Cato-Meridian Cemetery

Town of Ira, NY #77

Originally called Dutton Cemetery, it is located on Rte. 370 between Cato and Meridian

ABBOT, Desiah    wife of Samuel			d. 11/7/1832  age 66

ABBOT, Samuel					d. 4/15/1835  age 82

ACKER, Catherine  wife of Bartholemew		d. 12/11/1860  age 77

ACKER, Lydia LOTT  wife of Nicholas		d. 3/27/1865  age 74-8-7

ACKER, Mariette  wife of Alexander,

 daughter of John and Abigail VASSELER  	d. 10/4/1858  age 30-0-15

ACKER, Nicholas					b. 3/14/1789  d. 5/31/1845

ALBRO, Hardin   son of Henry S. and Huldah  	d. 7/23/1850  age 0-11-25

ALKENBRAGH, Eliza   wife of Israel		d. 12/26/1858  age 52-5-13

ALKENBRAGH, James W.  son of Israel and Eliza   d. 10/17/1843  age 2

ALLEN, Pantha					d. 6/9/1837  age 20

BACKUS, Emeline  wife of Clark B.		d. 5/22/1835  age 27-10-

BARKER, Harriet B.  wife of Dr. Ezra F.		d. 4/5/1840  age 25-9-9

BARNES, Abigail  wife of John C.		d. 5/5/1818  age 40

BARNES, Ira  son of John C. and Joanna		d. 12/7/1812  age 19

BARNES, Joanna  wife of John C.			d. 12/17/1812  age 46

BARNES, John C.					d. 7/12/1842  age 80

BARNES, Melvin  son of John and Anna		d. 10/27/1831  age 13-5-13

BARNES, Thankful daughter of John C. and Joanna	d. 10/1809  age 7

BARNES, Jacheus					d. 12/26/1812  age 26

BELKNAP, Mary					d. 10/8/1858  age 87-11-

BIRCH, Dennis					d. 12/19/1834  age 35-4-28

BOYD, Dr. Nathan  son of John and Betsey of New Hampshire  d. 6/17/1832  age 28-9-

BOYINGTON, Edward Lansing  son of Rev. Henry and Abigail   d. 4/11/1841  age 1-9-13

BRADLEY, Josephine V.  daughter of Grove and Lucinda E.	  d. 1/23/1841  age 3-9-23

