Sand Beach Cemetery
A.K.A. Owasco Lake Cemetery

( Town of Fleming, NY ) #55

Today, the cemetery area located behind (south-west) of the former Sand Beach Church building in Fleming NY appears to be one single medium-sized cemetery.  Actually, the cemetery area directly behind (south-west) of the former Sand Beach Church building is comprised of three separate cemetery land parcels.  Directly behind the former church, along West Lake Road, is a very small (26 feet wide) cemetery area that was owned and maintained by the Protestant Dutch Church At The Owasco Outlet (also known as: Sand Beach Reformed Church) until December 1950.

A small section further south-west (now in the apparent northwest corner and also the middle of the cemetery area behind the former church) was originally owned by The Owasco Cemetery Association and also was commonly known as the Sand Beach Cemetery or Owasco Lake Cemetery.  In December 1950, The Reformed Dutch Church Of Owasco Outlet deeded their ownership title for the small 26-foot wide area still owned by the church; to also become owned by The Owasco Lake Cemetery Association.

Adjacent, further south-west, from the Owasco Lake Cemetery Association land parcels was another small cemetery land parcel originally owned by: Lake View Cemetery Association.

In December 1974, the Lake View Cemetery Association deeded title for their cemetery land parcel to become owned by: The Town Of Fleming NY

All of the assets of the Owasco Lake Cemetery Association, including both the former Sand Beach Cemetery and Owasco Lake Cemetery land parcels, were also deeded to: the Town of Fleming NY in August 1978.   As a result, the entire area of the cemetery located directly behind the former Sand Beach Church building in Fleming NY is now owned and maintained by the Town Of Fleming (NY).

(These records were taken directly from the headstones in 1963. Compared with Skilton records taken some thirty years before and made some additions from these which are noted. M. Crosby) *1966 additions from Mrs Kenneth Coulson

