Sattie		Ledyard		pg.53
Mix,		Fanny		Ledyard		pg.55
Moon,		Silas		Ledyard		pg.54
Moore,		John		Ledyard		pg.2
Moore,		Ann		Ledyard		pg.54
Morell,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.42
Morgan,		William		Ledyard		pg.21
Morgan,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.40
Morgan,		Edwin		Ledyard		pg.42
Morgan,		Henry A.	Ledyard		pg.43
Morgan,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.58
Morris,		Francis		Ledyard		pg.37
Morse,		Daniel		Ledyard		pg.52
Morse,		Jenie		Ledyard		pg.53
Mosher		Edgar		Ledyard		pg.1
Mosher,		Charles W	Ledyard		pg.7
Mosher,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.16
Mosher,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.16
Mosher,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.17
Mosher,		Allen		Ledyard		pg.41
Muggleton,	William		Ledyard		pg.22
Munger,		James		Ledyard		pg.33
Mungerman,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.12
Murdock,	Clarrie		Ledyard		pg.2
Murdock,	Joseph		Ledyard		pg.22
Murdock,	Emilie		Ledyard		pg.48
Murdock,	Stephen		Ledyard		pg.49
Murphy,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.33
Murphy,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.34

Negus,		Phebe		Ledyard		pg.35
Nevill,		Margaret	Ledyard		pg.43
Newman,		Hannah		Ledyard		pg.24
Niblo,		James		Ledyard		pg.18
Nickus,		Roda		Ledyard		pg.46
Nolan,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.33
Nye,		Polly		Ledyard		pg.30
Nye,		George		Ledyard		pg.54

O'Brine		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.18
O'Connell,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.38
O'Conner,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.25
O'Connor,	Louisann	Ledyard		pg.10
O'day,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.2
Orton,		Jessie		Ledyard		pg.53
Ostrander,	Amos		Ledyard		pg.21
Ostrander,	Milan		Ledyard		pg.49
Overbaugh,	Margaret	Ledyard		pg.58
Owens,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.50

Pachin,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.36
Packin,		John		Ledyard		pg.22
Pailena,	Joseph		Ledyard		pg.14
Pane,		William		Ledyard		pg.30
Pardman,	Louie		Ledyard		pg.41
Parker,		William H	Ledyard		pg.13
Parker,		John		Ledyard		pg.51
Parks,		Kate		Ledyard		pg.40
Parmer,		Pheba		Ledyard		pg.4
Parmeter,	William		Ledyard		pg.20
Pattington,	George		Ledyard		pg.5
Payne,		Ella		Ledyard		pg.53
Peck,		G.		Ledyard		pg.54
Peckham,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.13
Peckham,	John C.		Ledyard		pg.13
Peckham,	Thomas		Ledyard		pg.14
Peckham,	John		Ledyard		pg.16
Peckham,	George		Ledyard		pg.20
Peckham,	William		Ledyard		pg.24
Pell,		Maeth		Ledyard		pg.56
Perkins,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.53
Phelps,		Francis		Ledyard		pg.2
Phillips,	Hannah		Ledyard		pg.11
Pine,		Jonathan	Ledyard		pg.47
Polhamus,	Maurice		Ledyard		pg.35
Porter,		James		Ledyard		pg.19
Prince,		Gertru		Ledyard		pg.53
Proud,		Jonathan	Ledyard		pg.16
Proud,		Jonathan	Ledyard		pg.17
Prue,		Nathan		Ledyard		pg.58
Putney,		Edward		Ledyard		pg.54

Quinn,		Katy		Ledyard		pg.2

Radcliff,	George		Ledyard		pg.20
Ramand,		Lafay(?)	Ledyard		pg.36
Ramond,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.15
Rapp,		Rebeca		Ledyard		pg.48
Rapp,		Lotti		Ledyard		pg.55
Rassh,		James		Ledyard		pg.44
Ray,		John		Ledyard		pg.51
Raynols,	Austin		Ledyard		pg.36
Raynols,	Henry		Ledyard		pg.37
Redman		Michael		Ledyard		pg.1
Reed,		George		Ledyard		pg.30
Rich,		Alford		Ledyard		pg.43
Richards,	James		Ledyard		pg.12
Richmond,	Rebecca		Ledyard		pg.43
Riddle,		Eva		Ledyard		pg.54
Rider,		George		Ledyard		pg.48
Ridley,		Martin		Ledyard		pg.5
Riley,		Barney		Ledyard		pg.19
Riley,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.37
Robinson,	Charles		Ledyard		pg.40
Rorapaugh,	John		Ledyard		pg.28
Rositer,	Theron		Ledyard		pg.57
Ross,		James		Ledyard		pg.31
Ross,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.54
Runyan,		Bidwell		Ledyard		pg.41
Ryan,		James		Ledyard		pg.24

