Town of Scipo, NY #176

Located about 1 mile South of Wyckoff station on east side of road.
These records taken by Skilton; Miss Flora Daniells; and by Mrs. Kenneth Coulson.

Clark,		Martha Jane, w of Mather M.	d. Apr. 1, 1869 ae 43y 3mo 11da
		dau. of Alex. & Abigail Story

Clark,		Lodema Richards, w of Joseph	d. Mar. 31, 1856 ae 21y 9mo 8da

Freeman,	Reuben				d. July 12, 1817 in 38th year
		Sarah, w of Reuben		d. Mar. 27, 1847 ae 62y 9mo 2da
		Reuben, son of Alvin & Ann	d. May 20, 1854 ae 17y 10mo 7da
		Henry, son of Alvin & Ann	d. Sept. 23, 1854 ae 21y 7mo 18da

Johnson,	Susanna, w of Gilonese		d. Dec. 11, 182_
		K.J. footstone - possibly Kezia Johnson

Jones,		John M., son of Daniel/Samuel & Charity d. Apr. 8, 1852 ae 6y 6mo

Knox,		Robert  (Revolutionary Soldier)	d. Jan. 1, 1854/34 ae 65y 16da
		Jane				d. Nov. 16, 1829 ae 54y 3mo 6da
		(NOTE: Mrs. Coulson as Nov. 16, 1829 ae 54y 3mo 6da for Robert)

Northup,	see Rude

Richards,	see Clark

Rood,		Allen H.			d. Feb.18, 1840 ae 69y 1mo 8da
		Betsey, w of Allen		d. Oct. 28, 1851 ae 71y 8mo 10da
		Nelson M.			d. Jan. 31, 1816 ae 26y 1mo 1da
		Aurelia				d. Sept.3, 1811 ae 35y 5mo 27da
		George H., son of Allen & Betsey  d. June 16, 1815 ae 18mo
		Sally, dau of Allen & Betsey	d. Dec. 15, 1817 ae 18yr

Rude,		Abijah (Revolutionary Soldier)	d. Jan. 27, 1798 b. 1743
		Anna Northup, wife		d. Jan. 27, 1836 ae 90y 4mo 5da

Smith,		Timothy (Revolutionary Soldier)	d. Mar. 29, 1827 ae 58y

Story,		Alexander			d. Nov. 25/23, 1855 in 60th year
		Abigail, wife of Alex		d. Aug. 10, 1832 ae 50y
		Orpha, w of William		d. Mar. 28, 1844 in 27th year
		Margaret			d. Dec. 25, 1845 in 49th year

Note: Also a stone with the following: "Here lies a poor stranger whose name is not known. Initials on his garments, E. R. 3"   His age supposed to be about 20 years and a German by birth.  Found dead at the home

Thanks to  Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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