Town of Owasco (Cemetery #156)
Cayuga County, New York


Located along Martin Road, between Swartout Road and Route 38A

			Copied in 1961 by Mabel Crosby.  Added record
			of interments by B. Drummond
			* = compiler's notes
			x = see additional notes

AMERMAN, Charlie, son David & S.		d May 8, 1806	ae 2 y 1mo 18da
AMERMAN, Charity				1821-1896
	Elizabeth				1820-1896
	"In death, they were not devided"
AMERMAN, George					d. May 28, 1852 ae 56y 9 mo
       	Jane Prine, wife of Geo.		d. Dec 30, 1860 ae 67y 11mo 28da
	Mary J. dau of Geo & Jane		d Feb 8, 1841, ae 11mo 19da
AMERMAN, Henry					d Sept 21, 1865
AMERMAN, Jacob					d Dec 20, 1871 ae 82y 3mo
	Ann BROKAW w of Jacob			d Feb 1868/69 ae 74 yrs
AMERMAN, James P.				d Mar 21, 1849
	Nancy wife of Jas P.			d Feb 12 ,1873 
AMMERMAN, Powel L.				d Feb 25, 1841 ae 78y 4mo 19da
	Charity, wife of Powel			d Apr 29, 1811 in 76th yr   *probably 1841
AMERMAN, Infant son of Richard & _______	d 1850
AMERMAN, Margaret Ann, wife of Richard		d Nov 23/24 1853 ae 32y 9mo 8da
AMERMAN, Paul					1 day
	Also stone down here  ** see footnote
	Note:  two spellings of AMERMAN/AMMERMAN
AMERMAN, Paul					b 1815 d 1903	
AMERMAN, Ida VAN ARSDALE, his wife		b 1823 d 1896			
AMERMAN, Nancy					departed this life March 22nd, 1865

BALCOM, Isaac					d Sept 30, 1884 b. June 21, 1805    
	Harriet					d Sept 12, 1887 b May 10, 1797
BATHRICK, Tilley (Tillabee)			d Mar 17, 1831 in his 81st year
BEVIER, Abram					1870
BEVIER, John					d Oct 7, 1851 ae 58y 9mo 21da
BEVIER, Cornelia, wife of George		d Nov 15, 1839 ae 26 yrs
BEVIER, Doct. Josiah				d Jan 16, 1841 ae 52/57y 11mo 24d
        Hannah wife of Dr. Josiah BEVIER	d Nov 2, 1819 ae 35y 11mo 24da
	Leah relict of Dr. Josiah BEVIER	d Jan 23 1852 ae 63y 10mo
	Hannah, dau of Josiah & Leah		d Oct 24, 1827 ae 4y 2mo 2da
BEVIER, Margaret				d Apr 19, 1893, ae 77y 2mo
	(NOTE:   See Sarah DUBOIS & Eliza VERNOOY)
BEVIER, Alfred, son of Dr. M. & R. Bevier	no dates - age 11 months
BEVIER, Sarah, wife of Daniel 			born in Ulster Co., 1806       x
BRINKERHOFF, Alfred				d Feb 15, 1865 ae 16y 6mo 18da
BRINKERHOFF, David I.				d May 29, 1808 ae 24y 0mo 3da
BRINKERHOFF, Edward C.				No dates
BRINKERHOFF, Estella J.  infant dau of George & Sarah BRINKERHOFF
						d May 15, 1864 ae 1y 5mo
BRINKERHOFF, George R.				d Nov 7, 1849 ae 64y 8mo 18da
        Jacomynede, consort of George R.	d July 1, 1830 ae 36y 3mo
        An infant son of Geo R. & J.		d Aug 4, 1825 ae 31 days
        Mariam, daug of Geo. R. & J.		d May 11, 1827 ae 6 y 8mo 17da
        James, son of Geo R. & J.		d Sept 3, 1827 ae 8 y 11mo 8da
BRINKERHOFF, Jacob				d Nov 13, 1829 ae 73y 8mo 19da
        Hannah, wife of Jacob			d Apr 1, 1840, ae 81y 3mo 8da
BRINKERHOFF, John I.				d June 16, 1886, b Feb 17, 1803
        Mary Ann w of John			d Jan 29, 1880 ae 72 y ?mo 14da
	* Brinkerhoff records have 		d. 29 June
BRINKERHOFF, Catherine, wife of Henry		d Nov 1, 1846 ae 61y 2mo 20da
BRINKERHOFF, Maria				d Feb 14, 1831 ae 30y 8mo 28da
BRINKERHOFF, Roelef				d Dec 28, 1830 ae 82y 1mo 18da
	Isabella, wife of Roelef		d June 28, 1836 ae 83y 8mo 18da
BRINKERHOFF, Wm.	(x)			d. Aug 11, 1863 ae 30yr 10mo 4da
	Caroline PHELPS wife of Wm. 		died 1874
	Caroline dau of Wm. & Caroline		d Mar 15, 1849 ae 9y 11mo 2da
________? (Abraham?) stone not readable
BUNDY, Mrs. (died while visiting from MI)	d 1853 ae 50-60 yrs
BURNET, Maria, wife of Henry BURNET		died 1862


