Atwater or Sempronius Cemetery

( Town of Sempronius NY) Cemetery #186

ATWATER CEMETERY was later known as Reynolds Cemetery and Skilton has "Sempronius Cemetery - not far from the Church"

Located in the NW corner of Lot No. 89, 3/4 mile from Sempronius hamlet and church, on south side of Frazier Road, as shown on page 65, (1904) New Century Atlas of Cayuga Co., NY. Copied 1959 by Leslie Luther, Moravia, NY.

This cemetery is horribly overgrown, the back part almost impassable with bushes and briars. Here again I found stones down so long they were entirely covered with a mat of myrtle, which went unnoticed unless you just happened to walk there and feel a firmness underfoot.

The Frank Skilton records contained 27 names, Leslie Luther has 44, and I found 52. By doing this composite list of these three, we have about 80 names. And I am sure there must still be some we didn't happen to walk on. Copied 1962 by Mabel Crosby, Moravia, RD #1.  

Adams, Maria Louise, w of Jacob 		d. Jan.1,1843 no age

Atwater, Dea. Eli 				d. Jan.7,1867 ae 81-11-18

Atwater, John B. son of Thomas & Cordelia 	d. Feb.11,1853 ae 5y 2 da

Atwater, Juette son of Thomas & Cordelia 	d. May 2,1861 ae 6-5-21

Atwater, see Babcock

Babcock, Louisa, w of Samuel 			d. Jan. 16, 1861 ae 40-5-8
(dau of Eli and Phoebe Atwater)

Brown, Jonah 					d. Oct. 2, 1865 ae 40-5-8
(handwritten in - "no info on wife Sally Leland)

Brown, Jonah Jr. 				1824-1893
(note: LL has Jonas, SK & MC have Jonah)

Brown, Moses 					b. Feb. 6, 1804, d. 1893
(handwritten in - Moses born at Douglas, MA)

Brown, Sarah Mathewson 				b. Nov.8,1800 d. Nov. 24, 1870
(Jonah Jr., Moses & Sarah Brown are all on one monument)

Carroll, Hosea 					d. Feb. 3, 1871 ae 74 y

Carroll, Polly his wife 			d. Dec. 5, 1868 ae 72-9-11
(MC believes these last 2 has Churchill)

Carroll, Stephen 				d. Apr. 26,1872 ae 83-10-18 

Carroll, Lucy H. wife of Stephen 		d. Sep. 8,1866 ae 78-8-15

Carroll, Ascenath 				d. May 5, 1882 ae 82y & 9 da

Chandler, Lydia Johnson, w of John H. 		d. Mar. 22, 1861 ae 28-9-17

Chandler, Infant son of Lydia & John 		d. Jun.27, 1858 ae 11 days

Chandler, Carrie Malvina dau of John & Lydia 	d. Jan. 20, 1862 ae 1-11-9

Churchill, Hosea (see Carroll) 			d. Feb.3, 1871 ae 74y

Churchill, Polly his w (see Carroll) 		d. Dec.5, 1868 ae 72-9-11

Clark, in memory of Jeptha who died 		d. Dec.21, 1836 ae 38-10-24

Cleaveland, Julia M., dau of John & Almira 	d. Sep. 28,1864 ae 22-1-11

Cleaveland, Altheda A. 				d. Sep.11, 1873 ae 19y 5mo

Cleaveland, Oscar A. 				d. Oct.5, 1870 ae 35-5-8

Colwell, Alice Aleora dau of Ma__ & Th__ 	d. Apr.7, 1865

Colwell, George, son of Nathan & Cordilla 	d. Jun. 17,1847 ae 6mo 5da

Cutler, Bradley 				d. May 12, 1863 ae 87y

Cutler, Sabra his wife 				d. Sep.17, 1863 ae 90y

Cutler, Nathan 					d. Jul.8, 1875 ae 75y

Cutler, Ruth Whiting, w of Nathan 		d. May 7, 1874 ae

Cutler, Alvira w of Myron D. Cutler 		d. Oct.25, 1854 ae 29-5-1

Ellison, Christopher 				b. Apr.13, 1801 d. Apr.9, 1870
(was born Newby, Westmoreland co., England; d. Sempronius)