Sadler,		William H.	Ledyard		pg.39
Sage,		Minnie		Ledyard		pg.54
Salsbury,	George		Ledyard		pg.40
Sands,		Alanson		Ledyard		pg.32
Saulsbury,	Francis		Ledyard		pg.41
Saxton,		Abram		Ledyard		pg.33
Schobey,	Enick		Ledyard		pg.29
SCHOLARS			Ledyard		pg.53
Scott,		John		Ledyard		pg.50
Scriber,	Sophia		Ledyard		pg.44
Searing,	John		Ledyard		pg.12
Selinky,	Patrick		Ledyard		pg.39
Sextan,		Magie		Ledyard		pg.54
Shaw,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.12
Shea,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.27
Sheapard,	Andrew		Ledyard		pg.29
Sheapard,	William		Ledyard		pg.35
Sheapard,	John		Ledyard		pg.56
Shergur,	Charles L.	Ledyard		pg.14
Sherman,	John W		Ledyard		pg.9
Sherman,	James		Ledyard		pg.11
Sherman,	Russell		Ledyard		pg.25
Sherman,	Thomas		Ledyard		pg.27
Sherman,	Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.34
Sherman,	Daniel F.	Ledyard		pg.38
Shimer,		J. W.		Ledyard		pg.36
Shrader,	George		Ledyard		pg.51
Simkin,		Edward		Ledyard		pg.14
Simkin,		Leonard		Ledyard		pg.16
Simson,		Harman		Ledyard		pg.50
Sisson,		N. P.		Ledyard		pg.31
Sisson,		Ella		Ledyard		pg.32
Sisson,		Ella		Ledyard		pg.55
Sloan,		Timothy		Ledyard		pg.9
Slone,		Jane		Ledyard		pg.50
Smaley,		John		Ledyard		pg.58
Smith,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.4
Smith,		Howard Jr	Ledyard		pg.9
Smith,		Edwin		Ledyard		pg.10
Smith,		George F	Ledyard		pg.14
Smith,		Isaac L.	Ledyard		pg.19
Smith,		Harison		Ledyard		pg.19
Smith,		Leonard		Ledyard		pg.19
Smith,		John F.		Ledyard		pg.19
Smith,		Allen		Ledyard		pg.19
Smith,		Caral W.	Ledyard		pg.20
Smith,		William C.	Ledyard		pg.22
Smith,		Cornelius	Ledyard		pg.22
Smith,		Eunis		Ledyard		pg.23
Smith,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.23
Smith,		Fredrick	Ledyard		pg.24
Smith,		David J.	Ledyard		pg.29
Smith,		John H.		Ledyard		pg.30
Smith,		James		Ledyard		pg.37
Smith,		Abram		Ledyard		pg.38
Smith,		Charlott	Ledyard		pg.40
Smith,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.45
Smith,		James		Ledyard		pg.45
Smith,		John H.		Ledyard		pg.46
Smith,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.47
Smith,		Ruth		Ledyard		pg.51
Smith,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.53
Smith,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.56
Smith,		Danny		Ledyard		pg.56
Snow,		Francis		Ledyard		pg.6
Snow,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.33
Sparks,		Fanny		Ledyard		pg.49
Speller,	Maryan		Ledyard		pg.15
Sperry		Phila		Ledyard		pg.1
Standard,	James		Ledyard		pg.24
Stanford,	Jane		Ledyard		pg.41
Stark,		T. C.		Ledyard		pg.37
Steele,		Levi		Ledyard		pg.21
Stephens	Mason		Ledyard		pg.1
Stephens,	Samuel		Ledyard		pg.3
Stephens,	M. H.		Ledyard		pg.24
Stephens,	Philip		Ledyard		pg.24
Stephens,	Fredrick	Ledyard		pg.54
Stevens,	Lillie		Ledyard		pg.18
Stewart,	James		Ledyard		pg.19
Stewart,	Robert		Ledyard		pg.23
Stone,		Albertine	Ledyard		pg.53
Strong,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.14
Sullivan,	Michael		Ledyard		pg.33

