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Meech Cemetery

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( Town of Brutus, Cayuga County, New York) #17

The Meech Cemetery is located on Brutus Road, between Bonta Bridge and Pump Roads, near the northeast corner of Brutus Township in Cayuga County New York.  The cemetery is one of the oldest in the area.  The earliest burial in this survey was made in 1808. The last burial would appear to have been made in 1902.

All data in this survey were taken from tombstones in the spring of 1959.  Certainly a great amount of information has been permanently lost. Some may be recovered at a later date when time and effort are available to move and/or excavate fallen and buried monuments. As is true in most old cemeteries, erosion of the marble has rendered a few inscriptions unreadable. There is evidence too that several bodies have been removed for burial elsewhere. Members of the Meech family who were originally buried in the concrete family vault were removed some years ago and reinterred in the Weedsport Rural Cemetery.

Beginning at the Meech vault in the southeast corner of the cemetery, burials are listed in the text as they occur in each row of lots, always moving south to north. Due to the somewhat dilapidated and often overgrown condition of the cemetery it was not always possible to establish with certainty the row in which some monuments belong. The fact that many markers are down, and that many markers have obviously been moved about leaves the original position of a goodly number of burials quite uncertain.


Vault "Meech 1886"

BREED, Elizabeth, d. 1/23/1817; ae 18
BREED, Nathan, d. 1/11/1817; ae 14
	footstone M.B.
BREED, Capt. Thomas, d. 5/16/1827; ae 62

DAGGETT, Hermon, d. 2/27/1832; ae 41-4-27

LANPHERE, Richard, d. 9/8/1868; ae 64-6
LANPHERE, Anna (DEAN), his wife, d. 12/10/1860; ae 59-4-8
WILSON, Ellen A., dau. of J.H. and J.I., d. 4/15/1848; ae 1-5-
LANPHERE, William W., son of R. and A., d. 2/13/1845; ae 3-?-?

	footstone B.A.C.
GIBBS, Richard, a native of Gloustershire, Eng., d. 4/9/1858; ae 70
	footstone C.G.
COLE, Mark, d. 12/20/1851; ae 66
COLE, Thomas, d. 4/20/1840; ae 13, son of Mark and Mina
COLE, Lucy, d. 4/26/1840; ae 1-7-, dau. of Mark and Mina
COLE, Elizabeth, d. 11/29/1841; ae 19, dau. of Mark and Mina


CUMMINGS, Hannah, wife of Abner, d. 6/17/1836; ae 62-4-21

CARDER, Amanda J., dau. of J.B. and S.A., d.   2/3/1841; ae 2-6-2
CARDER, Sarah Jane, dau. of J.B. and S.A., d. 5/14/1843; ae 0-2-27
CARDER, John Barnas, d. 2/20/1845; ae 35-5-5
CARDER, Susan Ann MEECH, his wife, d. 12/29/1894; ae 85 (later married David B. Meech)

ROWLEY, Jasper RICE, son of D.T. and E.A., d. 10/19/1843; ae 1-1-16
ROWLEY, Eunice Almira, wife of David T., d. 7/31/1848; ae 35-0-2

FORREST, Robert, d. 2/14/1862; ae 52-0-2
FORREST, Sarah, his wife, d. 1/16/1852; ae 44-6-25

WILEY, John, son of J.G. and S.A., d. 11/8/1851; ae 2-11-
WILEY, Anna H., wife of Jacob, d. 11/14/1853; ae 77-5-

GLEESON, Mary, wife of James, d. 5/19/1892; ae 85
GLEESON, James, d. 8/9/1843; ae 49

BRADT, Lucy E., dau. of W. and Elizabeth, d. 9/11/1869; ae 2-1-21

KELLOGG, Doc. Charles, d. 10/10/1819; ae 12 ("ae 42", Skilton - Book 114)

