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Re-Inventory of Headstone Information In The State Street Cemetery (Also Known As Cold Spring Cemetery, Auburn, New York, dated May 1984.

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by Raymond E. Keefe, Fairport, New York, dated in 1984:
" My purpose in re-inventoring the cemetery needs explanation. The Crosby/Daniels inventory dated 1964 served very adequately as the only record of the souls buried there.

The original records were burned in a fire at Holy Family Rectory. We are much in debt to Mable Crosby and Flora Daniells for their work. I can testify to the difficulty of the effort required. No doubt the cemetery grounds were a physical challenge then. Today it is impossible. I needed help turning over larger headstones, lifting up trees to read stones, etc. Now thick brush covers two-thirds of the portion of the grounds containing the headstones which are engulfed once the limbs blossom. The remainder of the cemetery grounds, except for the very front part, are only in slightly better condition. My purposes are: 1-To supplement, not duplicate the C/D inventory; 2-Especially seek out and record information on headstones relative to the place of Nativity; 3-To record information from stones that were buried, under fallen trees, or turned facedown, and 4- To locate the stones within the cemetery by some mapping method, if only approximate.

Let me briefly explain the system I used in inventoring: I applied a numbering system to the existing Crosby/Daniells inventory. The 1st # is the page number, the 2nd # identifies surname and changes with each name, and the last # is successive within the surname. Example-using the name "John O'Keefe" - found on page 9, it is the 9th surname on page, and the 1st person with that surname. (9.9.1)
I have never undertaken a cemetery inventory project and did not seek out expert advice before starting; nonetheless, I attempted to do a thorough and complete job, but a job I would have never started if had not Crosby and Daniells done the pioneering work".
Ray Keefe

The following are the burial records of State Street Cemetery; AKA Cold Springs Cemetery or Old Catholic Cemetery:

* Indicates the entry is the same as C/D Inventory.
** Indicates the C/D listings have been revised by addition, correction or deletion of data.
No Asterik indicates a new entry.
Data between ( ) is questionable
A ----- Indicates data is there, but unreadable.

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Thanks to Linda Jasztal for transcribing the information on this page

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