St. Bernard's Old Catholic Cemetery

(Town of Scipio, NY)  #166

Located in back of the Scipio Center Catholic Church

Bowness,	William				d. July 18, 1871 ae 51y 3mo
Bowness,	Rose Ann Morgan			d. Oct. 11, 1892 ae 64y
Bowness,	John,  son of Wm & Rose		d. Sept. 14, 1860 ae 1y 1mo 10da

Brady,		Edward				d. Feb. 23, 1880 ae 55y

Burke,		Thomas				d. Dec. 25, 1879 ae 54y 5mo 14da

Byrne,		Thomas				d. Mar. 31, 1876 ae 15y 6mo 16da
Byrne,		Gaty				d. Mar. 31, 1876 ae 12y 22da
Byrne,		James				d. Mar. 20, 1876 ae 1y 9mo 22da
Byrne,		Edward				d. Apr. 1, 1876 ae 8y 5mo
Byrne,		Mary				d. Apr. 7, 1876 ae 10y 5mo 2da

Coghlin, (*) 	Mary				d. June 25, 1886 ae 15y
Coghlin, (*)	Daniel B.			d. Feb. __, 1886 ae 1 week
Coghlin,	 (*)Dannie				d. ___________ ae 1 mo

Conran,	John					d. Dec. 31, 1878 ae 60y

Daley,		Owen				d. Jan. 19, 1875 ae 60y
Daley,		Dennis				d. Dec. 21, 1875 ae 26y

Donovan,	Dennis				d. May 10, 1902 ae 72y
Donovan,	Nancy Gleason,  w of Dennis	d. Mar. 12, 1871 ae 36y
Donovan,	John,  son of Dennis & Nancy	d. Feb. 20, 1888 ae 24y 11mo 8da
Donovan,	Cornelia			d. Jan. 3, 1868 ae 57y
Donovan,	Katie, w of Thomas Conran	d. Oct. 29, 1890 ae 26y 4mo 10da

Ferguson,	John				d. Aug. 11, 1876 ae 26y 4mo 10da
Ferguson,	Archible			1822-1893
Ferguson,	Hannah,  wife			1825-1901
Ferguson,	Mary Richter			1824-1871
Ferguson,	Archible			1857-1895
Ferguson,	John E.				1850-1877
Ferguson,	Mary, daughter			1877-____

Flynn,		Thomas				d. Feb. 27, 1882 ae 71y
Flynn,		Bridget				d. Apr. 8, 1879 ae 66y
Flynn,		Mary				d. Feb. 7, 1894 ae 45y

Gavin,		Patrick				no dates
Gavin,		Mary, w of Patrick		no dates
Gavin,		William				no dates
Gavin,		Thomas				no dates
Gavin,		Mary				no dates
Gavin,		John				d. July 16, 1876?  ae 31y

Gleason,	Robert				d. June 17, 1888 ae 44y

Grany,		Thomas,  son of Wm & Mary	d. Sept. 21, 1879 ae 2mo

Hurley,		Cornelius			1822-1897
Hurley,		Anna				1870-1870
Hurley,		Mary, w of Cornelius		d. Mar. 18, 1882 ae 50y

Laiter,		Robert				1885-1890
Laiter,		Mary				1860-1892

Lee,		Matthew				d. Sept. 9, 1877  ae 44y

Morgan,		Catherine			d. Aug. 5, 1887 ae 1y 18da
Morgan,		______, dau of Arthur & Ellen	____________

Muldoon,	John				1821-1900
Muldoon,	Marie Ringwood, his wife	1816-1900

Murphy,		John				d. Mar. 7, 1889 ae 24y
Murphy,		Susan				d. June 4, 1890 ae 32y
Murphy,		Norah				d. Feb. 26, 1881 ae 1y
Murphy,		Michael				d. Nov. 28, 1884 ae 65y
Murphy,		Catherine			d. Mar. 15, 1891
Murphy,		Caroline			d. Apr. 12, 1894 ae 12y 2da
Murphy,		George B.			d. Feb. 16, 1895 ae 1mo 2da

