Located in the Town of Genoa, NY

This cemetery is located in back of West Genoa Church
Between Goodyears Cors. and Five Corners
This information was copied by Pauline Cuykendall and Vera Ward


John G. b. Apr. 21, 1813 d. Apr. 20, 1890
Atwater,  Julia (2nd w) d. July 29, 1877 ae. 63y 11mo 6da
Atwater, Rachel S.  w. of Jesse G. d. Oct. 28, 1877 ae 26 yrs.
Atwater,   Goodyear d. Apr. 14, 1869 ae 77 yrs.
Atwater, Rhoda wife of Goodyear d. Aug. 17, 1863 ae 72y 9mo 4da
Baker, John d. Apr. 27, 1831 ae 57 yrs.
Baker, Mary wife of John d. June 13, 1862 ae. 89 yrs.
Baker, Freman J. d. Nov. 10, 1884 ae. 80 yrs. 11mo
Baker, Alma wife of Freman J. d. Dec. 22, 1879 ae. 52 yrs.
Baker, see Merritt -- Palmer
Brown, Orpha S. wife of Stephen d. Feb. 23, 1875 ae. 41 yrs. 7mo 25da
Chamberlin see McGuigan
Cheesman, Abram Garrison 1819-1901
Cheesman, Maria C. wife of Abram 1822-1901
Cheesman, Clifford, child of L.B. & L.M. d. Sept. 21, 1885 ae     7 mo 19da
Corwin, George d. Dec. 3, 1860 ae 39y 4mo 22da
Corwin, see Smith
Crawford, Ellen L., wife of Charles d. May 10, 1879 in 55th year
Creely, Hannah, w. of A.O. Creeley d. Jan. 1, 1880 ae. 58 yrs.
Crouch, George S.   Co. K, 111 Regt. NYV d. Apr. 18, 1913 ae. 79 yrs.
Crouch, Sarah Jane wife of George S. (See E-mail note below d. Jan. 18, 1881 ae 44yr 7mo 11da
Crouch, Edith Viola d. Mar. 18, 1874 ae. 1yr 1mo 7da
Crouch, Martha W. d. June 23, 1877 ae. 1yr 4mo 11da
Crouch, Eddie P. d. Sept. 18, 1868 ae.   1mo 27da
Dickerson,  Eleanor dau. of Mary & Day no date ae.    2mo 2da
Dodd, Elias   Co. E, 9th H.Art 1831-1905
Dodd, Fred d. Oct. 20, 1936 ae. 79
Dodd, Jephthah d. Jan.    1850 in 62nd year
Dodd, Mary A.  wife of Jephthah Dodd d. Sept. 30, 1872 ae. 76yr ___ 4da
Fritts, John d. Aug. 13, 1869 ae 71y 9mo 3da
Fritts, Henry d. Mar. 25, 1841 ae. 73y 12?mo 12da
Fritts, Elizabeth w of Henry Fritts d. Nov. 11, 1856 broken stone
Frits, Debby Ann  wife of George d. June 27, 1856 ae. 31 yrs.
Fuller, Wife  Rev. John (name missing) b. Sept. 6, 1817 d. Dec. 7, 1893
Gurnee, H. John d. May 11, 1884 ae. 71 yrs.
Gurnee, Lucinda  wife of H. John Gurnee b. Dec. 24, 1824 d.________
Children of H. John & Lucinda Gurnee:
Gurnee, Mary A. d. June 1, 1846 ae. 1y 4mo 15da
Gurnee, Alice I. d. May 10, 1850 ae. 1y 7mo 10da
Gurnee, Lewis H. d. Dec. 17, 1851 ae.      1mo  26da
Gurnee, Augustus L. d. Dec. 30, 1858 ae.      5mo  20da
Gurnee, Martha A. d. May 13, 1865 ae 19 yrs.
Gurnee See Lewis
Hays, George W. d. Apr. 16, 1884 ae 66y 7mo 8da
Holland, Thomas d. Aug. 15, 1876 ae. 87 yrs.
Holland, Hannah  wife of Thomas Holland d. Sept. 25, 1880 ae 77 yrs.
Holland, John  son of  "        " b. Feb. 8, 1831 d. Mar. 19, 1874
Holland, George son of  "     " d. June 19, 1861 ae. 28y 1mo 11da
Holland, William son of  "    " d. Nov. 1, 1857 ae. 28y 9mo 3da
Hunt, Rev. Nathan b. Aug. 15,  1812 d. Apr. 30, 1882
Hunt, Nancy wife of  "  " b. Mar. 5, 1809 d. Mar. 27, 1883
Leonard, Uxbane d. Sept. 1, 1849 ae. 12 yrs.
Loomis, Julia A. Gurnee d. May 21, 1876 in 60th year
