Town of Scipio, NY #173


Originally transcribed by Mabel Crosby 1973

Digitized by Sharon Ross Loysen May 1998

Corrections by Janet Gibbens August 1998



ADAMS (see E-mail note below)
ADAMS, John O. son of James G., Jr.  and Hannah (see note below) d. Feb. 19, 1824 ae 5 months
ADAMS, John F. d. May 15, 1836 b. Aug. 26, 1811
ADAMS, Nathaniel (see note below) d. Apr. 12, 1831 in 45th yr
Eliza w of " d. Nov. 14, 1821 in 38th yr
Abigail w of " d. can't read-broken
Jerusha A. dau of
Nathaniel & Abigail &
wife of George Rathbun
d. Dec. 23, 1852 in 26th yr
ADAMS, Wm. W. d. Aug. 16, 1840 b. May 8, 1829
ADAMS, Nelson d. Aug. 30, 1835 ae 25y 4mo
ADAMS, Edwin J. d. Oct. 17, 1861 b. Dec. 18, 1833
ADAMS, Jane Groom w of James G.Adams d. Nov. 24, 1813 in 29th yr
ADAMS, Nathan (see note below) d. April 03, 1855 ae 41y 3mo 17da
BELLS, David B. No further information
BILLS, Hannah (Bolton) *
w of Benajah
d. Jan. 25, 1818 ae 20 yrs
BOLTON, Thomas d. Oct. 27, 1823 ae 54 yrs
Hannah w of Thomas d. June 24, 1813 ae 39 yrs
Horace* son of Thos. & Hannah d. Oct. 10  , 1813 ae 5 mo.
BOLTON, David Revol. soldier d. Jan. 01, 1810 ae 88 yrs
BOLTON, Abram F d. June 29, 1853 ae 48 yrs
BOTSFORD, Luman W. d. July 07, 1852 b. July 11, 1829
BOTSFORD, Pedee wife of Asa;
b at Burlington, Vermont
d. May 31, 1833 b. Sept. 10, 1789
BRIGGS,   Gilbert d. Feb.2, 1861 b. Nov. 7, 1777
Martha w of Gilbert d. Apr. 22, 1828 ae 47y 1mo 12da
BRIGGS, John son of Gilbert & Martha d. June 27, 1814 ae 2 yrs
Solomon " " " d. Feb. 09, 1819 ae 1 yr
Stephen " " " d. Dec. 02, 1836 ae 26 yrs
Susan dau " " d. Feb. 16, 1846 ae 21y 4mo 13d
COWAN, Thomas d. Dec. 15, 1860 ae 83 yrs 20
Betsey Russell d. May 03, 1859 ae 63 yrs
Charity w of Thomas
Sally 2nd wife of d. Dec. 13, 1841 ae 50 yrs
Nancy Cynthia dau of Thomas & Charity d. Mar. 1815 in 1st yr
NOTE: Cowan names may be on one monument; notes unclear.
CULVER, Joseph Revol.soldier d. Aug. 28, 1849 ae 88y 3mo 22da
Rebekah w of Joseph d. June 02, 1836 ae 71y 4mo 29da
Walter youngest son d. Apr. 06, 1845 ae 39y 8mo 24da
DAWS, Nathan A. d. Apr. 03, 1855 41y 3mo 17da
EASTERLY, Martin d. Nov. 24, 1830 64y 5mo 9da
EDDY, Owen d. Dec. 28, 1863 ae 76y 10mo 17da
Sally w of Owen, native of Derby Conn. d. Oct. 14, 1855 69y 2mo 26da
Angeline dau. of Owen & Sally P. d. Sept. 10, 1827 9mo 13da
Abigail B. w of Owen d. Aug. 06, 1881 in 87th yr
NOTE: These Eddy names have individual headstones
EDDY, David d. Sept.24, 1872 ae 55y 4mo
Pollyette Smead w of David . 1817 - 1894
Angeline dau of David & Pollyette d. Jan. 18, 1860 ae 16y 10mo
Hattie dau of David & Pollyette d. Aug. 23, 1856 ae 1y 3mo
NOTE: These Eddy names on second and third sides of monument with Ada Botsford.
EDDY, Frank 1830 - 1889
