Willey (or Benton) Cemetery

(Town of Ira, NY)  #80

Located between Baldwin and Lysander, west side of road in a field

BENTON, Allen				d. 9/13/1879   age 87-3-3

BENTON, Deborah  wife of Dr. Allen	d. 8/23/1867   age 68-6-

BENTON,  Infant				d. 5/3/1835

HIGGINS, Infant of E.R. and S. A.	d. 2/22/1846

HIGGINS, Infant of E.R. and S.A.	d. 8/29/1847

LOCKE, Matilda   wife of Charles	d. 2/25/1818   age 28

LOCKE, Wolcott W.			d. 4/12/1839  age 19-0-12

MATHER, Panthea				d. 6/18/1877  age 83-11-

MATSON, Abraham Willey			d. 9/29/1823  age 21-3-8

WILLEY, Capt. Abraham			d. 5/12/1841  age 91	Revolutionary War Veteran

WILLEY, Susan BECKWITH  his wife	d. 11/10/1835   age 81

WILLEY, Susan B.			d. 8/17/1859  age 46

WILLEY, Abraham  son of Abraham		d. 7/13/1810   age 23

WILLEY, Barak  B.			b. 3/24/1782   d. 2/3/1876

WILLEY, Deborah R.  wife of Barak	d. 2/3/1841  age 53

Done in 1933 by Caroline Edith Hall and re-done in 1962 by Cuykendall-Daniells    			

Thanks to  Christine Maurer  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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