Quaker / Friends Cemetery At Poplar Ridge, NY
(A.K.A. Poplar Ridge Cemetery)
Town of Venice, NY #253

Cemetery located on Rte 34B Poplar Ridge, Town of Venice, NY

This website listing is the result of the following E-mail message...
E-Mail received: Tuesday, April 24, 2001 2:11 PM
Sent by: Susan Hitchcock-Dair jkdair@baldcom.net
To: Bernie Corcoran:
Attached is a record of the graves in the Quaker/ Friends Cemetery located on Rte 34B in the village of Poplar Ridge in the township of Venice, NY. Copied from the records of Dillwyn Otis, caretaker of the cemetery.
Susan Hitchcock-Dair
Note that the cemetery burials listed on this website are listed and displayed as they were submitted to me.  They are sorted by cemetery row or location and are NOT listed alphabetically by surname.

NE Corner-no markers
Ebenezer Young
Elizabeth Young
Mary Mix

Starting on the East Side

1st Row North to South

Hepsabeth C. Hussey 	1827-1908
Martha G. McKeel 	1820-1905
Rachel W. Hussey 	1847-1889
Samuel B. Hussey 	1843-1922
Maria Sterling Carter 	1862-1959
Amy Otis 		1863-1950
Lois M. Otis 		1860-1946
Elizabeth G. Otis 	1858-1935
Susan G. Otis, MD 	1852-1930
Deborah Otis 		1848-1930
Elizabeth Otis Dunn 	1888-1956
Mariana Walmsley 	1856-1891
Stephen G. Otis 	1850-1922
Susan Maule 		   ---1912
Samuel D. Otis 		1817-1887
Elizabeth Otis 		1828-1887
Samuel Harris Otis 	1866-1875
Sarah Jane Gorham 	1829-1871
James Gorham 		1791-1871

2ond Row North to South 
Alice D. Otis 		1860-1932
James Wallis Oliver 	1850-1938
Mary Anna Oliver 	1850-1932
Rebecca H. Otis 	1862-1922
Amy M. Otis 		1848-1922
James J. Otis 		1843-1914
Julia Taber Otis 	1852-1939
Martha K. Otis Foster 	1853-1938
Florence Otis 		1891-1893
Charles Otis 		1847-1898
Caroline Q. Otis 	1858-1931
Anna McKeel 		1828-1903
Frederick A. Otis 	1869-1893
Ellen E Meader Otis 	1847-1874
Mary M. Otis 		1822-1896
James D. Otis 		1812-1876
Sarah Otis 		1856-1872

3rd Row North to South
Cecila M. Otis 		1887-1976
Louis Taber Otis 	1928-1942
Louis H. Otis 		1883-1940
Jesse M. Otis 		1864-1942
Edith L. Otis 		1876-1954
William R. Taber 	1805-1895
Elie Pierre Brum 	1860-1882
Louis M. Otis
James Clifford Otis
Louie M. Otis
Louis Taber
John Stokbridg
Debera Otis
Edith Otis
Jesse Otis
Karl Hoag 
William Hoag
Annie Hoag

4th Row North to South
William W. Hazard 	1843-1910
M. Rebecca Hazard 	1855-1884
Rebecca Hazard 		1889-1890

5th Row North Side
No Inscription
No Inscription
Sarah G. Haight 	1835--1916
Elizabeth Gardner 	1843-1917
Dorcas Gardner 		1857-1931
Joseph A. Titus 	1862-1936
David Leo-Son of 	     1944
Devillo& Martha Johnson, Grandson of W. Hoag

6th Row North to South
Marie A Guindon 	1893-1926
George R. Guindon 	1866-1931
Adelia B. Guindon 	1866-1914
Eva Marie Hoxie 	1933-1933
Josephine H. G. Hoxie 	1890-1959
Floyd Hoxie 		1881-1972
George F. Hoag 		1860-1888
Mary S. Battey 		1828-1906
Joseph D. H. Battey 	1822-1897
William R. Hazard 	1803-1890
Mary W. Hazard 		1806-1888
Elizabeth Hazard 	1837-1909
Samuel G. Cook 		1819
Lydia M. Cook 		1840-1893
Mary G. Cook 		1833-1884

7th Row North to South
Jerome S. Aldrich 	1853-1918
Edith M. Aldrich 	1859-1947
Lydia D. Meader 	1830-1917
William C. Meader 	1832-1908
Charles B. Meader 	1868-1876
Jemina R. Meader 	1806-1897
Joshua E. Meader 	1806-1872
Susanna Hoag 		1806-1879
Jarvis Hoag 		1799-1870
Franklin E. Hoag 	1836-1865
Lydia C. Hoag 		1835-1913
Mary E. Hoag 		1862-1944
William M. Battey 	1864-1871
Josephine H. Battey 	1850-1879
Margaret B. Cook 	1843-1891
Nathan Cook 		1814-1894
Ann A. Cook 		1819-1874
Louisa Smith 		1810-1892
John P. Smith 		1805-1864

8th Row
Thomas F. Ingram 1886-1941, Lieut. 58 Inf. 4 Div AEF
John W. Hazard 		1830-1905
William Hazard 		1858-1859
Adelia Hazard 		1833-1866
Alfred King 		1814-1914
Maria King 		1814-1905
John 			     1861
William 		     1858
Mary 			     1870
Mary L. 		     1854

9th Row
Winifred Chase Battey 	age 84 d. 1890
Joseph M. Chase 	age 55 d. 1855
Ezra Battey 		     1867

10th Row
Joal Haight 		1844-1924
Anna M. Haight 		1857-1939
Ruth P. Weaver 		1819-1894
Gilbert Weaver 		1821-1897
Edward Simkin 		age 80 d. 1888
Julia Simkin 		age 78 d. 1884
Mary M. Chase 		age 32 d. 1875
Joseph M. Chase 	1845-1872
Emily Chase 		1842-1909

3 graves with no inscription in 7th row North, and 2 Infant Graves.

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