This is a small plot in the middle of the field on the northwest corner of Beach and Mills Roads. It was such a tangle of bushes, and rocks from the field thrown in, we could find only two stones. -Copied Sept. 1963 by A. Moe & M. Crosby

Jones, Thomas d. Apr. 16, 1831 ae 58 yrs
McArthur, Sarah Jane w. of Joseph McArthur d. Apr. 5, 1834 ae 19y 1mo 21da

(Note: Miss Helen McAuthur lives on Clark St. Rd., town of Aurelius, and is a descendant).


Located on Mills Road near Fosterville Road

Cook, Marshal D. d. Sept 28, 1848 ae 20y 10mo
Cook, Sarah w. of " d. Jan 11, 1857 ae 27y 5mo 18da
Cook, John d. Oct 8, 1836 ae 22y
Cook, Sarahy d. Dec 26, 1839 ae 29y
Cook, Marshall E. d. Mar 4, 1875 ae 26y 11mo 22da
Fairchild, David d. Dec 26, 1867 ae 83y 2mo 3da
Fairchild, Rachel w. of " d. Sept 23, 1850 ae 72y 6mo 18da
Fairchild, David M. son of " d. Sept 20, 1837 ae 22y 28da
Fairchild, Lent (orig. says Kent)* son d. 1829 ae 19y
Fairchild, Mercy w. of Benjamin d. Oct 1, 1813 ae 90y 6mo
Fairchild, Martha d. Aug 3, 1841 ae 53yrs
Fairchild, Philamon R. d. Dec 29, 1864 ae 22y 11mo
Fairchild, Emeline - ?
Fairchild, Philemon R. 1817-1861
Fairchild, Cynthia 1819-1895
Fairchild, Charles d. Aug 7, 1872 ae 70y 1mo 2da
Fairchild, Hannah w. of " d. 1847

* Correction authorized by Jean Fairchild Gilmore


Located on corner of Mentz church Road & Rt. 31. It is high up on a hill, a wire fence around it, in the woods. There is another stone face down which we could not move.

McLoud, Lewis d. Oct 23, 1849 ae 78y 7mo 28da
McLoud, Hilda w of " d. Sept 2, 1849 ae 73y 5mo 19da

(This is Ruth Tanner's line)

BUCKINGHAM CEMETERY (Cemetery on Salt Road)

Located on Salt Road, off Highbridge Road, on left hand side going west, back in field; almost on line of Mentz & Montezuma.

Buckingham, Cyrus d. July 24, 1873 ae 65 yrs
                    Mary M. wife of Cyrus d. Sept 15, 1862 ae 51yr 6mo 24da
Buckingham, Wm. 1830-1916
                     Sarah wife of Wm. 1835-1875
Buckingham, Eustis A. son of John & Susan d. July 28, 1877 ae 10mo 15da
                    Earnest A. son of John & Susan d. Mar 9, 1876 ae 1yr (1966 copying found
                    d. Mar 30, 1876/75 ae 10y 11mo 10da)
                   Mary E. dau of John & Susan d. Mar 10, 1876/75 ae 10y 11mo 10da or 10mo 1da
                   Hattie dau of John & Susan d. Apr 12, 1876 ae 7yrs
Buckingham, Alfred d. Mar/Aug 25, 1818 ae 5mo
                    Edwin A. d. Sept 15, 1818 ae 2y 2mo 8da
                    Alfred & Edwin, sons of C. & M.M. Buckingham
Cook, Mabel wife of Wm. Cook d. Feb 22, 1852 ae 51y 2mo 16da
Coy, David K. son of L.K. & C d. Aug 25, 1851 ae 2y 2mo.
Coy, Ellen wife of Wm. B. Coy d. June 26, 1855 ae 34y 9mo 14da
Coye, Kellogg d. Jan 21, 1874 ae 71y 11mo 0da
                   Clarissa d. Feb 8/3, 1882 ae 76y 5mo 11da
Fairchild, Mary wife of Wm. Fairchild/dau of Daniel and Anna Mintline d.July 18, 1829 in 21st yr
Fiero, Anna wife of Amos (or Jacob) Fiero d. Dec 27, 1810 ae 61y 10mo 20da
Jetty, John 1840-1908
                   Mary 1841-1888
Mintline, Daniel d. Dec 3, 1839 ae 66 yrs
              Anna wife of " d. Nov 22, 1851 ae 72 yrs
Mintline, William R. d. Aug 21, 1847 in 24th yr.
Mintline, Mary d. July 18, 1829
              Peter d. Apr 13, 1841
Mintline, Augustus son of W. & P.S. Mintline d. July 29, 1848 ae 6weeks
Mintline, Sally wife of George Mintline d. May 8, 1851 ae 40y 11mo 8da
Nye, George W. d. Oct 6, 1869 ae 25y 2mo 9da
             Salina J. no dates given
Nye, Samuel d. Apr 9, 1876 b. Jan 28, 1802
            Mary wife of Samuel d. b. Sept 11, 1807
Rairden, Daniel d. June 6, 1840 ae 70y 1mo 14da
             Rosannah wife of Daniel d. Feb 21, 1848 ae 71y 11mo 16da
Rood, B. F. d. Apr 12, 1878 ae 69yrs
            Mary E. wife of B.F. Rood d. June 11, 1893 ae 80yrs

