Wilcox Cemetery

(Town of Genoa, NY)  #69
Cayuga County, NY - South of Genoa on Route 34

This listing of burials was transcribed from records provided by the Luther Research Center at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society.  The records on this website page were typed by Anita Sharpsteen.  An alternate listing of burials contained in this cemetery were provided by Mary Wilcox Ackles and can be viewed by clicking HERE

ALYARD, ANDREW son of Joseph & Eliza			d. Jul. 8, 1838 ae 3-8-4

ARMSTRONG, BENONI d. E. Venice He came from Goshen	d. Sep. 20, 1811

UPSON, LUTHER						1840-1910

UPSON, ANN his wife					1830-1905

UPSON, MARY E. wife of Luther Upson			d. May 26, 1882 in her 54 year

UPSON, CLARA E. dau. of Luther and Mary E. Upson	d. Aug. 17, 1880 ae 2-6-15

UPSON, EVELYN dau. of Chas. & Lucy Upson 		ae 3mos 7 da

UPSON, CHARLOTTE A. dau. of Chas. & Lucy Upson		1896-1901

UPSON, STANLEY R. son of C.E. & L.V. Upson		1907-1916

UPSON, MARY A.						1850-1911

FAULKNER, TRUMAN P. 					d. Aug. 3, 1849 ae 48y 8mo

FAULKNER, ANNA wife of Truman P. Faulkner		d. May 10, 1858 ae 55-8-4

LANE, PETER 						d. Jul. 5, 1864 in his 79 yr

LANE, DEBORAH wife of Peter Lane			d. May 19, 1869 in her 84 yr

LANE, JARVIS, son of Peter & Deborah Lane		d. May 25, 1828 ae 11-11-23

HOUSER, RACHEL wife of Jacob Houser			d. Apr. 13, 1845 ae 23-7-13

SPENCER, ABIGAIL wife of Daniel Spencer			d. Feb. 14, 1837 ae 38y 11mo

WARREN, TILLIE 						d. Jan. 25, 1896 at Locke, NY 

							b. Aug. 18, 1854 at New York City

WILLISON, WM.						d. Jan. 24, 1836 ae 84y 9 da

WILLISON, ESTHER BOWKER					d. Apr. 23, 1836 ae 74y 1mo 14 da

The following inscriptions were copied by L.L.L. years ago in a book immediately

following those of the WILCOX cemetery, but it was not believed that cemetery

was that large, and the inscriptions of wife Chloe and son of Norton Stout

herewith raises a question as some remembered Norton Stout as living across

the valley east of Locke; and he and a wife Julia are buried in the Bird

Cemetery at Locke. Chloe may have been a first wife and buried in this cemetery.

WILLSON, FLOY(?) ANNA “Our Treasure Girl”		1887-1896

UPSON, DAVID						1802-1891

UPSON, ESTHER his wife					1807-1888

LANE, EZRA S.						d. Nov. 27, 1898 b. Jan. 14, 1824

LANE, BETSY A. wife of E. S. Lane			d. Sep. 4, 1878 ae 44-4-11

LANE, FRANK W. son of E.S. & B.A. Lane			d. May 28, 1871 b. May 2, 1869

FULLER, POLLY wife of Nathan Fuller			d. Aug. 1, 1828 ae 32-1-1

DeCAMP, BETSEY wife of Wesley DeCamp			d. Mar. 1, 1854 ae 26-11-1

DeCAMP, DEBORAH M. wife of Wesley DeCamp		d. May 23, 1896, ae 71yrs

WILLIAMS (one double marker)				

MARY wife of George Williams				d. Dec. 21, 1864 ae ____;

ANNIE wife of George Williams				d. Oct. 22, 1866 ae 67yrs

GEORGE 							d. May 18, 1884 ae 90-6-26

WILLIAM son of George & Mary Williams			d. Mar. 29, 1847 ae 17-10-10

STOUT, CHLOE wife of Norton Stout			d. Oct. 23, 1844 ae 28-11-20

STOUT, ELNATHAN son of Norton & Chloe Stout		d. Jul. 26, 1844 ae 11mo 6 da

RASMUSSEN, JAMES					d. Apr. 1, 1883 ae 51y 28 da

RASMUSSEN, RACHEL A. wife of James J. Rassmussen	d. Dec. 31, 1890 ae 41-2-9

RASMUSSEN, ELMER M. son of J.J. & R.A. Rassmussen	d. Feb. 17, 1872 ae 9mo 21 da

Thanks to Anita Sharpsteen for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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