Morgan or Old Sharpsteen Cemetery

1 miles E. and 1/2 ? mile S of Genoa Village, NY      Lot 19

These records are taken from th Skilton Collection at Cornell University.  Transcripts are available at the Cayuga County Historian's Office and were transcribed for the NYGenWeb Project in June 1999 by Susan Corcoran

Carpenter, Elisha	April 24, 1887	60 years	`	

Carver, John		Sept. 12,1842	54y 6mo 27da		

Carver, Martin		June 3, 1846	15y 7mo 4da	son of John and Debby

Carver, Sarah Elizabeth	March 4, 1838	0y 6mo 15da		

Hewitt, Amos		Jan. 20, 1800	25 years		

Morgan, Ephriam		no dates			

Morgan, Mary		March 13, 1838	67 yrs		

Morgan, Phebe		no dates				

Morgan, Polly		Sept. 21, 1893				

Sharpsteen, Stephen	May 1, 1845	56yr 11mo 13da		

Sharpsteen, Mary	March 16, 1843	in 55th year	wife of Stephen Sharpsteen

Sharpsteen, John I	April 27, 1838	17y 7mo 7da	son of Mary & Stephen Sharpsteen

Sharpsteen, Stephen S.	Feb. 8, 1842	8y 7mo 4da	son of Mary & Stephen Sharpsteen

Sharpsteen, Leonard N.	July 10, 1837	20 y 8mo 4da		

Young, Stephen S.	Feb. 21, 1846	0y 2mo 2da	son of S & F


Thanks to Kathy Decker for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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