Copied 1963 by Vera Ward; additions found 1965 by Tanner, Moe & Crosby


Located on the east side of St. Route 90, one quarter mile south of Salt Block Road, the cemetery is in an overgrown thicket halfway up the side of a hill. All of the stones are fallen and some partially buried. In 1978, my husband, Jim and I lifted all of the visable stones, cleaned and rubbed them to get the inscriptions, then laid them back down where we found them. - Kathy Decker

Howell, Isaac d. Apr 28, 1823 aged 58 yrs 2mo 9da
             Rhoda wife of Isaac Howell d. March 27, 1838 aged 71y 3mo 11da
Howell, Silas d. April 20, 183__ aged 30 yrs.
Pease, Ezra d. March 31, 1869 age 66yrs.
Stokes, Infant son of H. and R.A. Stokes d. Feb 20, 1856 Lived 1yr 2mo 3da
Stokes, Infant son of H. R.A. Stokes d. Aug 11, 1874 Aged 7yrs

Other stones in vicinity but without names:

Infant daughter d. Feb 3, 1854 aged 4months
"Our little Fred We miss him Gone but not forgotton" no age or date given
Infant son d. Feb 20, 1856 aged 1yr


Situated about 3/4 mile outSide of Montezuma village, on the north side of McDonald Road.

Copied in 1966 by Annetta & Mable Crosby

ABRAMS ELIZABETH w of Isaac Abrams d, June 14, 1859 ae 59y 2mo 6da 
(This was on top of another, overturned monument, maybe Isaac.)
AMMON:see Do11ey
BERRY, BERNETIA. L. "Baby" d. 1917
BOSTEDER, JOSEPH d. Feb 2, 1844 in (105th?) yr of age
SALLY w of Joseph Bostedo d. Jan 26, 1842 ae 70yrs "Our Mother"
MARY E. his w 1840-1917
BUNDY, ROY 1879-1959
CHAPPELL, JUDE d. June 29, 1891 ae 61 yrs
SARA w of " d. May 6, 1885 ae 50 yrs
CHARLES R. d. Dec 20, 1886 ae 25 yrs

CLARK On the Clarke Lot was a huge monument. The top pyramid had fallen off, but the base must be at least 88(ft.) high and 4 1/2 or 5 ft wide. The many inscriptions were on this base. Then across the back of the Lot were stretched a line of separate old large headstones with names only raised in relief. These show the married names of the daughters. In this row were three or four old s1ate stones of which we could read two. A newer, also imposing monument consisting of a 4' granite bouldler, from which a cement cross had toppled, completed the array. On the monument:

CLARKE, Dr. PETER LYNSEN born at Milford,Conn. July 13,1773 d.May 31,1858

        MARIA his w b at Fishkill, N.Y. June 8,1779 d.Sept.26,1863 in NY.

FISHER, MRS. HANNAH mother of Maria Montezuma,NY, Mar.22,1829 ae 82yrs

CLARKE, CAROLINE MARIA N.Y. June 3,1798 Buffalo,NY, Nov.14, 1850

        ELIZA MATILDA Brooklyn,NY, Aug.16,1799 NY, Dec.8, 1811

        HANNAH MARIA b in NY, Apr. 18, 1801 NY, Sept.11,1884

        JOHN EARL FISHER NY, Nov. 7,1802 NY, Sept. 11,1884

        JAMES ANTHONY Brooklyn, July 23, 1804 NY, Jan.29, 1872

CLARKE, CHARLOTTE LOUISA NY, Apr.15, l806 d. Montezuma,NY June,26,1831

        ELEANOR SOFIA Brooklyn, NY Dec. 7,1808 Buffalo,NY. 

               Aprl 12, 1851

        CATHARINE REBECCA born Montezuma,NYOct28,1811 d.Aug.18,1861 in NY.

        GEORGE EDWARD Montezuma,NY. Nov 21,1812 d.______

        FISHIER MORRIS " " Sept.18, 1814 d______

        JULIA N. CORNELIA b " " Oct. 19, 1816 d.May 21,1852 in Mont

        HELEN CECELIA b. in " " Oct. 19, 1816 d._____

SEYMOUR, LOUISA Montezuma Aug. 2,1819 Buffalo June 26,1851

   These are the matching headstones - 2 or 3 were upside down, too 

   heavy to move:

LEWIS, HELEN C. "A twin."









These were the old, mostly slate hsss

"Our Father" "Our Mother" ( down)

FISHER, Mrs. HANNAH widow of George Fisher, of New York. d. Mar. 21@ 1829

        ae 82 yrs

"In testimony of a daughter's love. This marble is erected to the memory

of (the above)."

SEYMOUR, ORSINA dau of Orson S. Seymour and Caroline M. who d. June 29, 

        1825 ae 1 year

SEYMOUR, in memory of JOHN EARLE FISHER, son of Orson Seymour,Esq.,

      deceased, & Caroline Maria Seymour, who died Apr. 16, 1826 ae 3 years

These were on the large granite boulder:

CLARKE, JAMES A.. d. Jan. 29, 1872 b. July 23, 1804

      "Erected by his dau. Flora."

