Cemetery near Bowen's Corners

(Town of Hannibal - Oswego County, NY)  #82C

Located a short distance from Bowen's Corners on Route 176 in the Town of Hannibal, Oswego County.

AUSTIN, Harriet   wife of Ezra				d. 11/18/1837   age 30

	Sarah     daughter of Ezra and Harriet   	d. 12/14/1837  age 4-10-

CATHCART, Tristam					d. 11/29/1847  age 72-11-

	Submit   wife of Tristam			d. 7/17/1876  age 100

DANN, Ezra	"Father"				d. 2/16/1878  age 77

	Sarah C.  his wife "Mother"  			d. 7/13/1881  age 78

HOWARD, John H.  son of Salmon and Sally		d. 2/10/1840  age 1-6-10

	Infant son					d. 6/19/1829

	Child						d. 1/14/1852  age 3-4-14

LAKE, James						1824-1896

	Esther  wife of James				1832-1863    

	"Erected by Charles D. Lake"

LAKE, Clarence						1854-1899

	James A.					1850-1850

	Johnny						1873-1874

OSBURN, Elizabeth					d. 2/25/1840  age 35

PARSONS, Eli						d. 12/22/1872  age 40	

							Co. E, 184th Reg. NY Vol. Infantry

	Anna   wife of Eli				d. 11/18/1873  age 40

ROGERS, Hannah M.  wife of Joseph   			b. 3/31/1817  d. 8/29/1851

	Ulyssieus					b. 9/9/1850  d. 8/26/1851

SCOTT, Alexander					d. 5/28/1884  age 70

	Jennet C.  daughter of Alexander and Louesea   	d. 9/9/1851  age 5

	Jennet   wife of James				d. 12/1/1866  age 78
Copied April 1965 by Daniells and Crosby

Thanks to Christine Maurer  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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