Taber,		Abraham		Ledyard		pg.34
Talifura,	Sarah		Ledyard		pg.37
Tallcot,	Phebe		Ledyard		pg.8
Taney,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.27
Tate,		Lewis		Ledyard		pg.28
Tate,		Alford		Ledyard		pg.34
Tate,		James		Ledyard		pg.34
Tayler,		Edward		Ledyard		pg.6
Tayler,		Sarah		Ledyard		pg.50
Taylor,		Hariet		Ledyard		pg.7
Taylor,		William		Ledyard		pg.14
Teller,		G. E.		Ledyard		pg.28
Terney,		Mary		Ledyard		pg.27
Terney,		James		Ledyard		pg.45
Thomas,		Alexander	Ledyard		pg.17
Thomas,		Benton		Ledyard		pg.20
Thomas,		James		Ledyard		pg.32
Thomas,		William		Ledyard		pg.49
Thompson,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.42
Tice,		Matthias	Ledyard		pg.40
Tice,		Margaret	Ledyard		pg.58
Tichener,	Sarah		Ledyard		pg.7
Tichner,	Emily		Ledyard		pg.19
Tise,		Maria		Ledyard		pg.36
Titus,		Anna		Ledyard		pg.10
Tolier,		Anna		Ledyard		pg.40
Tomkins,	Mary		Ledyard		pg.35
Trimain,	James		Ledyard		pg.15
Trimm,		Elizabeth	Ledyard		pg.12
Tripp,		Nicolas D.	Ledyard		pg.5
Tripp,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.37
Tripp,		Jefferson	Ledyard		pg.51
Tucker,		John G.		Ledyard		pg.37
Tuckerman,	Raben, Jr.	Ledyard		pg.6
Tupper,		Polly		Ledyard		pg.15
Tupper,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.21
Turney,		Thomas		Ledyard		pg.44
Turney,		Patrick		Ledyard		pg.44
Tytus,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.28

Unthunk,	Clara		Ledyard		pg.6
Updyke,		John		Ledyard		pg.35
Utts,		George		Ledyard		pg.52

Vanderiper,	Richard		Ledyard		pg.26
Vanmarter,	C. F.		Ledyard		pg.35
Vanmarter,	Alex		Ledyard		pg.38
Vanmarter,	Aron		Ledyard		pg.41
Veal,		Joseph		Ledyard		pg.45
Vely,		Jacob		Ledyard		pg.17
Voight,		Samuel		Ledyard		pg.29
Vredenburg,	E. D.		Ledyard		pg.38

Walker,		Philip M.	Ledyard		pg.27
Walker,		Francis		Ledyard		pg.27
Waller,		J.		Ledyard		pg.35
Wanser,		Ebeneser	Ledyard		pg.24
Ward,		William		Ledyard		pg.4
Ward,		Ann		Ledyard		pg.28
Wardwell,	Horrace		Ledyard		pg.56
Warwell,	Morgan		Ledyard		pg.2
Watkins,	A		Ledyard		pg.2
Weeks,		Eliza		Ledyard		pg.55
Welles,		James		Ledyard		pg.50
Welles,		Henry		Ledyard		pg.50
West,		James		Ledyard		pg.20
West,		Abram		Ledyard		pg.35
West,		Jacob		Ledyard		pg.52
West,		Eber		Ledyard		pg.57
Wheetley,	Sophie		Ledyard		pg.29
Whipple,	George R.	Ledyard		pg.57
Whitaker,	Matthew		Ledyard		pg.41
White,		Caral C.	Ledyard		pg.5
White,		George		Ledyard		pg.8
Wicks,		Silvester	Ledyard		pg.8
Wilber,		Joseph R	Ledyard		pg.18
Willets,	Amos		Ledyard		pg.20
William,	Rachel		Ledyard		pg.4
Williams,	Nathan		Ledyard		pg.25
Williams,	Horrace		Ledyard		pg.34
Williams,	Urier		Ledyard		pg.35
Williams,	John E.		Ledyard		pg.38
Willis,		Henryetta	Ledyard		pg.15
Wilson,		Isaac		Ledyard		pg.4
Winter,		George		Ledyard		pg.19
Winters,	Samuel		Ledyard		pg.8
Winters,	Elisha		Ledyard		pg.23
Winters,	Fredrick	Ledyard		pg.26
Winters,	Jefferson	Ledyard		pg.36
Winters,	Isaac		Ledyard		pg.41
Winters,	Anna		Ledyard		pg.43
Wolf,		David		Ledyard		pg.52
Wood,		Wyman		Ledyard		pg.28
Wood,		Tamer		Ledyard		pg.48
Wood,		Lauria		Ledyard		pg.53
Woodruff,	E. D.		Ledyard		pg.49
Worden,		Richard		Ledyard		pg.15
Wright,		Wilson		Ledyard		pg.52

Youngs		John		Ledyard		pg.1
Youngs,		Charles		Ledyard		pg.28
Youngs,		Lucresia	Ledyard		pg.34
Youngs,		James		Ledyard		pg.36
Youngs,		Luerelie	Ledyard		pg.54
Youngs,		Alaxard		Ledyard		pg.57

Zabriskie,	N. I.		Ledyard		pg.42

Note: This index provides only the name of the apparent Head of Household  and census page number within the Town section.  

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