Community Cemetery, Lot 96, Throop NY Township,  
near Sennett NY Town Line (Book 65 Skilton)

( Town of Throop) #235

Data on this cemetery was taken from the Skilton Records Index, Cayuga County.  The Skilton material is now located in the Local History Archives at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Barns		Amos		d. 7/12/1862 in 61st year
		Phena		his w d. 3/18/1881 in 81st year
		Augustus	b. Prob. 8/14/1797 See Note Below 
[Note that the Skilton transcription erroneous cited b. 8/14/1897 (Prob. copying error. H J F)] d. 3/5/1880 Masonic emblem Barnes Miner d. 4/3/1842 ae 24-1-8 Thomas son of Chester & Hannah d. 9/5/1831 ae 10 mo. Maria w of Chester d. 3/19/1848 ae 45-0-19 Note: Chester Barnes come from Conn. Barns Thomas d. 8/24/1844 no age given Mary his w. d. 12/28/1844 no age given Esther dau. d. 12/26/1842 ae 24-5-9 Barnes Warren d. 6/17/1901 ae 85 Sarah his w. d. 2/22/1811 (prob copying error) ae 52-1-3 Sylvia dau. no data or illegible Theron J. d. 3/18/1874 ae 1 Davis Samuel prob b. 1809 d.1862 Sarah his w. 1800-1893 Waterman 1822 Doty Adelmor son William & J d. 10/15/1864 in 19th yr. (per Kathi McCarthy, he is the son on William & Lucretia) Doty Lucretia wife of William Doty May 18?1 63' (death date 1871 per Kathi McCarthy - death notice as follows: Auburn Daily Bulletin, Auburn, New York May 9, 1871 Tuesday No 377 DIED Doty - In Logansport, Ind, May 8th, 1871 Lucretia, wife of Wm Doty Funeral at her late residence in Sennett[New York-near Auburn], Wednesday, at 10 o'clock) Doty Timothy d. 8/14/1854 ae 63-0-29 Deborah his w. d. 10/1863 in 90th yr. Faatz Philip d. 6/15/1859 ae 78-3-1 Frank L. no data Mary J. no data Farguson Mrs. Lucy w. of Daniel d. 4/2/1834 ae 78-6-27 (a note says, see Conn. Pensioners) Green Lydia w. of Hudson J. d. 7/4/1856 ae 25 Johns Horace d. 6/3/1875 ae 71-1-7 Sarah his w. d. 12/9/prob 1888 ae 75-10- (See E-mail Note Below) Theron son d. 11/6/1855 ae 5-4-2 Johnson Charles W. son of John & Mary d. 10/1/1861 ae 5-9-7 Mattoon Mary dau. Waltham & Hannah d. 10/11/1841 ae. 22-11-14 Miner*** Eleazer d. 4/6/1884 ae. 86 Florilla his w. d. 8/11/1839 ae. prob. 39 Sittser David d. 10/17/1841 ae 72 Sittser Peter 1806-1888 Emelina his w. 1815-1892 Sittser Sidney 1836-1863 John d. 1/6/1859 ae. 59 Abigail his w. b. prob 1806 d. 1892 also a headstone marked S.E. Sittser (prob footstone H.J.F.) Starke* Daniel d. 6/13/1848 ae 78-4 Margaret his w. d. 3/17/1856 ae. 88-6-23 Moses d. 10/7/1831 in 27th year Hannah Jane dau. Moses & Sally d. 3/30/1849 in 18th year Starke* William H., Jr. Killed at Port Hudson 5/27/1863 ae 24 William b. 5/1/1814 d. 8/21/1901 Emeline his w. d. 6/24/1858 ae 36-9-17** Taylor Doty d. 4/14/1852 ae 20-2 Sylvia w. of Smith Taylor d. 4/10/1862 ae 67 * According to Lou Stanley decendant of Storkes and Sittsers, Starke should be Storke ** According to Lou Stanley decendant of Storkes and Sittsers, Emeline (Starke) Storke date of death should be June 24, 1850. She was born in Sept. 7,1813.