DATES, Elizabeth A.				1813-1890
DATES, James (b. Adams Co., PA)			d July 22, 1811 b. Apr 9, 1789
DATES, Maria					d Feb 21, 1858 b Nov 28, 1811
DATES, 	Maria, infant dau of Peter & Nancy	d 1835 ae 4 months
DATES, Martha Mary 				d Sept 20, 1861 b June 4, 1861
	infant dau of Adam & Mary Jane 
DATES, William, blacksmith, born in 1765,       d Mar 28, 1813 ae 49 yrs
	Millsborough, Somerset Co. NJ
DATES, Margaret, wife of Wm.			d Jan 2, 1861 ae 92y b. 1768
DAVIS, John					1822 - 1894
DAVIS, Eliza, his wife				1825 - 1903
DE GROFF, Catherine, wife of Isaac		d Apr 22, 1839 ae 23y 10m 29da
DE GROFF, John					d Feb 2, 1848 ae 71y 6mo 23da
        Maria, his wife				d Sept 28, 1855 ae 67y 5mo 11da
DE GROFF, David					d Sept 12, 1815/45, ae 17y 3mo ?da
DE GROFF, Martin				d Jan 10, 1832, ae 39y 2mo 15da
DE GROFF, Jane					d July 23, 1861, ae 49yr 8mo 23da
DE GROFF, William				d Nov 20, 1824 ae 80 yr
DE PUY, Hannah					d May 18, 1861
DE PUY, Maria, dau of Peter G. & May		d 1854 of Scarlet Fever
        Sarah Ann, dau of Peter			d 1850
DE VOE, Doct. Benjamin				d Oct 7, 1859 ae 54y 2mo 2da
	Elizabeth, wife of Benj.		d June 23, 1848 ae 71 y 11mo 17da
	Sarah BEVIER, wife of Benj. DeVoeDr.  	d Sept 1, 1851 b July 14, 1809
DE VOE, Elijah b Feb 2, 1769			d Sept 25, 1856 in 88th year
        Elizabeth GUNSAULUS, wife of Elijah  	died leaving husband and 7 children
						d June 23, 1848 ae 72 yrs (?73 yrs)
DE VOE, Jacob S.				d May 3, 1890, ae 65y 4mo 2da
	Sarah (or Sally Crawford) wife of Jacob S. d Feb 7, 1850 ae 23 yrs
	Ann, wife of Jacob S.			d 1924 ae 65y 4o 2da
	Laura I. dau of Jacob S. & Ann		born Feb. 18, 1856	d Oct 20, 1864
	* = dates of Ann & Laura cannot be right
DE VOE, Manuel G.				1803 - 1889
	Jane M., his wife			1803 - 1897
	Laura Isa(do)re				d Apr 19, 1854 ae 2y 11mo 9da
	dau of Manuel G. & Jane M., died of Scarlet Fever
	Isora					1907
DE VOE, Thomas					d Nov 28, 1889 in his 81st yr
	Rachel, wife of Thomas			d July 9, 1871 in her 61st yr
DU BOIS, Sarah, widow of E. A. DU BOIS		d Oct 19, 1894 ae 83y 6mo
	(Three graves together, maybe sisters: Margaret BEVIER, age 77;
	Eliza VERNOOY, age 77; and Sarah DU BOIS)

ELDERTON, Mary L.				d. Apr 24, 1923, born 1847
	(Buried with David, Marian, Henry and Lillian PARSELL)
	born at Lewiston, Niagara Co.