McGuigan, Charles
Soldier of War of 1812
and son of  Michael McGuigan,
a soldier and officer in the
Revolutionary War.  
Erected by his
granddaughter, Minerva P.
Chamberlin  and nephew,
Charles Hall
d. Dec. 16, 1882 in 97th year
McGuigan Hannah w. of Charles McGuigan d. June 11, 1859 ae. 70y 9mo 19da
McGuigan Mary L. d. Oct. 1, 1863 ae. 20 yrs.
McGuigan Henry N. d. Apr. 7, 1878 ae. 71 yrs.
McGuigan see Young
McRavy (or McCravey), James 1818-1901
McRavy (or McCravey), Mary Ann  wife of James 1823-1898
McRavy (or McCravey), Charles son of   "  " d. Feb. 19, 1869 ae. 18 yrs.
Merritt, Maria Baker wife of
David Merritt
no more info
McRey, Benjamin d. Aug. 3, 1862 ae. 79 yrs.
McRey, Mary w of Benjamin d. Jan. 11, 18__ ae 73 yrs.
ODell, Thomas S. d. Mar. 24, 1895 ae. 25 yrs.
ODell, Bennie B. d. Aug. 19, 1888 ae 16yr 2mo 10da
Palmer, Ann Baker w. of Russell d. Aug.    1853 ae. 46 yrs.
Parr, Joseph son of Christopher H. and Sally d. May 21, 1848 ae. 20y 1mo 3da
Price, Lewis d. Apr. 27, 1879 ae. 81y 6mo 15da
Smith, George W.  Co.C, 169 Regt. 1835-1884
Smith, Mary E. Corwin w. of George W. 1839-1894
Smith, George son of   "    " d. Oct. 7, 1870 ae. 7y 9mo 5da
Tompkins, Joshua d. June 25, 1882 ae. 89y 3mo 21da
Tompkiins, Elizabeth L. w of Joshua d. Apr. 22, 1854 ae. 59y 3mo 3da
Tompkins, Peter d. Nov. 27, 1861 ae. 57y 9mo 3da
Tompkins, Elizabeth d. Nov. 28, 1868 ae. 67y 1mo 26da
Wager, Ezra b. Sept. 13, 1799 d. Sept. 15, 1884
Wager, Elizabeth H.  w of Ezra b. Aug. 24, 1803 d. Mar. 3, 1867
Wager, Hattie M. 1871-1890
Wager, Elias O. 1833-1918
Wager, Eliza J. w of Elias O. 1840-
Wager, Mary C. 1867-1890
Whitney, Sarah d. May 6, 1868 ae. 82y 10mo 0da
Young, Ella A. McGuigan w of S.W. Young d. June 13, 1875 ae. 22 yrs.
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Note: The listing for Sarah Jane CROUCH was previously listed on this website page as: Sarah Hane CROUCH. The E-mail message below cites this apparent transcription error.
Subject: Rensen/Renson;Dolley/Dawley
Sent: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 11:34 AM
Subject: Sarah Hane Crouch

Her name is Sarah Jane Bickel Crouch b. July 1837 Tompkins Co.,NYDau. of Christian and Sarah Pysher Bickal(Bickel) Christian Bickal  b. 1791 PA. d. 1859 Lansing, Tompkins Co.,NY
Sarah Jane Bickal/Bickel & George S. Crouch lived Kings Ferry, Town of Genoa, Cayuga Co.,NY He was in Civil War.  Had 5 Children: Maria, Fred, Arthur, Emma, Georgiana Augusta, Owen.  She d. Jan 18, 1881 m. George S. Crouch bef. 1855.
My grandmother was Georgiana Augusta Crouch m. Julius Socrates Eastman. Lived in Oneida Co.,NY where they are buried in Augusta Cem., Knoxboro, Town of Augusta, Oneida Co.,NY
Is there a way to change the name Sarah Hane to Sarah Jane Bickel/Bickal Crouch.?
George S. Crouch m. 2) Carrie Parr Graham Sept. 01, 1881, widow of Daniel Graham d. Feb.10,1877,Lakeridge, Cayuga Co.,NY.She was dau. of Christopher and Mary S. King Parr.
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