    CAROLINE M. WHEATON w of James D. d.Jan. 5,1884 b. July 6, 1816

    FLORA C. d. May 2, 1880 b. Aug. 16, 1847

DeMONT, H. MARIA 		1816- 1897

   CHAROTTE 			1818 - (near Gilmore stones)

DERBY, CHARLES T . 		1877- 1917

DOLLEY, HIRAM P. 		1829- 1890

ELIZABETH AMMON his w 		1828- 1901

FRANK W. 			1864- 1910

FLORENCE HAMBLIN his w 		1880 -

FENLON, WALTER W. 		May, 1798 - May, 1834

    EUNIICE BOSTEDER his w Nov. 1796- Aug. 1845

    THOMAS 			d. Aug. 6, 1814 in 46th yr of his age

    JOHN R. 			d. June 27, 1876 ae 58y 11 mo.

    SARAH w of J. R 		d. Aug. 31, 1846 ae 26y 9mo 4da

FENLON, ELLA w of Dewitt C. 	d Oct. 14, 1880 ae 38 yrs

    MAY dau of D.C. & E.Fenlon 	d. June 30, 1872 ae 9 yr "May"

FILKIN, JACOB 			d. Sept.10, 1882 ae 76 yrs

    ELIZA V. w of Jacob 	d. Sept.13, 1869 ae 56 yrs

    J. T.ALMAN son of Eliza V.Filkin d. Feb. 5, 1855

    MARION H. dau of Jacob & Eliza V. Filkin d.Jan.6,1854 ae 2y 13da

FILKIN, LEONARD R. 		d. Dec. 9, 1865 ae 68 yrs

    SABRA his w 		d. June 1, 1863 ae 66 yrs

FILKINS, MARY H.   Children 	d Mar 10, 1898 ae 63 yrs

    LEONARD R. J.     of 	d. July 29, 1876 ae 49 yrs

    NORMAN         L.R. & S. 	d. Feb 22, 1860 ae 18 yrs

    JAMES C.        Filkins 	d. June 19, 1860 ae 28 yrs

FILKINS, SIMEON B. d.Mar. 15, 1917 ae 78 yrs


FITCH C. M. d. Aug. 23, 1829 ae 50y lmo


  GEORGE 			d. Mar. 11, 1823 ae 21y 4mo 21da


FITCH, WILLIAM 			d. Mar. 28, 1895 b. Mar. 31, 1818

   LOUISA D. 			d Dec. 31, 1903 b. Mar. 22, 1828

   WASHINGTON B. son of Wm. & L.d. Dec, 29, 1865 ae 9y 10mo 11da

FORSHEE, WM. "Father" 		1794- 1864



GEROU, CHARLES 			d. Oct. 20, 1904 ae 72 yrs

GILES, Rev. HENRY T. 		d. Oct. 4, 1894 b. JuNe 22, 1821

   HENRIETTA GILMORE his w 	d. Sept.25, 1899 b. May 3, 1826

   Their twin Babies 			- July 4, 1867

GILMORE, JOHN 			1836- 1919

   FLORA B. PALMER his w 	1874-1908

GILMORE, WILLIAM 		d. Dec. 23, 1892 b .Sept.20, 1796

   ANN SACKET his w 		d. Nov. 9, 1881 b. Aug. 29, 1797


   WILLIAM, JR. 		d. Oct 19, 1840 b. Feb 27, 1836

GILMORE, WILLIAM 		1868-1941

   MARY A. 			1861-1945


GILMORE, MARY dau of R. & E. Gilmore d. Dec 5, 1865 ae 1y 5mo 12da

GILMORE, JOHN S. infant son of Wm. & Mary A. Gilmore 1899-1900

GILMORE, ROBERT 		1829-1903

   ELIZABETH MCLAUGHLIN w of Robert 1836-1890


GRAHAM, JAMES Co. E. 3rd N.Y. Lt. Art. d. Aug 22, 1873 ae 45 yrs



   LAURA E. dau of Jonas & Emily 	d. Dec 3, 1888 ae 2y 8mo

HELMER, ORSON 1858-1936

   JESSIE w of " 			1864-1949

HERRICK, ASA W. d. June 16, 1866 ae 53y 10mo 6da

   ELIZA w of A. W. Herrick 		d. Aug 26, 1857 ae 42y 10mo 24da

   ANNE dau of Eliza Herrick 		d. Oct 27, 1862 ae 21y 11mo 15da


HICKS, ALANSON the rest of this stone was broken off. Also with this were

three other marble slabs, alike, upside down and broken: all obviously 

belong together.

HICKS, LOIS (handwritten entry) 	d. Dec 17, 1846 ae 63y 3mo 15da

HICKS, AZARIAH (handwritten entry) 	d. Feb 20, 1850 ae 25y 5mo 29da

HIGGINS, CHARLES 			1849-1924 "Father"

   GRACE B. 				1878-1917 "Mother"

   GLENN 				1907-1907 "Son"

HOLDRIDGE, GEORGE B. 			1860-1939

   SUSAN F. his w 			1852-1915

JANES, B. F. 				d. Jan 31, 1870 ae 68y 9mo 25da

JANES, LEWIS S. 			1882-1955

Also a broken, undecipherable stone here.

JAYCOX, JOHN 				d. Oct 30, 1897 ae 74 yrs.

PARKER, WILLIAM 			1852-1922

   LOTTIE his w 			1853-

(this was a Jaycox-Parker monument. On the Jaycox side was also a hs.: 


JONES, BETSEY M. w. of Jonathan P. 	d. Sept 16, 1880 ae 70 yrs."B.M.J."

