Selover Cemetery

(Town of Niles, NY)  #150

This is an old abandoned cemetery situated on the land between Henry Warne and his son, Franklin Warne's farm, Valentine's Corners Road, on Lot 15, town of Niles, Cayuga Co. There is no longer a road leading to it but it is easily accesible by walking along the edge of the field in back of Franklin Warne's house and to the south. It is up on a knoll, three sides looking down on the fields and a gully, while the fourth side is level with the land on the east toward H. Warne. The 1904 Atlas shows the farm to belong to P. M. Selover. I believe it was Peter R. before that. It is really a lovely spot with some nice shade trees, but uncared for and many stones down. There were many plain flat stones stuck in the ground on a slant, indicating I suspect otherwise unmarked graves, probably children. My first copying was in 1961. But in April, 1968, I went back with son, husband and Ray Selover equipped with crowbars, etc., and suceeded in unearthing about twenty additional inscriptions. The following list is my revised one.

Mable Crosby - May 13, 1968

AMERMAN		Isaac	(broken stone)		d Aug 14, 1850 		ae ___y 5 mo
		Helen, w of Isaac		d Aug 27, 1850		ae 69 yrs
		  (According to Niles death records, Isaac Amerman came from N. J., his wife
		  was Helen Durling)
AMERMAN		Peter				d Jan 2, 1852		ae 81 y 8mo 28da
		Deborah, w of Peter		d Jan 2, 1858		ae 70 y 2mo 24da
AMERMAN		Alley, w of Peter		d Jan 15, 1804		ae 33y 6mo 21da
AMERMAN		Eliza, w of Henry		d May 15, 1843		ae 28y 10mo
AMERMAN		Eugene, son of Henry & Mehitable   d Oct 20, 1845	ae 7mo 8 da

BODINE		Abraham				d Oct 8, 1851		ae 83y 11mo 20da
		Nelly, w of Abraham		d Mar 18, 1848		ae 79y 8mo 20da
		Harriet, dau of Abraham & Nelly	d Nov 22, 1813/18	ae 20y 6mo
BODINE		John B.				d Mar 21, 1859		ae 68 yrs
		Margaret, w of John B.		d Feb. 9, 1819		ae 48 yrs (prob d 1849)
		Mrs. Sally, w of John B.	d Jan 15, 1821		ae 26 yrs
BODINE		Lemme, w of John BODINE		d Feb. 2, 1832		ae 84y 4mo 13da
BODINE		Cornelius			d Jan 20, 1860		ae 54y 9mo 4da
		Harriet, dau of Cornelius & Delila   d Dec 10, 1848	ae 10y 3mo 24da
BODINE		Mary Jane, dau of Peter (C.) and Catherine
						d Dec 4, 1834		ae 3y 7mo 18da
BODINE		David W., son of Peter (C.?) and Susan
						d Sept 3, 1836		ae 2y or 7 yrs
BODINE		Olive O.			d June 12, 1860	ae 25y 2mo 22da
BRINKERHOFF	Rev. George G.			d May 29, 1813		ae 52y 3mo 1da
		Maria, wife of "		d Sept 16, 1833		ae 69y	20da
		  (Note:   According to "The Family of Joris Dircksen Brinckerhoff, 1638" published
		  NY, 1887, George G., youngest son of Joris, was b. in Closter, Bergen Co., NJ,
		  Feb.. 28, 1761; moved to Adams Co., PA with his father, ca. 1771 ... marr. Sept 
		  19, 1789 to Maria VAN HARLING(EN).   They had 8 children)
		Hannah W., dau of Rev. George G. & Maria   d June 7,, 1851    ae 48y 2mo 3da
		  (Brink Genealogy has Annatie b Apr 4, 1803; d June7, 1851 unmarried)
		Maria, dau of Rev. Geo. & Maria d Apr 28, 1860, 	ae 51 yr 3mo 21da
		  (Brink Genealogy has Maria, b Aug 18, 1805, d Apr 28, 1860 unmarried)
		Peter V. H., son of Rev. Geo. & Maria - d Mar 10, 1820, age 20 yrs
		  (Brink Genealogy has Peter V. b Feb. 4, 1800; d Mar 10, 1820, unmarried)
		Sarah S., dau of Rev. Geo & Maria - dates gone
		  (Brink Genealogy has Sarah S. b Apr 6 1794; d Nov 23, 1849, unmarried)
		John M., son of Rev. Geo  	d. Sept 30, 1827, 	ae 29y 3mo 27da
		  (Brink Genealogy : Johannus M., b June 30, 1798; d Sept 20, 1827, unmarried)
		(NOTE - This is 5 of the 8 children - the oldest, George H., b June 20, 1791;
		d July 3, 1867; marr. Susan SELOVER May 9, 1817; buried DAVISON-SELOVER
		cemetery, Niles Twp.; Second child: Johannus M. b Feb.. 23 1793; d May 1793,
		and Martina, b Feb. 1, 1, 1796; d Oct 26, 1827, marr. Abram SELOVER; buried
		this cem . see SELOVER)
BRINKERHOFF	James E.			d Aug 7, 1845		ae 58 yrs 6 mo
		Isaac, son of James E & Charity	d Jan 28, 1844		ae 23 yr 7mo 23da
		Charity, wife of James E.	d June 2, 1844		ae 51yr 7mo 3da
		(Editor note:   This is probably Charity DEWITT)
BROKAW		George				d Apr 24, 1875		ae 89 yrs
		Katy, wife of George		d Oct 1, 1838		ae 46 yrs 4mo 2/3da
BROKAW		Dr. John			d Nov 8, 1841		ae 29yr 4mo 16da
BROKAW		John				d Mar 19, 1840		in 75th year
BROKAW		_____NCE LAMOTT, son of Aaron & Ardia/Arelia/Arolia
						d Jan 22, 1842		ae 1yr 5mo 14da
BROKAW		Horace, son of Nicholas & Olive BROKAW  (Ed. note - probably Olive ORSEN)
						d Aug 27, 1840		ae 2y 9mo 17da
BROKAW		Mary Ann, dau of Garret & Maria BROKAW (Ed. note - probably Maria CLUTE)
						d Mar 27, 1837		ae 19y 4mo 11da