Mary H. Marsh w of Fran 1829 - 1861
Alice C. Grey 2nd wife of Frank d. Sep. 19, 1870*
*error on stone - she died Nov. 4, 1875 (marriage date was 14 Sept. 1870)
b. 18 July 1842/49
Bernice dau of Frank & Alice 1873 - 1876
Frankie son of Frank & Alice 1871 - 1876
Willie O. son of Frank & Alice 1874 - 1887
NOTE: children have small well preserved headstones
EDDY, David d. Feb. 20, 1813 in 48th yr
Mercy w of David d. Jan. 04, 1834 in 71st yr
EDDY, Allen S. d. Sep 14, 1904 ae 53 yrs
Ada A. Botsford w of Allen d. June 16, 1875 ae 27 y 5mo
Day A. son of Allen & Ada A. 1873 - 1878
Eli son of Allen & Ada A. d. July 10, 1875 ae 2mo 17da
NOTE: These Eddy names are on two sides of Eddy monument.
GRAY, Julia A. Hoskins w of W.C.Gray d. April 26, 1877 b. Dec. 9, 1822
NOTE: Month/Day dates from Hoskins Genealogy. On (?)  Frank Eddy monument
GROOM, Dr.Andrew d. May 02, 1863 ae 72y 11mo 19da
Lora wife of Andrew d. May 19, 1864 ae 67y 10mo 19da
Matilda dau of Andrew& Lora d. Apr.15, 1849 ae 14y 10mo
Parmento son of Andrew& Lora d. May 22, 1837 ae 21y 0mo 18da
GROOM, Alvin H. son of Andrew & Lora d. Dec. 19, 1845 ae 25y 8mo 12da
Ryland O. d. Mar. 25, 1823 ae 5y 9da
GROOM Hannah Robinson w of David b. 1770 (?)
JOHNSON, Abigail B. w of Owen Eddy d. Aug. 06, 1881 in 87 yr
JOHNSON, Eliza H. d. May 02, 1859 ae 57y 6mo 20da
JOHNSON, Amos Revol. soldier; died in Derby, Conn
stone broken nearly unreadable in 1973 - was repaired in 1990's
d. Feb. 06, 1828 ae 69 yrs
Lucena consort of Amos d. Jan. 12, 1841 in 78th yr
KING, Polly (?) only child of Azra & Polly  d. June 11, 1820 in 10th yr
LAWRENCE, Lydia P. d. Sept. 27, 1848 ae 36y 6mo 12da
LOVELAND, Benjamin d. Nov. 19, 1845 ae 72 yrs
Hannah wife of Benjamin d. Dec. 18, 1847 ae 70y 3mo 5da
LUM, Chancey d. Feb. 1847 ae 54y 1mo 11da
Melissa J. wife of Chancey d. Dec. 05, 1862 ae 70y 4mo 20da
David C. his son;
died in San Francisco, California
d. Mar. 05, 1850 in 25th yr
one stone for David and his father.
LUM, Devoy d. Aug. 18, 1845 ae 1y 6mo 26da
LUM, Harriet d. Apr. 05, 1851 ae 10 months
MILLER, Enoch died in 77th yr d. Aug. 22, 1848 b. Oct. 22, 1771
MOORE, Lura L. d. Mar. 15, 1857 ae 24y 1mo
MUNN, Polly J. wife of Benjamin Munn d. May 27. 1860 ae 72 yrs
Benjamin "who died in Ohio Apr. 4, 1827 ae 41 yrs"
PHELPS, Austin d. Jan. 26, 1873 76y 9mo
Levinia Johnson wife of Austin d. Dec. 17, 1891 ae 87yr 4mo 19da
1 headstone
REYNOLDS, Joseph Revol. soldier d. Oct. 21, 1847 ae 86y 2mo 25da
Eunice d. Sept. 04, 1842 ae 88y 1mo
Ruth wife of Joseph d. Feb. 22, 1853 ae 85y 6mo 2da
REYNOLDS, Caleb d. Jan. 07, 1867 ae 66y 1mo 5da
Lydia wife of Caleb d. Sep. 18, 1867 ae 64y 9mo 17da
(note: another set of dates given for Lydia: d. Mar. 1, 1868