HAMLIN, Seth H.					d Mar 22, 1863, ae 68y 5mo 2da
	Ruth, wife of Seth HAMLIN		d May 29, 1859 ae 59y 7mo 23da
HAMILIN, Francis Marion M.D.			1841 - 1900
HAMLIN, S. H. Mortimer				d Feb 20, 1860, age 20y 6mo 26da
	(Also on monument, Sally MC COY, 	d Oct 9, 1825, age 66 yrs)
HOORNBEEK, Deborah Decker
	wife of Cornelius HOORNBECK		d Nov 20, 1862, ae 65y 11mo 10da
	John D. son of Cornelius & Deborah	d Dec 20, 1821 ae 11y 5mo 17da
	Louisa, dau of Cornelius & Deborah	d Sept 7, 1837 ae 1y 8mo 27da
HOORNBEEK, John					d Apr 20, 1858 ae 67y 5mo 9da
        Mary					d June 14, 1869 ae 77y 1mo 3da
HOORNBEEK, Samuel				d Apr 15, 1850 in 97th yr
	b Ulster Co. (Note:   Soldier in Revolution, pensioned)
	Anna, wife of Samuel			d Oct 31, 1841 ae 76y 5mo 21da
HOORNBEEK, Maria				Interred June 15, 1869
HOORNBEEK, Benj.				d Feb 4, 1821 ae 37y 2mo 18da
HOORNBEEK, Jane					d 11 April 1907 at 76 yrs
HORTON, Louisa J.				d Aug 21, 1884 ae 55y 25 da

JORALEMON, John					d Sept 26, 1865, b Mar 23, 1783
	Margaret HARVEY wife of John  		d Feb 5, 1868 b Jan 15, 1786
        Jane, dau of John & Margaret   		d Sept 26, 1865 b Sept 25, 1818
        Elias, son of John                      d Sept 1814, ae 1y 1mo
JORALEMON, Gilbert T.				d Feb 2, 1836 ae 7y 3mo 10da
JORALEMON,  ___________				d aged 7yrs 20 daa b Nov 21 1824
JORALEMON, Thomas				d Sept 30, 1864 ae 51 yrs
	            Maria, w of Thomas		d March 30, 1867
JORALEMON, Peter S. V. H. (6mo)			b Jan 11, 1825, d July 13, 1825

LESTER, Peter					d July 29, 1858 ae 49y 2mo
LOYSTER, Andrew					d Sept 16, 1869, ae 66yrs
	* interred 17 Sept, son of Isaac
     	Elizabeth V. (Betsey BRIGGS) w of Andrew d Sept 24, 1893 in her 87th year (born 1806)
     	Ellen, their daug, b in Owasco Jan 4, 1841 d Sept 29, 1846, ae 6yrs
LOYSTER, George					1845 - 1876
	Emma, his wife				1853 - 1939
LOYSTER, Isaac					d August 1808 "some 30 years"
	* farmer - b March 8, 1772
        Marie					d Sept 1809 ae 3 years