ADAMS, Silas   				1817-1899   "Father"
	Mary Warring w of Silas   	1819-1887   "Mother"
	Skilton has sons of Silas and Mary:
		Cassius M.		1843-1858
		Merton E.		1841-1860                  
		Vincent B.		1889-1890
ADAMS, Eugene   			1862-1936   "Eugene"
	Lois M. w of Eugene   		1876-1939   "Lois"
ADRIANCE, Jacob   (mon.)   		1781-1854   "Father"
	Elizabeth H. w of Jacob   	1785-1828   "Mother"
	Aurilla w of Jacob   		1797-1881   "Aurilla"
	Children of Jacob and Aurilla:
		WILLIS, Elizabeth A.   	1836-1916   "Elizabeth"
		ADRIANCE, John   	1832-1833   "John"
	(Also a sep. hs. for Aurilla, w of Jacob Adriance, d. Nov. 27, 1881 ae 84 years.)
ADRIANCE, Edward   			d. Jan 16, 1884   b. Apr. 18, 1814
	Eliza CHAMBERLAIN   		d. May 11, 1880 b. Sept. 28, 1817
	Mary Libbie, dau of Edward & Eliza Adriance   d. Aug 31, 1855 ae 4y 2mo 22da
ADIANCE, Sally (Sk. CRAIN), w of Edward Adriance d. Oct. 19, 1844 ae 31y 3mo 25da
ADRIANCE, George   (mon.)   		1834-1889   "George"
	Emeline K. w of George   	1836-1918   "Emeline"
KNAPP, Elizabeth   			1834-1894   "Elizabeth"
ADRIANCE, John K. (mon. on lot next to above)   1835-1908   "John"
	Luzina w of John   *(nee POST)  1841-1904   "Luzina"
	George A.   			1875-1949   "George"
	M. Emma ALGER w of George   	1876-1930    "Emma"
	Cornelius   			d. Dec. 15, 1879 ae 71 yrs
	Emoline w of Cornelius   	d. Mar. 31, 1893 ae 79 yrs
	Also a hs. with above mon.:
		ADRIANCE, "Our darling," infant son of John K. & Luzena Adriance
   					d. Apr. 1, 1874
AMES, Clark A.   			1828-1900, *Nov. 21 ae 72 y 7 mo
	Charity VAN TUYLE w of Clark   	1826-1893
ARNOLD, George    			1880-
	Camilla   			1880-1943
BAME, William H. (mon.)   		d. July 24, 1860 b. Apr. 30, 1795
	Nyrhena w of William   		d. Sept. 22, 1872 b. Sept. 29, 1800
	Uriah H.   			d. Sept. 27(22), 1864   b. Nov. 18, 1834
	Eddy I.   son of Uriah H. & Corrinia Bame   d. Mar. 11, 1862 ae 1 yr
	(Skil. has in addition, children of Nyrhena Bame:)
	Garret H.   			d. Mar. 10, 1831   b. Oct. 26, 1829
	Helen H.   			d. Sept. 15, 1833   b. Jan. 5, 1833
	Rozena H.   			d. Mar. 24, 1841   b. Nov. 27, 1840
	George W.   			d. Jan. 7, 1844   b. Sept. 18, 1842
JENKINS, John W.   			d. Dec. 15, 1898   b. June 26, 1820
	Lavinia J. w of John   		d. June 21, 1847 ae 26 y 2 mo
	Helen J. daught. of J.W. & L.J. d. Sept. 6, 1847 ae 3 mo 14 da
     	   (On bottom of mon., under John W. Jenkins, "Buried at Dutch Flat, Calif.") 
   	    (Skil.note:  Lavinia J. was dau. of H. and Nyrhena Bames.)
	With the above monument were hss:
JENKINS, Lavinia Jane, w of John W. Jenkins and dau of W. H. & Nyrhena BAME,
					d. June 21, 1847 ae 26 y 2 mo
	Helen Jane, dau of _____? JENKINS
	and a broken baby stone, prob. Eddy I.
BENNETT, Frederick   			1796-1857   "F.B."
	Abigail SISSON w of Frederick   1809-1893  
	(Skil. says:  "Came to Auburn in 1814 from Sheffield, Mass.")
	Asahel P. *from his will   	d. June 11, *1840 in 87th yr
	Sarah w of Asahel    		d. Aug. 11, 1851 in 91st yr of her ae
BENNETT, Daniel *Prob not related to A.P.   	d. Oct. 31, 1881 ae 86y 16da
BENNETT, Clark F.   			1844-1888   "Father"
	Florence A. GROVER   		1851-1888   "Mother"
BERGEN, Samuel B.   			d. Aug 26, 1869 ae 74 yrs
	Mary G. w of Samuel   		d. Jan. 1, 1869 ae 70 yrs
BODY, Arthur J.   			b. Feb. 19, 1890   d. July 14, 1952    	"Father"
	Fannie M.   			b. Feb. 21, 1893   d. Mar. 1, 1952    	"Mother"
	Eugene M.   			b. Feb. 11, 1933   d. Jan. 25, 1947   	"Son"
	Arthur J., Jr.  		b. Feb 2, 1918   d. Feb. 15, 1918
	(This was a quadruple mrkr with sep. hss for each and might come
	under Lake View.)
BOGART, Raymond M.   				1911-1956
	Margaret A.   				1910-
BREWSTER, Arthur (mon.)   			1850-1880
	Lynn   					1873-1885
	Addie w of I.J. Hubbard    		1854-1917
	sep. mrkr for:
		HUBBARD, Isaac   Co. A, 111th Reg. N.Y.V.   1842-1920
BRINKERHOFF, Maryette (mon.)   			1836-1905   "Mary"
	James Albert, her son   		1861-1928   "Albert"
	Mary Evalena, her dau.   		1866-1906 (1903)    "Lena"
	Also matching hss.:  "Dorothy;" "Father;" "H.D.   1909"
BROAD, Richard   				d. Feb. 26, 1911   b. Sept. 2, 1820
	Elizabeth ORR   w of Richard   		d. May 6, 1914   b. Oct. 12 (17), 1820
	Carrie E. w of Richard T. Broad, Co. L, 5th Kan. Vol. Cav.  
	   					July 22, 1917 ae 54 yrs
see Wm. CLARK
BROKAW, John B.   				d. Jan. 22, 1855 ae 83y 2mo 15da "JBB"
	Idah w of John (Skil:  Idah B. POST)   	d. June 2 (7), 1849 ae 66y 10mo "JB"
	Mr. Benjamin   				d. Apr. 27, 1815 ae 72 yrs   "B.B."
BROOKS, Wm. C.   				d. Dec. 17, 1845 in *55th yr   
						[was 54 in 1845 when he wrote will]
BROWN, Orcelia A.   				1852-1928
BROWN, Duncun   				1888-19__
	Martha V.   				1889-1958
BURNETT, George   				1823-1900    "G.B."
	Sophronia w of George   		1823-1877
	Sarah E. Harmon w of George   		1840-1934   "S.E.B."
BURNS, David (mon.)   				1843-1878
	Jane w of David   			1848-1917
	Their children:
		Emma (on mon.)    		1868-1893 (96)
		Lila   				1870-1886 (85)
		George   			1873-1903
		Also sep. hss. for:
BURNS,  David   Co. E, 75th N.Y.V.   		d. Sept. 17, 1878 ae 35 yrs   GAR