BRITTON, Joel					d. 12/23/1852  age 64-2-15

BROWN, Russel					d. 12/26/1849  age 23-3-5

BURGESS, Sylvia F.  daughter of J. and O.  	d. 8/24/1842  age 16-10-

BURK, Catherine M.  wife of Wm. 		d. 7/27/1844  age 28-4-

BURK, Elbie E.  daughter of Wm. and Lydia  	d. 2/22/1855  age 0-4-24

BURK, William Marion  son of Wm. and Lydia  	d. 9/30/1851  age 3-9-3

BURNHAM, Adeson H.  son of Elijah H. and Rachel d. 4/18/1841  age 7-5-

BURNHAM, Elijah					d. 10/3/1856  age 59-5-

BURNHAM, John A.  son of Elijah and Rachel  	d.11/1/1840  age 2-9-

CHAMBERLIN, Ann  wife of Edwin L.		d. 3/25/1857  age 44

CHAMBERLIN, Milton J.				d. 8/24/1838  age 31-7-11

CHAMBERLIN, Sally   wife of Tollman A.		d. 12/19/1849  age 66-8-18

CHAMBERLIN, Tollman A.				d. 4/4/1855  age 77-4-13

CHAPELL, Charlotte daughter of J. and Rowenna   d. 3/8/1846 (or 1816)  age 7

CHAPELL, Annis					d. 6/13/1832  age 18-1-13

CHASE, Betsey  wife of John			d. 3/10/1850  age 38-8-2

CHASE, Betsey  daughter of J. and D.		d. 7/12/1852  age 18-8-9

CHASE, Caroline  daughter of John and Helen   	d. 7/4/1864  age 10-6-12

CHASE, Edwin M.  son of James and Ann R.  	d. 3/6/1856  age 1-1-8

CHASE, Gilbert D.  son of James and Ann R.   	broken stone

CHASE, Harriet   daughter of J. and D.		d. 11/29/1852  age 22-11-3

CHASE, Joseph J.				d. 8/14/1854  age 73-10-26

CHASE, Joshua					d. 5/31/1856  age 48-11-17

CHASE, Maria  daughter of John J. and Betsey   	d. 6/16/1846  age 11-2-26

CHASE, Marion Helen  daughter of Joshua and Desire  d. 4/10/1855  age 16-11-18

CHASE, Mary Ann  wife of Joseph			d. 11/26/1855  age 67-5-9

COLVIN, Andelucia  daughter of Levi and Colvin  d. 8/9/1829  age 1

COLVIN, Sally  wife of Josiah			d. 9/8/1842  age 27

CORBIN, Ebenezer				d. 7/10/1848  age 78

CORBIN, Ireen  daughter of Ebenezer and Marthy  d. 8/28/1859  age 42-10-2

CORBIN, Marthy  wife of Ebenezer		d. 9/5/1862  age 86-6-6

CORBIN, Nancy   daughter of Ebenezer and Marthy d. 10/23/1839  age 33

CROSBY, Mary  wife of Moses			d. 8/13/1847  age 68-9-16

DALLAS, Charles					d. 4/7/1845  age 71

DALLAS, Jane   wife of Charles			d. 3/18/1841  age 62

DALLAS, Margaret  daughter of Charles and Jane  d. 9/13/1840  age 22

DALLAS, Nancy O.   wife of Archibald		d. 8/26/1836  age 20

DALLAS, Sarah   daughter of Charles and Jane  	d. 8/1844  age 27-8-

DANIELLS, Theophilus				d. 4/23/1843  age 63-5-

DANIELLS, Lucina  wife of Theophilus		d. 7/1/1840  age 53-4-

DAVIS, Rachel    relict of Elined		d. 7/13/1844  age 77

DEFOREST, Abligail  wife of William		d. 9/16/1819  age 57-5-10

DEFOREST, William				d. 7/6/1835  age 75-4-8

DEFOREST, Elizabeth  wife of Martin		d. 2/27/1851  age 63-1-5

DEFOREST, Martin				d. 12/20/1843  age 59-3-20

DEFOREST, Jacob W.				d. 10/28/1847  age 60-0-10

DEFOREST, John M.				d. 9/5/1849  age 35-4-10

DEFOREST, Julia A. daughter of John and Charity d. 8/31/1831  age 5-7-

DEFOREST, Abigail  daughter of Martin and Elizabeth  d. 10/23/1828  age 16-11-12

DEWITT, Albert H.   son of Benjamin and M. A.   d. 1/17/1855   age 3-7-

DICKINSON, George W.				d. 5/20/1841  age 31

DIDDY, Julia Ann    wife of Cornelius A.	d. 9/24/1858  age 37-0-1

DREW, Abigail  daughter of J. K. and Catherine	d. 8/28/1829  age 1-0-16

DREW, Sarah  daughter of J. K. and Catherine    d. 12/17/1837  age 5-1-17

DUTCHER, Julia Ann    wife of Henry		d. 2/8/1849   age 24-10-16

DUTTON, Jane   wife of Edmund S., 

   	 daughter of Elias and Charity QUREAU	b. 4/18/1815  d. 12/10/1855

EARL, Ruben					d. 6/27/1829  age 59

EARL, Susan   wife of Ruben			d. 12/28/1850   age 77

ELDRED, Corrintha daughter of Thomas C. and Mary    d. 12/16/1855   age 4-3-4

ELDRED, James H.  son of Thomas and Orilla   	d. 8/26/1851  age 2-0-3

ELDRED, Peleg					d. 8/26/1822 (or 8/16)  age 49(or 40)-4-

ELDRED, Thomas Edmon   son of John W. and Elizabeth  d. 4/4/1855  age 1-6-

ELWELL, Dwight,  son of William M. and Phebe   	d. 7/12/1824   age 1-4-

ELWELL, Dwight, II				d. 8/2/1826   age 1-2-

ELWELL, Dwight, III				d. 5/14/1828  age 8 mos.