PARKS, Chancy					d July 20, 1849 b Nov 12, 1837
PARSEL, Richard					d April 6, 1874 ae 95 yr 15 da  *b 31 Mar 1779
        Margaret B. w of Richard		d Aug 31, 1870 ae 90y 3mo 15 da  *b16 May 1780
        Marie, dau of R & M			d Dec 24, 1838 ae 31y 10mo 21da
	George, son of R & M			d July 20, 1840 ae 18y 10mo 23da
PARSELL, Roelef   *b. 1805			d Apr 9, 1887 ae 82y 1mo 19da
	Almira, wife of Roelef			d July 6, 1852 ae 45y 6mo 5da
	Jerusha, dau of Roelef & Almira		d Apr 9, 1816/46 ae 17 yrs
	Lavina (Lovina) dau of "		d Jan 11, 1855, ae 18y 2mo 13 da
PARSELL, David					d Nov 11, 1881 ae 72y 6mo 15da
	Catherine, wife of David		d Jan 9, 1896 ae 78y 11da
	George, infant son of David & Catherine d May 31, 1851 ae 8 mo
        George, son of David & Catherine   	d Feb 18 1851 ae 7 mo 29 day
PARSELL, George					1855 - 1959
	Sophie E.				1895 - 1956
PARSELL, Isaac					d Nov 15, 1824 ,ae 96y 9mo
PAUL, Sarah E. PHELPS, wife of Charles Paul	d Mar 7, 1874 ae 25y 10mo 25da
	Willie Day only son of Sarah & Charles  d July 4, 1875 ae 1y 4mo 2da
        Nellie (maybe this was Willie)	        d July 6, 1875
PENNY, mRFS. mARTHY				d 1855 
PHELPS, J. L.					d Jan 3, 1873, b July 24, 1820
PHELPS, Persis, wife of Joshua P.		d June 24, 1833, ae 37y 1mo 19da
        Nelly, wife of Joshua P.		d Apr 10, 1868 ae 64 yrs
	Sarah E., dau of Joshua & Nelly		d June 22, 1857 ae 21y 10mo 18da
PHELPS, Dr. William J.				d Sept 29, 1860 ae 38y 3mo 11da
PORTER, George J. son of J & M.A. Porter	d May 20, 1874 ae 2mo 5 da
	Mable, infant dau of J & M. A.		d Oct 27, 1885
PYM, William b. Sommersett, England		d Aug 31, 1893 b May 10 1802
        Morgan b. Sommersett, England          	d Nov 3, 1892 b Apr 4 1802

SNOW, Lyda					d Jan 27, 1852, buried at Sand Beach
SPAFFORD, Emma					d Oct 27, 1864 ae 16 yrs
STRANG, Gilbert					d Dec 28, 1876
STRYKER, John L.				d Dec 29, 1824, ae 47y 9mo
	Hannah, wife of John			d Sept 6, 1827, ae 47y 3 da
SWARTWOUT, Simeon				d July 8, 1867 ae 79 yrs
	Ally, his wife				d Apr 29, 1876 ae 86 yrs
	(Children of the above are listed on a pyramidal stone.  Graves are on
	a different lot, each with initialed small marker)
	Abraham					d Aug 23, 1815 ae 4 mo
	Henry					d Sept 16, 1816 ae 13 da
	David					d Dec 20, 1817 ae 12 da
	Abram					d Sept 6, 1819 ae 10da
	Jane					d July 29, 1823 ae 1mo
	Benjamin				d Feb 10, 1829 ae 2 yrs
	Edwin					d Aug 18, 1830 ae 2mo
	Edward					d Aug 25, 1830 ae 2mo 7 da
	Philip					d Nov 21, 1834 ae 6 yrs
	Anna W. dau of S & A.			d Apr 5, 1843/46 ae 24y 1mo 29da
THOMAS, George R.				1846 - 1911
	Ella PARSELL d at Chicago IL		Mar 22, 1931, b Nov 12, 1856
        James Percy, beloved son of George & Ella - d Sept 23, 1902 ae 26yr 6 mo
THURNER, Luke, infant				d 1853 ae 3 months old