BURNS, George F.   U.S. Navy "U.S.S. Franklin"  1873-1903
CARPENTER, Ann w of Wm. H.   			d. June 9, 1856 ae 39y (& 5 mo)
CARRINGTON, Emma S. Samson, w of Orrin Carrington   "Mother"
						d. Feb. 1, 1878 ae 39y 1mo 4da
CLARK, William   				d. June 16, 1883   b. Nov 12, 1817
	Mary DYE w of William   		d. Mar. 8, 1899   b. Nov. 26, 1819
	(above on lot with Richard Broad)
CLARK, Margaret   			d. Mar. 22, 1862 ae 70y & 22 days   "M.C."
CLARK, Jane   					1816-1908
CLARK, Emma   					1870-1961
COLE see last page
COX, Zachariah (Masonic)   		d. Mar. 13, (1818) [rest is underground]   "Z.C."
COX, William Cleveland   		d. Aug. 25, 1913   b. Jan. 20, 1846
	Jennie Mills   			d. Sept. 12, 1931   b. Dec. 20, 1848
TEN EYCK, Mary Remsen w of James R. Cox   d. Feb. 20, 1907   b. June 20, 1821
COX, James Richards   			d. July 24, 1910   b. Jan. 15, 1821
COX, William Cowpot   			d. May 12, 1882   ae 58 yrs   GAR
	also with Cox
SANDERSON, Sidney Cleveland   		d. Sept. 5, 1887   b. Aug. 2, 1874   "Cleve"
TEN EYCK, Peter Henery   		son of Conrad & Rebecca Ten Eyck   
					d. Jan. 30, 1817 ae 5 months (& 12 days)
CRAWFORD, Charles N. (mon.)   		d. May 18, 1890   b. Aug. 24, 1819   "Father"
	Laura A. w of Charles   	d. Mar. 18, 1895   b. June 13, 1821   "Mother"
	Eugene   				1852-1905   "Eugene"
	Ida w of Eugene   			1855-1938   "Ida"
	Eva E. w of Eugene Crawford & dau of George and A. Post
					d. Oct. 11, 1877 ae 23y 3mo 12da   "Eva"
CURTIS, Edgar R.   				1865-1955
DE GROFF, Jeremiah (mon.)   			1807-1892   "Father"
	Phebe SPANGLER w of Jeremiah   		1809-1892   "Mother"
	Maria wife of John CASLER   		1838-1876   "Maria"
	Margaret   				1832-1833
DE GROFF, Abraham (mon.)   		d. May 8, 1880   b. May 30, 1817   "Abraham"
	also with above a hs. "Elizabeth"
DE GROFF, John   			d. Sept. 3, 1858   b. Oct. 26, 1818
DE GROFF, John H. (triple mrkr)   		1838-1921
	Eunice A. w of John   			1847-1881
	William H.   				1874-19__
DE GROFF, Wm. (mon.)   				1820-1889
	Helen Holmes w of William   		1826-1907
	George B.   			d. Apr. 16, 1874 ae 25y 7m 2da "Geo. B."
	Jennie   			d. may 10, 1874 ae 19y 10m 2da   "Jennie"
		son and dau of Wm. & H. De Groff
DE HART, Minnie M.   		d. Nov. 22, 1881 ae 6 y 24da   (This is a Skil. record)
DELAND, Ray T.   				1896-1958
	Hazel I.   				1903-_____
DONNELLY, Edward   				1850-1918   (Skilton)
	Amanda J. w of Edward   		1854-____ (records)
DOTY - MOE monument
DOTY, Reuben   				d. July 5, 1840 ae 66 yrs
	Gertrude w of Reuben   		d. Dec. 20, 1869 ae 81 yrs
MOE, Rana M.   				d. Mar. 12, 1881 ae 66 yrs
DOTY, William H.   			1833-1901   "Father"
	Mary A.    			1835-1907   "Mother"
	Lena   				1871-1915   (IHN)   "Lena"
DUCK, Thomas L.   			1890-1958
	Gertrude A.   			1885-19__   *(d. ca 1962-64)
DUNCAN, Amanuel W. (mon.)   		1797-1876   "Father"
	Elizabeth CRONKRITE w of Amanuel   1804-1876   "Mother"
	Almira w of Henry McDonald   	1840-1899   "Almira"
FARMER, James O. (mon.)   		d. Apr. 26, 1848 ae 2y 5mo 1da
	Laura A.   			d. Jan. 14, 1846 ae 16 (18) yr 11mo 6da
	Augustus N. was killed on the Golena and Ill. R.R.
	   				d. Sept. 12, 1857 ae 26y 6mo 6da
FARMER, Joseph   			d. Feb. 11, 1856 ae 59y 7mo 14da
	(Skil. notes Joseph's stone was "Erected by A.N. Farmer in memory of his father")
FILKINS, Abraham   			d. Aug. 16, 1851 ae 50y 2mo 20da
FIRTH, Arthur   				1878-____
	Annie M.   				1879-1961
FISHER, Henry (Skil. record)   		d. Sept. 28, 1889 ae 61y 7mo 9da
FLACK, Albert E., Jr.   		d. Feb. 11, 1958   b. Mar. 18, 1918 (Moose)
FOOTE, Martha D.   				1855-1942   "M.D.F."
FRIES, Adam   				D. jUNE 12, 1862   B. mAR. 4, 1800   "a.f."
	Elizabeth widow of Adam 	d. Jan. 26, 1839 in 75th yr of her ae
	Adam, in mem. of,   		d. Dec. 27, 1826 ae 69y 10mo
FRIES, Jacob B.   			d. Mar. 26, 1884 ae 88 (80) yrs
	Catherine w of Jacob   		d. Jan. 5, 1848 ae 35y 3mo 2da   "C.F."
	Victoria C. w of M.V. Brown   	d. Oct. 17, 1864 ae 26 yrs
	John   				d. May 16, 1861 ae 70y & 4mo   "J.F."
	Elizabeth w of John    		d. July 7, 1850   b. Dec. 14, 1799   "E.F."
BOGART, Jacob (with above)   		d. Dec. 19, 1822* ae 50y 8mo 1da   "J.B."
FRIES, Adam    				d. Aug 21, 1889   b. May 4, 1816   
						(Skil. ae 73y 3mo 7da)
	Eunice HILL w of Adam   		1816-1894
	also hs. "Baby"
FRIES, David   				d. Sept. 15, 1875   b. Feb. 25, 1789   
						(Skil. ae 86y 6mo 21da)
	Hannah A. (Anna A.), dau of David & Elizabeth FRIES
	   				d. June 14, 1866   b. Jan. 27, 1827  
						(Skil.:ae 39y 4mo 18da)
	Elizabeth PEER w of David Fries	d. Dec. 21, 1873   b. Apr. 19, 1792  
						(Skil: ae 81y 8mo 2da)
KING, Willie F., Jr. (with above)  	d. July 29, 1861  b. July 26, 1861
FULLER, John A.   				1882-____
	Grace NYE w of John   			1887-1953
GATES, Jennie M.   1861-1921   (on lot with Eugene Adams)
	Vincent G.?
GILBERT, Eben   (mon.)   			1808-1890   "Eben"
	Jane POST w of Eben   			1818-1895   "Jane"
	Marian J.   				1843-1924    "Marian"
	Seth   					1764-1833
	Sarah DURFEE w of Seth   		1772-1863(68)   "Sarah"
PERRY, Frank   					1851-1925   "Frank"
