Terpening Cemetery

(Town of Ira, NY)  #79

This is an abandoned cemetery, located about three miles from Meridian on the north side of Emerick Road about one mile east of the Federal Road. It has an area of about one acre.


BLAKE, Jabez				1829-1912

BLAKE, Jane				1830-1914

BLAKE, Willie    son			d. 12/22/1857   age 0-10-2

BOCKMAN, Anna M.  daughter of Mary and Fred   d. 11/14/1885   age 21-9-12

BRISTOL, Charles			d. 1/8/1858   age 58

BRISTOL, Almira   wife of Charles	d. 11/22/1874   age 76


BURNS, John				b. 9/19/1830

BURNS, Sylvia   wife of John		b. 2/1/1835  d. 11/15/1882

CADWELL, Thomas				d. 12/7/1869  age 72-4-

CADWELL, Mahala   wife of Thomas	b. 5/20/1803   d. 5/13/1881

CADWELL, James B.     son		d. 6/4/1841   age 19

CADWELL, Augusta E.    wife of C.E.	d. 1/29/1864  age 30-0-25

CADWELL, Burnette   daughter of Augusta and C.E.  d. 1/16/1864  age 22 days

CAREY, Washington			d. 9/14/1844  age 19-10-

COOK, Philip				d. 1877

COOK, Henrietta				b. 1846/48  d. 1902

DONIUS, Lewis    "Father"		1816-1894

DONIUS, Mary Ann   wife of Lewis	b. 6/1/1825  d. 4/26/1856

DONIUS, Alice A.  daughter of Lewis and Mary Ann   d. 9/4/1887   age 35

DUGER, John				d. 9/19/1895  age 62

DUGER, Wilhelmina  wife of John		1829-1910

DUGER, Fred L.				1858-1904

DUGER, John				d. 4/11/1865  age 72-10-

DUGER, Frances E.			d. 5/26/1871  age 16-2-

DUGER,  Infant son of John and Minnie	

GROOT, Albert    son of Frederick and Lena  b. 4/17/1886    d. 8/23/1886

HAMMOND, Sophia				d. 10/19/1871  age 81

HARRIS, Mary E.  daughter of J. and B.	d. 8/15/1849  age 2-5-3

HORNBERG, Minnie daughter of F. and E.  d. 7/11/1873  age 3 days

HORNBERG, Lizzie  daughter of F. and E.	d. 2/9/1884  age 0-7-18

HUNT, James 				d. 10/1/1885  age 72-10-	Civil War Veteran

HUNT, Phebe    wife of James		

HUNT, Mortimer   son of James and Phebe	d. 9/25/1850  age 3-8-

HUNT, Thomas				d. 10/14/1871  age 72   	Civil War Veteran

HUNT, Tammie   wife of Thomas		d. 3/7/1866  age 77-10-16

HUNT, Louisa   wife of John A.		d. 11/7/1868  age 35-5-


JANES, Asa W.   son of E.L.		d. 8/20/1850  age 21

MOOT, Caroline    wife of Robert	d. 7/23/1858  age 20-11-9

OSWALD, John				1832-1913

OSWALD, Elizabeth   wife of John	1833-1911

OSWALD, George   son of John and E.	d. 12/23/1870  age 10-1-6

OSWALD, George				d. 5/14/1866   age 80

OSWALD, Gertrude   wife of George	d. 3/4/1875   age 76

OSWALD, Philip				1868-1892

OSWALD, Jacob   son of Jacob and Helen	d. 3/28/1867  age 0-7-9

OSWALD, George				d. 5/4/1859  age 30-6-5

PECK, Reuben				d. 8/20/1843  age 86

PECK, Sarah   wife of Reuben		d. 10/5/1834  age 77

ST. JOHN, Nancy  wife of Thomas		d. 3/30/1858  age 74-3-22

ST. JOHN, Harriet   daughter		d. 10/26/1848   age 40

SHULTZ, John				1828-1901

SHULTZ, Mary WELLER  wife of John	d. 2/8/1871 

SMITH, Ward				d. 6/17/1862  age 74

SMITH, Mary  wife of Ward		d. 10/16/1860  age 67-3-2

SMITH, G. W.				b. 6/4/1825  d. 10/20/1859

SOUTHARD, Peter				b. 9/1/1802   d. 3/14/1879

SOUTHARD, Elizabeth BURGESS  wife of Peter  b. 12/4/1807  d. 6/3/1886

SOUTHARD, Lewis   son of P. and E.	b. 3/4/1825  d. 8/27/1826

SOUTHARD, Sarah  daughter of P. and E.	b. 12/11/1843  d. 8/15/1852

SOUTHARD, Ellen M.  daughter of James and Franc  b. 10/2/1869  d. 7/20/1881

SOUTHARD, Myrtle  daughter of James and Franc  d. 10/19/1877  age 11-8-

SOUTHARD, Franc				d. 12/14/1873  age 31-8-6

STEVENS, Lewis D.  son of Charles and Gusta  d. 5/21/1864  age 3-1-19

TERPENING, Minerva   wife of Cornelius	d. 5/29/1842  age 44-7-2

TERPENING, Jane Ann   daughter		

TERPENING, John E.			d. 3/5/1889  age 87

TERPENING, Harriet HOLLISTER  wife of John E.  d. 12/19/1836  age 33

TERPENING, Francis  son			d. 4/20/1835  age 1-3-20

TERPENING, Miles  son			d. 9/22/1828  age 3 mos.

TERPENING, Derick  son of John and Harriet  d. 3/1/1827  age 0-5-8

TERPENING, Lucas			d. 4/25/1842  age 64-8-

TERPENING, Jane   wife of Lucas		d. 7/23/1828  age 42 (or 49)

TERPENING, Hannah  wife of Lucas	d. 7/10/1859  age 76

TERPENING, Abram			1823-____

TERPENING, Delana  wife of Abram	1823-1899

TERPENING, Mary A. daughter of A. and D. d. 4/5/1871  age 19-11-17

TERPENING, Fanny   wife of Irving	

TERPENING, Renette  wife of Wm./daughter of Thomas and Tammie HUNT

					d. 11/11/1862  age 40-3-21

TERPENING, Perlina  wife of Peter	d. 5/10/1835  age 29

TERPENING, Perlina  daughter		d. 9/22/1835  age 0-5-7

TERPENING, Linda J.  wife of William ALLEN  d. 5/26/1876  age 24

VAN NATTER, James			d. 11/14/1861  age 39-1-8

VAN NATTER, Hattie G.  daughter of James and Harriet  d. 11/2/1861  age 11-2-11

VAN PATTEN, Johnnie  son of Geo. and Josephine  d. 6/4/1876  age 3-4-4

VAN PATTEN, John			d. 9/17/1862  age 44-0-21

VAN PATTEN, Sarah  daughter of  John and Sarah  d. 1/2/1864  age 20-6-28

VAN PATTEN, Nancy			1822-1910

VAN SCOY, Jonathan   son of Isaac	d. 6/10/1853  age 37-9-28

VAN SCOY, Abigail  wife of Jonathan	d. 4/4/1848  age 30-11-21


WISE, Addie  daughter of Geo. and Fran	b. 6/30/1865   d. 4/19/1881

WISE, Mary  daughter of Geo. and Fran	d. 9/16/1868  age 3

WISE, Elmer   son of Geo. and Fran	d. 3/12/1865  age 5



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