Town of Scipio, NY #172

Located 1 1/4 miles N of Scipio Center on Route 34. Back in field.

{I have used as a base, a list of inscriptions loaned me by Miss Flora Daniels. To this I have added additional names found in Vol. LN 48 C31 B at Syracuse Library. There were two copyings, one: "Old Scipio Cemetery" originally copied by Barton & Housh in 1930's and checked by Mrs. Coulson", (pp. 51-55). The other "Some names copied in 1918 by Miss E. Powers", p. 56.} + and ( ) indicate the added material.
Akin, Fanny, dau of Isaac & Phebe d. July 6, 1829 ae 4y 8mo
Akin, Adeline E., dau of Isaac & Phebe d.May 12, 18__(1829) ae 11mo 29da
Bagley/Bayley, Isaac d. Sept. 21, 1806 ae 37y 6mo
Beardsley, Betsey, w of Jared d. Dec. 18, 1848 ae 69y 7mo
(erected by her dau, Harriet Palmer)
Beardsley, Martha W., dau of J.B. & M.J. d. Jan.26,1845 (1815) ae 4mo 15da
Beardsley, David, son of J.B. & M.J. d. July 22, 1843 ae 4mo 10da
Bennett, John d. Apr. 18, 1840 b. Sept. 13, 1750
Bennett, see Parker
Bishop, Caroline A., dau of V.R. & Sarah d. Sept. 28, 1848 ae 1y 5mo 5da
Boyce, see Manchester
Bowness, Thomas d. Nov. 17, 1881 ae 27y
Burdett, Charles, son of Richard d. Sept. 10, 1858 ae __
+ for better transcription of above, see Richardson
Bloomer, see Cornwell
Carter, Elsey, w of Jacob d. Sept. 15, 1849 ae 33y
Casler, Henry d. Feb. 6, 1857 in 76th year
Mary, w of Henry d. Apr. 29, 1857 in 74th year
Casler, Eliza Ann, dau of Jacob & Mary d. Aug. 3, 1862 in 4th year
Chiver, Ebenezer d. Oct. 29, 1841 ae 78y 5mo
Jerusha, w of d. Mar(Apr. 7), 1848 in 79th yr
Close, Abel d. Dec. 30, 1850 ae 63y 2mo 2da
Sally Wadams, w of "
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. Mar.23, 1858 ae 64y 6mo 11da
Isaac, son of Abel & Sally d. May 1, 1842 ae 4y 3mo 9da
Cock (Cook) William J. d. Dec. 12, 1821 ae 39y 10mo 26da
Margaret, w of " d. Sept. 10, 1861 ae 76y 4mo 8da
Coe, Joel d. Sept. 23, 1846 ae 88y 4mo
Huldah, w of " d. Dec. 13, 1803 ae 42y
Coe, see Olney
(Note by Mrs. Coulson:  Mary Ann Cornwall,
nee Martin, and Jemima Cornwell births were
taken from Cornwell Bible records) My records
had Cornwall.
Cornwell, Joshua d. June 25, 1844 ae 41y 10mo 10da
Mary Ann Martin d. Oct. 30, 1857 b. Feb. 20, 1805
Jemima d. Feb. 21, 1831 b. Dec. 21, 1823
Selah d. Oct. 4, 1823 ae 24y 11mo 19da
Susan d. Oct. 23, 1823 ae 19y 9mo
Jemimah (nee Bloomer) d. Sept. 29, 1823 ae 49y 1mo 2da
Cowan, see Marsh
Cox, see Olney
Culver, see Wood
Daniells, Marietta d. Jan. 15, 1846 ae 20y 1mo (22y)
(Coulson note: Question age 22 yrs since John Daniels
was b. 1776 - see Storke's History of Cay. Co., p. 421)
Daniels, see Graham, Tallman
Dickinson, Minor d. May 20, 1825 ae 19y 11mo 10da
Dunbar, Rodella, dau of Jonathan & Harriet d. Sept. 13, 1851 ae 3y 10mo 8da
Eddy, Abigail, adopted dau of Oliver & Abigail d. Jan. 13, 1850 ae 4y 10m 24d
Elliott, Lewis, son of Wm. & Sally d. May 17, 1851 ae 32y 6mo 11da
Elliott, see Ward; King; and Marsh
Fish, see Ward
Flagler, Ann, dau of J. S. & M. d. June 11, 1825 ae ?
Gallup, Nathan 1787-1844
Phebe Strong, his "nd wife 1777-1846
(Note: were buried here but bodies removed about
1900 & buried in Scipio Rural. Miss E.A. Powers, copyer)
Green, Sally, w of Leonard Green d. Oct. 24, 1857 ae 19y 2mo 4da
" or is w of Ledyard Green d. Dec. 24, 1857 ae 19y 2mo 21da
Hancock, Elizabeth d. Aug. 18, 1820 ae 1y 8mo
