Chesebrough Burials

(Town of Genoa,NY) #71

Cemetery on Pine Hollow Road.  Located on North Side of road between Rt. 90 and Goodrich Hill Road.  

There is a wooded area, perhaps 200' by 50', almost impenetrable.  The ground is covered with myrtle; but bushes, small trees and long-thorned brambles make it just about impossible to take a step.  I found only one stone and that was as clear as the day it was carved - this was the Chesebrough stone.  Mrs. Coulson visited here at a different time of the year and found the others.  There is evidence of other graves, and some field stone markers are visible.

Mable Crosby, 1966

Chesebrough, In memory of Betsy, Wife of Abel Chesebrough d. July 8, 1813 aged 41 yrs.

Palmer, Claresa, wife of Ellis Palmer, Jun. d. Dec. 7, 1825 ae 28y 8mo.

Stevens, James d. Sept. 12, 1865 ae 74y 5mo

Stevens, _______ ? wife of James d. Dec. _, 1859 ae 50y 9mo.

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