Maycumber Family Cemetery
Mason Burial
Smith Family Cemetery

Maycumber Family Cemetery
Town of Aurelius

Located on Basswood Rd,. 1/2 mile N of Clark st. Rd. - west side of road.

ATWATER,	Mehetabel 			d. Nov. 22, 1847 ae 86 y
HARVEY, 	Thomas M. son of Henry and 	d. Apr. 9, 1865 ae 2 y 9m 
		Amanda Harvey
HAYWARD, 	Infant dau. of A.B. &W.C. 	d. July 11, 1866 ae 7 d
HAYWARD, 	mother of Ben Hayward - removed to Soule Cem. before 1921. Had been buried 32 years.
MAYCUMBER, 	Richmond 			d. Oct. 27, 1884 ae 86 y 0 m 29 d
MAYCUMBER, 	Mary A. 1st w of " 		d. July 13, 1867 ae 61 y 1 m
MAYCUMBER, 	Sarah 2nd w of " 		d. Nov. 18, 1876 ae 65 yrs
MAYCUMBER, 	Mary A. dau of James 		d. Nov. 20, 1863 ae 2 y 7 m 13 d
		& Mary
McLACHLAN, 	Robert W. 			d. Feb. 18, 1874 ae 28 y 1 m 3 d
		(on Maycumber Lot)
OLMSTEAD, 	William son of Ami & Mary 	d. Aug. 21, 1840 ae 5 m 20 d
OLMSTEAD, 	Noah son of Ira S. & 		d. July 26, 1849 ae 5 y 10 d
OLMSTEAD, 	Sarah P. dau " " " 		d. Sept. 29, 1844 ae 1 y 6 m
SMITH, 		Moses 				d. May 25, 1815 ae 96 y 4 m 11 d
SMITH, 		Chloe 				d. Feb. 20, 1812 ae 58 y 2 m 18 d

Mason Burial

Cemetery off Rt. 326, corner of Benham and Chamberlain Rds on the right hand side going west.  Deed tells where this is but could find only one broken stone under the tree.  The one remaining stone:

Infant of Daniel & Catherine Mason who died July 19, 1838

Copied by Pauline Cukendall, 1963

Smith Cemetery

The following Smith burials are in a small stone walled enclosure on a farm on Lot 53 in Aurelius, directly S of Stony Pitch Rd, back in field. (Skilton says, "Not far from Crossroads Cemetery.")  Stoney Pitch Rd., now named Lime Kilm Road - is directly south of Lime Kiln Road on what is now the Harold Hoskins Farm (1972). Trees were planted in 2 rows which would line the driveway to the road (to be extended) thinking it would some day become a larger cemetery.

*1st generation

SMITH, 		Seth 			d. Oct. 9, 1845 ae 83 y 2 m 11 d
TUBB, 		Lydia, wife of ", 	d. Aug. 19, 1947 ae 81 y 4 m 12 d

*2nd generation

SMITH, 		Worthington 		d. July 26, 1867 in 73rd year
SMITH, 		Mrs. Worthington 	d. Sept. 26, 1871 b. Sept. 7, 1788

SHEARMAN, Dorinda dau of Seth and d. Dec. 11, 1823 ae 34 y 20 d Lydia Smith, w of Dr. Jonathan (Note: This name & date also n Crossroad Cemetery, Town of Springport. M. Crosby) SMITH, Joe d. Sept. 7, 1818 ae 21 y 2 m 20 d SMITH, Hiram d. Mar. 12, 1840 ae 37 y 5 m 21 d SMITH, Lyman d. Nov. 13, 1883 b. Apr. 21, 1808 , Melissa B. (*Mellisa)wife of " d. Feb. 4, 1890 b. Feb. 26, 1824 *3rd and last generation SMITH, Herbert E. only son of Lyman d. Jan. 31, 1869 ae 12 y 2 m 20 d & Mellisa Note: Mrs. Norma Bilak visited this cemetery in 1968 and found an additional stone: SMITH, Seth d. Aug 13, 1847 ae 53 y 1 m 13 d

* Information from an article written by Mr. O'Hara, of Aurelius.

Note:  These burial records were originally compiled in the early 1960's as part of a project by Local Historians and Members of the Owasco, NY Chapter of the D.A.R.  The 1960s countywide cemetery burial inventory was often just a transcription of names & dates found on legible headstones.  Thus, the listings may not include any burials after about 1964.  There also may be additional burial or record information not cited on this website page because headstones were missing, not legible or records could not be found.  Copies of the burial listings found on this website page came from the 1960s Cayuga County NY cemetery burial roster project and were obtained courtesy of the Cayuga County NY Historian's Office.   Thanks to Heidi Petty for transcribing these records into a digital format.

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