Town of Sempronius, NY - Cemetery #187

The following inscriptions were loaned me by Miss Flora Daniells. To them I have added notes by Mr. Leslie Luther.

Searls, also known as Cleveland. Located near center of Lot No. 100, town of Sempronius, Cayuga Co., N.Y., on W side of Atwood Road, near Cortland line, as shown on p. 65, New Century Atlas of Cay. Co., N.Y., 1904.

This cemetery was originally in a field across the road from its present location, from where the markers and monuments were moved to their present location, and also some of the bodies, but not all. There is evidence of many graves with no markers. Copied 1956 by Leslie Luther.

Burgess, Almond 				d. Sep. 7, 1865 ae 44y 7mo
  	Harriet, w of Almond 			d. Dec. 11, 1884 ae 67y 13da
	Martin L., son of Almond & Harriet	d. July 14/24, 1866 ae 15y 11mo
Burgess, Matilda, w of Simser, Chas. 		d. Nov. 10, 1877 ae 31y 10mo 10da
Carroll, William 				1827-1910
	Susan A., his wife 			1839-1923
	Willie R., son of Wm. & Susan A. 	d. Mar. 20, 1871 ae 3y 10mo 25da
	Wayne, son of Wm. & Susan A. 		d. Mar. 30, 1871 ae 3y 10mo 25da
						(identified with a ? in original text - not 
						a typo error)
Carroll, Fayette 				1863-1904
Cleaveland, Martin V., Co.E.13th Penn.Reserves 	1840-1922
	Ellen F. Fuller, his wife 		1844-1920
	Sarah J. Tyson, w of Martin 		d. May 23, 1878 ae 34y 8mo 20da
	Ira, son of Martin & Sarah 		d. Apr. 13, 1871 ae 2y 9mo 27da
	Alfred, son of Martin & Sarah 		d. May 16, 1877 ae 6y 3mo
Cleaveland, Alda 				d. 1901
	(infant dau of Arthur & Genevieve Cleaveland)
Green, Ann M. Tyson, w of Samuel Green 		1839-1901
Fuller, see Cleaveland
Jayne, Vincent J. 				1784-1857
	Jotham, son of V.J. & C. Jayne 		1812-1820
	Diana, dau of V.J. & C. Jayne		1819-1840
The following children of Seneca & Lucinda Jayne:
	B. Franklin 				d. Apr. 14, 1864 ae 1mo 17da
	Burdette 				d. Aug. 2, 1869 ae 29da
Jencks, Frank B. 				1859-1909
	Jennie L., his wife 			1871-____
Rifenburg, Mary K., w of George 		d. Feb. 20, 1877 ae 30y 9mo 27da
Searls, James E. 				1831-1900
	Ada Jayne, his wife 			1835-1904
	(handwritten note: dau of Vincent J. Jayne)
Seeley, in memory of 2 sons & 3 daughters of Thaddeus & Sally Seeley
Seeley, Betsey and 4 infants by [illeg.] 	d. Aug. 9, 1818 ae 19da
Simser, Matilda Burgess, w of Charles 		d. Nov. 10, 1877 ae 31y 11mo 10da
Smith, Jonas 					d. Apr. 22, 1881 ae 84y
	Harriett, his wife 			d. Aug. 15, 1867 ae 70y
Smith, Sanford Henry, son of Henry & Sally 	d.1857 ae 8y 4mo 21da
Smith, Julius Cephas, son of Henry & Sally 	d. Nov. 28, 18__ ae 6mo
Sweet, Loranda, w of William Sweet 		d. Feb. 7, 1871 ae 49y 6mo
	Sarah C., dau of Wm. & Loranda 		d. __________ ae 1y 7mo
	infant child of Wm. & Loranda 		d. __________ ae _____
Thompson, Rosetta, w of David 			d. Mar. 20, 1851 ae 40y 9mo 19da
	(handwritten note: dau of Benj. Young, Revol. Soldier)
	Marion, son of David & Rosetta 		d. Mar. 20, 1841 ae 1y 8mo 5da
	Sobeski, son of David & Rosetta 	d. Dec. 1, 1862 ae 19y 6mo 16da
	("He died in defense of his country")
Tuttle, see Young
Tuttle, Nathan 					b. Mar. 2, 1770 d. Apr. 6, 1856
	Esther, his wife 			b. June 6, 1770 d. Feb. 25, 1864
	Harriett, their dau 			d. no dates ae 18y
Tyson, Richard 					1805-1885
	Delania, his wife 			1815-1896
Tyson, see Cleaveland - Green
Young, Benjamin "Rev. soldier" 			d. Nov. 15, 1838 ae 77y 8mo 8da
	Cay. Co., for services Pvt. NY State Troops
Young, James 					d. Mar. 26, 1876 ae 74y 7mo 18da
	Roxanna Tuttle, w of James		b. July 17, 1804 d. Jan.19, 1894
	Noble A., son of James & Roxanna 	d. Mar. 23, 1828 ae 3y 8da
	(L.L. has Norice A.)

Notes of Young Family

While copying inscriptions in the Searls cemetery, a man who identified himself
as John W. Young, came from a house across the road and stated that he was of the
same family that was buried in that cemetery. He loaned the writer (L. Luther) a family
Bible, printed in 1871, which contained the following records:

Property of Benj. F. Young of the Town of Sempronius


Benjamin F. Youngs Apr. 29, 1835 		Fred H. Youngs May 17, 1871
Eliza Flint, his wife Aug. 27, 1845 		Eliza Youngs Aug 23, 1918
Fred H. Youngs Aug. 9, 1866 			Benj. F. Youngs Feb 19, 1919
Franc Youngs Feb. 15, 1868 			Florence Youngs July 6, 1926
Willis F. Youngs Sep. 2, 1874 			Willis F. Youngs Dec. 9, 1946
Florence Youngs, wife Feb. 24, 1891
James B. Youngs May 10, 1911
Alma Youngs Mar. 9, 1913


Benjamin F. Youngs & Eliza Flint marr. Sept. 13, 1865 by Rev. A. Boughton in Milan, 
	now Locke, N.Y.
George H. Fosgate & Franc Youngs marr. 23 Dec. 1891 by A.H. Beman in Sempronius, N.Y.
Willis F. Youngs & Florence A. Robbins marr. June 9, 1909 by Mark E. Bowman in Homer, N.Y.

(Handwritten notes:

Jotham Jayne marr. Desire Young b. 1756/1759, perhaps sister to above Benj. b. 1761?
Benjamin F. Youngs buried on road from Scott to Homer where Homer [illeg] road comes in.
                         			 Fran Clark)

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

Bernie Corcoran, Cayuga County Coordinator
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