Walker Cemetery

( Town of Summerhill, NY) #228

Located on west side of road to Route 90, south of East Summerhill Baptist Church, and behind a bern on the Russell Hall Farm. (SE corner of Lot 40., p. 49, New Century Atlas of Cay. Co., N.Y., 1904)

1 hs - W. J. W.

1 hs - Little Edward, son of W. S. & A. J. Walker
	b. June 20, 1840	d. June 18, 1842

Granite monument: 	Father - Aaron Walker	1808-1893
			Mother - Isabelle S.	1817-1886
			"First burial in this plot was Sept. 9, 1810"

4 hs - David S., son of Josiah & Joanna Walker, died May 3, 1824 ae 22y 5mo 7da
          Anna H., dau of Josiah & Joanna Walker, & wife of Benjamin Stiles
			died July 25, 1821 ae 25y 7mo 7da
          Joanna, wife of Josiah Walker	d. Jan. 25, 1822 ae 17y 4mo 3da
          ________(gone)		d. Apr. 19, 1828 ae 36y 7da

1 hs - A. W.

1 hs - top and all inscriptions gone

Note:  hs = headstone

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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