ELWELL, Martha Ann  daughter of William and Phebe  d. 11/27/1833  age 1-1-

ELWELL, William M.				d. 4/30/1833   age 48

EVERTS, Emma   daughter of J.C. and Augusta  	d. 2/18/1847  age 30-2-18

FIELDS, Simeon					d. 8/14/1818   age 54

FRYER, Susan A.  daughter of J.I. and Roxee  	d. 9/27/1831  age 1-2-8

FULMER, Mary R.  daughter of John and Amanda  	d. 8/17/1841  age 0-8-4

HALE, Hubbell N.				d. 10/4/1859  age 39

HALE, Dr. Thara					d. 3/12/1826  age 34

HALL, Eugen    son of Wm. and Girtrude		d. 10/11/1841  age 6 mos.

HALL, Johnson					d. 6/26/1849  age 63

HALL, Rosetta   wife of Johnson			d. 7/18/1841  age 57

HALL, Susan   daughter of Johnson and Rosetta  	d. 8/26/1847  age 29-5-11

HERRICK, Elizabeth    wife of John		d. 1/3/1864  age 51-7-

HERRING, George J.    son of Levi and Ruana   	d. 2/4/1841   age 14-4-1

HOWLAND, Abigail   daughter of Asahel and Polly J.   d. 4/3/1842  age 6-6-

HOWLAND, John S.  son of Asahel  and Polly J.   d. 8/18/1843   age 5-8-22

JAKWAY, Ira					d. 2/25/1847  age 46-3-

JAKWAY, Mary   wife of Spink			d. 12/6/1857   age 57-5-2

JAKWAY, Mary   wife of Thomas			d. 12/25/1855 

JAKWAY, Morgan F.				d. 10/27/1855   age 38

JAKWAY, Simeon					d. 12/1/1857  age 25-5-24

JAKWAY, Wells   son of Elisha and Lydia		d. 6/2/1846  age 32

JAKWAY, Araminta L.  daughter of Spink and Mary d. 12/9/1857  age 19-6-17

JAKWAY, Asanath M.  daughter of Spink and Mary  d. 11/30/1857  age 23-7-22

JENKINS, Isaac   son of Isaac and Eliza		d. 6/7/1841  age 8

JUMP, Mehitable					d. 1/7/1834  age 34

KELLOGG, Fannie M.   daughter of David S. and Mary J.  d. 7/6/1840  age 5 mos.

KIMBALL, Cornelia E. daughter of Robert and Margaret	d. 3/20/1840  age 8

KIMBALL, Harriet Ann  daughter of Robert and Margaret   d. 3/18/1840  age 20 mos.

KIMBALL, E. Mortmeur   son of Robert and Margaret  d. 4/18/1850  age 4 mos.

