Eaton Road Cemetery

( Town of Summerhill) #231

Located on east side of Eaton Road - 1/4 mile west of Rt. 41A

Alvord, Ella V. d. Mar. 18, 1876 ae 19y 3mo 12da Moses B. d. July 5, 1861 ae 11y (son of Truman & Clementine Alvord) Clementine, w of Truman d. Dec. 6, 1865 Batcholer, see Miles Brown, Charles A. 1843-1872 Jennie M. 1839-1868 Campbell, Theodore b. Nov. 2, 1831 d. Mar. 1846 Collier, Harriet Angeline d. May 25, 1861 ae 7y 5mo 1da (dau of Elisha & Mary Collier) Douglas, Andrew 1818-1896 Polly J. VanShaick, w of Andrew 1826-1859 John, son of Andrew & Polly 1848-1861 William, son of Andrew & Polly 1854-1861 William under ground - can't read Elspy S., w of William d. Dec. 15, 1861 ae 79y 11mo Jane d. Jan. 5, 1839 ae 23y 1mo 28da Agnes, b. Ayrshire, Scotland 1811-1899 Eaton, Dexter S., 15th N.Y. Engineers 1844-1917 Mary C., his wife 1849-1930 John A. 1873-1940 Lucy, M. Partello, w of John A. 1880-1919 Dexter, son of John & Lucy 1907-1922 Alta B., dau of John & Lucy 1905-1947 Vesta 1908-1951 Harry S. 1877-1939 Gertrude Mead, w of Harry S. 1886-1916 Ada "small stone" ____-1913 Gertrude "small stone" ____-____ Bertha "small stone" ____-1916 Evans, William 1816-1892 Hannah L. 1831-____ George B. 1851-1863 Green, Herbert S. 1855-1933 Hawks, Hattie L. 1862-1953 ?? Captain A. 1892-1894 Ella E. 1890-1894 Hoxie, Hellen Maria, dau of Isaac & M.A. d. July 4, 1842 ae 7y 3mo 16da Mary Ann 1843-1882 Zebulum d. Apr. 5, 1845 Lydia d. Mar. 1845 ae 38y Amy W. d. Nov. 25, 1848 ae 73y Ida, Marcia, dau of Edwin & Esther Ida d. Sep. 10, 1862 ae 9y 9mo Johnson, Jesse d. Dec. 25, 1860 ae 69y 9mo Polly, his wife d. June 26, 1858 ae 60y Lamphier, Dengy d. Oct. 24, 1856 ae 39y (handwritten note: says stone reads as Deney & is same stone as Ward Marble) Samuel d. Oct. 25, 1850 ae 74y George d. Mar. 8, 1868 ae 57y Sarah d. Oct. 5, 1880 ae 66y 11mo Clarissa, w of Samuel d. Nov. 9, 1860 ae 64y McAllister, Ossian d. Sep. 3, 1865 ae 43y 10mo 11da Mary, w of Ossian b. June 2, 1819 d. Mar. 13, 1875 Mead, see Eaton Miles, Ephriam d. Aug. 27, 1856 ae 53y Lovina J. Batcholer, w of Ephriam d. Mar. 1861 ae 33y Hiram d. Mar. 4, 1877 ae 46y Elizabeth d. Sep. 21, 1870 ae 36y 6mo Mary Alice d. Apr. 6, 1889 ae 5y Marble, Ward E. d. Mar. 4, 1851 ae 66y Sarah H. d. Mar. 29, 1854 ae 64y Partello, see Eaton Peters, Herman, soldier of War of 1812 d. July 4, 1881 ae 89y 9mo 19da Charity, his wife d. June 16, 1869 ae 73y 4mo 24da Angelina, w of Cornelius d. Feb. 9, 1871 ae 76y Powell, Charlotte A., w of Jacob d. July 20, 1850 ae 33y 4mo 24da Rodde, Pearl 1866-1934 Frank 1863-1936 Harriet 1862-1889 Ryan, Henry, 76th N.Y. Volunteers d. Apr. 24, 1870 ae 35y Lydia Ann Smith, w of Henry d. May 19, 1865 ae 28y 11mo 27da Scovill, Ellen L., dau of Samuel & Dolly d. Mar. 20, 1818 ae 1y Schoonover, Polly b. May 26, 1858 d. July 4, 1861 George S. b. June 4, 1860 d. Aug. 4, ____ Charity b. Mar. 10, 1854 d. June 27, 1861 John W. b. Feb. 1, 1856 d. June 23, 1861 'children of John R. and Eunice Schoonover' John d. Dec. 26, 1887 ae 80y Sherman, George 1833-1883 Phebe A., wife 1842-1923 (grandchildren of Wilford & Florence Sherman?) Smith, William d. Mar. 14, 1844 ae 65y 9mo 25da Anna, his wife d. Feb. 26, 1863 ae 78y 8mo 24da Loranda, dau of Andrew & Lydia d. Mar. 25, 1840 ae 1y 9mo 16da Lydia, w of Andrew d. Feb. 24, 1867 ae 55y 5mo 4da Andrew 1814-1872 Smith, see Ryan - Spencer Snell, Dolphen P., son of Abram & Betsey d. Oct. 8, 1861 ae 3mo Ellen, dau of Abram & Betsey d. Oct. 19, 1861 ae 5y 1mo 11da Spencer, Lucinda Smith, w of Samuel d. Nov. 22, 1866 ae 28y 5mo 13da VanSchaick, Gerritt H. d. Jan. 16, 1867 ae 76y 7mo 24da Wilkins, Truman, Co. E, 75th N.Y. d. June 10, 1880 ae 44y 11mo Maiden names from Eaton Cemetery: Batcholer, Lovina J. w. of Miles, Ephriam Mead, Gertrude w. of Eaton, Harry S. Partello, Lucy w. of Eaton, John A. Smith, Lucinda w. of Spencer, Samuel Smith, Lydia Ann w. of Ryan, Henry Van Schaick, Polly J. w. of Douglas, Andrew

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