JONES, CHARLES H. 			1833-1899

   SARAH FOWLER his w 			1838-1907

   MARY 				1863-1865

   JENNY 				1875-1876

JONES, EDGAR 				1858-1906 "Edgar"   

   JOHN M				d. Oct 25, 1881 ae 51 yrs "Father"

   URSULA E. his w 			1838-1929 "Mother"

JONES, C. CLIFFORD 			1859-1906

   MARY C. STOKES his w 		1849-____

JONES, WASHINGTON 			1857-1936

   SARAH E w of Washington Jones 	d. Mar 24, 1882 ae 28yrs

KELLAS, ALEXANDER Co B., 1st Regt. Mich. Eng. Vol. d. Apr 27, 1907 ae 78yrs

KELLY, HARRIET E. w of Wm. Kelly 	d. Feb 4, 1885 ae 50yrs

KELLY, SARAH E. w of George A. Payne 	d. Oct 31, 1882 ae 28yrs

KERN, HENRY 				d. Dec 16, 1866 ae 47yrs

   CHRISTINA his w 			d. Feb 20, 1908 ae 82yrs

   JACOB 				d. June 1, 1898 ae 44yrs

   HENRY 				d. July 29, 1861 ae 8yrs

   JOHN 				d. Aug 13, 1856 ae 5mo

KERN, FRANK 				d. Oct 23, 1897 ae 27yrs

   FRANK 				d. Mar 31, 1894 ae 3yrs

Also monument on this Kern Lot: "Mother"

Also hs.: "LEWIS"

KIPP, HENRY V. 				d. May 4, 1904 ae 75yrs

LEIGH, JESSE S. 			d. Apr 14, 1874 ae 68yrs

   MARY R. w. of J. S. Leigh 		d. Nov 17, 1877 ae 70yrs

LEIGH, ROYAL T. son of Wm. & E. Leigh 	d. Aug 7, 1876 ae 1yr "Our darling


LEO, SABRINA w of Daniel Leo 		d. Jun 17, 1854



MCLOUD, JAMES 				1798-1863

JAMES J. 				1842-1908


MILLER, ADALINE F. w of J. D. Miller 	d. Mar 3, 1871 ae 37yrs "A.F.M."

MORGAN, WILLIAM K. son of H.A. & V.S. 	d. Dec 22, 1855 Infant monument

   JUSTUS E. son of H.A. & V.S. 	d. July 28, 1857 b. June 5, 1857


PARKER, JOHN 				d. Apr 11, 1892 ae 67yrs

  Also with this mon. hss.: "Father", "Mother"; and "FOSTER - 1858-1941"

PARKER, JOHN V. 			1856-1944 "John"

   ATLEY his w 				1862-1888 "Atley"

   IDA his w 				1865-1924 "Ida"

   Also hs.: "Baby"



PRESTON, BURT 				1870-1953

"W.M.P" (Broken stone, name gone, but hs. had initials) d. July 18, 1861

					in his 21st yr.

RADFORD, BENNETT 			1804-1899

   SARAH A. 				1809-1894


   HELEN M. GILMORE his w 		1834-1921

RANSOM, ROBERT b. in Ellisburgh, NY July 3, 1821 died June 12, 1890

   DOROTHY M. w of Robert Ransom b. in Addison, VT. Aug. 16, 1829 died in

     Montezuma NY Sept. 29, 1874.

RAWSON, WILLIAM Y. 			dates gone

REMER, ABRAHAM L. 			1828-1886

MARY A. his w 				1830-1880

RIPLEY, GEO. N. 			d. May 10, 1903 b. Oct 31, 1832

   HATTIE E.           On 		d. Mar 12, 1919 b. Oct 16, 1839

   EMMA E.           Ripley 		d. Feb 20, 1881 b. Apr 24, 1867

   GEO. N., JR.      Monument 		d. Mar 11, 1881 b. June 25, 1872

   WM. G. 				d. Feb 6, 1932 b. June 17, 1864

ROSS, BERTRAND 				d. Dec 12, 1881 ae 67y 11mo 17da

   JANET F. his w 			d. July 16, 1897 b. Nov 17, 1816

   JOSEPHINE dau of Jane Frazee and w of Bertrand Ross and mother of 

       Paul Ross Donald McLoud born Jan 1, 1846 d. Dec. 9, 1916 "Josephine"


SANDERS, ROMAN 				1844-1913

   HATTIE his w 			1851-1909



SHERMAN, ELI 				d. Jan 4, 1891 ae 74yrs

   ABIGAIL w of Eli 			d. Jan 5, 1882 ae 68yrs

Stone down next to these, looked like a child's.

STOKES, HENRY 				1826-1899

   RHODA A. PEASE his w 		1829-1885


TALLMAN, AARON 				d. June 1865



THORN, WILLIAM 				1813-1905

   JESSENA A. his w 			1824-1903

TORREY, JESSE 				d. Sept 20, 1846 b. Feb 1787

TORREY, ROYAL 				d. Mar 23, 1867 b. aug 13, 1788

   ELMATILDEN son of Royal & Anney Torrey d. Sept 25, 1825 ae 1yr

   JULIA LUCENA dau of Royal & Anney Torrey d. Jan 17, 1837 ae 21yrs

WOOD, JULIA LUCENA dau of Henry w. & Harriet A. Wood d. Dec 24, 1843

					ae 5y 11mo 2d


TORREY, ROYAL V. 			d. Dec 21, 1870 ae 35yrs

TORREY, in mem. of FRANCES M. 		d. Apr 8, 1862 ae 27yrs

TORREY, MARIAN F. 			d. Sept 7, 1863 ae 2yrs

   "Our little GIRTY" 			d. May 17, 1860

TORREY, ROYAL J. son of Frank & Fanny A. Torrey 1869-1871

TOWNER, SAMUEL L. 			d. Dec 23, 1867 ae 36yrs 25da

TRUFANT, CORDELIA w of Curtris S. Trufant d. Aug 26, 1902 ae 76yrs

   CURTIS S. 				d. Sept 23, 1873 ae 59yrs

VREELAND, PETER 			d. Apr 24, 1859 ae 61yrs

   ANN w of Peter 			d. May 18, 1874 ae 73yrs

Also on Vreeland lot:

SHAW, LOUISA dau of J.H. & L.Shaw 	d. Dec 2, 1863 ae 6y 4mo

   SEWARD S. son of J.H. & L.Shaw 	d. Dec 20, 1863 ae 1y 28da

   FRANCES dau of J.H. & L.Shaw 	d. Feb 19, 1861 ae ?

WALLING, ALBERT 			d. Mar 7, 1899 b. Nov 21, 1849


   DORCAS his w 			1852-1932 "Dorcas"

WARNER, MRS. LUCENA relict of the late Judge J. Warner, of Columbia Co.,

d. Sept 17, 1834 ae 71 yrs. (this stone with Torreys)


WHITCOMB, DEWITT C. 			1854-1941

   MARY E. 				1862-1933

WILLIAMS, ROBERT 			1859-1909

   PRISCILLA his w		  	1860-1915


Located on Rt. 90, right in the village

Copied April, 1963 by Mable Crosby.  

Transcribed for Genweb project March 1997 by Kathy Decker

Benedict, Charlotte			d. July 24, 1855 ae 61 yrs

Benedict, _______ (broken stone)	d.              1832

Bidwell, Eugene son of Wm. Clarissa Bidwell hs.:"E.B." d. Jan 5, 1842 

					ae 3y 2mo 15da

Bidwell, Halsey				d. July 12, 1847  in his 62nd yr

Bidwell, Betsey E.  w of Halsey B.	d. Mar 20, 1879 ae 84y 6 mo (stone


Bidwell, Polly Ann w of Joh Bidwell	d. Aug 26,1851 ae 30y 13da "P.A.B."

Bidwell, Ephriam M. son of John & Polly A. d. Aug 7, 1847 ae 4y 10mo 23da


Bidwell, Sary Ann  dau of John & Polly A. d. July 3, 1840 ae 1y 5mo 22da


   					Also near here hs.:"C.I.B."

See Martin, since Martin & Bidwell stones were alsogether & alike

Bishop, Levi				d. Apr 20, 1847 in his 17th yr

Bishop, Abram H.			d. Apr 11, 1849 ae 33y 1mo 26da

Bradley, Hannah P.  w of Samuel Bradley	d. Mar 12, 1849 ae 49 9mo 2da


Brett, James				d. Aug 27, 1850 ae 64y  14da

Brett, Silas N.				d. Oct 20, 1852 ae 41y 1mo 8da

Brett, Thankful A.  w of S.N. Brett	d. Sept 11, 1834 ae 20y 4mo 13da


Brett, Augusta  dau of S.N. & Thankful	d. Sept 10, 1834 ae   11days "AB"

   (Thankful and Augusta on same stone)

Britt, Wm. (This stone with other Bretts)	d. Jan 3, 1840 ae 27yrs.

					Hs: "C.I.B.";"G.M.B."

Carl, William H.			1824-1875

Carl, Hannah  his w			1827-1911

Carl, William A.  son of W.H. & H.E. Carl    d. Sept 28, 1849 

						ae 2y 3mo 17da

Carl, Hannah F.  dau of W.H. & H.E. Carl     d. Dec 22, 1851

Carl, Samuel son of Azel B. & Margaret Carl  d. Sept 11, 1842 

						ae 14y11mo 24da

Carl, Wm. Azel  son of L.R. & Sarah Carl     d. Nov 14, 1878 ae 6mo 23da

See Steaton - Pain (Carls, Pains & Steaton all in one lot.)

Clark, Levi				d. Feb 19, 1886 ae 67yrs

Clark, Alida w of Levi H. Clark		d. Oct 19, 1893 ae 62yrs

Convers, Elias				d. Feb 18, 1810 ae 75yrs

Convers, Sally  w of Elias Convers	d. Mar 7, 1843 ae 80yrs 4mo	

Cook, Barney				d. Oct. 5, 1841 in the 29th yr

Cook, John M. "J.M.C."			d. Jan 31, 1810 in 13 or 73 yr 

					of his age

Cook, Hopey "Our Mother" w of John J. Cook   d. Mar 5, 1889 ae 84y 9mo

Cook, John J.				d. Mar 29, 1836 ae 36y 7mo 11da


Cook, Lovina  w of James M. Cook	d. Aug 7, 1856 ae 31 or 51 yrs

See Monroe - Sanders, on same lot with Cooks.

Cooley, Johnathan			d. July 17, 1839 ae 60 yrs  "J.C."