KIMBALL, Elisha					d. 11/17/1843  age 80

KIMBALL, Mary   wife of Elisha			d. 6/7/1841  age 83

KIMBALL, Henry E.  son of Robert and Margaret	d. 8/15/1845  age 3-8-

KIMBALL, Robert W.   son of Robert and Margaret	d. 6/1/1847  age 0-13-13

KIMBALL, Harriet E.  daughter of Robert and Margaret  d. 8/19/1840  age 5 days

KINGSLEY, Esther    wife of Vine		d. 3/6/1825  age 64

KINGSLEY, Vine					d. 1/23/1811  age 39

KNAPP, Abigail   wife of Uz			d. 10/9/1815  age 45

KNAPP, Uz					d. 12/28/1815  age 54

KNAPP, Cyrenus   son of Luke and Mary 		d. 10/12/1814  age 2-6-7

KNAPP,  Naoma   daughter of Luke and Mary  	d. 10/2/1816  age 1-8-2

LOTT, Elizabeth					d. 1/16/1834  age 34 or 31

LOUCKS, John					d. 7/29/1836  age 38

LOUCKS, William J.				d. 8/19/1827  age 1-11-

LOVELESS, George				d. 6/22/1816  age 45

LOVELESS, Ruana    wife of George		d. 3/1/1847  age 69

LYON, Isaac I.   son of Peter I.  and Lovina	d. 9/16/1851  age 4-8-8

MCGREGORY, Susan A.   daughter of Henry and Sarah A.	d. 1/30/1849  age 2-7-4

MCNEIL, Ann E.					d. 6/1848  age 19

MCNEIL, Conley   son of Richard and Lovina  	d. 6/11/1849  age 6-3-19

MCNEIL, James  son of Richard and Lovina  	d. 12/31/1854  age 5 mos.

MCNEIL, Mary   wife of Conley			d. 8/4/1849  age 59

MACK, Hiram H.					d. 12/7/1821  age 10

MACK, Elder Orlando   pastor of Meridian Baptist Church  d. 8/12/1820  age 47

MEACHUM, Sally   wife of Parsons P.		d. 2/5/1836  age 36

MUNRO, Cornelia					d. 8/5/1853  age 66

MUNRO, Margaret   wife of George		b. 1/13/1808  d. 12/5/1844

NOBLE, Daniel    son of Wm. and Fanny		d. 10/5/1823   age 2

NOBLE, Fanny   wife of William H.		d. 5/11/1837  age 46

NOBLE, Oscar F.  son of Wm. and Fanny		d. 2/17/1838  age 9

NOBLE,  Hon. William H.				d. 2/15/1850  age 63

NORTHUP, Clarissa P.				d. 9/11/1814  age 7 mos.

NORTHUP, Isaac					d. 11/28/1839  age 73

NORTHUP, Urania H.   wife of Isaac		d. 4/18/1846  age 73

NORTHUP, Joel					d. 9/15/1820  age 51

NORTHUP, Peter   son of Isaac and Urania  	d. 9/2/1815  age 27

OLMSTEAD, George   son of Wileman and Sally  	d. 3/9/1855   age 4-6-5

PARMER, Dianna   wife of Oliver			d. 6/12/1853  age 30-4-18

PASKO, Emily I. daughter of James M. and Annis  d. 6/16/1848  age 6-10-13

PASKO, Lucian M.  son of James M. and Annis  	d. 5/9/1849  age 5-9-9

PEARSON,    infant daughter of Newell and Mary  d. 10/23/1853  age 1 mo.

PERRINE, Deborah   wife of John			d. 3/5/1863  age 50-5-

PORTER, John B. son of Ceylon F. and Emeline S. d. 12/2/1840  age 4-1-10

PRINE, Clarissa A. daughter of Luke and Rebecca d. 3/16/1849  age 2-1-23

QUREAU, Charity   wife of Elias			d. 4/12/1847  age 66-8-11

QUREAU, Elias					d. 9/12/1841  age 65

QUIN, John					d. 6/14/1859  age 24

RADLEY, Acenath    wife of John			d. 4/1/1841  age 53 (or 56 or 58)