"Thomas Miner, Descendants 1608-1981", by John MINER, publ. 1981
#1357. Eleazar (Rufus, Jesse, Joseph, Joseph, Clement, Thomas), born in Alford, Mass. 10 Dec. 1797; son of Rufus, and Eunice AMES; married Florilla BARNES 17 Oct. 1821 in Alford. He moved from there about 1828 and in 1876 resided with a daughter in Sennet, NY. Florilla died about 1838. Children born in Sennet, NY
2643. Loren, born 25 Dec. 1825; unmarried.
2644. Sarah, born 18 Nov 1827; married Theodore STEVENSON 8 Nov. 1849; had son and two daughters.
2645. Florilla, born 25 July 1838; married Cook TAYLOR 14 Feb 1854; had two sons and a daughter.

Thanks to Susan Corcoran for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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Note:  These burial records were included as part of a countywide cemetery burial inventory project by Local Historians and Members of the Owasco, NY Chapter of the D.A.R.  The 1960s countywide cemetery burial inventory was often just a transcription of names & dates found on legible headstones.  Thus, the listings may not include any burials after about 1964.  There may be additional burial or record information not cited on this website page because headstones were missing or not legible.  Copies of the burial listings found on this website page came from the 1960s Cayuga County NY cemetery burial roster project and were obtained courtesy of the Cayuga County NY Historian's Office.   Thanks to Susan Corcoran for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

Below is a copy of E-Mail relating to information found on this website page

From: Charles Paige
To: 'Dennis & Kathi McCarthy'
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 8:50 PM
Subject: RE: Doty

[Emeline Sittser's maiden name]
If you need the source for Emeline J. Miller, it is:
Storke, C.A., English Storkes in America, The,
(Santa Barbara, CA 1935),
Daniel Storke section: p. 4.
From: Charles Paige
To: 'Dennis & Kathi McCarthy'
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 9:04 PM
Subject: RE: Sitter information

Emeline J. (Miller) Sittser b. 5-1-1815 d. 7-1892 at Owasco Lake, Auburn, NY.
Peter Sittser b. 1806 d. 1888 at Brutas/Throop, Cayuga Co., NY.
Peter married Emeline before 1840 at Brutas/Throop, Cayuga Co., NY.
Two children I have on record: Frank Leslie Sittser b. 8-16-1840; John Adams Sittser b. 3-20-1843
The family settled on the old Sittser farm near Auburn, Cayuga County, NY. They later settled on a farm near Owasco Lake.

My gr-gr-gr grandfather’s brother Thomas Barns married a Tyler—I believe her first name was Mary. They were buried at the Sittser cemetery. My gr-gr grandfather married a Sittser.

I believe we may have communicated before. Best of luck!! (You sent me a bunch of Community/Sittser Cemetery pictures.)
From: Dennis & Kathi McCarthy []

Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 6:08 AM
Subject: Sitter information


I'm looking for the the maiden name of Emeline J. Sittser.
The stone in the Community/Sittser Cemetery has the following information: "Mother; Emeline J. His Wife; 1815 - 1892. Father; Peter Sittser 1806 - 1888. The base on which the double stone rests says "SITTSER". The words "Mother" and "Father" are on the rounded top.

thank you
Kathi McCarthy
researching Doty, Rule, Portingale, Tyler etc in Cayuga County

From: Frenz McCarthy
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 7:19 PM
Subject: COMMUNITY or SITZER Cemetery

Hi Bernie

I'm going through my old research & getting rid of things.
I found the following:

On July 4, 1980, Evelyn Twining [ET] did research on Sittser Cemetery.
She references reseach done on cemetery by Crosby-Daniells [C-D] with no dates.
No idea which Auburn research room she found this list. I was introduced to her probly through Malcomb as a 'Tyler' researcher.