Horton, see Robinson
Graham, Mary Elizabeth (no dates provided)
(mother Matilda Daniels and dau of Wm & Mary
Daniels, dau of Elder Irish)
Harris, Philip d. June 1, 1860 ae 82y 1mo
Rosannah, w of " d. June 11, 1845 ae 63y 4m 14da
Harris, William d. Nov. 21, 1843 ae 34y 10m 17d
Julia A., w of " d. Mar. 5, 1845 ae 29y 1mo 21da
Hill, Elizabeth (prob. w of Joshua) d. May 16, 1814 ae 52y 9mo 14da
Hoskins, Samuel Jr. d. Mar. 29, 1837 b. Jan. 3, 1787
Irene, w of " d. Feb. 14, 1865 ae 77y 6mo 23da
Hoskins, David d. Sep. 9, 1816 b. Dec. 5, 1789
Hoskins, Samuel d. June 18, 1825 b. Sep. 9 1753
Hoskins, Lydia d. Nov. 30, 1823 b. Mar. 10, 1753
Hoskins, Joshua 1784-1842
Hoskins, Betsey A. 1822-1850
Hoskins, Betsy, w of Joshua (on same stone) 1781-1849
Hoskins, George J., son of Samuel & Mary d. Apr. 3, 1843 ae 1yr
Hudson, Clarissa, w of Nelson d. Apr. 21, 1855 ae 35y 3mo 24d
Hunter, Zadock d. Sep. 25, 1842 ae 42y
Hunter, William d. May 28, 1850 ae 73y 5mo 3da
Martha, w of William d. July 5, 1882 ae 74y 8mo 6da
Irish, see Graham; Olney
King, Catherine, dau of Samuel & Sally d. May 2, 1833 ae 6mo 6da
King, Lewis d. May 18, 1857 ae 69y 10da
Mary, w of " d. July 7, 1850 ae 62y 8m 17d
King, Julia Ann, dau of Lewis & Mary d.Jan. 24, 1807 ae 20y 7mo 14da
King, Betsey, w of Allanson d. Jan. 24, 180? ae 20y 7mo 14d
dau. of William & Sally Elliot
King, see Slavson
Mallory, see Strong
Manchester, Elias d. Mar. 14, 1846 ae 87y 7mo
Patience (nee Boyce) w of Elias d. Apr. 10, 1841 ae 77y 6mo
Manchester, Patience d. Aug. 16, 1838 ae 37y 
(Bible records states died 1834)
Manchester, Lydia d. May 2, 1843 ae 45y
Marsh, Henry d. June 30, 1845 ae 69y 8mo 17da
Reliance, w of Henry d. July 16, 1845 ae 59y 8mo 17da
Marsh, Amanda, w of Elisha d. Sept. 19, 1843 ae 27y 4mo
& dau of John & Prudence Cowan;
Prudence dau of George Elliot
Martin, Ely Synitia (See E-Mail Below) 1716-1817
Elizabeth Synton 1716-1817
One tombstone for both erected by gr-grandchildren
Martin, see Cornwell
McWilliam, see Parker
See Note Below
Mary, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.19, 1860) 1865 ae 10-3-9
Arthur, son of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.20,1860) 1865 ae 4-9-3
Lucy, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.Feb. 2, (1860) 1865 ae 1-1-26
Catherine, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.20), 1860 ae 6y 9m 21da
Joseph R., son of Joseph & Catherine d.Jan. 13, 1858 ae 7y
Mott, Phebe Jane, dau of James & Charlotte d. Jan.23, 1845 ae 26y 2mo 25da
Olney, Nathaniel d. Sep 10, 1811 in 48th year
Olney, Eleanor Irish, w of Nathaniel d. Sep 26(20), 1852 in 82nd yr
(NOTE: sister of Elder David Irish,
early Baptist minister in Scipio)
Olney, Benjamin d. Mar. 7, 1850 ae 62y 9mo
Olney, Rachel Coe, w of Benjamin d. Apr. 5, 1874 ae 87y 9mo
(daughter of Joel & Huldah Coe)
Olney, Jason, son of Benj. & Rachel d. Jan. 31. 1831 ae 3y 11mo 8da
Olney, Adomian Judson, son of Benj. & Rachel d. Nov 4, 1827 ae 7y 7m 21d
Olney, Arenius, son of Benj. & Rachel d. May 28, 1843 ae 29y 4mo 17da
Olney, Caroline, dau of Benj. & Rachel d. Feb.18, 1850 ae 25y 3mo 13d
Olney, Lucy Cox, w of Royall d. Feb. 26, 1829 ae 23y 7m 3d
Olney, Orlin A., son of Royall & Laura d. Sep 15, 1845 ae 1y 3mo 7da
(Olney, Olin A., son of Royall & Laura A. Phelps)
