Town of Genoa, NY #74C

Located on Bartnick Road, Town of Genoa, about 1/2 to 1 mile north of Rt. 90, then about 1/4 to 1/2 mile east of road.
Transcribed by L. Coulson

Drake   Mary, wife of Jasper Drake d. May 7, 1800 ae 37y 9mo 25da    
Mead Polly, dau. of Alfred & Betsey Mead d. Mar. 2, 1809 ae 2y 9mo 9da
Manchester Anna, dau. of Thomas and Mary Manchester d. June 27, 1806 ae 7 yrs.
Mary, wife of Thomas Manchester d. Sept. 16, 1805 ae 30 yrs.
Dorcas, dau. of Thomas & Mary Manchester d. Jan. 28, 1801 ae. 5y 0mo 21da
Dimmick Simeon
"A man sedate of sober mind
To wife and children ever kind.
The greate merit many have
Death summons all men to the grave."
d. Sept. 2, 1805 ae 38 yrs
Adams Amy Boworth, wife of Sam'l Adams d. Nov. 20, 1802 ae 42y 0mo 2da
Sanford, son of Simeon & Mary Dimmick d. June 12, 1805 ae 9 months
Moe Henry, son of James & Phebe Moe d. _________ ae. 22 yrs.
Mary O., dau. of James & Phebe Moe d. _________ ae. 17 yrs.
Gilbert, son of James & Phebe Moe d. _________ ae. 24 yrs.
Robert R. Son of James & Phebe Moe d. in Va.
Clarissa, dau of James & Phebe Moe d. ________ ae __ yrs.
(Note:  The above Moe stones were separate stones with no dates.  I was told scarlet fever.  L. Coulson)
Moe Lucas d. Aug. 28, 1883 ae. 70y 7mo 0da
fts. __M
Moe Here lies the body of James Moe deceased Nov. 16, A.D. 1798 ae 57yrs.
Moe John d. May 12, 1830 ae 64y 0mo 15da
Susan wife of John Moe d. June 6, 1859 ae 90y 4mo 27da
Arthur P. Moe d. Feb. 12, 1871 ae 25y 1mo 0da
Eliza M., wife of Lucas Moe d. Sept. 27, 1866 ae 47y 10mo 22da
Olivia, wife of Lucas Moe & dau. of Abner & Mary Ward d. Dec. 8, 1842 ae. 30y 5mo 9da
"This grave contains your loving bride and your sweet babe lays by my side"
Moe Marium, wife of John Moe d. Feb. 7, 1831 ae. 33 yrs.
Hand scratched marble h.s. "R.M." lies loose on ground.
Isaac S., son of J. & P. - broken stone
Moe John born in Genoa Jan. 13, 1798 departed this July 12, 1874
Stone missing here
Moe Clarissa, wife of James Moe 2nd and dau. of Benj. and Phebe Truman who died Feb. 12, 1831 ae 31y 0mo 19da
Moe Phebe, wife of James Moe aged 45 yrs.
18-24 graves marked with fieldstones head and foot, most are "child" size.  Was told there were many more but livestock smashed down stones not fenced in.  Not a trace of stones 1966.  Was told road went by cemetery originally, road now changed leaving stones off in the field.  L. Coulson

Thanks to Susan Corcoran for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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