Ellison, Esther M., w of Christopher 		d. Aug.12, 1883 in her 68th year

Ellison, Emma, dau of Christopher & Esther 	d. Jun.3, 1873 ae 27y 1 da

Fowler, Esther, w of John 			d. Feb. 4, 1838 ae 57-6-24

Goodrich, Mr. Charles G. 			d. Feb.21, 1833 ae 35y 4 mo

Goodrich, Ida Pray, w of Charles & dau of Geo. & Rena Reynolds no dates

Goodrich, Sabra, w of Daniel 			d. Mar.15, 1847 ae 65y 2 mo

Hale, Charles 					d. Jul.7, 1884 ae 63y

Hall, Mrs. Hepsibah (See Note)			d. Dec 2, 1832 ae 67y

Hardy, Edmund 					d. Mar. 9, 1838 ae 57y 5m

Harris, Daniel (not an infant) 			d. Jun.26, 1861 ae ?y 1mo 22da

Harmon, Andrew J. son of Orren & Betsey 	d. Apr.11, 1838 ae ___

Jayne, Henry son of Seneca & Lucinda 		d. Jul. 14, 1878 ae 20-10-12

Johnson, Clarissa, w of Jas. 			b. Oct.7, 1799 d. May 6, 1866

Johnson, see Chandler

Keenan, Ann Elizabeth w of Patrick 		d. Jan.22,1858 ae 45-7-21

Keenan, Marie L. dau of Patrick & Eliz. 	d. no dates

Mason, Mr. Gideon (LL: Girden) 			d. Dec.19, 1831 ae 38-3-3

Mintonye, Peter B. 				d. Sep.13, 1849 ae 82-2-15

Newland, Elizabeth w of Stephen S. 		d. Jan.9, 1848 ae 19-9-11

Palmer, Isetta Maria, dau of Wm & Betsey 	d. Mar.14, 1852 ae 7mo 13 da

Palmer, Delia Louisa, dau of Wm & Betsey 	d. Feb.16, 1862 ae 11-10-22

Palmer, Willoughby B., son of Wm & Betsey 	d. Oct.27, 1863 ae 2-1-11

Pearson, Thomas 				d. Apr.3,1858 ae 75y

Pearson, Elizabeth w of Thomas 			d. Sep.28,1877 ae 81-2-0

Pearson, Josephine A. dau of Thos. & Elizabeth 	d. Dec.8,1857 ae 24 y 2 mo

Perry, Amanda M., dau of Downer & Rachel 	d. Aug.16,1840 ae 21-2-16

Perry, Rachel F., dau Cyrus & Lydia 		d. Nov.22,1852 ae 4-4-11

Potter, Nicholas 				d. Jun.26, 1847 ae 87y
(was pensioner in 1840, age 80 - no dates)

Potter, Thomas, infant 				d. Apr.13,1826 ae 11 da
(son of Nicholas & Silpha (or Zelpha) Potter)

Potter, Thomas, infant son of N & S 		d. Feb.18, 1832 ae 8 weeks

Potter, Emily, dau of N & S. 			d. Mar.19,1836 ae 12y 8mo

Reynolds (See E-Mail Note At The Bottom Of This Page)
Reynolds, Ellison, son of George W. & Mary B. 	d. Aug.27, 1866 ae 22y

Reynolds, Ida May, dau of George & Roena 	d. May 23, 1873 ae "broken"

Reynolds, Polly, w of Alanson 			d. Dec.2, 1872 ae 68y 6mo

Reynolds, John J. son of Alanson & Polly 	d. Apr. 1816 ae 14y
(MC has son of Alanson & Ruth)

Reynolds, see Goodrich

Smith, William 					d. Oct.2, 1887 ae 63-7-26

Smith, Eunice G., w of William T. Smith 	d. Nov. 2, 1884 ae 79y 6mo

Smith, Silas, son of Wm & Eunice 		d. Feb. 4, 1838 ae 1-6-18

Smith, Lois, dau of Wm & Eunice 		d. Mar. 23, 1870 ae 30y


Spore, Luke 					d. Mar. 20, 1849 ae 70-3-1

Spore, Mary (LL: Nancy) 			d. Apr. 27,1858 ae 75y

Spore, William 					d. Jan. 23, 1854 ae 51y

Spore, Phebe, dau of Wm & Charlotte 		d. Sep. 4, 1853 ae 26y

Spore, Walter 					d. Mar. 14, 1851 ae 30y 27 da

Tichner, Sylvenus, son of Oran & Abigail 	d. Apr. 7, 1841 ae 22-3-22

Van Benschoten, Tryphena, w of John G. 		d. Nov. 11, 1859 ae 66-6-13

Van Benschoten, Martin, son of John & Tryphena 	d. Feb. 28, 1831 ae 2-10-16

Van Schaick, Charles 				d. May 18, 1853 ae 22y

Van Schaick, Marie, dau of Charles & Delia 	d. _________ ae 3mo 16da
D.V. footstone, probably Delia's


