Cummings Road Cemetery

(Town of Victory, NY)  #263

AMERMAN, Henry					died 21 Aug 1876, ae. 76y, 4mo, 21da.
         Maria, wife of Henry			died 16 Apr 1865, ae. 73 yrs.
         Charity, wife of James			died 1 Apr 1840, ae. 73y, 7mo.
         James					died 1 Dec 1859, ae. 88y, 5mo, 20da.
BASSET, William					died 26 May 1853, ae. 82y, 26da.
PERKINS, John J.				died 12 May 1867, ae. 50 yrs.
BENNET, Henry					died 30 Aug 1866, ae. 69y, 1mo, 30da.
         Betsey, wife of Henry			died 11 Feb 1871, ae. 66 yrs.
         John					died 2 Apr 1847, ae. 86y, 1mo, 2da.
         John					died 3 Jan 1853, ae. 30y, 1mo, 13da.
BESSEY, Betsey, wife of George			died 20 Mar 1857, ae. 32 yrs.
DOWNS, Edmund F., son of M. & L.		died 20 Dec 1841, ae. 11y, 2mo.
STREETER, Benjamin				died 26 Jul 1861, ae. 77y, 6mo.
         Abigail, wife of Benjamin		died 16 Sep 1861, ae. 67y, 5mo.
WILKINSON, Francis H., son of Horace & Harrie	died 23 Jan 1838, ae. 1y, 5mo.

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