Osborn, Amelia M., dau of Rev.J.W. & M.S. d. Nov. 16, 1849 ae 1y 16da
Palmer, see Beardsley
Parker, Ira d. Jan. 20 1857 ae 66y (or 60y)
Parker, Sarah, w of Phillip d. Nov.18 1839 ae 41y 15da
Parker, Ezra, Co. D 75th NY d. Jan. 18, 1865 ae 34y 8mo 10da
Parker, Ezekiel d. Apr. 15, 1846 ae 89y 23da
(NOTE: this stone was broken & embedded when
I made list in 1948. Refer to Cay. Co. Surrogate
Records L N 48 C31 B - Will of Ezekiel Parker
recorded 10-29-1804. Mrs. K.L.C.)
Parker, Ruth, w of Ezekiel Parker & John Bennett d. Apr 18, 1846 ae 89y 6m 25d
Parker, Mary, d. Apr. 16, 1846 ae 25y 5m 25d
(w of Thos. & dau of Wm & Nancy McWilliam)
Phelps, see Olney
Robinson, Eliza w of Charles d.Sep. 28, 1845 ae 21y 11mo 8da
Richardson, Charles Burdette, son of ? & Abby d. Sep. 5, 1858 ae 3mo
(note: _____ Huldah, nee Horton, dau of Nathaniel
& Rebecca Robinson Horton. No connection with
Eliza, wife of Chas. Robinson. Coulson)
Rumsey, Rosannah, dau of Daniel & Betsey d. Aug. 15, 1853 ae 3mo
Rumsey, Celinda, dau of D.J. & Elizabeth d. Mar. 19, 1863 ae 10y 5mo 1da
Rumsey, Jared, son of D.J. & Elizabeth d. Mar. 15, 1860 ae 8y 3mo 3da
Slauson, Lydia, w of A.B.Slauson & former w of Luman King   d. Dec. 7, 1849 ae 37y 3mo
Slauson, Lydia d. Sep. 25, 1846 ae 1mo 2da
Strong, Philip d. Feb. 20, 1812 ae 53y
Strong, Parthena, w of Philip d. Apr. 20, 1807 ae 37y
Strong, Patience Mallory, 2nd w of Philip d. Apr. 20, 1807 b. Sep 27, 1770
(Note: dates of Patience & Parthena have same
dates of birth & death)
Strong, Epaphroditus 1778-1850
Strong, Lorenzo, son of Epaphroditus & Anne d. May 28, 183(1) ae 24y 6mo 8da
Strong, Dr. Ezra 1777-1846
(note: Dr. Ezra & Epaphroditus copied in 1918
by Miss E.A. Powers)
Strong, see Gallup
Tallman, Lina Daniells, w of William d. Jan. 28, 1840 ae 17y 10mo
Thirstin, Thomas M. (James M.) d. Feb. 12, 1854 ae 44y 7mo 26da
Thurstin, James M. d. Feb. 2, 1854 ae 44y 6da
(above must be same person & two of the three
copies are Thirstin)
Van Liew, Frederick Pvt. NY Militia Cya Co. Rev.War d.Jun 20, 1835, ae 82y 1mo
Wadama, Caleb, (Rev. Sold.)
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. May 18, 1835 ae 83y 3mo 4da
Wadama, Charity, w of John Wadama
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. June 1, 1840 ae 44y
Wadama, Ida M., dau of John & Charity
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. Mar. 20, 1832 ae 1y 20da
Wadama, Emily
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. Oct. 14, 1838 ae 12y 9mo 17da
Wadama, Polly
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
d. Jan. 2, 1839 ae 20y 20da
Wadama, see Close
NOTE: According to Fred Eckel this name should be Wadams per the DAR records in Albany, NY
Ward, Elizabeth S., w of Israel d. Aug. 9, 1832 ae 58y 5mo 20da
Ward, Israel (Rev. Sold.) d. July 21, 1838 ae 71y 11mo 27da
Ward, Eleanor, w of Hope & dau of Wm. & Mary Fish d. Nov. 17/Mar. 11, 1843 ae 39y
(Note: Coulson note: have also seen this
spelled Jope & Joda. Also, Mary Fish was nee Elliott)
Webster, Mrs. Rebecca, w of Nathan rest gone
Webster, Harriet A., dau of Nathan & Rebecca d. Feb. 15, 1836 ae 1y 7mo 30da
Wilson, Rebecca, w of William d. Jul 9, 1835 ae 40y 6mo 5da
Wood, Rebecca, w of Ebenezer
& dau of Ansel & Rachel Culver  
d. Mar. 12, 1844 ae 23y 7mo
Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 11:42 AM
Subject: Cornwell Cemetery