	Augusta PETERSON w of Frank    		1852-1897   "Augusta"
GLANVILLE, ARTHUR (mon.)   			1870-1957
	Annie   				1874-1959
GREGORY, Zadoc (mon.)   		d. Sept. 18, 1875 ae 76 yrs
	Maritta *nee GILBERT w of Zadoc   	1800-June 14, 1885   
	   *dau. of Seth GILBERT and Sally DURPHY
BAKER, Olivia   			d. May 3, 1877 ae 81 yrs
GREGORY, Richard (mon.)   		d. May 31, 1891 ae 74y 9mo 11da   "Father"
	Maria w of Richard   		d. Dec. 18, 1883 ae 62y 6mo   "Mother"
	Charles O.    				1851-1926   "Charles"
	Edith C. w of Charles   		1854-1941   "Edith"
HAINES, Stephen   				1806-1877
	Phebe Thomas w of Stephen   		1807-1889
	Nancy   dau of Stephen & Phebe d. Jan. 1, 1831 ae 3(13) yrs
	Laura (Sara) Ann dau of Stephen & Phebe   d. Mar. 21, 1832 ae 18y 2da
HAINES, George A.  (same lot)   		1881-1942
	Lydia J.   				1884-____
HAINES, Austin   Co. E, 3rd N.Y.L. Art.   	1833-1909   GAR
	Anna w of Austin   			1844-1928
HANES, Frank P. (on lot with ")   		1876-1928
	Leila M.   				1874-1874
	Stephen   				1870-1870
HALL, Caleb   		d. Apr. 21, 1837 ae 78y 6mo 20da   (Skil: b. Sept. 29, 1758)
	(Also Skil. has in DAR pensioner records.)  Inscription reads, "Here rests my 
	   lovely Father, ....."
	Ezekiel   			d. Aug. 8, 1863 ae 78y 5mo 9da   "E.H.
	Mary   				d. Apr. 16(11), 1863 ae 78(79)y 9mo 7da
CARVER, Jeptha   			d. Mar. 27, 1873 ae 71y 10mo 15da   "JC"
	Amy (Mary) E. w of Jeptha   	d. Jan. 16, 1890   b. Apr. 14, 1807
WALKER, Henry E. son of Henry & Harriet Walker (with Hall)
					d. Jan. 22, 1850 ae 8mo 24da   "H.E.W."
	(Skil. has Mary E. Hall, w of Jeptha, b. Mar. 12, 1807   d. June 6, 1890)
HAMILL, John   					1887-1957
HARMON, Winslow L.   				1832-1890      (probably both
	Mary J. LESTER w of Winslow     	1835-1890	killed in accident)
		"Killed at N.Y.C. RR Weedsport, N.Y.   July 19, 1890
	Alice   dau of  above    		1860-1863
HARMON, John (mon.)   				1764-1854
	John S.   				1838-1912   "John S."
	Alice C.    				1851-1937   "Alice C."
	Leonard D.   			d. July 1, 1879   b.Dec. 16, 1802   "Father"
	Charlotte STRYKER w of Leonard  d. July 23, 1899   b. Mar. 30, 1812 "Mother"
	Emma J.   			d. Aug. 22, 1848   b. Aug 21, 1845   "Emma"
	Reese K.   			d. Jan. 7, 1852   b. Dec. 12, 1847   "Reese"
	James M.   			d. Apr. 3, 1863   b. May 4, 1835   "James"
		children of L.D. & C. Harmon
SPAFFORD, M. Everett (dbl mrkr on above lot)   	1858-1929   Masonic
	Eva A. Harmon w of Everett   		1853-1937
HARMON, L.D. (mon. also on above)   		1865-1951   "Father"
	Emma J. MOTT w of L.D.   		1867-1943   "Mother"
HYNES, Corydon (mon.)   GAR   		d. Jan. 29, 1883 ae 54y 4mo   "Father"
	Mary E. w of Corydon   			1830-1918   "Mother"
	Charles P.   			d. Feb. 1, 1875 ae 17(11)y 1mo   "Charles"
	    "Our beloved son."
HLADICK, Mina S.   				1873-1954
HOAGLAND, Thomas (mon.)   		d. July 28, 1840 ae 42 yrs    "T.H."
	Ida VAN LIEW   			d. Sept. 14, 1863 ae 57 yrs   "I.V.H."
	Mary Ann   			d. Apr. 4, 1832 ae 5 yrs   "M.A.H."
	Lettie   			d. May 19, 1838 ae (3 yrs)    "L.H."
	Children of T. & I. Hoagland
POST, Anna   				d. Dec. 9, 1919   b. Apr. 23, 1858
HOAGLAND, Cassius C.   			d. Dec. 24, 1914   b. Aug. 24, 1858
HOAGLAND, Alfred (hs. with above) 	d/Oct. 4, 1890 ae 59 yrs   "A.H."
HOLMES, Sarah Jane   			d. Nov. 12, 1855 ae 32y 6mo 15da
	another hs. here, unmarked
HOMMEL, Andrew   				1884-1956
POTTS, Ada   					1866-1953
HUNTER, Stephen (mon.)   		d. July 11, 1884   b. Aug. 26, 1831   "Father"
	Jane   				d. Sept. 24, 1921   b. Aug. 12, 1834   "Mother"
	Freddie Eugene   son of Stephen & Jane D. Hunter   d. Apr. 9, 1880
						ae 11y 3mo 27da
	Mary Victoria   dau of Stephen & Jane D. Hunter   d. Sept. 21, 1866
						ae 6y 2mo 14da
	Emalonda dau of S. & J. Hunter   d. Aug. 28, 1859 ae 1y 7(1)mo 16(15) da
INGERSOLL, Moss   			d. Jan. 13, 1834 ae 70 yrs
JACKSON, Samuel   			d. Aug. 20, 1848   ae 52y 1mo 9da   "SJ"
	Mr. Asa, In mem. of who departed this life Mar. 27, 1817   ae 53   "A.J."
	*Per "History of Cayuga Co," p. 377 d. 1816; stone says 1817 = prob. correct
JONES, William   				1854-1917
	Mary A. w of William   			1855-1916
KEIM, Frank C.   				1872-1924
KENAN, Rose A. (Skil. record)   		1858-1917
KERR, John   				d. Feb. 23, 1845 in 79th yr   "J.K."
	Mary w of John (Skil. record)   d. June 26, 1854 ae 85y 8mo 24da
	Epitaph:  "They say she is dead - Nay she has not died.  She has only changed
	to immortality."  These stones with George Van Nest.
KING, Louisa A. w of A.H. King entered spirit life   d. July 3(31), 1881 ae 65y 2mo 25da
	"Louisa A."
	Andrew H., entered spirit life Feb. 5, 1901 ae 78y 4mo 2da   "A.H.K."
KING, Joseph O.                     no                   These and
	Fries V.                                 	   following hss.
	Elizabeth F.		  dates                on same lot.
KING, Andrew M.    			d. Aug. 22, 1839 ae 39y 7mo 13da
	Charlotte FRIES w of Andrew   	d. June 17, 1894 ae 88y 2mo
	(Her epitaph:  "Mother has gone home....")
KING, George W.   			1836-1930   This stone has an artist's palette
	George M.   			1869-1938   on it made from dark marble.
