Cannon Family Cemetery

(Town of Venice, NY)  #250

Cannon Cemetery or Saxton Farm Cemetery
N.W. Corner of Indian Field Road running to Poplar Ridge - 1 mi. west of Venice Center

Cannon Thomas d. Dec. 6, 1839 ae. 82y 7mo 3da
Cannon Abigail w of " d. Oct. 14, 1852 ae 85y 7mo 23da
Cannon Jane dau of  "   d. Sept. 13, 1815 ae 15y 2mo 7da
Cannon Son d. Mar. 12, 1813 ae 8 da
Cannon John d. Oct. 30, 1833 ae 46 yrs.
Cannon Deborah M. dau. of John & Christina d. July 10, 1823 ae 3y 1mo 12da
Cannon Martha Ann dau of   "     "     " d. Mar. 30, 1824 ae. 19y 0mo 6da
Cannon James d. May 31, 1849 ae 43y 1mo 2da
Cannon Phebe  w of   " d. May 17, 1852 ae 39y 2mo 1da
Cannon Thomas Jr. d. May 11, 1834 ae 38y 1mo 18da
Cannon Sidney son of   " d. Oct. 14, 1822 ae 1y 4mo 24da
Cannon Daniel d. Mar. 17, 1866 ae 65 yrs.
Cannon Nancy J. d. May 17, 1843 ae 1y 10 mo
Cannon Alexander d. Feb. 22, 1846 ae 48 yr 8 mo.
Cannon Nancy Thompson w of  " d. Feb. 8, 1886 ae 85 yrs.
Cannon Martha J. d. Oct. 6, 1834 ae 3y 11mo 6da
Cannon Marion d. Jan. 28, 1831 ae 0y 3mo 22da
Cannon Infant d. Feb. 16, 1837
Cannon Nancy Jane dau. of Daniel & Caroline d. May 17, 1843 ae. 1y 10mo
Cannon James P. d. Dec. 13, 1865 in 40th year
Freelove Pardon d. June 24, 1838 ae 60y 0mo 15da
Freelove Amy said to be dau of Thomas Cannon d. July 7, 1839 ae 56y 4mo 26da
Mapes Rachel N. d. Sept. 1, 1871 ae 49yrs.
Slate Tamar on Thomas Cannon's Lot - probably mother of Abigail d. Sept. 6, 1832 ae 87y 7mo 5da

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