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Below is a copy of an E-Mail message dated Aug 17, 2003 - Posted to this website with permission.
From: Spengler, Christine J.
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com (Bernie Corcoran)
Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2003 1:26 PM
Subject: Hill Burial

I am enclosing some photos that pertain to the Hill burial in Sennett, New York. This is a tiny family plot that is located about 150 feet to the west, behind a red barn at the corner of Baker and Nelson Roads. It is on the property of Gordon/David Tripp (Owen's Orchards). This property used to belong to my parents (Norman and Margaret Riley), and they still live on Nelson Road, very near the grave site.

I was home visiting my parents in July of this year, doing some genealogical research and photography at local cemeteries, and thought I would visit this plot to photograph it for your website. Unfortunately, as you can see, the site is totally overgrown with sumac and poison ivy. Needless to say, I didn't venture very far into the plot. If someone is interested, it might be seen and photographed better in the late fall or winter, when the growth has died back.

About 30 years ago, a family member painted the attached watercolor of the site. I have this painting in my possession.

This is a very small plot, surrounded by a small dry-stone wall. It is currently in the middle of an apple/peach orchard. There are only four burials in this plot. One is for Levi Hill, who died Oct. (?) 15, 1855, AG'D 65 years. There is also a stone for Susan E., wife of Levi Hill. I seem to recall that there are dates on this stone, but could not get them during my recent visit. There are also two smaller stones in this plot. If memory serves, they are for two daughters, age 8 and 12 years old, one named Cornelia. This is a family group--mom, dad and two children. I think the smaller grave stones have toppled over. There are footstones in this plot.

An 1853 map of Sennett (as found on the Cayuga County Website) shows the name of Hill at this very location (corner of Nelson and Baker Roads). According to the information that I have, they lived in the house that is next to the red barn. This is the house that I grew up in. It was built circa 1840. My parents moved into this house in the early 1950s and completely renovated it. It is currently undergoing another renovation by the present owner.

The three photographs (first three displayed below) enclosed are (1) a photo of the site which looks like a bunch of trees. One would never suspect that there is a cemetery in the middle of this; (2) the tip of Levi's headstone; and (3) the watercolor of the cemetery.

I hope this information is helpful to someone.
Chris (Riley) Spengler
A subsequent E-Mail message dated March 30, 2004 with an additional 4 images is shown below.



Levi Hill Burial


Hill Burials Painting


From: Spengler, Christine J.
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com (Bernie Corcoran)
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 6:34 PM
Subject: Hill Burials

I got the photos from my parents today and I have attached them.
The inscriptions on the stones face west. The 4 photos below are taken looking at the inscriptions. From left to right the information is:

Wife of Levi Hill
Died 1852
AG'D: 52 Yrs 1 Day
There is a footstone with the initials of S.H.

Levi Hill
Died Oct. 15 1855
AG'D 65 Y 2 mo 25 days
His footstone has the initials of L.H.

Daughter of Levi and Susan Hill
Died May 28 1845
AG'D 12 Yrs 10 Mo 6 Days
Her footstone has the initials of C.H.

Susan E.
Daughter of L&S Hill
Died 1829
AG'D 9 yrs 8 mo.
Only the tip of her footstone shows above ground, but it is assumed that the initials of S.H. are inscribed on them.

Hill Burial1

Hill Burial2

Hill Burial3

Hill Burial Photo4

Thanks to Chris (Riley) Spengler for providing the information found on this website page.
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