KING, Emily Taft w of Geo. W.   	d. Apr. 10, 1885   b. Feb. 17, 1836
	Ellis M.   son of Geo. W. & Emily T. June 16 - Sept. 3, 1872
KNIFFEN, Benj.   			d. Jan. 12, 1842 ae 58y 9mo 22da   "BK"
MADDEN, David   			d. Aug. 4, 1873    b. Feb. 8, 1794
	Mary w of David   (Skil. record: d. July 7, 1873   b. Aug. 16, 1801)
	Susan T.(P.) w of David 	d. Jan. 3, 1838 ae 39 yrs   "S.T.M."
	   *Univ. Ch. Rev Montgomery record
	Lucy Ann dau of David & Susan Madden   d. Apr. 23, 1833(43) 
	   ae 19y 3mo "L.A.M."
	George F. son of David & Susan   d. Jan. 22, 1837 ae 2y 6mo "G.F.M."
	   *Univ. Ch  Rev Montgomery record
MAYNARD, Wales C.    				1813-1901
	Electa S.   				1800-1888
	(Skil. has Electa S., w of Wales C. Maynard d. Dec. 11, 1888 ae 88
MILLER, Nina S.   				1864-1956
MUTH, Philip Adam   				1862-1949
	Jennie Thomas   			1870-1948
NOMS, Eva Hattie dau of Eryl & Ellen NOMS   	1897-1899
NUNIS, William Dean    			d. May 15, 1955   b. Aug. 2, 1898
OAKLEY, Lester  Co. I, 9 A, N.Y.H. Art.    	1843-1922
	Mary M. OSBORN w of Lester   		1844-1915
O'HARA, Geo. W. (mon.)   		d. Mar. 30, 1891   b. Dec. 14, 1835   "Geo. W."
	Martha L. w of George   	d. Aug. 14, 1872   b. Feb. 5, 1839   "M.L.O'H"
	Alice w of George   		d. July 23, 1919   b. Aug. 29, 1848   "Alice"
O'HARA mon. - no inscrip. but hass.:
	John H.   				1830-1915
	Margaret J.   				1833-1902
	Mary H.   				1860-1934
	J. Leslie   				1860-1949
	Lawrence   				1918-1919
	Ralph E.   				1894-1921
	Coral B.   				1908-1934
	Nellie   				1882-____
	George   				1899-____
OSTERHOUT, James E.   				1843-1916   Masonic
	Frances C.   				1846-1940
	Frances Adelaide   			1873-19__
	Charles F.   				1868-1917
OSTERHOUT, Clarence B.   			1885-1961
	Clara S.   				1886-1960
OSTERHOUT, Fred F.   				1876-1961
	Carla M. (1st wife)   			1882-1927
PERRY, John   				d. June 17, 1889 ae 66 yrs
	Harriet C. w of John   			1833-1908
	Eva M.   				1860-1925
PETERSON (See E-mail Message Below)
PETERSON, Cornelius (mon.) d. Apr. 12, 1847 ae 81y 8mo Maria w of Cornelius d. May 25, 1836 ae 59y 10(5)mo "M.P." GOULD, John who departed this life Feb. 12, 1831(34) ae 57 yrs "J.G." Ida B. PETERSON d. Nov. 29, 1898 b. Aug. 16, 1817 PETERSON, in mem. of Christopher d. Feb 23, 1833 ae 33y 9mo "C.B." Elsie VOORHEES w of Christopher d. Apr. 15, 1872 b. Sept. 4, 1801 in mem. of Maria who died Aug. 22(31), 1830 ae 28y 10mo 15da "MP" Harriet N. d. Apr. 20, 1859 ae 24y 1mo 3da "H.N." Margaret B. d. Feb. 10, 1874 b. Mar. 26, 1810 Anna d. Apr. 9, 1866 ae 69y 2mo Morris B., son of Christopher and Elsie d. Feb. 23, 1860 ae 32y 1mo 7da Abram son of Chr. & Elise d. June 5, 1836 ae 10y 2mo 7da "A.P." PETERSON, George d. Dec. 7, 1857 ae 90y 11mo "Father" Mary PARCELLS w of George d. Apr. 8, 1865 ae 91y 2mo "Mother" CRIPPEN, Harriet B. d. July 6, 1875 ae 73 yrs "H.B.C." PETERSON, HANNAH (C.) d. July 12, 1856(80) ae 71 yrs PETERSON, Cornelius (mon.) d. July 31, 1882 ae 58y 6mo "Father" Helen w of Cornelius d. Apr. 4, 1903 ae 78 yrs "Mother" CHAMBERLAIN, Phebe A. 1823-1903 "P.A.C." PETERSON, George E. 1855-1911 Scott d. Dec. 30, 1862 ae 1y 10mo "Scott" Also on the Cornelius Peterson lot were the following: PERRY, Nell PETERSON w of Frank Perry 1866-1956 WYANT, Phebe PETERSON 1872-1952 Charles A. 1877-1938 Masonic WILKINS, Edson L. 1875-1957 Harriet M. 1872-1957 WILKINS, Annamay 1905-1921 MARSHALL, William H. 1826-1906 Maria PETERSON w of William 1832-1913 George R. 1875 PETERSON, Schumler (on Marshall mon.) 1868-1919 "Father" Ida Wyant w of Schumler 1868-1942 "Mother" FORMAN, Elsie A. PETERSON w of Edgar E. Forman 1902-1931 PETERSON see PERRY under GILBERT - POST - TRYON (Skil. note: Cornelius Peterson, Jr., was the son of Cornelius Peterson, Sr. and Hannah PARSELL b. in Hillsborough, N.J. May 7, 1738; d. 1820, possibly in Cayuga Co. and buried in unmarked grave. Their children were baptized in Nesbami 1764 to 1795. Their son Gerit marr. Catleyna ______; Peter m. Maria ________. Neshonic Reformed church has bap'l records.) PICKENS, Charles A. 1872-1936 Carrie A. 1877-1955 PLUMB, Edward A. Co. A, 14 Vt. Reg. 1844-1924 (mon.) Augusta M. w of Edward 1860-1924 SPEANBURGH, Myrtle 1908-1959 PLUMB, Edward A. Co. A, 14 Reg. Vt. d. Feb. 17, 1924 ae 80 yrs (GAR) hs. Augusta his w 1860-1924 (Skil. had clipping: "On Sun. Feb. 17, 1924 at his home 7 Grove Ave., Auburn, N.Y., Edward A. PLUMB, in the 81st yr of his age. Private services will be held at his late residence Wed. Afternoon, Feb. 20. Burial in family plot in Sand Beach Cem. Omission of lowers is requested.) POLHAMUS, in mem. of Thomas, son of Cornelius & Rebecca Polhamus (Skil. rec) who d. Apr. 21, 1831 ae 26y 5mo 21da PORTER, Chas. M. (N.) d. Aug. 7, 1880 ae 21 yrs PORTER, Peter (mon. with above) d. May 2, 1880(86) ae 73 yrs "Father" Sarah w of Peter d. July 12(17) ae 79y 11mo 11da (Skil. had PORTER, Flora w of Chas. H. PORTER d. Aug. 7, 1880 ae 24 POST, Christopher (mon.) d. Mar. 17, 1816 ae 75 yrs Margaret w of Christopher d. Sept. 10, 1821 ae 75 yrs Wm. d. Jan. 22, 1865 ae 52 yrs "W.P." Jacob d. Oct. 1838 ae 65 yrs