Cowles, Charles A.  son of A.T. & M.E.	d. Sept 5, 1850 ae 5y 6mo 4da

Croff, Wm. C.  Co. L, 16 N.Y. H.A.	no dates

  (this could be Groff)

Culver, Infant son of Anna & John Culver  d. Mar 12, 1862   ae 16da

Culver, Anna w of John			  d. Mar 29, 1862  ae 34 yrs

Daimwood, Cap't Richard (Rev. marker  d. Aug 13, 1850 b. Aug 18, 1759 "RD"

Daimwood, Mrs. Rebecca wife of the later Rich'd B. Daimwood 

					d. Mar 7, 1852 b. Sept 8, 1772

Damewood, George I. son of _____	d. Sept 7, 1858 ae 8y 2mo 21da

Davenport, Horace  "Father"		d. Apr 2, 1901 b. Sept 7, 1823

Davenport, Emeline  his w  "Mother"	d. Nov 29, 1891 b. Oct 28, 1828

Devoe, David  "D.D."			d. Oct 5, 1853 in 75th yr of his age

   (Stone neaby broken and ocvered over.)

Dodge, David				d. Nov 3, 1849 ae 82y and 12da

Dodge, Cybele w of David Dodge		d. Sept 30, 1854 ae 67y 5mo 11da

Downer, Lewis S.  son of Oliver and Eliza Downer   d. May 19, 1856 ae 

							17y 2mo 28da

							hs: "A.B.E.:

Farrand, in memory of Hetty, wife of John Farrand  d. Jan 1st 1822 in the 

						      35th yr of her age

Farrand, in mem of Charles Henry, son of John & Hetty Farrand d.June 7, 

						1821 in 6th yr of age

Fenlon, Charles F. M. son of Lewis & Eliza Fenlon d. Apr 26, 1844 ae 1y 2mo

Finch, Ebenezer					d. May 19, 1848 ae 60y 10mo 14da

Forshee, Susan  w os William Forshee		d. Apr 16, 1890 ae 76 yrs

    Stone down beside it, illegible.  Also hss: "Mother"; "P.M."' "G.M.B."

    In another section of cemetery, on the ground and stone half gone:

Forshee, Sophia  w of William Forshee		______

   (Also small stone near this, down & broken up)

Gaston, William					d. June 6, 1904 ae 74 yrs

Gaston, Ira				d. Dec 13, 1855 ae 59y 2mo 5da

Gaston, Lyma  w of Ira Gaston		d. Sept 21, 1875 ae 82y 1mo 4da

Gaston, Alfred H. son of Ira & __ Gaston  d. Mar 28, 1859 ae  (?)4 months

Gaston, Charles  son of David & e. Gaston	d. Apr 9, 1855 ae 1y 2da

Gowers, Charles J.  son of Wm. H. & Elizabeth Gowers   d. July 2, 1855 

							ae 7y 3mo 26da

Griggs, Wm.				d. Oct 9, 1851 ae 72y  3da

Griggs, Lydia				d. Dec 15, 1862 ae 74y 5mo 22da

Griggs, Mary Jane  dau of Wm. & Lydia	d. Jan 9, 1841 ae 17y 5mo 22da

Griggs, Alonson H.			d. Jan 9, 1845 ae 36y 6mo 7da

Griggs, Caroline L.  dau of A.H. & Nancy Griggs	d. Mar 20, 1844  

						ae 7y 1mo 10da

Groff see Croff

Harington, Harriet  dau of Franklin & Minerva Harington  d. Aug 23, 1868 

						ae 1y 11mo 17da

see Overander

Haynes, George Edward son of George & Eunice Haynes  (dates gone)

Heller, Godfrey D.			d. Oct 12, 1820 ae 65y 7mo

Heller, Catharine M.  w of G. D. Heller	d. Mar 6, 1852 ae 85yrs

    (also small hs. here, unmarked)

Henion, Ellen w of Henry (J.)		d. May 20, 1867 ae 79y 6mo 21da

Henion Henry I.				d. Sept 16, 1854 ae 69 2mo 29da

Henion, Mary Ann dau of Henry I. & Eleanor Henion d. Mar 22, 1828 ae 20y 1mo 29da

Henion, Sarah  dau of Henry I. & Ellen		d.(b.?) Jan 22, 1810  

						d. Dec. 5, 1863

Henry, in memory of Oril w of Alfred Henry   	d. Feb 16, 1813 in 

						79th yr of her age

Hooper, Jeremiah			d. Sept 11, 1845 b. Nov. 17, 1773

Hooper, Catharine  w of Jeremiah	d. rest of stone underground

Hooper, Ransom				d. Feb 21, 1900 b. June 5, 1809

Hooper, Robert C.  son of Ransom & Mary A. Hooper d. Jan 18, 1844 

							ae 14y  12da

Hooper, William C.  Sons of R. & M.A. Hooper	d. Sept 23, 1843 ae 4yrs

Hooper, Wm. H.   Sons of R. & M.A. Hooper	d. Apr 26, 1849 ae 13 mo

Hovey, Alfred son of James E.& Louisa (?) Hovey d. Feb 26, 1855 ae 1y 10mo 2da 

Humphrey, George I.			1855-1903

Humphrey, Emeline  his w		1858-____

Hurlbut, Emmagene  dau of Charles & Alice (?) Hurlbut  d. Feb 3, 1857 

					ae 3mo 18da

Ja__, H___  broken stone	

Jacobs, Co. S. P.			d. Sept 30, 1853 ae 55y 7mo 13da

Jacobs, Hannah  w of S. P.		d. July 14, 1848 ae 44 yrs

Jacobs, Rev. Roswell R. 		d. Sept 19, 1895 ae 88 yrs

   (matching stone face down beside it)

Kern, Henry				d. Dec 16, 1866 ae 47y 5mo

  Under the above inscription is:

       Henry	children of H. &	d. July 10, 1861 ae 8y 1mo

       John	  C or G. Kern		d. Aug 13, 1860 ae 5mo

Laraway, Wm. W.				d. Dec 3, 1857 

					   ae 18 or 48 y 7mo 11da

Laraway, John B.			d. Dec 13, 1857 ae 81y 1mo 15da

Lawton, Mary S.				d. Sept 15, 1852 ae 93y 6mo

Lee, John  Lathegloyhin Co. Cavan Ireland (Spelling?)  d. July 26, 1852 

					ae 27 yrs

"This monument was erected by D. Rehill (?) as a testimony of respect 

to his deceased friend."

