Some Misc. Throop, NY Cemetery Records

SWEET AND DANIELLS CEMETERY Check with the Hist. Office on location. DANIELLS, Leland d. Mach. 20, 1851 can't read born 1809 Sally w of Leland b. Apr. 30, 1816 d. Mar. 31, 1857 Leland son of " d. Jan. 18, 1851 ae 11 y 11 m 21 d Walter son of " d. May 5, 1851 ae 0 y 5 m 2 d SWEET, Robert son of Isaac b. Dec. 11, 1785 d. Sept. 9, 1862 SWEET, Phebe w of Robert b. July 28, 1786 d. Sept. 16, 1872 (Note: Robert called "The Pioneer") SWEET, Isaac b. Aug. 25, 1820 d. Spring of 1889 Information: Mrs. E. Sweet 312 8th Ave. Twin Falls, Idaho These are Skilton records. LOCKWOOD-WETHEY CEMETERY Located on Lot 4, on Clark farm (now owned -1926- by Fred robinson) about 400 feet south of the fram house, on east side of road on a knoll. HUGGINS, Lucy d. July 24, 1840(changed to 1810) ae 53 y 11m LOCKWOOD, Timothy d. Mar. 12, 1813 ae 53 yrs Rev. Soldier From Pawling, N. Y. SWEET, Isaac Rev Soldier d. June 1, 1834 b. July 11, 1759 Sarah Vaugan w of Isaac d. May 13, (changed to 31), 1843 b. Feb 1761 Betsey dau of " no dates Ruth dau of " and wife of John Christian no dates Robert son (of Isaac & Sarah) no dates WETHEY, Ephraim d. Mar. 22, 1832 ae 74 y 11 m 6 d Sally his wife d. May 29, 1832 ae 55 y 11 m 21 d These are Skilton records. The following information from "Christian Family" by Alfred Christian, found in Syracuse Library: Isaac Sweet was son of Benjamin Sweet, Providence, R. I. Inf. from Pension W. 20078, Conventry R. I., resided at Schuyler, Herkimer Co., N. Y.; was at Battle of Bunker Hll and Naraganset Bay. MURDOCK FAMILY CEMETERY Located on McDonald Road, N of Griffin Rd, back of a house, N side. MURDOCK, Eli d. Mar. 10, 1851 ae 86 y 9 d " Gemima w of " d. Jan. 25, 1830 in 61st yr. Copied by Daniells, 1964 DAVIS FAMILY CEMETERY All marked on one stone: CAMPBELL, Wm. 1783-1863 DAVIS, Zenas and wife no dates PEARSON, Cath no more Copied by Daniells, 1964 BAKER FAMILY CEMETERY Located on W side of Armstrong Rd., back from road. BAKER, Joel d. Dec. 23, 1854 ae 71 y 8 m " Louisa w of " d. Feb. 1, 1850 ae 63 y 6 m MAIN, John son of E. & P. Main d. Jan. 2, 1847 ae 3 yrs A stone for Noah BAKER in a nearby barn. - Copied by F. Daniells, 1964.
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. CRANE FAMILY CEMETERY Located on McDonald Rd. on a very high hill near the Montezuma line, S. side. 3 stones: CRANE, Eunice d. May 28, 1816 ae 63 yrs C., E. i.e. "E.C." SMITH, Ann Crane w of Israel Smith d. Aug. 3, 1809 ae 24 y 5 m 6 d This information furnished by Stanley Crysdale of Throop, NY Add to Crane cem. see will Loacted in Throop - on (can't read) Smith farm and Fawlin dau. Ann w of E. Smith Crane, Ezekiel Esq. d. Mar. 15, 1813 (1803 in 66 yr. acc. to Hist. Soc. talk by Benham) OK Eunice d. May 28, 1816 in 63 yr. Ward, Caleb d. May 16, 1816 in 44th yr. copied by R. B. W. by communication in Aub Daily Adv. Apr. 23, 1885 d. Dec. 17, 1803 by will VORCE FAMILY CEMETERY Throop, NY (Cayuga County)