Jane w of Jacob d. Dec. 1858 ae 77 yrs "J.P." POST, George d. Oct. 4, 1851 ae 82y 5mo 24da "G.P." Mary Ann dau of George & Catherine d. May 29, 1845 ae 22y (& 11mo broken stone next to this with ft. st. "A." or "I.P." POST, John G. d. Jan. 14, 1859 ae 62y 2mo 10da "JGP" Catherine w of John d. Oct. 20, 1881 b. July 20, 1804 "C.P." POST, Jacob (mon.) 1809-1880 funeral Mar. 4 (ae 72) "J.P." Scipio Univ. church record Betsey Ann w of Jacob 1815-1891 "B.A.P." Eliza 1849-1932 "E.P." Jacob N. 1856-1946 "J.N.P." Abram 1821-1869 "A.P." Elsie M. w of Abram 1833-1915 "E.M.P." Lewis A. 1870-1870 "L.A.P." Myron G. 1856-1932 "M.G.P." POST, Esther Ann w of Jacob Post, Jr. d. Apr. 6, 1833 ae 23 yrs "E.A.P." Clarisa A. dau of Jacob & E.A. POST d. Oct. 2, 1837 ae 5y 2mo 11da POST, Christopher G. (mon.) d. Aug. 10, 1884 ae 81 yrs "C.G.P." Martha C. w of Christopher d. Sept. 20, 1874 ae 69y (8mo 5da)(or Sept. 28) Martha R. dau of C.G. & M.C. Post d. Dec. 5, 1862 ae 29y 4mo 5da "MRP" George S. 1831-1902 Lila d. Mar. 23, 1876 ae 4y 6mo 19da "Lila" Children of G.S. & M.E. Post (Mary E. VOORHEES) POST, George (mon.) d. Oct. 17, 1897 b. Nov. 5, 1816 "Father" Annis D. w of George and dau of Reuben and Gertrude DOTY d. Apr. 21, 1886 b. May 19, 1818 "Mother" Charles M. 1848-1911 "Father" Adeline BARNES w of Charles M. 1851-1918 "Mother" Eva E. 1880-1954 "Eva E." WHITE, William J. 1868-1949 "W.J.W." Nellie A. POST w of William 1872-1953 "N.P.W." Ray T. U.S.N. 1895-19__ Flora JOHANTZEN(GEN) 1899-1962 see CRAWFORD POST, David B. 1836-1908 "D.B.P." Sarah E. (I.) PARSELL w of David 1844-1912 "S.E.P." Emily their dau. 1871-1911 "Emily" Clarence 1865-1945 "C.S.P." Anna Peterson 1873-1959 "A.P.P." POST, Laura (hs. with above mon.) 1867-1957 see WYCKOFF POST see BROKAW - GILBERT - HOAGLAND - PETERSON - CRAWFORD - VAN ARSDALL - VAN LIEW - WYCKOFF POTTS see HOMMEL QUICK, John M. d. May(Nov) 5, 1861 ae 82y 8mo 2da Mary w of John d. May 11, 1837 ae 54y 7mo 7da "M.Q." Phebe dau of " d. Oct. 20, 1833 ae 26(22)y 10mo 15da QUICK see VAN NEST REID, John H. 1857-1905(00) Sarah w of Gerard CLARK 1838-1919 RICE, Kate Preston, of Knoxville, Tenn. died at Sand Beach Parsonage Nov. 22, 1871 ae 12y 11mo RICHARDS see SUYDAM RODMAN, Chas. D. 1888-1956 Edith E. 1887-19__ ROSE, John W. (mon.) 1851-____ Abbie A. STREETER w of John 1877?-1917 Dewitt J. 1885-1914 "Dewitt" SALISBURY, Minnie B. *VAN LIEW marr. N.B. 13, p. 86 1870-1945 "Mother" Jay D. 1874-1921 "Father" SAMSON see CARRINGTON SANDERSON see COX SCANNON see WINFIELD SCHEWE, William 1836-1919 SCHEWE see WORDEN SHERWOOD, in mem. of IRA who d. Sept. 5, 1833 ae 22y & 9mo "I.S." SIMONDS see TEMPLE SISSON see BENNETT SKADDAN, Calvin P. 1846-1904 Marshall D. 1878-1878 Eva Mary 1870-1874 Hattie M. 1874-1895 HAWKINS, Cynthia A. 1878-1950 GOVRO, Sula S. 1883-1910 (These stones all flush with ground on outside edge of lot. One of these stones covered by a large fallen hs.) *SKILLETT, William N. (mon.) 1870-1956 Myra INGRAHAM w of " 1874-19__ *1966 clipping gives sister Mrs E.E. PEASE and birth as 1870 Baby 1905 (hs. Baby Skillett-1905) SKILLETT, Infant dau of Elwood and Anna Skillett Oct. 29, 1952 (on lot with William) SMITH, Sarah d. July(Feb.) 26, 1838 ae 49yrs SMITH, Clinton 1835-1922 Elizabeth HENRY w of Clinton 1843-1939 SMITH, Harvy "In 1798 the wheels of nature swiftly whirled, and threw me into this world; In 1888 the wheels of nature swiftly whirled, and threw me out of this world." Mary W. w of Harvey Smith d. May 24, 1883 ae 83y 2mo 7da "MW" *SKILLETT, Thomas 1849-1934 Emma WIGGINS, his wife 1852-1935 on other side of Wm. N. Skillett tombstone SOUTHWORTH - WILLIAMSON mon. SOUTHWORTH, James M. d. Apr. 1, 1882 b. Sept. 15, 1826 Eliza M. (BAKER?) d. Dec. 20, 1893 b. July 21, 1831 E.L. 1852-1909 Ella E. wife of E.L. 1855-____ Wm. Leroy son of Eugene L. & Ella E. Southworth d. Feb. 26, 1880 b. Oct. 31, 1878 WILLIAMSON, Alfred C. b. Nov. 1, 1853 Nettie S. w of Alfred d. Jan. 25, 1879 b. Feb. 18, 1861 SPAFFORD see HARMON SPANGLER, Henry mon. d. May 14, 1847 ae 75y 8mo 21da "Henry" Mary Ann w of Henry d. Feb. 20, 1858 ae 82y 8mo 5da "Mary Ann" Sarah w of Henry SPANGLER, Jr. d. Jan. 27, 1852 ae 29y 3mo 22da Elnora d. Jan. 17, 1852 ae 7mo 21da "Elnora" Aurora d. May 18, 1852 ae 11mo 22da "Aurora" daughters of Henry & Sarah Spangler, Jr. Henry, Jr 1818-1900 "Henry" Barbara A. 2nd w of Henry Jr. d. Mar. 6, 1877 ae 47y 11mo 23da SPANGLER see DE GROFF SPEANBURGH see PLUMB SPENCER, Abby A. widow of D.P. HILL and late w. of Hiram W. SPENCER d. Dec. 16, 1867 ae 85(35)y & 8da SPRIGGS, Elizabeth R. 1862-1958 SPRIGGS see TALLMAN STOCKTON, in mem. of Edwin, son of Benjamin & Olivia STOCKTON who d. (May 12, 1822 ae 9mo 11da) (this infant stone's dates were underground in 1963) STORY, Jane M. dau. of Abigail & Alexander STORY d. Mar. 20, 1817 ae 17mos STREETER see ROSE STRYKER, James I. (mon.) d. Dec. 14, 1825 ae 45 yrs "Father" Anna M. d. Mar. 14, 1867 ae 80 yrs "Mother" Daniel P. d. Mar. 23, 1844 ae 38 yrs "D.P.S." Mary A. dau of D.P. & M. d. Oct. 23, 