Gould-Akin Cemetery

(Town of Scipio, NY)  #169

Town of Scipio, Cayuga County, New York
Located near town line of Venice and Scipo. Copied by Cuykendall & Daniels, 1960

Akin,		David					d. Dec. 10, 1884 ae 78y 10mo 1da

Akin,		Polly,  w of David			d. Mar. 1, 1881 ae 75y 11da

Akin,		Edward E.				d. Apr. 11, 1884 ae 35y 2mo 27da

Akin,		Lilis,  w of Edward			d. May 3, 1882 ae 30y 10mo 26da

Akin,		Edward					d. July 15, 1853 ae 35y 3mo 24da

Akin,		Harriet,  w of Edward			d. June 6, 1853 ae 37y 3mo 12da

Akin,		James					d. May 26, 1855 ae 74y 11mo 21da

Akin,		Lovicy,  w of James			d. Mar. 12, 1853 ae 72y 30da

Akin,		James,  their son			d. Apr. 21, 1850 ae 25y 3mo 3da

Akin,		Anna,  w of Ira				d. Jan.10, 1823 ae 40y 6mo 18da

Baker,		Susan B. Akin, w of James Baker			1834-1904

Beebe,		Julia A., w of E.B. Beebe		d. Feb. 8, 1883 ae 32y

Bradley,	Micha (Micah)				d. Nov. 16, 1868 ae 89y 6mo 10da

Bradley,	Susannah, w of Micha			d. Sep. 14, 1862 ae 75y 5mo 18da

Gould,		DeWitt C.				d. Feb. 1, 1895 ae 75y 5mo

Gould,		Hannah Akin,  his wife			d. Apr. 13, 1888 ae 67y 6mo

Gould,		Libbie,  their dau			d. Jan. 30, 1864 ae 17y 9mo 27da

Gould,		Emma, dau of D.C. & Hannah		d. Mr. 8, 1890 ae 41y 6mo 8da

		and w of W. H. Smith

Gould,		Alice, dau of George B. & Amanda	d. July 28, 1873 ae 1y 7mo

Gould,		Emeline A., dau of Benj. & E.A.		d. Dec. 22, 1874 ae 2y 3mo 23da

Gould,		Lottie, dau of Benj. & E.A.		d. Apr. 10, 1887 ae 6y 2mo
See an email message at the bottom of this page regarding burial locations for the above cited GOULD family

Gould,		Jennie, dau of D.C. & Hannah		d. June 18, 1881 ae 19y 11mo 6da

Hoag,		Jane G.					d. Feb. 3, 1876 ae 53y 3mo 17da

Merrill,		Noyes M.				1820-1894

Merrill,		Elizabeth Akin				1816-1892

Mosher,	Minnie, w of Volney F. Mosher			d. Feb. 19, 1885 ae 27y 1mo 15da

		and dau of D.C. & Hannah Gould

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell  for transcribing the information on this
page into a digital format.
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From:: Roger Post
Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2015 9:02 PM
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com
Subject: Fleming Hill Cemetery #50 - Emeline A. Gould (1872-1874) and Charlotte A. Gould (1881-1887)

Hi, Bernie.  EmelineA. Gould and Charlotte (Lottie) A. Gould, daughters of Benjamin F.
Gould and Emeline A. Palmer, appear in both the lists for Fleming Hill Cemetery #50 in Fleming and Gould-Akin Cemetery #169 in Scipio.  The actual interments appear to be in the Gould-Akin Cemetery, but their names are inscribed on their parents' stone in Fleming Hill.  A cross-reference between lists may be desirable.

Roger Post

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