REED, Charles C.   son of Reuben and Zadie  	d. 9/29/1836  age 0-11-9

RELYEA, Levi   son of David L.  and Lenah  	d. 2/14/1835  age 18-9-2

RICH,  infact son of J. and H.			d. 8/1/1830

RICH, John					d. 5/28/1855  age 60-2-16

RICH, John Jr.  son of John and Hannah		d. 9/10/1840  age 1-0-5

RICH, Phebe   daughter of Seth and Mary		d. 12/28/1833  age 0-15-17

RICH, William M.				d. 7/31/1856  age 34

RIDER, Zopher G.				d. 5/22/1838  age 25

ROBBINS, Amos  son of William and Freelove  	d. 9/18/1837  age 18 days

ROOD, William    son of Augustus and Bethah  	d. 9/18/1834  age 9-6-

ROOD, Lucinda B. daughter of Augustus and Bethah  d. 8/6/1825  age 3-4-6

ROOT, Susannah   wife of Ransom			d. 10/1/1848  age 44

RULEFF, Jacob					d. 10/3/1842  age 54-2-10

SAWYER, Phebe K.   daughter of Hooker and Priscilla  d. 8/7/1814  age 0-11-25

SAWYER, Hannah P.  daughter of Hooker and Priscilla  d. 8/1/1825  age 4-11-24

SCUTT, Margaret   wife of Patrick		d. 11/2/1851  age 49-4-10

SIDNEY, John  son of Peter and Hannah		d. 10/4/1857  age 21-6-

SIMONS, James H.				d. 3/19/1852  age 74-2-9

SIMONS, John B.					d. 3/26/1835  age 23-11-6

SIMONS, Laura Jane  daughter of J.H. and Lydia  d. 3/20/1818  age 2-3-28

SIMONS, Lydia  wife of James H.			d. 5/1/1861  age 73-1-13

SIMONS, Mary Ann   daughter of James and Lydia  d. 6/1/1851  age 21-8-26

SIMONS, Zacheus B.  son of James and Lydia  	d. 8/12/1827  age 18-4-6

SMITH, Gerret    son of Benjamin and Mariah  	d. 1/25/1855  age 3-6-23

SMITH, Mariah   wife of Benjamin		d. 1/2/1856  age 46-11-2

SMITH, Safety   wife of Levi			d. 10/17/1825  age 27

SMITH, Susan   wife of David			d. 6/28/1841   age 55

SPOON, Annis W.   wife of Joseph W., 

 daughter of Elisha W. and Betsey SCOVEL  	d. 1/10/1840  age 24-7-10

SQUIRE, Stephen W.  son of John F. and Eliza  	d. 5/13/1855   age 4-5-4

STEDMAN, E. A. LOOMIS   wife of D.C.		d. 11/29/1848  age 30-5-14

STILWELL, Lydia					d. 10/6/1820  age 46

STOCKWELL, Andrew				d. 10/14/1827  age 57

SURDAM, Alice   daughter of L.L. and N.O.  	d. 1/11/1850  age 0-7-24

TABER, George P.				d. 4/14/1847  age 27-6-19

TITUS, Eliza J.  daughter of D. and L.		d. 6/21/1828  age 3-1-1

TITUS, Hector					d. 6/7/1823 (or 6/9)  age 0-?-15

TITUS, Sally					d. 9/1/18?? (or 9/4)

TITUS, Silas					d. 4/23/1809  age 66

VAN ALSTINE, Alonzo   son of Peter and Jane  	d. 3/13/1840  age 35-7-

VAN AUKEN, Sarah   daughter of Evert and C.   	d. 6/8/1844  age 7-10-4

VAN PATTEN, Nicholas A.				d. 5/19/1847  age 55-9-6

VAN WIE, John A.				d. 10/13/1831  age 24

VICKERY, Abner 					d. 2/19/1844  age 74

VICKERY, Sarah E.  daughter of Abner and Lydia  d. 8/9/1846  age 16-11-2

VOSSELLEY, Jacob C.  son of John and Abigail  	d. 3/3/1839  age 3-4-26

WALKER, Lois   wife of Lyman K.			d. 2/24/1831  age 33-0-21

WARE, Sarah   wife of Newman			d. 4/17/1840  age 45

WHEELER, Alonzo C. son of Rev. Elisha and Susan d. 12/23/1849  age 21-7-13

WHEELER, Caroline A.  daughter of A.G. and Almira  d. 6/12/1849  age 6 weeks

WHEELER, George A.  son of A.G. and Almira   	d. 9/3/1851  age 2-5-

WILKS, James					d. 5/20/1849  age 23-8-

WILKS, Mary   wife of John M.			d. 12/26/1856  age 54

WORTHINGTON, Edgar  infant son of W.S. and Sarah I.  d. 8/9/1813

Maiden names from Cato-Meridian Cemetery


LOTT, Lydia		see  ACKER


SCOVEL, Annis		see  SPOON

VASSELER, Mariette	see  ACKER


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