Wilson Family Cemetery

( Town of Brutus, NY) #23

The Wilson Family Cemetery is located on the Mathews Farm, Bonta Bridge Road in the Township of Brutus.

Cole,		David			d. 12/12/1853  ae 34-6-23
		Catherine L., his w	d. 3/15/1871  ae 43
		Wilson E.,  son		d. 3/7/1848  ae 1-1-3

_______,	Martha			b. July      w of Henry K.

Wilson,		Phineas F.		d. 3/9/1869  ae 76
		Lavina,  his w		d.. 5/31/1869  ae 70

White,		Margaret		d. 8/31/1838  ae 35  w of A. White

Sherman,	Newton B.		d. 6/11/1851  ae 28-2-6

Wilson,		Samuel S.		d. 1/14/1852  ae 82-5-16
		Martha,  his w		d. 4/prob 5/1828  ae 63

On small markers:   H. F. or R. F. Wilson
	may be:       H. K.


Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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