Town of Sempronius Cemetery #192

Located on macadam county road No. 69, E. side, just N of Dresserville village at foot
of hill which goes to Sand Hill Cemetery, as shown on p. 65, New Century Atlas of
Cay.Co., NY, 1904.  Abandoned many years ago and nearly impassible.  Many stones
down and illegible.
Copied 1956 by Leslie L. Luther, Moravia, NY Copies with: NY Gen.-Biog. Society Cornell Lib. of Regional History Powers Library, Moravia, NY

Bailey, Betsey, wife of Jacob A. Bailey d. Aug. 22, 1852 ae 30y 19da Berean, Thomas d. Mar. 3, 1842 ae 91y 4mo Mrs. Mary, w of Thomas d. June 27, 1833 ae 76y Susan V., dau of John & Orpha d. Aug. 16, 1823 ae 4y Leonora M.B., dau of John & Orpha d. May 12, 1838 ae 3y Zadock S.B., son of John & Orpha d. Sep. 23, 1839 ae 2y 3mo 5da Burnet, Mary, wife of John W. Burnet d. Jan. 13, 1868 ae 51y 6mo Dresser, Erastus d. July 16, 1854 ae 32y 1mo 24da French, George, son of Samuel & Sophonia d. Mar. 6, 1850 ae 10mo 10da Greenfield, Isaac W. d. Aug. 1, 1864 ae 43y 10mo 22da Nerimia A., w of Isaac d. Nov. 20, 1853 ae 26y Synthia, dau of Isaac & Nerimia d. ? , 11, 1871 ae 7y 6mo 4da Johnson, Jesse d. Sep. 2, 1843 ae 77y Ruth, wife of Jesse d. Apr. 9, 1824 ae 62y Juliaette A., w of Francis d. Mar. 30, 1868 ae 42y 4mo 30 da Perry, Euphrasia S., w of Ambrose d. Nov. 5, 1852 ae 28y George B., son of A. & E.S. d. Nov. 19, 1852 ae 7mo Reeves, Puryer d. Jan. 12, 1842 ae 93y Root, Samuel, in memory of d. Feb. 17, 1826 ae 77y 5mo 4da S__ illegible Elisha Hewitt, son of Wm & Betsey S__? d.Apr. 12, 1861 ae 2y7m23da Thomas, Asa R., son of Abijah & Martha d. Mar. 21, 1822 ae 11y 22da Wellington, Frank d. Apr. 9, 1861(?) ae 60y5m11da White, Lucy, wife of John d. Oct. 29, 1841 ae 83y 21da (Handwritten note at bottom of page: Rhoads, J.G. bur. Dresserville Rhoads, Sophia bur. Dresserville)

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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