ae 70y 11mo 18da)
Harriet dau of Caleb & Lydia d. May 20, 1851 ae 22y 8mo 2da
Holbrook son of Caleb & Lydia d. Feb. 10, 1845 ae 6y 11mo 10da
NOTE: This family is on one monument. Another name on the monument is Mary L. Webster.
REYNOLDS, Emily (Botsford) wife of H.Reynolds d Nov. 05, 185l ae 37y 2mo 5da
ROBINSON, Andrew Revol.soldier d. June 19, 1819 in 79th yr
Jemima wife of Andrew d. Aug. 14, 1812 in 70th yr
Polly dau of Andrew d. about 1771
ROBINSON, William d. Mar. 01, 1868 ae 70y 11mo 18da
NOTE: This William may be a John, or one of them may be missing!
Polly wife of John d. Aug. 18, 1825 in her 50th yr
Patience (Hyde) wife of William d. June 14, 1861 in 63rd yr
SHEPHERD, Betsey E. wife of Simeon d. Mar. 02, 1846 ae 31y 3mo 5da
SMEAD, William Revol. soldier d. Feb. 17, 1815 in 74th yr
Mehetebell w of William d. Jan. 06, 1823 in 72nd yr
SMEAD, William d. Jan. 17, 1860 b. July 20, 1779
SMEAD, Caroline d. July 27, 184? b. July 1, 1814
Warrren W. son of William & Phebe ae 12y 6mo 17 da d. Nov. 12, 1835 b. Apr 27, 1823
Marshall son of William & Phebe d. Aug. 26, 1827 b. Mar. 18, 1826
SMEAD see EDDY (and note at end of list.)
SMITH, Ebenezer d. Sep. 20, 1851 ae 79yrs 1mo 6da
Hannah wife of Ebenezer d. Dec. 14, 1853 in 86th yr
SMITH, Helen Euphema dau of Samuel & Amy A. d. Nov. 02, 1847 ae 6mo 11da
TOAN, Andrew Eugene child of John L. & Harriet Toan or Tone d. Apr. 05, 1862 ae 2y 1mo 15da
Theresa Ann dau of John L. & Harriet Toan or Tone d. Mar. 30, 1862 ae 5y 5mo 6da
WARREN, Adna b. at Deerfield, MA;
grave on back slope
d. Apr. 04, 1830 ae 39y 5mo 19da
WEBSTER, Mary L.Reynolds wife of N.J.Webster dau. of C & L Reynolds d. Aug. 21, 1857 ae 32y 7mo 21da
WEEKS, Jared d. July 02, 1818 ae 24y 2mo 27da
Sarah d. July 02, 1818 ae 21y 2mo 2da
Elijah Revol. soldier d. June 25, 1834 ae 69 y 10mo 2da
NOTE: This handwritten quote about Elijah appears on worksheet: " Acc. to P.I. he was b. 23 Aug. 1764, d. June 25, 1834, w (1)Mehitable who d. 6 Jan 1823; w. (2) Sarah Bachelder (Reed) who d. 1834. Placed on Pension Roll, Cay.Co., 6 Jan. 1825 for service as Pvt., N.Y. militia. Born Brookfield, Mass."  According to Patriot Index, Elijah Weeks had only one wife, Sarah Bachelder.
Vashti Ann dau of Elijah & Sarah d. Apr. 08, 1843 ae 34y 5mo 2da
A final handwritten note on this worksheet: "Ray Hoskins says Allen Smead m. Eleanor Bolton, Leicester, N.Y. - Liv. Co." There are a few more scribbled words that I am unable to read. SRL
The following E-mail message contains possible revisions or corrections to this list.
From: Greg Adams
Saturday, September 23, 2000 8:42 PM

Dear Bernie and Susan,

After reviewing the information of my ancestors' grave markers during a visit to the Eddy Cemetery, Town of Scipio, Cayuga Co., I would like to add the following corrections to the web postings:

Adams, John O., son of James G., Jr. and Hannah d. Feb 19, 1824 ae 5 months is actually Adams, John Q., son of James G. and Hannah Adams d. Feb 19, 1824 ae 5 months

There is a second Adams, John Q., son of J.G. and Hannah T. Adams, born Sep 19, 1824, died Feb 16, 1825.

Also on the Adams monument is James G. Adams, born Dec 18, 1785, died June 1, 1855

Adams, Nathan d. April 03, 1855 ae 41y 3mo 17da is actually Adams, Nethan died April 3, 1855 aged 41 yrs 3 m and 17 d

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for adding the necessary corrections.
Greg Adams

Thanks to Sharon Ross Loysen for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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