Lee, Catharine J.dau of John & Anna Lee	d. Mar 22, 1851

Leigh, John R. son of J.S. & H. Leigh	d. July 18, 1851 ae 13 mo 14da

Leonard, Ivy Elinr (?)			d. Oct 14, 1826 ae 16y 1mo 14da

L(im?)well, Lovina w of C. W. L(im)well	d. Aug 30, 1812 ae 21 yrs

  "And 2 infant children" (on same stone)

Mack, Mary w of L or Z Mack		d. Sept 4, 1841 ae 51y 9mo

Male, Harriet E.  dau of Jesse (?) & Sarah Male	d. Oct 3, 1862 

						ae 1y 5mo 5da

Martin, Naomy  w of of E. Martin	d. Aug 27, 1857 ae 42y 6mo 27da

Martin, Salora S.  twin dau of E. & Naomi Martin d. Aug 11, 1848 ae 6mo 27da

Martin, Infant son of E. & N. Martin	d. Nov 6, 1857 ae 3mo 14da

Martin, Charles P.  son of E. & Naomi Martin, Jr. d. June 1, 1841 

					ae 2y 6mo 27da

See Bidwell (Bidwell & Martin stones all together, stones alike.)

Marvin, Julia A.  dau of David B. & Susan Marvin  d. Feb 8, 1842 

						     ae 16y 5mo 23da

May, Theodore E.			d. Feb 21, 1849 ae 23y 8mo

McKee,Josiah				d. Sept 22, 1832 ae 71 yrs

McKinney, John Nelson			d. Oct 18, 1851 ae 32y 2mo

Miller, Myron  Batt. C.. 3rd NY L art.	d. Apr 10, 1902 ae 66 yrs

Miller see Morgan

Mitchell, Daniel			d. Jan 21, 1846 ae 38y 3mo 12da

Monroe, in memory of Elanor, wife of Richard A. Monroe  d. Sept 25, 1827 

						ae 33y 7mo 6da

  (on same Lot as Cook)

Morgan, Hannah  w of Nicholas Morgan	d. Feb 23, 1851 in 65 yr of her age

Morgan, Elijah				d. Feb 15, 1855 ae 66 yrs

Morgan, Maria w of Elijah		d. Apr 27, 1850 ae 52 yrs

Miller, Maria C.  dau of H. J. & A.Miller   d. Sept 12, 1855 ae 11y 7mo

  (On lot with Morgans' also hs: "P.M.", "H. McM."

Nash, M. Olive w of Rep. (?) Daniel Nash   d. May 14, 1816 ae 35y 11mo

       Jane _?_  dau of Re(p) Daniel & Olive Nash  d. May 10, 1816 ae 15days

O'Brien, Mary  w of P. O'Brien		d. May 25, 1884 ae 62y 3mo 21da

Overander, Bertrand O.  son of P. & E.	d. Sept 14, 1853 ae 3months

(Seemed to be near a large marble monument, down on its face; also an 

unreadable headstone; also a baby stone containing  __an__.  All near stone 

for Harriet Harington.)

Pain, Margaret	    These graves on     d. Mar 26, 1855 ae 59y 2mo 20da

Pain, J. A.	    Lot with CARLs	d. Feb 10, 1863 ae 44y 1mo

Post, Charles  son of Nathan & Eliza L	d. Feb 21, 1855 ae 3y 8mo 21da

Post, Garret				d. Oct 2, 1854 ae buried

Post, Sally w of Garret Post		d. Dec 21, 1815 ae 16y 3mo

Presfox (Spelling?), Clarence son of Abram & F. B. Presfox? d. Sept 30, 

					1858 ae 3mo 29da

Prosser, Ida A.  w of W. G. Prosser	1853-1933

Prosser, Werter G.			1852-1919

Prosser, Orson  son of W.G. & I.A. Prosser	1894-1902

Ramsom, in mem. of Eliza P. dau of Robert & Elizabeth Ramsom d. Feb 8, 1842 

					in 26th yr of age (looked like 

					Ramsom rather than Ransom)

Ransom, Joseph				d. May 3, 1851 ae 15y 8mo

    "Sons of N.G. & G.G. Ransom".  This was on a fallen monument, prob. 

    more inscriptions on bottomside.

Ransom, Jerusha  w of E(B?) Ransom	d. Sept 4, 183_ ae 77 yrs

  This was on another fallen amonument, matching one above.  Prob. 

  husband's inscription on reverse side

Rhodes, Rebecca  w of Nathan		d. Jan 25 ___ in 78 yr of her age

Sanders, in memory of Michael Sanders	d. Feb 6, 1832 ae 28y 7mo

Sanders, Morgan L.  son of Garret & Julia A. Sanders  d. Dec 2, 1836 

							ae 5 months

Sanders,Ellen A.  dau of Garret & Julia A.	d. Apr 26, 1840 ae 2 yrs

Sanders, Elisha T.  son of Garret & Julia A.	d. Jan 29, 185(3)7  ae buried

   Sanders on Lot with Cook.

