Morgan Cemetery

(Town of Ledyard- Cayuga County, NY)  #95

Located northeast of the farmstead of Donald Irving farm near the junction of Rt. 90 and Ledyard Rd. In area 40' by 40' . Cemetery is overgrown with weeds and brush, lilacs , rose bushes and myrtle survive from original plantings. Grave stones are all down and some are broken. Stones are flat limestone or marble slabs , smooth , and of good size . some have ornamental designs. The plot has apparently had little or no care in recent years . Mr. and Mrs. Irving are interested in improving the area and plan to give it some care. As Mrs. Irving said " These people cleared this farm for use with axes , we ought to take care of their graves. "

MORGAN , Jedediah  buried in Oak Glen with second wife Harriet STEELE

MORGAN , Amanda STANTON  Wife(1)	d. July 8, 1811  	35 yrs.

MORGAN , wife of J.M.			d. Mar 29, 1830    	25y-3m/23d

MORGAN , Emily  dau. of J. & A.		d. Feb. 23, 1805   	1y-29d

MORGAN , Sally 				d. June 5, 1808     	6y/6m

MORGAN , Thomas				d. Sept. 26, 1815  	71 yrs.

MORGAN, Sarah  his wife			d. June 15, 1832   	88 yrs.

MORGAN , Polly  dau. of T. & S.		d. Sept. 19, 1803  	21 yrs.

MORGAN, William L.			d. Mar. 29, 1830   	25y-3m-23d

Small stone marked " R.M. "

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