1843 ae 4mo 15da "M.A.S." Adam F. d. Aug. 3, 1884 b. Apr. 26, 1808(09) "A.F.S." LAWTON, Lydia C. STRYKER d. June 6, 1888 ae 73 yrs "L.C.S." STRYKER see HARMON STUPP, Anthony (mon.) no dates Adelia w of Anthony no dates also hss. for "Baby" and DAVIS, Florence STUPP 1874-1930 SUYDAM, David (mon.) d. Apr. 12, 1875 b. Nov. 11, 1788 "Father" Abigail d. Feb. 11(14) b. Aug. 31, 1787 "Mother" Isaac S. d. May 4(1), 1875 b. Oct. 15, 1808 "Isaac" Sally A. d. Sept. 2, 1896 b. Nov. 9 1812 "S.A.S." RICHARDS, Mary (hs.) w of Daniel C. and dau of David & Abigail SUYDAM d. Dec. 2, 1853 ae 30y 1(2)mo 26da Mary SUYDAM d. Apr. 3, 1860 ae 6y 4mo 10da SUYDAM see VAN ARSDALE TAFT see KING TALLADAY, Hannah (double) 1796-1875 VAN AUKEN, Elizabeth (headstone) 1824-1911 TALLOWDAY, George (mon.) d. May 26, 1861 in his 54th yr also on same lot: TALLADAY, Frank A. son of G.W. & S.M. TALLADAY d. Apr. 2, 1854 ae 1y 8mo 28da TALLOWDAY, Charlotte dau of John & (Elizabeth) d. May 28, 1812 (42) ae 16y 3mo 22(27)da TALLMAN, Jessie Spriggs 1887-1918 TAYLOR, John Hutchins, son of Rev. Hutchins TAYLOR, d. Sept. 22, 1842(12) ae 2 (or9) yrs TEMPLE, Gertrude Louise 1910-1961 "Always in our memory" (She was murdered in Syracuse.) TEN EYCK see COX THOMAS see HAINES - MUTH TOOHILL, Agnes Bump 1855-1918 TRION see TRYON TRYON, Levi S. d. Dec. 12, 1861? in 83rd yr Levina w of Levi S. TRION d. Jan. 30, 1843(49) ae 66y 1mo 14da "L.T." TRYON, Dennis son of Levi & Levina d. Mar. 4, 1817 ae 13 yrs TRYON mon. no inscrip. but hss. Oscar 1932 Katherine M. 1918 Grace M. 1929 Harriet J. 1934 William R. 1897 Esther O. 1900 Howard 1943 Jennie PETERSON w of Howard TRYON 1858-1924 WHITE, Helen R. TRYON w of Henry WHITE 1956 VAN ARSDALL, Joseph d. Mar. 23, 1865 ae 73y 7mo 19da Dinah (Diana) POST w of Joseph d. Nov. 19, 1861 ae 70y 6mo 29da b. May 21, 1791 "DPV" Lucinda w of Cornelius VAN ARSDAL d. Oct. 19, 1845 ae 32y 11mo 19da "L.V." Mariah, in mem. of, who died Feb. 3, 1827 in 45th yr "M.V." VAN ARSDALE, in mem. of Hannah w of Cornelius VAN ARSDALE who died Sept. 14, 1863 ae 51 yrs (& 8mo) VAN ARSDALE, John d. Oct. 29, 1861 ae 77y 2mo 2da Hannah w of John d. June 9, 1847 ae 58y 4mo 21da WILLIAMSON, Alletry or Allethy, dau of John & Hannah VANARSDAL and w of R. or P. WILLIAMSON d. Dec. 20(30), 1842 ae 21(24) 8m 12da VAN ARSDAL, Mary dau of John & Hannah d. Apr. 26, 1831 ae 10yr (& 3mo) also a stone here "A.A." VAN ARSDALE, Jacob d. Jan 13, 1865 ae 38y 3mo 13da "J.V." SUYDAM, J. Watson (on Jacob's lot) 1838-1900 Emeline Selover VAN ARSDALE his w 1836-1900 dau of Abraham III & Alida WHITEMACK? George Barton their son 1870 COMLEY, Mable "Jesus' little lamb" 1880-1886 VAN ARSDALE, Charles 1857-1912 also on Jacob's lot: Gertrude 1853-1936 VAN AUKEN see TALLADAY VAN DOREN, Maria, in mem. of, d. Dec. 4, 1832 in 56(65)th yr "M.V.D." Jane w of Jacob VAN DOREN d. May 20, 1854 ae 103yrs 6mo 25da Jacob d. Feb. 16, 1813 in 68 yr of his ae (re-intered June 1, 1844) VAN LIEW, Will 1861-1943 Eva 1865-1917 also hs. "Baby" VAN LIEW, Daniel P. (mon.) d. Dec. 8, 1894 b. Oct. 18, 1839 "Father" Phebe POST w of Daniel 1845-1933 "Mother" Volney d. July 25, 1885 b. Dec. 29, 1833 Esther w of Volney 1841-1912 VAN LIEW see HOAGLAND VAN MIDDLESWORTH, Sarah d. Aug. 15, 1831 in 81 yr of age "S.V.M." Andrew d. Feb. 23, 1838 ae 86 yrs VAN MIDDLESWORTH, Peter O.(Q) d. Mar. 28, 1886 b. Sept. 1, 1798 Theodosia LOW w of Peter d. Dec. 19, 1891 b. Aug. 19, 1806 Charles son of Isaac & Frances Van Middlesworth d. Apr. 20, 1870 ae 1y 3mo 20da Abram O. d. Oct. 3, 1889(80) b. Dec. 2, 1836 VAN NEST, George I. departed this life Mar. 11, 1861 ae 88y 10mo 13da Mary wo fo George d. May 10, 1853 ae 79y 8mo 18da VAN NEST, Mary P. (Maryette) w of Hugh A. Van Nest d. Jan 25, 1899 ae 71y 11mo 2da Hugh "I miss thee." d. Feb. 4, 1870 ae 48y 3mo "Hugh" VAN NEST, George 1827-1901 Charlotte FORDYCE w of George 1836-1916 VAN NEST, John (mon.) d. June 14, 1868 ae 73y 3mo 16(10)d "John" Olive w of John d. Aug.5, 1862 ae 68y 3mo 29da "Olive" Betsy Ann d. July 16, 1844 ae 19yrs Hugh A. d. Jan. 4, 1821 ae 10 months children of John Van Nest Abram d. Feb. 8, 1842 ae 77 yrs Magdalene w of Abram d. Feb. 4, 1840 ae 69 yrs (Skil. has Magda Lanah; dau of Chris. POST b. June 15, 1771) Margaret dau of " d. Feb. 18, 1812 ae 15 yrs QUICK, Mary Jane Van Nest w of George Quick d. Feb. 12, 1874 ae 44 yrs "Mother" The following inscriptions were on a large monument made to look like three headstones on one base. The whole thing was braced from the back with the stone at an angle. The persons buried there were the victims of a murderer - a Negro who lived in Auburn, NY - whose defense was pleaded by Wm. H. Seward in the first case of its kind - not guilty by reason of insanity; insanity which was doubtless brought on by cruelties suffered while he was imprisoned for something he was never proved guilty of doing. SARAH WYCKOFF GEORGE WASHINGTON JOHN G. w. of John G. Van Nest son of John G. & Sarah Van Nest VAN NEST b. Apr. 15, 1816 b. Mar. 17, 1844 b. Feb. 25, 1805 "All