KINNEY, Maria, wife of Henry, d. 11-2-1836; ae 42

CRAIN, Don H., son of Philip P. and Electa M., d. 1/27/1839; ae 0-2-4

TOWNSEND, Oscar C., son of P.E. and B.C., d. 4/11/1850; ae 0-3-2


COMBS, Rice, d. 12/24/1870; ae 59
COMBS, Amy, his wife, d. 9/15/1881; ae 87

MEECH (MEACH), Charles B., son of Nathan and Lucretia, d. 7/7/1836; ae 16-7-14
MEECH, Charles, d. 5/25/1870; ae 22-7-10
MEECH, Jemima, dau. of N. and L., d. 4/1/1810; ae 0-6-0
MEECH, Nathan, d. Aug. 1832; ae 47
MEECH, Lucretia, his wife, d. 3/21/1851; ae 64-10-12

MEECH, Frances A., dau. of Chas. and Rosina, d. 10/16/1846; ae 3-6-

MEECH, Henry, d. 8/13/1848; ae 74-3-25
MEECH, Elizabeth, his wife, d. 4/29/1814; ae 34 (nee GARHART)

BROTHERTON, Orilla, wife of Lester, d. 11/23/1865; ae 53

MOON, Francis O., son of Chas. and Elizabeth, d. 10/24/1864; ae 0-1-0

WARD, John P., d. 6/7/1863; ae  32-3-1

WARD, Eliza Jane, dau. of Archibald and Mary J., d. 3/18/1854; ae 26-10
WARD, Archibald, d. 6/19/1850; ae 55-3-21
WARD, David, d. 7/7/1846; ae 59-5-12
WARD, Christina, d. 9/9/1832; ae 68-2- , Consort of John Ward
WARD, Col. John, d. 12/8/1808; ae 57-9
WARD, Hiram A. B., d. 3/25/1829; ae 26-6, youngest son of J. and C.
WARD, Clara C., wife of Thomas, d. 2/7/1855; ae 70-0-7

CURTIS, Charles Heman, son of  J.B. and N.J., d. 8/8/1855; ae 4-0-26

JILLSON, Harriet, dau. of David and Desire, d. 4/22/1844; ae 21-3-20


MEECH, Hugh, d. 8/22/1863; ae 24-6-4, Corp. 111 NY Vol
MEECH, David B., d. 3/18/1867; ae 67-3-8
MEECH, Eliza, wife of David, d. 6/16/1853; ae 44-11-14
MEECH,  Harriet Ann, dau of D. and E., d. 4/27/1836; ae 0-1-25

ROWLEY, Polly, wife of Constantine, d. 10/8/1828; ae  35

MEECH, Joseph, d. 9/24/1834; ae 64-2-26

MORRIS, Anna, wife of Richard, d. 4/26/1853; ae 31-2-20
MORRIS, Hannah A., dau. of R. and A., d. 10/25/1841; ae 4-0-2
MORRIS, William Henry, son of R. and A., d. 10/15/1821; ae 0-7-15

MANNING, Wealthy, wife of Joseph C., d. 12/28/1851; ae 57-4-14
MANNING, Joseph C., d. 2/22/1859; ae 69-4-15

BROWN, Henry T., d. 8/5/1863; ae 43

COLE, John, d. 9/28/1864; ae 32
COLE, Willie W., son of John and Frances, d. 7/30/1874; ae 14-6-11

BONTA, Seba John, son of H. and E., b. 1856 d. 1864
BONTA, Blue, wife of Harvey, b. 1822 d. 1881
BONTA, Harvey S., b. 1811 d. 1879

CLEMENTS, Mary S., dau. of T. and S., d. 10/22/1858; ae 16 (two handwritten notes; one
 	says 1838. The other says by Clements family records b. 30 May 1827, d. 2 Oct. 1878)
CLEMENTS, Lois Ambrosia, dau. of T. and S. (adopted, Skilton - Book 114)
CLEMENTS, Sarah L., dau. of Nathan and Elizabeth, d. 10/24/1866; ae 16-9-9
CLEMENTS, Sally, wife of Tobias, d. 6/23/1866; ae 75-7-
CLEMENTS, Deacon Tobias, d. 10/21/1877; ae 91-9-