Things in " " are what are on your web site. She had some 'small stone' with initials & no dates that I have omitted.
take care

"Barns Thomas d. 8/24/1844 no age given"
ET: died Aug 24, 1841 [his estate papers reflect 1841] ae 69-0-27
C-D: records 17 days [ae 69-0-17]

ET: fallen stone next to Thomas probably wife Mary
C-D: wife Mary Tyler died Dec 28, 1844 ae 67-7-2

"Barnes Sarah his w. d. 2/22/1811 (prob copying error) ae 52-1-3
Sylvia dau. no data or illegible"

ET: Barnes four sided monument: 1st side with Warren & Thoren
Feb 22, 1871? for Sarah
she lists Sarah & Sylvia as "wives of Warren Barnes"

ET: 2nd side "Children of W & S Barnes"
Thomas H died [blank]
Mary E died Dec 13, 1862 ae 22-5-18
Eveline died [blank]

ET: 3rd side "Children of W & S Barnes"
Secelia A died [blank]
Viola O. died [blank]
Charles W. died [blank]

ET: 4th side blank
ET: Fallen Barns moument
"--tsey" readable, probably monument for Augusus & Betsey Barns.
Augustus Barns B Aug 14, 1797 d Mar 5, 1880
Betsy Barns b Jan 30, 1880 d Dec 11, 1896


ET: small child's stone
Gorgie son of Wm & [Thalia?] Chriscaden died [unreadable]


Amasa Miner died Oct 9, 1866 in 78th year
'Starke William H., Jr. Killed at Port Hudson 5/27/1863 ae 24"
ET: William H. Storke Jr sergeant Co. A 75 NY V. Inf'y
killed in battle at Port Hudson, La

From: Chuck Paige
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 1:57 PM
Subject: Community or Sitzer Cemetery

I would like to add to the discussion at the bottom of the Community or Sitzer Cemetery page regarding Mary Barns, wife of Thomas. It appears that Mary’s year of death as engraved on her headstone is inaccurate.

Below is justification for changing Mary (Tyler) Barn(e)s year of death to 1843 vice 1844.

submitted by Mary Gilmore (seylochist @
NAME B/M/D DATE [of article/obituary]
BARNES, Mrs. Mary, early settler D: 28 Dec. 1843 January 3, 1844

Charles W. Paige

Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 2:42 PM
Subject: Update for Community Cemetery, Lot 96, Throop NY Township

Hi Bernie,

I would like to update the transcription error for Augustus Barns/Barnes at Community Cemetery, Lot 96 in Throop near the Sennett town line:

In the Auburn Mornings News issue dated Wed., August 15, 1877 was an article about Augustus Barns/Barnes being honored at a family reunion, he was listed as age 81 at that time, which calculates his birth year as c. 1796.

His obituary can be found in the 1880 Auburn NY News & Bulletin which states he was age 83, which calculates to his birth being 1797, so it is possible the 1897 date currently on the genweb list should actually read 1797, which is supported by his obit.

Augustus Barns/Barnes Obit

Thank you kindly for updating the record of Augustus Barns/Barnes.
Dawn Roe
Port Byron and Mentz Historian

Note that the countywide burial inventory project  compiled by local historians in the 1960s
included a notation next to the listing for Sarah Johns in this cemetery indicating that she was the 'Former wife of Morton Hosford'.
The E-mail message below cites that this notation was incorrect.

From: Deb Plugh
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2010 3:53 PM
Subject: Community Cemetery Correction
Johns Horace d. 6/3/1875 ae 71-1-7
  Sarah his w. d. 12/9/prob 1888 ae 75-10- (Former w. of Morton Hosford)
  Theron son d. 11/6/1855 ae 5-4-2

Wife of Horace Johns CORRECTION-
Sarah is Sarah Barnes, daughter of Thomas and Mary “Polly” Tyler. She was never married to Morton Hosford.
The wife of Morton Hosford was Sally Tyler, daughter of Elliott Tyler and Avice Bristol.
Mary “Polly” Tyler Barnes was the sister of Elliott Tyler and Sarah’s aunt.

Thank you for correcting the information.

Deborah Martin-Plugh
Historical and Genealogical Researcher and Author

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