LEDYARD (Cayuga County, NY)

Cemetery located north side of Sherwood Road a few hundred yards east of intersection of Sherwood Rd. & Dog Corners. It is situated a short distance from the highway and is surrounded by a cultivated field. A very old woven wire fence encloses the area. There is a heavy wire gate on the east side between two upright limestone gate posts with pyramid shaped tops. Fence has been broken by fallen trees. Cemetery is about 150' by 100' . Within this is burial plot 30' by 40' surounded by wall of squared limestone blocks , two feet wide. Wall is capped by flat limestone blocks which are fastened together by staple like iron rods, the ends of which are embedded in the stones. There is a small iron gate at the entrance of this plot. All gravestones found are within the enclosure , ground all covered with myrtle. Several large, evidently very old Scotch Pine , White Cedar, Maple and Elm trees. A rank growth of smaller trees , grape vines, briars and weeds make access difficult. Many woodchuck holes. All monuments down except two, one of which is half buried in the earth.

Field , Deborah D. d. Aug. 31, 1869 ae 73 yrs.

Field , Jesse d. Feb. 18, 1834 ae 71y/6m/5d

Field , Phebe w " d. May 31, 1852 ae 84y/2m/23d *

Howland , Sarah T. d. June 3, 1842 ae 47 yrs.

Howland , Humphrey d. Dec. 13, 1862 ae 82 yrs.*

Howland , Robert H. b. Apr. 27, 1840 d. Nov. 1, 1892 ae 52 yrs.

Howland , Phebe Jane d. Feb. 17, 1873 ae 59 yrs.

Howland , Charles A. b. July 20, 1836 d. Sept. 23, 1912 ae 76 yrs.

Talloot , Joseph b. 1768 d. 1853 ae 85 yrs.

Talloot , Sarah(Hawhurst,Skil.) d. 1864 ae 94 yrs.

Tallot , Phebe F. d. July 4, 1870 ae 70y/8m

Wood , Sarah B. d. Dec. 13, 1862 ae 59 yrs. 

* Note: Cay. Co. Hist. Soc. Coll. Vol.6 Pg. 50 " Phebe Field , mother-in-law of Humphrey Howland. "

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