Pine Hollow

(Town of Genoa, NY)  #68

Cemetery located near and south of a place called “Pine Hollow” on the Moravia Quadrangle, U.S. Geological Map, on Rt. 90, about 700 feet from the road, on the west side, on about a 20 foot rise.

“This cemetery is about 100' x 50', entirely fenced in with wire, although we were able to crawl over one spot where a post was down. The gate was wired together and a small tree blocked the gate anyway. The ground was covered with myrtle, there were many woodchuck holes, some graves sunken two feet, and we discovered we were walking on headstones completed covered with a mat of myrtle and sod which was difficult to remove by hand. Doubtless, we missed some stones because of this. There were a few stones with nothing on them and a couple entirely eroded or broken up.” (Copied Oct. 1962 by A. Moe and M. Crosby)

CLOSE, HENRY “Our Father”			d. Oct. 31, 1873 b. Dec. 10, 1795

CLOSE, DAVID					d. Apr. 30, 1851 ae 46y 10mo 29da

CLOSE, MAHALA					d. Jan. 4, 1843 in the 43rd yr. of her age

						C.W.C. footstone

ENGLEHART, IDA ANN w. of J.D. Englehart		d. Aug. 9, 1894 b. Nov. 7, 1858

FERRIS, AHASUERUS				d. Apr. 14, 1824 ae 73y 11mo 23 da

FERRIS, ANOAN w. of Ahasuerus			d. Mar. 20, 1837 ae 79y 9mo 7da

FERRIS, LEMUEL					d. Oct. 4, 1863 ae 76y 11mo 3 da

FERRIS, ANNA					d. Oct. 30, 1863 ae 70y 1mo 9 da

						M.V.F. footstone near the above

FERRIS, LUCINDA in memory of dau. of Samuel & Ruth Ferris

						d. Feb. 23, 1826 ae 7 weeks

FERRIS, NATHANIEL son of Samuel & Ruth Ferris	d. Nov. 14, 1824 ae 5mo 9 da

M.E.G. footstone

H. G. footstone

HOW, DERIUS					d. Apr. 5, 1827 ae 30 yrs

HOWE, SARAH w. of Ebenezer			d. Dec. 8, 1842 ae 66 yrs

HOWE, WILLIAM					d. Sep. 7, 1872 ae 63y 1mo 11 da*

HOWELL, EMALINE w. of James Howell		d. Apr. 30, 1843 ae 25y 3mo 22 da

HOWELL, ALBERT M. son of J. & E. Howell		d. Apr. 22, 1844 ae 4 yrs

S.H. sandstone slab

JOHNSON, BARTHANA w. of Isaac			d. Jul. 1, 1846 ae 63y 2mo 16 da

footstones: B.J., I.J., L.J.

Also near the above was

TURNER, SYLVESTER son of Benj. & Barthena Turner	

						d. Oct. 12, 1814

JOHNSON, CHARLES				d. May 30, 1855 ae 35y 11 da

JOHNSON, PERRY son of Charles & Sophronia	d. Jan. 5, 1854 ae 10y 21 da

JOHNSON, WM. C.					d. Oct. 25, 1856 ae 45y 5mo 16 da

LOCKWOOD CATHERINE				d. Feb. 2, 1876 ae 67yrs

LOCKWOOD, BETSEY				d. June 4, 1882 ae 87yrs

LOCKWOOD, ICHABOD				d. Nov. 29, 1851 ae 79y 11mo 2 da

LOCKWOOD AMEY					d. Dec. 27, 1851 ae 79y 11mo 2 da

LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL H. son of Samuel & Harriet E. Lockwood

						d. Apr. 14, 1843 ae 14y 9mo*

MEAD, SABRA ANN dau. of James & Sabra Mead	d. Aug. 30, 1828 ae 6y 5mo 5 da

MEAD, SENECA son of James & Sabra Mead		d. Feb. 14, 1843 ae 1mo 28 da*

NILES, NATHAN					nothing more

NILES, MARIA A. his wife			d. Feb. 24, 1889 ae 79 “Mothe”

NILES, EMILLINE dau. of Nathan & Mariah Niles	d. Feb. 24, 1847 ae under ground

NILES, JOSEPHINE				d. Apr. 7, 1842 ae 5 mo

PEARSALL, SARAH M. dau. of Wait & Polly		d. Mar. 22, 1861 ae 1y 3mo 9da

STEWARTSON, C.					d. Oct. 27, ________ (homemade stone)

STEWARTSON, H.					d. Apr. 27, 1821 (homemade stone)

TURNER, see Johnson

L.A.W. footstone


LOCKWOOD, JONATHAN 				May 18, 1859 ae 13-9-26

HOWE, WILLIAM 					d. Sept. 7, 1872 ae 63-1-11

MEAD, ISRAEL Rev. soldier 			d. Mar. 26, 1851 (or 7?) ae 91-0-8

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