Nolan,		Thomas				d. Oct. 20, 1878 ae 65y

O'Connell,	Edward				d. ______________
O'Connell,	Rose,  wife of Edward		d. Apr. 9, 1873 ae 45y

O'Connor,	Katie, dau of Patrick & Maggie	d. Aug. 12, 1876 ae 1y 6mo 23da

O'Herron,	John, son of Morris & Catherine	d. Sep. 22, 1877 ae 1y 1mo

Quinn,		Mary,  w of Thomas		d. July 24, 1873 ae 48y
Quinn,		Mary,  w of Thomas		d. Jan. 20, 1888 ae 52y

Righter,	Mary				d. Feb. 6, 1873 ae 12y 5mo

Shaw,		Hannah H.			d. Mar. 28, 1896 ae 13y
Shaw,		John H.				d. Feb. 21, 1880 ae 65y
Shaw,		Mary, w of John H.		d. Mar. 29, 1900 ae 90y

Tehan,		Timothy				d. Mar. 5, 1881 ae 58y
Tehan,		Abby,  w of Timothy		d. May 25, 1896 ae 63y
Tehan,		Agnes				d. Feb., 25, 1883 ae 18y
Tehan,		Danie				d. Feb. 15, 1881 ae 8y	

Thanks to Melinda Cornwell  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

The following is an E-mail message with information about the listings on this website:

Subj: Update to St Bernard's Old Cemetery list
Date: 12/28/99 9:44:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (john e pendergast)
I found a recording error in the St Bernard's Old Cemetery listing on-line
when I recently found my great, great grandmother Mary Coghlin's grave
behind the church in Scipio Center, NY. She is buried with two infant
grandchildren of hers, the children of her son Jeremiah and Sarah Coughlin
(from grave marker.) The recording error in the on-line listing is that
Mary Coghlin's age at death is shown as 15 instead of the proper age of 75
as shown on the grave marker. Mary Coghlin was born Mary Crowley and was
married to Daniel Coghlin (or Coughlin as it was later recorded.) Daniel
Coghlin is probably buried with his wife in St Bernard's Old Cemetery but I
haven't yet found a record or gravestone to confirm that. Thanks for taking
the time to record the gravestones in Cayuga County and for putting the
lists on line. Great stuff for we folks trying to sort out our roots.

John E Pendergast

----- Original Message -----
From: "Chris" <>
To: "Corcoran, Bernie & Susan" <>
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 11:41 PM
Hi, guys !

I thought you might want to add this to the page for the Catholic cemetery
records for St. Bernard's. There are other Neville's mentioned on your
page, but not this one. It is possible that he did not have a stone or it
had been "lost" by the time the DAR went through in the early 1960's.

DIED. NEVILLE - Aug. 31st, 1875, in the town of Scipio, James Neville, aged
38 years.
Funeral services at the Catholic Church, Scipio Center, to-morrow at 10 A.M.
The Auburn Daily Bulletin, Wednesday, September 1, 1875, page 4.

A young man named John Lavin, was killed in the town of Venice, on Saturday,
while assisting in raising a barn. The supports of the building gave out,
letting it fall, crushing him to death under its weight. The deceased was a
married man and leaves a wife and child. He was a brother of Thomas Lavin,
who recently worked at the E.D. Clapp & Co. manufactory in this city, and is
a member of the Shield's Guard. The first report of the accident, gave
Thomas as the victim, instead of his brother, both being at work on the
fallen building, on the farm of their father. Thomas had just gone out when
it fell, thus narrowly escaping.

Mr. Lavin formerly belonged in Auburn, leaving here for Venice some three
weeks ago. He was in the employ of Alderman Chas. McDonough, for whom he
drove a team. He was well liked by all who knew him.

The Accident was caused by insufficient blocking after the building had been
partially raised. The jacks gave out, causing the entire structure to fall,
when it fell in a mass. Mr. Lavin was caught between two heavy timbers,
fourteen inches square, which crushed his body across the hips. He lived
two hours after the terrible accident, retaining consciousness to the last.

The funeral of the deceased, was held on Sunday, and was largely attended.

The Auburn Daily Bulletin, Tuesday, July 9, 1878, page 1.
See ya,


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