White, Otis 					d. Aug.18, 1844 ae 46-10-21

Whiting, see Cutler

Youngs, Fred H., son of Benj. F. & Eliza 	d. May 17, 1871 ae 4-9-8

Youngs, Mary, dau of James & Roxanna 		d. Dec. 1, 1876 ae 30-8-24

E-Mail Received Concerning These Cemetery Records

From: "B. June Babcock" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 1:48 AM
Subject: RE: Atwater Cemetery

Alanson Reynolds is also buried there, can send you pictures of my
husband, his aunt Lorena Reynolds Dillenbeck and her husband and myself
cementing the stones back together. They were knock down again.
From: "B. June Babcock" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2003 10:05 PM
See there is a question on who is/was John J. Reynolds b.April 25, 1830
in Dutchess Co., NY d. April 9, 1876 in Sempronius, Cayuga Co., NY (See Correction Below).  He
is buried next to his parents Alanson & Mary (Polly) Reynolds.  Though I
do not find him in the census family says he was theirs and the stones
are all together and the same type.He is on the Dutchess Co., Census.

1830 Dutchess Co., New York Union Vale twp.
1 m under 5
1 m 30-40
1 m 20-30
By 1850 he could be working out.

Hope this helps, June
From: "B. June Babcock" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, July 04, 2003 8:48 PM
Subject: RE: ERROR
I am sorry i goofed. The death date on John J. Reynolds should read
April 11, 1846. and he would not appear in the 1850 census. Do not know
where my mind was, not with me that's for sure.
Again sorry, June

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Saturday, May 11, 2002 5:41 PM
Subject: Sempronius Cemetery


My Ancestor Moses Snow who fought in the Rev. War at the Battle of Lexington and Bunker Hill is buried in Sempronius Cemetery. He died in 1818. There was a Com. DAR Marker for him. I noticed that he is not on the list of transcriptions, Sempronius Cemetery oline at your web site. How can we find his head stone, it may be covered with earth or weeds........Regards, Donna Race Kneip

SNOW, Moses Sempronius Cem Sempronius, Cayuga Co NY 57 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol.4, p.57 —Serial: 12172; Volume: 4

From: "Sharon" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 11:20 AM

Subject: Atwater cemetery

Next to sp. Hepsibah [Brown] HALL, b. 29 Mar 1761 Windsor, CT, d. 1832
Kellogsville, Cayuga Co., NY in Atwater Cemetery is her husband, Benajah
Hall, who was a fifer in the Revolutionary war. b. 1762 RI, d. 4 Nov
1840 Niles, Cayuga Co., NY.
It would appear that many of those buried at Atwater/ Reynolds cemetery
have a connection to Dutchess Co., NY as that is where Benajah was for a
time befor immigrating to Cayuga Co.

His grave was just mounded very high for many years, but there is a
marker on it now.
Sharon Garrett

From: Marion Vosburg
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2013 9:14 PM
Subject: Sempronius Cemetery (Atwater/Reynolds)

When I visited your on-line cemetery listing this past summer, there were also notes in emails at the bottom about Martin Vosburgh. I do not see them on the page now, and I am wondering what happened to them.

My husband and I were there in late July, and we found his tombstone, toward the back corner, just about buried in the myrtle and weeds. We propped it up and tried to anchor it in place. We would like to see him again noted somehow as being in the cemetery.

My husband is a Vosburg. His great-great grand aunt is Polly Reynolds who was married to Alanson Reynolds, both of whom are buried in the cemetery. Martin was her nephew.

We were researching genealogical records and cemeteries in the region at the time. There are family members buried in Sand Hill Cemetery, and in the Atwater Cemetery by Scott.

Martin's parents, Andrew and Charlotte, moved from Scott to the Sempronius area between 1845 and 1850. They were still in the area for the 1870 census, but not listed in the 1880 census. They do not have burial sites in any of the other cemeteries around the area. We believe they died in that decade and are buried in the Sempronius Cemetery, probably back by where Martin's tombstone was found.

We would like to come back in May and explore behind the cultivated area of the cemetery. Are there any restrictions we should be aware of, or anyone we should talk to for permission before we begin?
Thank you for your help.
Laurel Vosburg

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing this information into a digital format.

Bernie Corcoran, Cayuga County Coordinator
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