Town of Owasco, NY (#159)

Located on Broadway Road about 1/8 mile N of junction of Melrose Road & North Rd, on what was the Marvin farm. One of the Howards was a son-in-law of Marvin. It is good-sized, but completely covered with myrtle and trees. Miss Vera Howard, one of two sisters living in the Skaneateles area, and direct descendants of the Howards buried in this cemetery, explained why there are no more headstones leaving the graveyard looking depleted. Two Howard brothers owned sections of land adjoining and each set a small piece aside, on the line, for their burying ground to be together. Family troubles intervened and feeling ran so high that they had the bodies dug up and transferred to Fort Hill Cemetery in Auburn, NY. Probably the Hunter and Howard headstones, at least, no longer mark any graves, according to Miss Howard. Possibly the other four may still be there.

These records are combined from Skilton and those taken in 1961 by Mable Crosby.

BROWN	"Little IDA's grave"	d Feb 19, 1859		 ae 5 months 14da

	dau of Harman G. or Harrison & Harriet BROWN

HOWARD	Cyrus			d Dec 28, 1848	 ae 71y 3mo 24da

	Sally			d Apr 2, 1807 		in 27th year

	Joanna, dau of Cyrus & Diana  d Mar 2, 1833	ae 42y 8mo 4da

	William W., son of "	d Apr 2, 1846		ae 22y 1mo 25da

HUNTER	Elisha			d Apr 2, 1811		ae 87y 9mo 11da

	Amy, his wife		d Feb 17, 1822		ae 84y	7mo 20da

JONES	Amos			d June/Jan. 4/7 1839	in 77th year

KEELER	Elizabeth, dau of Benjamin & Abigail

				d Mar 1, 1830		ae 9y 9mo 5da

	Sally			nothing else

OLMSTEAD Thaddeus		d June 27, 1828	ae 60 yrsz

Thanks to Wilda Brown for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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