Barber Corners Quaker Cemetery

(Town of Ledyard, NY)  #86

Mr. Otis records say: " Located on Levanna Rd. a short distance E. of Barbers Corners. this known locally as the " Quaker Cemetery. "The land is said to have been donated by a man by the name of Charles Gifford. There is a substantial iron fence with a gate on the side next to the road. It is in good condition and has been recently painted. A very old boardfence is on the east side. Wire fences are on the south and west sides. The area is around 1/2 acre. The cemetery is shaded by several large maples , Scotch Pine , White Cedar and Norway Spruce trees. The size of these trees indicate they are over 100 yrs. old. A large Horse-Chestnut tree is nearly dead. The Cemetery has been mowed annually. "

Also in Syracuse Geneal Lib. . Vol. L.N. 48 C31 Bc , another copy of this done by Mrs. Coulson. She says " These are part of 29 stones ( some Giffords buried there without stones ). Cemetery is 1 mi. W of Scipioville on road between between Scipioville and Levanna."

Marion Manchester ( Mrs. Byron V. ) Nelson , of Ithaca , N.Y. did this in 1956. Later published in Yester Years Magazine (???????) 1954.

We have combined these and noted the differences as follows:

AUSTIN, Alice H.     Dau. of Theo. & Helen Austin	d. 2/1/28/1860 ae 7m/11d

BARTON, Phoebe/Phebe	            			d. 8/9/1858 ae 75 Yrs.

BARTON, Asa 	    					d. 8/13/1850 ae 31y/6m/17d

(Mrs. Nelson notes that the Bartons, Lovisa Cornwell and possibly Mary Thompson on same lot).

BATTY/BATTEY, Benjamin					d. 2/2/1881/84 ae 89y/9m/12d

      "             "      , Mary   w of Benj.		d. 11/29/1866 ae 51/71 Yrs.

BOWEN, Benjamin						d. 7/26/1859/54 ae 68y/3m/12d


BOWEN, Lucretia						d. 5/31/1861 ae 74y/8m/3d

BOWEN, Jesse F.						d. 10/2/1880 ae 70y/9m/6d

CORNWELL, Lavina E./Lovisa E.				d. 3/7/1852 ae 21y/6m/11d

	Dau. of W.B. & S.M. Cornwell

DORLAND, Sarah F./T. (see Gifford)			d. 11/  /1843 ae 55 Yrs.


GOULD, Abbie/Abby GIFFORD  w of Benj. Gould		d. 2/18/1826 ae 21y/8m/6d

HOOKER, Hope A.						d. 8/15/1823/73 ae 75 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Elizabeth 					b. 1831	d. 1842 ae 11 Yrs. ( also d. 1847)

HOWLAND, David  					b. 1832	d. 1864 ae 32 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Lucretia					b. 1836	d. 1865 ae 29 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Joshua				b. 1832		d. 1891 ae 59 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Clarissa			b.1810		d. 1890 ae 80 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Bradford			b. 1834 	d. 1874/1894 ae 60 Yrs.

HOWLAND, Emma				b. 1851 	d. 1861 ae 10 Yrs.

HOXIE, Susan    dau. of J. & E.Hoxie			d. 3/31/1848 ae 32y/5m/5d

	   ( Note: J(oseph) & E(leanor) Hoxie were marr. 1806 )

LOVELAND, Bernice GIFFORD		b. 1878/79	d. 1906 ae 28 Yrs.

	          wife of Floyd H. Loveland

MARVIN, Maria/Marian					d.           ae 25 Yrs.( in her 26th Yr.)

       "	Phoebe/Phebe Ann			d.           ae 21 Yrs.(in her 22nd Yr.)

	     daughters of Robert & Susanna (h) Marvin

SISSON, David/Daniel					d. 6/28/1867 ae 65 yrs.

SISSON, Caroline					d. 11/25/1901 ae 74 Yrs.

SISSON, Charlotte					d. 5/26/1897 ae 95 Yrs.

	( Cay. Co. History by stroke, pg. 424 gives an account of the Sissons and states 

	that Charlotte Sisson was the only dau. of Cornelius Weeks, who is also buried 

	in this cemetery. ) ( M. Nelson)

TALLMAN, Elizabeth					d. 8/12-17/1862 ae 90 Yrs.

THOMPSON, Mary R. 					d. 7/25/1843 ae 31y/2m/12d

WEEKS, Cornelius					d. 1/25/1867 ae 90 Yrs.

WEEKS, Abigail     w of Cornelius			d. 3/1/1864 ae 83 Yrs.


WHEAT, annie E. GIFFORD					b. 1862 	d. 1903


	Plot is opposite the brick house just west of Barbers Corners. At least two Barber

children are said to have been buried here. There are no monuments or other indications 

of a burial plot. ( Mr. Otis ) 

Vol. II No. 8 July 1959 , Pg. 45 in Yester Years Quaker Cemetery in the Barbers Corners   

                by Marion Manchester Nelson, Ithaca , N.Y.

GIFFORD, Bernice    w of Floyd H. Loveland		1879-1906

	Annie E. (Gifford) WHEAT			1862-1903

	Abby Gifford    w  of Benj. Gifford		d. 1826 ae 21y/2m/18d

Thanks to Linda Brinkman for transcribing the information on this page into

a digital format.

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