Cemetery on Irwin Road

(Town of Sterling, NY)  #222

Cemetery on corner of Woodworth and Irwin Roads, 2 miles north of North Sterling on old Woodworth farm.
Copied Apr. 1965 by Daniells and Crosby
Also copied by Mrs. Merton E. Cooper, Sterling, N. Y., 1963, and differences in copying are given.

ADLE, Joseph d. May 28, 1852 ae 86y 2m/35y 5m
ADLE, Mary Ann wife of   " d. Apr. 22, 1861 ae 76y 1/11m 8d
ADLE, Peter b. June 11, 1811 d. Oct. 29, 1895
ADLE, Emily w of Peter d. Jan. 23, 1888/87 ae 72y 7m 6d
wife of Samuel S. CAMPBELL
d. Jan. 26, 1879 ae 34y 2m 26d
CAMPBELL, Lucy dau of S.S. & Sarah d. July 14, 1884 ae 14y 5m
COLE, Mar(r)iah wife of J.D. COLE d. Nov. 14, 1844
or Nov. 11, 1841
ae 25y 2m 10d
CORWIN, James C. d. July 3, 1833/1883 ae 35y 5m
HART, Charles E. 1840-1896
HART, Olive A. wife of    " 1839-____
HELMER, Philip H.
Co. C, 184th Regt. N.Y.V. Civil War Vet.
d. Aug. 7, 1882 ae 56y
McBRIDE, John d. Oct. 17, 1888 ae 82y
McBRIDE, Nancy DIXON w(1) of " d. July 17, 1868 ae 57y
McBRIDE, Sylvia w(2) of " d. Jan. 26, 1890 ae 77y
McBRIDE, Thomas b. Mar. 20, 1831 d. Mar. 4, 1846
McBRIDE, Mary b. Dec. 24, 1835 d. Apr. 3, 1854
McBRIDE, Martha b. July 17, 1853 d. Mar. 4, 1854
McBRIDE, John Jr. d. Apr. 29, 1875 ae 42y
McBRIDE, Nancy _____ ______
MCMORTERY, Hugh d. Aug. 20, 1888/80 ae 55y
MCMORTERY, Betsey w of " d. Apr. 28, 1891 ae 51y
MCMORTERY, Cora May dau d. July 10, 1874 ae 6m

Thanks to Heidi Petty  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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