I don't know if you are the correct person to share this information with, but,
if not, please pass it on.

I am researching the Martin family that immigrated from Co. Armagh to
Cayuga Co in the early 1800s. I have done extensive research on this line
and have been puzzled at the Cornwall/Cornwell Cemetery listing that is in
the county historians office for Elizabeth Synton Martin stating that she
shares a tombstone with someone named Ely Synitia. This notation has Martin
researchers scratching their heads. Elizabeth Sinton Martin's husband died
in Co. Armagh and she immigrated to the US with her children. My husband is
in the direct line of her son James Martin who died in Cayuga Co between
1810 and 1820.

Yesterday I stopped in Cayuga County on my way to our camp in the
Adirondacks and visited the cemetery. There is one tombstone with ONE name
on it reading "Elizabeth Synton Martin 1716-1817 Erected in 1890 by her
greatgranddaughter and ____________(section under dirt)son. Presumably the
section under the ground says greatgrandson. I will bring a spade next time
I pass through to check the part I could not see. There is NO Ely Synitia
on the stone (or none in the cemetery that is still standing). The stone
was next to that of Joshua Cornwell and his wife Mary Ann Martin, daughter
of James Martin and granddaughter of Elizabeth Sinton.

I don't know where the confusion came that linked Elizabeth Synton Martin
and Ely Synitia (maybe the SYN caused a transcriber to link them somehow?).
The inscription for Elizabeth Synton Martin appeared to be on the back of
someone else's stone. The other side of her stone is decorated and was
insribed, but the inscription has been carved off by some kind of a toothed
tool. The family probably used the back of someone's else's tombstone for
hers when they erected it in 1890. That practice was not unknown at that

I will send you a picture of the stone when I get home and have the
capability. The website should be corrected because the error creates a
great deal of confusion for Sinton/Martin researchers.

Thank you.
Mary Dain

E-Mail regarding the cemetery transcription on this website page.
From: "Linda T." <>
To: "Bernie Corcoran" <>
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 12:52 PM
Subject: Cornwall or Cornwell Cemetery

The online cemetery shows:
Morgan, Mary, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.19, 1860) 1865 ae 10-3-9
Arthur, son of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.20,1860) 1865 ae 4-9-3
Lucy, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.Feb. 2, (1860) 1865 ae 1-1-26
Catherine, dau of Joseph & Catherine d.(Jan.20), 1860 ae 6y 9m 21da
Joseph R., son of Joseph & Catherine d.Jan. 13, 1858 ae 7y

This is impossible as from the census records I've found:

The 1860 Federal Census of Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY., Pg. 563 Lines 1 - 3,
Dwelling # 382, Family # 378 shows:
MORGAN, Joseph; 33, male, farm laborer, PEV 30, b. Ireland
" . Catharine; 33, female, b. Ireland
" , Margaret; 9, female, b. NY

The 1870 Federal Census of Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY., pg. 574B, Lines 32 - 37,
Dwelling # 142, Family # 146 shows:
MORGAN, Joseph; 42, male, white, farmer, 700, b. Ireland, male cit. over 21
" , Catharine; 43, female, white, keeping house, b. Ireland
" , Margaret; 19, female, white, Domestic servant, b. NY
" , Arthur; 9, male, white, b. NY
" , John; 7, male, white, b. NY
" , baby; 1/12, male, white, b. NY (May)

The 1880 Federal Census of Scipio, Cayuga Co., NY, pg. 269A, Lines 15 - 19,
Dwelling # 247, Family # 253 shows:
MORGAN, Joseph; white, male, 53, married, Farmer, b. Ireland
" , Catharine; white, female, 52, wife, married, keeping house, b. Ireland
" , Arthur; white, male, 19, son, single, Laborer, b. NY
" , John; white, male, 17, son, single, Laborer, b. NY
" , Joseph R.; white, male, 10, son, single, at home, b. NY

The online records have poor little Joseph R. passing away 12 years before
he was even born. Is there any way to put a notation with these names on
the website? I do not have death dates for them in my files but know that
they lived at least 20 years past what is shown. I'll keep my eye out for
other obvious errors in this cemetery as I go through Scipio.

Thanks muchly,
Linda Talbott

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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