VAN ARSDALE, Margaret, wife of Cornelius   
(* and dau of Jacob & Ann BROKAW AMERMAN)	d Aug 17, 1867 ae 40y 3mo 14da
VAN AUKEN, Benjamin				d 1851
VAN AUKEN, Eben H. S.				d Dec 8, 1851
VAN AUKEN, Maria, w of Cornelius		d 1870
	Martha S. dau of Cornelius & Mary VAN AUKEN	d Oct 24, 1880 ae 43y 1mo
VAN ETTEN, Daniel				d Nov 24, 187(2?), ae 89y 16da
      	Anna Hoornbeek wife of Daniel		d Apr 7, 1866, b May 12, 1794
	Maria dau of Daniel & Anna        	d Dec 15, 1851 ae 29y 4mo
VAN FLEET, John d ae 49 yrs			d Oct 1?, 1864 b Nov 19, 1814
	Margaret, wife of John			d Nov 29, 1860 ae 57y 8mo 17da
VAN FLEET, William	X			d Oct 4, 1867
	Annie, wife of William			d Feb 9, 1858 ae 76 yrs
VERNOOY, Eliza (probably BEVIER)		d Feb 29, 1884 ae 77yrs
	widow of Reuben VERNOOY

WORDEN, Charles L.

YOUNG, Anna					departed this life Feb 14, 1861 aged 79y 9mo

ADDITIONAL NOTES BY unknown researcher - possibly Mabel Crosby and/or M.

Record of former (unreadable) in Owasco Central Cemetery, later called Parsell

Start with 1806

1848	Elizabeth GUNSALUS, departed this life June 23, 1848, w of Elijah DE VOE
	aged 37 yrs, leaving a husband and seven children to mourn her loss.   Into 
	refreshing (unreadable) she fell and never awaked to die.  Her funeral was attended 
	by a large concourse of friends and relatives.  The funeral discourse was delivered 
	by the Rev. Mr. Dutcher from these words (words not given) and the hymns made use on 
	the occasion contained these words "Could I but stand where Moses stood and view the 
	promised land.  She was a faithful and industrious mother"   Editor.

In 1850 starts a "A Record of Burials under & since the organization of this association"

1850	first one, Sally CRAWFORD DEVOE leaving a husband and 2 children to mourn her
	departure, her youngest child, Sarah Lot DE VOE some 14 months old

1850 	Infant child of Richard & _______ AMERMAN

1850 	Samuel HORNBEEK departed this life Apr 15, 1850 in the 97th yr of his age, as said.  
	He was b. in Ulster Co., NY and an early settler of this Co. about 50 years since.  
	He was a soldier of the Rev. War and drew a pension for his services in the same for
	many yrs. prior to his death.  He has lived to a great age and is said to have enjoyed
	uninterrupted health during his long life.

1851 	George PARSIL iunfant son of David & Catharine PARSIL aged 8 months

1851 - 	BEVIER, Sarah, w of Doctor Benjamin DE VOE, departed this life Sept  first
	1851 age 42 y leaving a fond husband and five children to mourn her departure

1852 - 	Lyda SNOW info same as ours, but a note says "mistak--- buried at Sand Beach"

May 30, 1852, AMERMAN, George departed this life May 28, 1852 he was found lying dead, 
	caused by a rupture of a blood vessel or an Epeleptic or Paraltic fit.

July 6, 1852 - Almyra PARSIL w of Roelef PARSIL of a long illness from a consirous swelling 
	leaving a husband and a number of (unreadable) to mourn the loss of a truly
	good and affectionate wife and mother.

1853 - 	Mrs. Marthy PENNY departed this lfe at John Joralemon, aged some 55 yrs

	Mary Ann on Stone - wife of Richard AMERMAN departed this life  aged ____ Nov 23,
	1853, leaving 6 small children and partner to mourn her loss.

	Mrs. BUNDY departed this life and was buried in this semetary ___ 1853.  She came
	from the state of Michigan ostensibly to visit her friends and to benefit her health, 
	but really would seam to Die amongst her friends in this county. her age was between 
	50 and 60 years.

1854 - 	Laura Isadore DE VOE, dau of Manuel G. & Jane M. DE VOE deptd this life Apr 19, 1854, 
	aged 2 yrs 11months.  She was the 6th dau and the 11th ch. of her parents.  "Alas! 
	how changed that lovely flower which bloomed and cheer'd my heart Fair fleeting 
	comfort of an hour How soon we're call to part"

	She was taken sick with the worst type of scarlet fever & died in the 7th day of its 
	attack with a smile upon her features which up to that time had been distorted during
 	her sickness with pain, her Death was the first which had taken place in her family &
 	deeply feal theire bereavement.

