Sherwood or Phelps Cemetery

(Town of Scipio, NY)  #170

Phelps Cemetery is located at Sherwood Corners. These are Skilton records.

Baker,		John					d. July 19, 1854 ae 75y
Baker,		Walter					d. Jan. 6, 1846 ae 11y 7mo 
Baker,		Jemima					d. July 2, 1844 ae 33y 3mo
Baker,		Sally Maria				d. June 1855 ae 16y 5mo
Baker,		Edward					d. Sept. 18, 1860 ae 19y 4mo
Baker,		David					d. Aug. 26, 1864 ae 32y
Battey,		Eva M., dau of Walter R. & Susan	d. July 24, 1876 ae 10y 3mo 12da
Chase,		Clara E., w of Charles H.		1876-1917
Clayton,	Bertha M., dau of J. & S. J.		d. May 3, 1882 ae 2y 5mo 28da
Comstock,	Alonzo					d. Oct. 3, 1874 ae 65y 5mo 12da
Comstock,	Anna, w of Alonzo			d. Apr. 3, 1874 ae 65y 6mo 8da
Comstock,	Sarah E., dau				d. Mar. 3, 1860 ae 27y 1mo 6da
Comstock,	Addie Mack, w of Charles		d. May 4, 1924 ae 82y
Fell,		Moses T.				d. Mar. 31, 1887 ae 89y 9mo
Fell,		Hannah Ely, w of Moses T.		d. Feb. 23, 1890 ae 87y 6mo
Fowler,		Walter S.				d. Nov. 26, 1893 b. Dec. 30, 1839
Fowler,		Lina T., w of Walter S.			d. Mar. 2, 1886 ae 46y
Gardner,	William (born in Dover, England)	d. Oct. 7, 1893 b. July 1, 1816
Gardner,	Esther					d. Feb. 21, 1890 b. July 13, 1824
Hill,		Erastus					d. Aug. 10, 1892 ae 76y
Hill,		Polly, w of Erastus			d. Nov. 2, 1885 ae 64y
Hill,		Charles E., son				d. Jan. 15, 1850 ae 3y 7mo
Hill,		Leonard					d. Sept. 30, 1882 ae 58y 1mo
Judge,		Benach M.				1892-1916
Lane,		John W.					d. May 22, 1878 ae 64y 1mo 26da
Masten,		Selah Elle, son of George & Pamelia	d. Jan. 20, 1863 ae 4mo 10da
Masten,		Sarah Elizabeth				d. Sept. 23, 1853 ae 27y 2mo 
Masten,		Anna, w of S. E.			d. Feb. 16, 1862 ae 61y 9mo 2da
Owen,		George M.				d. Feb. 24, 1870 ae 57y
Myres,		Sarah K., w of Hendrake			d. May 30, 1857 ae 53y 10mo 22da
Myres,		Mary F., dau of John & Mary		d. Apr. 1859 ae 7y
Myres,		John,  Co.E. 3rd NY Art.		no dates
Perry,		Dixon, Co.E 9th Regt. NY Vol.		d. July 7, 1888 ae 72y
Perry,		Elizabeth, w of Dixon			d. Dec. 2, 1895 ae 68y
Perry,		Agnes A., dau				d. Aug. 12, 1882 ae 37y
Phelps,		Samuel					d. Apr. 14, 1838 ae 53y 2mo 28da
Phillips,	Herman					d. Sept. 2, 1875 b. Mar. 28, 1806
Phillips,	Hannah, w of Herman			d. June 1, 1873 b. Nov. 8, 1801
Phillips,	Adella M., dau of J.H. & Rose		d. Mar. 5, 1885 ae 3mo
Phillips,	Harriet A., dau				d. Jan. 30, 1886 ae 42y
Phillips,	James					1849-1898
	(Co. E. 39th Regt. U.S. Colored Volunteer)
Phillips,	Rose E. Gaskin, w of James		1858-1915
Phillips,	Herman J., son of			d. Mar. 20, 1911 b. July 25, 1894
Phillips,	Mary E., dau of				d. July 5, 1912 b. Oct. 29, 1888
Phillips,	Isabel R., dau of			d. Jan. 30, 1906 b. Oct. 10, 1885
Phillips,	Anna C., dau of				d. June 26, 1908 b. June 6, 1891
Powers,		Philena					1825-1889
Robinson,	Jennie E., w of Alexander		d. June 13, 1878 ae 30y 11mo 20da
Robinson,	Edward					d. Nov. 1836 b. June 1763
Robinson,	Eunice Rix				d. Sept. 1834 b. July 1765
Saxton,		J. Eugene				d. May 27, 1878 b. Nov. 28, 1853
Saxton,		Ellen Ida				d. Jan. 5, 1858 b. Feb. 27, 1851
Saxton,		Hannah Medora				b & d. Dec. 3, 1856
Saxton,		Isaac N.				d. Jan. 1, 1889 b. Apr. 3, 1812
Saxton,		Anna E.					d. Mar. 16, 1901 b. June 5, 1823
Saxton,		Abby W., w of				d. Apr. 2, 1911 b. June 6, 1860
Shaw,		John					d. Dec. 12, 1863 ae 48y 10mo
Shaw,		Maria					d. Sept. 17, 1860 ae 45y 3mo 12da
Sherwood,	Seth					d. May 19, 1820 ae 72y 5mo 4da
Smith,		John S.					1827-no dates
Smith,		Elizabeth,  w of John S.		1827-1896
Smith,		Mary E., dau				1853-1893
Smith,		Armenia V., dau				1856-1881
Smith,		Annie M., dau				1859-1881
Smith,		Polhemaus				1839-1906
Smith,		Lydia A., w of Polhemaus		1841-1916
Smith,		Ursula, dau				1864-1884
Smith,		Lovina, dau				1867-1883
Stagg,		Anna, w of Jacob			d. Aug. 2, 1855 ae 51y
Thomas,		Allen					d. Mar. 10, 1862 ae 70y 9mo 7da
Thomas,		Lucy, w of Allen			d. Mar. 28, 1875 b. Mar. 17, 1792
Thomas,		Elvira, dau				d. Apr. 12, 1849 ae 13y 5da
Thomas,		Franklin Jay, son of Albert & Mahala	d. Oct. 1846 ae 4mo 18da
White,		Thomas					d. Mar. 7, 1805 ae 53y
Wibert,		Deborah, wife of Martin T.		d. Feb. 12, 1860 ae 32y 5mo 22da
Wood,		Minnie					d. July 12, 1887 ae 19y

NOTE: Louise Coulson relates an anecdote concerning Seth Sherwood. I understood her 
to say that he was originally buried in the cemetery next to the Baptist Meeting 
House on Goose Lane. When the farmer who owned the land surrounding the burying 
ground wanted to plow up this area, burials were dug up and re-interred, Seth 
into this one at Sherwood Corners. It was decided to open the coffin at that time and 
a lady who was a very small child at that time, told Louise that he looked just as though 
he had just been buried, lying there in full Masonic regalia, and then went quickly to 
dust before her eyes. This was almost one hundred years after his death. M.C.

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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