SPAULDING, Susan, dau. of Alexander and Mary, d. 4/12/1825; ae 2-10

HOW, Amos B., son of R. and B., d. 3/3/1843; ae 22
HOW, Rebecca, wife of Baxter, d. 2/13/1854; ae 69 (nee Bennett, dau. of Amos, Skilton 
	- Book 114)
HOW, Baxter, d. 6/9/1842; ae 67


KENNEY, Huldah, Relict of John Henry and dau. of Johnathan Rowley, d. 7/28/1842; ae 51
KENNEY, John, d. 2/22/1833; ae 44

MEECH, A., large monument knocked down and covered by a tree
	M.A.M. on a footstone
	P.I.T. on a headstone

BRADT, Mary C., wife of J.G., 1831- (three footstones with inscriptions:  Mother, Husband,
BRADT, John G., 1826-1903
PHILLIPS, Peter, 1795-1866

ROWLEY, Mary Alice, dau. of C. and Emily, d. 8/20/1844; ae 2-0-17
ROWLEY, Mary Caroline, dau. of Charles, d. 1/13/1842; ae 2-9
ROWLEY, Elizabeth, wife of Charles, d. 7/23/1834; ae 32
ROWLEY, Emily, wife of Charles, d. 5/13/1857; ae 39-9-9
ROWLEY, Charles, d. 8/31/1885; ae 81-1-20

BARRACLOUGH, Charles, d. 5/24/1865; ae 51-2-8


CLARK, Robert J., d. Jordan 4/18/1852; ae 64
BATCHELLER, Dr. David H., d. 6/16/1828 or 38; ae 25 ("38" -  W.A. Wood)

LLOYD, William M., d. 9/17/1847; ae 29-5

HOWARD, Josephine, dau. of Nat'l and Mary, d. 7/23/1855; ae 2-5-17

TOWN, Marion A., dau. of S. and A., d. 1/30/1846; ae 1-8-21
TOWN, Amelia Gates, wife of Sewell, d. 6/19/1882; ae 81
TOWN, Sewell, d. 12/6/1851; ae 65-8-2

BABCOCK, George W., d. 3/16/1850; ae 18-5-8
BABCOCK, Elias N., son of Ethan and Caroline, d. 3/31/1850; ae 21-20-5
BABCOCK, Amy Jane, dau. of E. and C., d/ 5/25/1851; ae 15-6-1
BOTCH, Arthur E., son of Sarah and Wallace, d. 10/18/1864; ae 0-1-17
WALLACE (prob. Mrs. Wallace R.), d. 9/18/1864; ae 23-10-12 (Sarah)(see 62:743)
BABCOCK, Caroline, 1807-1890

SEARLES, Salem C., d. 6/12/1834; ae 4
SEARLES, James W., d. 10/31/1857; ae 31
SEARLES, Polly, wife of Samuel, d. 12/13/1851; ae 52
SEARLES, Samuel, d. 9/8/1835; ae 37


BARKER, Isaac, d. 8/23/1862; ae 33-5
BARKER, Luanna, dau. of R.H. and Anna, d. 6/1/1851; ae 7-0-7
BARKER,  Nancy, dau. of R.H. and Anna, d. 9/5/1855; ae 8-9-3

PASSAGE, Polly C., dau. of Adam and O.S., d. 9/15/1829; ae 0-11-20

PASSAGE, Henry, d. 12/3/1830; ae 55-4-16


	M.S.L. on footstone
LEE, Abner, b. Middletown, Conn. 2/20/1759, d. 6/30/1843; ae 84-4-10, "In
the Revolution he engaged for his Country; was with Arnold in his defeat at
Quebec; with Washington at Trenton, Princeton and Red Bank. At sea was
taken by a British man-of-war, carried to Bermuda in irons, imprisoned some
10 weeks. In 1812 united with the Baptist Church having when young
entertained a hope in Christ."