1855 - 	Lovina PARSIL - dau of Roelif & Almyra PARSIL aged ____ d. Jan 11, 1855 of 
	consumption & dropsy on the heart.  She was a girl of more than ordinary promise and
	her Death a painful bereavement to her surviving brothers and sisters.

1856 - 	Elijah DE VOE departed this life Sept 25, 1856 in the (unreadable) of his age.  He
	was born in Co of Weschester state of NY within 3 miles of City of NY.  He resided 
	in town Somers? in said co. until he was some 24 years of age when he removed to co. 
	of Ulster where he taught school some yrs and marr. Elizabeth GUNSALAS (GUNSAULAS) 
	from whence he removed to town of Owasco, Co of Cayuga, and state of (unreadable) of 
	the yr. about 1800 at which place he resoded & taught a common school, the first 10 
	or 15 yrs)  Until the year 1854 when he removed to the town of Auburn at which place
 	he resided with his son-in-lasw Daniel BALDWIN to the time of his death.   He was 
	the father of 8 children 4 sons and 4 dau's, six of whom survive him. He was ever 
	honored with the confidence & respect of those who knew him.  He was frequently 
	honoroed by his fellow citizens with offices of honor & distinction in his town
	& represented Co. of Cayuga in yrs of 1819 and 1824 in the Legislature of NY. & even
	bore the distinction of an honest man.   The following notices of his death are 
	copy from Auburn Journal the Christian Intelligencer:

	(in part)   d. in this city at res. of son-in-law D. BALDWIN on North St. on 
	25 Sept 1856 Elijah DE VOE Esq. in 8th yr.  Fun. services at meeting house in Owasco 
	Village on Sun. morning at 11 o'clock - from Auburn Journal.

	........... member of Ref. Prot. Dutch Church, an elder for many yrs. & a liberal 
	supporter ....... from the Intelligencer.

1859 - 	from Auburn Journal & Adv. Oct 12, 1859 Died as his res. at Owasco vill. Oct. 7th, 
	Doct. Benjamin DE VOE, aged 54 yrs.  An honest man, intelligent husband, parent & 
	friend.  Respected by all who knew him, he leaves wife and several children ..........
	Iun his profession & practice for last 30 yrs as physcian .....(nice obit) We say 
	peace to his ashes"

1860 - 	Mortimer HAMLIN died	

Note:  These burial records were originally compiled in the early 1960's as part of a project by Local Historians and Members of the Owasco, NY Chapter of the D.A.R.  The 1960s countywide cemetery burial inventory was often just a transcription of names & dates found on legible headstones.  Thus, the listings may not include any burials after about 1964.  There may be additional burial or record information not cited on this website page because headstones were missing or not legible.  Copies of the burial listings found on this website page came from the 1960s Cayuga County NY cemetery burial roster project and were obtained courtesy of the Cayuga County NY Historian's Office.   Thanks to Wilda Brown for transcribing the information on this page into digital format.

Below is an E-Mail message containing possible corrections, revisions or additions to records displayed on this page

From: "Bob White"
Sent: Sunday, April 30, 2006 5:08 PM
Subject: Parsell Cemetery Information
I'm interested in accurate genealogical information. There is a piece of parenthetical
misinformation on your site - so I'd like to correct it.

The wife of Andrew Loyster was NOT Betsy Briggs, as stated in the December 1962 issue of

His wife was Elizabeth V. Van Dorn, daughter of John Van Dorn and Alchey Voorhees.  

This Elizabeth was born 22 Feb 1807 in Charlstown, NY. She married Andrew Loyster on 14 July 1831
in Skaneateles, NY. The Reverend Brace married them.

This information comes from two sources:
1) My grandmother's diary (Florence Ogden 1877-1952) Andrew and Elizabeth were her mother's parents,
and her "Grandma Elizabeth lived until she was 16 years old.

2) A DAR application of Fannie Ogden Day (Fannie was Florence's older sister, who was 21 and married
when Elizabeth died.

Thanks for listening. I hope that I can ultimately spread this information to other descendants of
Elizabeth Van Dorn.

--Bob White


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