Hathaway Cemetery

( Town of Summerhill, NY) #227

Located on Hinman Road east of hamlet of Summerhill, 3/4 mi. south of Rt. 90. Copied by Cuykendall and Daniella. Also copied by Leslie L. Luther, Moravia, N.Y. and difference noted below.

Bowker, Archibald Esq. d. June 8, 1832 ae 42y 3mo
Rebecca, w of Archibald d. Feb. 2, 1872 ae 87y 1mo 25da Bowker, Jasper D. d. Apr. 3, 1854 ae 42/43y 2mo 14da Archibald, son of Jasper & Ann d. Aug. 2, 1864 ae 17y 2mo 17da (Co.C, 111th Reg. N.Y. V.) Bowker, Elmer d. June 19, 1859 ae 34y 17/11da Brown, see Lake Bunn, Rhoda, w of Samuel Bunn d. Feb. 4, 1844 ae 37y 7mo 5da Franklin, Olivia, w of David Franklin d. Aug. 7, 1854 ae 53y 22da Gillett, Mr. Joel d. May 29, 1838 ae 71y 3mo 13da Esther, w of Joel d. Mar. 15, 1841 ae 69y 1mo 18da Miss Rox(s)anna, dau of Joel & Esther d. Feb. 22, 1835 ae 36y 2mo 4da Gillett, Esther, dau of Haskill & Sarah d. Aug. 10, 1851 ae 3y 5mo 11da Hathaway, Ardon 1807-1897 Hannah H., his wife 1815-1847 Elizabeth R., his wife 1815-1901 Charles C. 1839-1860 Hathaway, Ebenezer "Our Father" d. Jan. 5, 1867 ae 80y Sibyl, his wife "Our Mother" d. Jan. 23, 1861 ae 73y Ebenezer J. d. Mar. 3, 1844 ae 88y Mrs. Mehitabel, w of Ebenezer J. d. Jan. 20, 1829 ae 65y Hathaway, Hannah, w of Arden & Hannah d. May 27, 1847 ae 31y Charles C./G., d. May/Mar. 29, 1860 ae 20y 3mo (son of Arden & Hannah Hathaway) Hopkins, see Lake Ingalls, Benjamin d. Dec. 1, 1828 ae 36y Esther, his wife d. Oct. 30, 1857 ae 61y 3mo 6da Lake monument with Lake & Browns: Lake, Clarissa Brown, w of Reuben Lake d. Apr. 6, 1903 ae 89y Harriet Brown, w of Benjamin Sweet d. Jan. 31, 31, 1891 ae 75y Liberty Brown d. Aug. 13, 1845 ae 71y Phebe Hopkins Brown, his wife d. Nov. 10/19, 1823 ae 44y (Note: separate hs. has Liberty d. in 72y & Phebe d. Oct.19, 1823 ae 44y) Miller, Nathaniel d. Nov. 11, 1840 ae 69y 6mo 11da Sylvia, w of Nathaniel d. Apr. 1, 1835 ae 60y Almira, dau of Nathaniel & Sylvia d. Nov. 19 1825 ae 23y 3mo 21da Norman, son of " " " d. May 28, 1839/30 ae 39y Sylvia, dau of " " " d. Nov. 21, 1842 ae 34y 5mo 13da Oliver B., son of " " " d. Apr. 19, 1837 ae 19y 10mo 14da (or Simon, son of Oliver B. d. Apr. 19, 1837 ae 19y 10mo 14da) Shaw, Duncan d. Oct. 9, 1843/13 ae 45y Sweet, see Lake (handwritten note: Cort. Co. Hist. Soc. records (Albany Vol. 28-29) pg 54 has also Phebe Finney)

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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