Seaman, Caleb			d. July 10, 1836 in 70th yr of his age

Searles, Clvin C. son of Ja's & Martha G	d. May 19, 1845 

						   ae 3y 11mo 19da

Smith, R. Stoyell  son of Allen L. & Narcissa Smith  d. Nov 29, 1846 

							ae 3 yrs

Smith, I. R.			d. Mar 4, 1863 age buried underground

Smith, Phebe			d. Oct 6, 1817 ae 41y 7mo 19da

Smith, Charles H.  son of Chaney & Harriet d. July 28, 1847 ae 3y 9mo 18da

Springsted, Catharine w of David	d. Apr 6, 1854 ae 68y 2mo 18da

Stanley, (Sher.O.?) son of Jeremiah & Lydia Stanley	d. Sept 11, 1820

							 ae 2mo 21da

"L. O." hs. and stone ________? next to above

Stanley, Sarah M.					no dates

        (Above stone on ground next to Elizabeth Stones)

Steaton, Abigail dau of Daniel & Mary	d. Sept 13, 1810 ae 1y 8mo 10da

   (on lot with Pain & Carl)

Stewart, Leonard  gov't marker - Co. O(or G or C), NY Cav. 

				d. May 22, 188_ (handwritten entry)

Stiles, Jabez A.			d. Oct 11, 1877 ae 76 yrs

Stiles, John				d. Mar 21, 1862 ae 90 yrs

Stiles, Eleanor  w of John Stiles	d. Jan 28, 1818 ae 23y 1mo 19da

Stiles, Moses W.			d. Sept 26, 1835 ae 22y 6mo 3da

Stiles, Edward (or Richard) T.		d. Mar 16, 1833 ae 26y 4mo 24da

Stokes, Augustus			d. Nov 30, 1847 ae 55 yrs

Stokes, Catherine his w			d. Aug 31, 1868 79yrs

Stones, Elizabeth O. w of Chauncey Stones  d. Mar 18, 1851 ae 25y 11mo 15da

see Stanley

Sullivan, John J.  Co C, 111 Reg't N.Y.Vol.	1814-1903   gov't stone

Sullivan, John J.				d. Jan 5, 1889 ae 40y

Swailey, ___ broken hs., name gone		d. ____1815 ae 16yrs

   "Also infant children of I. & L. Swailey" on bottom of above stone.

    Also hs: "L._."

Tefft, Nancy  w of Thomas Tefft		d. Feb 3d, 1834 in her 67th yr

  "the mother of ST. JAB, & Nathan T. Tefft"	

Tibbles, Solomon			d. Feb 22, 1842 ae 69 yrs

_____, _____ bottom of another stone with:	  ae 69yrs 10mo 17da

   (epitaph on this stone, "Afflictions sore, long time she bore, etc." 

     so prob. wife of Solomon Tibbles

Topping, Daniel				d.     1847 rest buried

Torry, Nancy J. dau of G.F. & B. Torry	d. June 11, 1819 ae 1y 11mo	

Torry, Julia  dau of G.F. & B. Torry	d. Feb 24, 1832 ae 10y 6mo

Traver, Charles Co. C. 111 NY Inf.	d. Aug 31, 1876 ae 34 yrs 

Traver, Jacob I		     d. Oct 25, 1856 in 86 yr  hs: ae 86y 1mo 5da

Traver, Effa His w			d. Mar 27, 1881 ae 78 yrs

Traver, Albertene			d. Oct 30, 1856 in her 8 year

Traver, Charles				d. Aug 31, 1876 inae 34 yrs

Tupper, Wm. S.  Lo L., 9 NY Art gov't marker	d. 1886 ae 56 yrs

Van der hoef, Mary	d. June 27, 1820 in the 73 or 43 yr of age

Walling, charels Co. L, 16 NY H. Art  gov't marker   d. May 30, 1893

Walling, Cotton M.			d. Feb 26, 1889 ae 87 yrs

Walling, Elizabeth his w		d. Mar 17, 1887 ae 80 yrs

    Inscription: "Farewell dear father and mother etc."

Ward, Chloe w of Cap't Jonas Ward	d. Sept 15, 1842 ae 93 yrs

Weaver, Oscar - gov't stone  60 Engineer Corps	rest buried

Weaver, Daniel				1832-____

Weaver, Minerva J. his w		1850-____

Weaver, Minerva	         Children of	1877-1879

Weaver, Sarah		  Daniel &	1872-1892

Weaver, Abraham		  Minerva	1876-1902

Weaver, George E.	  Weaver	1879-1903

Wells, James N.  son of Uri E. & Lois Wells	d. Sept 23, 1849 ae 1y 2mo 5da

White, Joseph  son of Joseph & Sophia White	d. Jan 12, 1831 ae 18y 1mo 3da

White, Stephen  son of Joseph & Sophia White

All cemetery records transcribed from Vol. 8 Montezuma, Cayuga County Cemeteries for NYGenWeb project 1997 by Kathy Decker. Original at the Cayuga County Historian's office, Auburn NY.

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