BARKER, Anna, wife of Roswell, d. 9/3/1862; ae 59-3

BARKER, John, d. 2/2/1852; ae 79-10-16
BARKER, Hannah, his wife, d. 6/15/1844; ae 68

PASSAGE, Emeline, dau. of Henry and Anna, d. 12/18/1847; ae 25-10-6

ROMAN, Mary, wife of Henry, d. 11/12/1831; ae 21

MEAD, Stephen, d. 11/23/1843; ae 33-3
MEAD, Joana, dau. of Stephen and Caroline, d. 3/13/1844; ae 5-6-2


CRIM, Caroline B., wife of Lewis, d. 5/17/1860; ae 38-8-3
CRIM, Lewis, d. 3/6/1902; ae 83
CRIM, William H., their son, d. 11.15.1864; ae 6

L.P. on footstone

PIERCE, William C., d. 1/11/prob. 1845; ae 21-2-9

BRADLEY, Harried, dau. of Wm. H. and Julia, d. 12/28/1858; ae 1/11-28

BARKER, Orlando L., d. 3/10/1854; ae 44-9-10

Along Fence

PALMER, Leonard, son of John and Mary, d. 2/4/1859; ae 8-7-20

HALSTEAD, Julia T., dau. of John and Ryphena, d. 7/8/1853; ae 1-7-20

PIERCE, Joseph, d. 9/19/1840; ae 89

STOKES, Lilly, dau. of Frederick and Mary, d. 9/25/1855; ae 1-11

[The following names, in addition, were found in a copy of this Meech
Cemetery loaned to me by Miss Flora Daniels (the original of which I
believe is on file in Syracuse Library).

CUMMINGS, Eranser A., dau. of Charles and Rosina, d. 12/16/1846; ae 3-6-
HELMER, Mary, wife of David, d. 6/18/1842 in 50th yr
MEECH, Susannah, 2nd wife of Henry, d. 7/30/1853; ae 70
MEECH, Mary A., wife of Aaron P., d/ 9/15/1865; ae 37-1-27
MORRIS, Harriet, dau. of Richard, d. 1851; ae 4-0-2
ROWLEY, Emily, 2nd wife of Richard, d. 5/13/1857; ae 39-9-9

					---Mabel Crosby]

The following burials in Meech Cemetery were found in the Skilton Papers at
Cornell (#1273, notebook 114). They were copied 3 Oct 1946 by W. Hubert
Wood and supplement the Finley list on preceding pages.

HELMER, Mary, wife of David, D. 18 Jun 1842; ae 50

MEECH, Eliza Ann, D. 22 Jan 1810; ae 1-5-12, dau. of Joseph and Sally

MEECH, Hannah, d. 6 Nov 1806; ae 0-9-16, dau. of Joseph and Sally

MEECH, Susannah, d. 30 Jul 1853; ae 70, 2nd wife of Henry

ROWLEY, Jonathan, d. 2 Oct 1849; ae 80
ROWLEY, Amy, his wife, d. 29 Mar 1849; ae 78-2-8

Clyde B. Wood's List adds the following names to Meech Cemetery burials.

BALDWIN, Andrew, d. 9 Sep 1820; ae 39-10-24
BALDWIN, Avery S., d. 22 Apr 1822; ae 6-9-1, son  of Andrew and Polly
BALDWIN, Susan, d. 13 Apr 1825; ae 2-10, dau. of Alexander S. and Mary
BALDWIN, David B., b. 13 May 1820 d. 8 Jul 1890
BALDWIN, Mary K., d. 19 Jun 1850; ae 27-6-23, wife of David B.
BALDWIN, Laura, d. 3 Aug 1848; ae 0-0-6, dau. of David B. and Mary K.
BALDWIN, Edward A., d. 17 Jun 1850; ae 0-8-25, son of David B. and Mary K.
BALDWIN, Frances G., d. 19 Jun 1855; ae 22-3-14, 2nd wife of David B.

BOMAN, Mary, d. 12 Nov 1831; ae 21, wife of Henry

CHESBOROUGH, Arnold, d. 5 Sep 1836; ae 48-11

MEECH, Mary A., d. 15 Sep 1865; ae 37-1-27, wife of Aaron P.

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