murdered on the night of March 12, 1846" "Mysterious Providence indeed, Thou called us here to lie, Here where our bodies must remain Until the Judgement Day. But thou art righteous oh our God And doest naught in vain For whilst to us to live was Christ To die in Christ is gain. These mangled forms again shall rise At the last trumpet's sound, To dwell forever in the skies Where pain nor death is found. Farewell dear parents; children; friends. We'll not be parted long May we all meet in heaven again A saved and happy throng." (Skil.:stone cut by Reed & Clark Auburn, NY) Also footstones "S.W.V.N."; "G.W.V.N."; J.G.V.N." VAN TUYLE see AMES VOORHEES see PETERSON WADSWORTH see WALLIS WALKER, Levi d. Jan. 20, 1849 ae 80y 2mo (28)da "L.W." Anna w of Levi d. July 12, 1837 ae 71y 2mo 26da "A.W." WALKER, Levi d. Jan. 20. 1849 ae 80y 2mo (28)da "L.W." Anna w of Levi d. July 12, 1837 ae 71y 2mo 26da "A.W." Katherine dau of Levi & Anna d. Dec. 10, 1833 ae 31 yrs Hannah dau of Levi & Anna d. Mar. 23, 1835 ae 27 yrs "H.W." WALKER, Eleanor w of James Walker d. Feb. 3, 1837 ae 44 yrs "E.W." (Skil. has this WARDNER) Also on the Walker lot a hs.: BARNHART, Harriet w of John Barnhart d. Feb. 9, 1834 ae 83(85) yrs (Skil. has ARNHAR(S)T) WALKER see HALL WALLIS, Sally HALL (mon.) 1813-1899 Susan 1843-1921 "Susan" Mary Etta 1847-1908 "Etta" Theodore 1837-1886 "Theodore" Charlotte Wadsworth 1902 "Lottie" WHITE, Ann HALL 1784-1882 also hss: "Father"; "Mother"; and hs WHITE, Anna relict of Elihue HALL and widow of Benjamin WHITE d. Apr. 14, 1882 ae 98y 3mo 8da WALTON, Zipporah w of Elisha WALTON d. Sept. 3, 1827 ae 65(67)y 6mo "ZW" Elisha d. Mar. 27, 1822 ae 71 yrs WARD, Frank (triple mrkr) 1850-1919 Martha w of Frank 1847-1920 Mary F. dau 1878-1907 WARDNER see WALKER WARRING see ADAMS WHITE, Grace E. 1874-1942 also hs: "Mother" WHITE see POST - TRYON WIGGINS see SKILLETT WILKINS see PETERSON - PETERSON WILLIAMSON, William d. Mar. 19, 1857 ae 78y 1mo Sarah w of William d. July 21, 1834 ae 50y 3mo 17da James V. son of Wm & Sarah d. Nov. 14, 1834 ae 9y 5mo 10da WILLIAMSON, Peter W. (same lot) d. May 7, 1890 b. Jan. 29, 1816 Catharine S. DORNELL w of Peter d. Jan. 23, 1900 b. Dec. 29, 1822 Alice M. dau of Peter & Catharine d. Mar. 23, 1884 b. Apr. 19, 1859 WILLIAMSON see SOUTHWORTH - VAN ARSDAL WILLIS see ADRIANCE WILSON, Sheldon 1816(18)-1880(90) "Sheldon" Catherine w of Sheldon 1821-1892 "Catherine" WINFIELD, James Scannon son of Rev. A.B. & E.S. WINFIELD d. Sept. 16, 1817(47) ae 3mo 23da WORDEN, David Co. G, 110 Reg. N.Y. Vol. d. Aug 5, 1922 ae 79yrs Augusta SCHEWE 1848-____ WYANT see PETERSON - PETERSON WYCKOFF, Peter d. May 5, 1840 ae 65y 11mo 21 da "P.W." Phebe w of Peter d. Mar. 14, 1846 ae 70y 11mo 25da "P..W." (Here is the other victim in the Van Nest murder. Epitaph on on Phebe's stone: "Pain and anguish much I suffered At the ebbing tide of life In my body which was pierced By the murderer's bloody knife But my soul was truly joyful Peace and quiet reigned within Then the Saviour seemed more precious As I bid farewell to sin Children, will you hear your mother From the mansion of the grave Will you seek and love the Saviour He alone has power to save." Stone by Keyes & McMaster of Auburn also with WYCKOFFS was: DREW, Phebe d. Apr. 18, 1842 ae 94 y 6mo 15da WYCKOFF, Harold B. (mon.) 1892-____ Ruth E. 1892-____ (these on same lot with David B. POST mon.) COLE: With the Skilton material was a newspaper clipping, i.e. "Mrs. S. Ella Southworth Cole, 68, w of William Cole of Venice, died at the family home in that township last evening (May 26, 1924). Survived by husband. Burial San Beach Cemetery. Additions from Skilton records I have either labeled "Skil. note" or as in differences in dates with ( ) indicating Skilton data. M. Crosby *(Mrs. Coulson thinks Phebe Drew to be mother of Phebe, w of Peter Wyckoff, therefore ae 94.)

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From: Roger Post/Bonnie Post []
Sent: Saturday, September 07, 2013 7:50 PM
Subject: George Rapleyea Peterson Family Missing From Sand Beach Cemetery List

Hi, Bernie.  I found that the family of George Rapleyea Peterson and Mary Lucena Post is not listed in the Sand Beach Cemetery list.  I recently photographed their monument at Sand Beach and have added them to Find A Grave.  The following list of URLs for their Find A Grave Memorials might be the best way to add them to the Sand Beach list, unless you have a preference for some other method.

George Rapleyea Peterson (9 April 1830-10 January 1904)

Mary Lucena Post Peterson (17 July 1835-17 August 1918)

Howard N. (V.?) Peterson (28 May 1862-19 September 1865)

Willard G. Peterson (7 October 1864-4 October 1865)

Martha May Peterson (16 May 1868-29 May 1896)

Charles Brown Peterson (1875-4 March 1899)

Christopher Peterson (2 March 1854- 26 November 1936)

Alberta E. Adams Peterson (23 April 1869 - 16 April 1955)

Helen A. Peterson (11 April 1900-25 January 1921)


Roger Post
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