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Below are names & dates listed in the countywide cmetery burial inventory compiled by local historians in the early 1960s. Source: Cayuga County Historian's Office. Near their home on Lasher Road, south of Henvy Rd. near Mentz town line: fenced in and in good condition. CURTIS, Frank L. son of G. A. & S. Curtis d. Oct. 14, 1865 ae 3 yrs TAYLOR, Maria wife of Nathaniel d. Sept. 10, 1831 ae 31 yrs Elizabeth " " " d. Jan. 12, 1850 ae 51 y 6 m 20 d VORCE, Lewis d. Oct. 21, 1859 ae 24 y 1 m Harris d. Aug. 2, 1873 ae 75 y 5 m 18 d Minerva w of " d. Feb. 26, 1888 ae 69 y 3 m 7 d Fanny w of " d. July 29, 1839 ae 35 y 10 m 15 d Daniel d. Dec. 29, 1851 ae 75 y 5 m 0 d Priscilla w of " d. Feb. 17, 1859 ae 76 y 1 m 11 d George son of Sheldon & Rhoda d. Mar. 19, 1847 ae 2 y 8 m 12 d Priscilla dau of " " " d. Aug. 16, 1841 ae 2 y 5 m 22 d Elmira " " " " " d. Sept. 13, 1838 ae 1 y 5 m 13 d Copied by Daniells, 1964. GILMORE FAMILY CEMETERY Located on Turnpike Rd. across from Throopsville Rural Cem., about 1/4 mi back in woods, N side. GILMORE, Samuel d. Aug. 31, 1831 ae 85 y 9 m 0 d GILMORE, Mary, consort of William d. Dec. 18, 18__? ae 76 y 4 m BURNS, Harry B. son of Roswell and Sally d. Nov. 18, 1834 ae 3 y 11 m RICE, Clarry d. May 1831 ae 20 y 6 m Copied by Daniells, 1964. MEAD FAMILY CEMETERY Located on Lot 94, probably on Rufus Road, since this was the original farm house. The following are from Skilton records: MEAD, Edmund d. Mar. 1, 1843 no age given " Ezra son of Benjamin & Joanna d. May 19, 1845 ae 16 yrs " ________ w of Daniel T. d. Nov. 21, 1830 ae 32 yrs " Philip d. June 23, 1828 ae 61 yrs CHRISTIAN FAMILY PLOT CHRISTIAN, John Sr. b. Nov 1, 1753 d. Jan. 3, 1835 Jane Brower his wife b. Feb. 22, 1750 John, Sr. was a Rev. soldier and was born on Hudson River near Peekskill. CHRISTIAN, John Jr. b. Apr. 13, 1784 d. Apr. 1, 1853 married June 25, 1809 to Ruth Sweet, dau of Isaac Sweet, b. Apr. 13, 1791 d. Mar. 21, 1864 (Note: The above is buried in Melrose Cemetery) John Christian was son of Buhand Christian, native of the Isle of Man. See "Christian Family" by Alfred Christian, Syracuse Library See Christian family file.* *According to Ann M. Ashworth, John Christian is the son of Richard not Buhand. Richard came from the Isle of Man and lived in Dutchess, now Putnam Co. N.Y. There were also 7 sons to Richard and wife Christina ?.
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Below is an E-mail message received by the Port Byron NY Village Historian regarding burials contained within Baker Cemetery of Throop NY.

From: Roger Gunn
To: Penny Helzer (Port Byron NY Village Historian)
Sent: Monday, May 07, 2007

Hi Penny:

We have found an old family cemetery near us and I'm writing to you because we are very close to Port Byron (Armstrong Road in the Town of Throop).  I'd like to make sure this cemetery has been recorded.  It is on private land (the owners started to build a home there years ago but never finished and there is no one living on the property at the present time.  We found only four stones but there may be more.  The names are Joel Baker, died Dec. 23, 1851 or 1854, age 71; Louisa, wife of Joel Baker, died Feb. 1, 1851, age 63; Betsey, Daughter of Joel and Louisa Baker, died 1831 or 1832, age 11 or 14; and Joel, Son, died 1812 or 1817, age 3 or 13.  The writing is almost illegible.

Georgena & Roger Gunn

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