CONCKLIN	In memory of Abigail, wife of Philip CONCKLIN, who died in Christian Hope
						Aug 26, 1826		ae 44y 1mo 4da
CONCKLIN	Richard				d May 1, 1860		ae 83y & 15 da
CONCKLIN	Esther, wife of Richard		d Mar 12, 1853		ae 67y 2mo 16da
CONCKLIN	Louisa				d June 15, 1879		ae 54y 4mo 12da
COVERT		Harriet (on BODINE lot) w of W. E. COVERT
						d. Apr 14, 1859		ae 21 y 9mo 11da

DE WITT		John				d Feb. 15, 1833	in his 23rd year
DUNBAR		Phebe, w of Thaddeus DUNBAR	d June 4, 1863		ae 34 y 8 mo
DURLIN		Henry    (Stones side)		d Mar 18, 1845		in his 70th year
DURLING		Mary	(By side)		d Apr 28, 1866		ae 68y 7mo19da
DURLING		Catharine, w of Abram DURLING	d Jan 9, 1854		ae 61y 6mo 12da

HOW		Darius				d Mar 29, 1839		ae 67y 7mo 5da	"DH"
HOWE		Daniel P.			d Nov 29, 1850		ae 28 yrs	"DPH"

JOHNSON		Andrew				d Dec. 27, 1825		ae 66 y 4mo 25da
		Mariah, w of Andrew		d Jan 28, 1826		ae 67 y 2mo 15da
		  (NOTE: According to Russell Warner of Eaton Rapids, MI, a Johnson descendant,
		  she was Mariah HOUGHTELING)

KIES		Susan S., w of Henry S. KIES	"Mother" on stone
						d Aug 25, 1880		ae 73y 8mo
		  (NOTE:  Ray Selover, compiler of Cayuga Co. branch of Selover genealogy
		  says she was Susan S. CLEARWATER, widow of Peter R. SELOVER and Henry S. 
		  KIES was her 2nd husband.  By Selover genealogy she was born Dec. 1806)

MATTOON		Cornelius, son of Morgan & Hannah J. MATTOON
						d April 24, 1865 in his 20th year

RUMSEY		Martha				d Apr 29, 1850		ae 77y 10mo 24 da

SELOVER		Richard (stone on ground, broken in half, only the section with his name on it remaining)
		Catharine, w of Richard SELOVER	d Dec 11, 1804		ae 62 yrs
SELOVER		Abram I.			d Oct. 17, 1836		ae 42 y 27da "AIS"
		Martyna, w of Abram I.		d Oct 26, 1827		ae 32 yrs
		George G. B.,son of "		d May 19, 1844		ae 28 yrs         "GGBS"
		James H., son of "		d Oct 14, 1845		ae 22 yrs	"JHS"
SELOVER		Abram				d Mar 4, 1826		ae 20y ?m 11da
SELOVER		Mrs. Sally Ann, w of Benjamin	d Aug 10, 1831		ae 25y 3mo 10da
		Lydia, w of Benjamin		d Jan 20, 1853		ae broken off
		Emaline, dau of Benj & Lydia	d Feb. 22, 1850		b Feb. 21, 1836
		Abraham, son of "		d Apr 2, 1850		b Jan 20, 1839
		Benjamin J., son of "		d Apr 14, 1850		b Aug 5, 1845
SELOVER		Isaac				d Mar 3, 1843		ae 82y 10mo 23da
		Mary, w of Isaac		d June 2, 1852		in her 79th yr
		Mrs. Mary, w of Isaac		d Apr 17, 1831		in her 62nd yr
SELOVER		James				d May 5, 1838		ae 67 yrs
SELOVER		Mr. Peter			d. June 9, 1832		ae 27y 1mo 13da
		  (SELOVER genealogy - pgs 159, 167, = Peter R. SELOVER, son of Isaac & Mary,
		  b Apr 26, 1805, d June 9, 1832, m Susan CLEARWATER b Dec 1806 d Apr 25,
		  1880.  2 sons, McDonough and Edgar R.   After Peter's death, Susan remarried
		  to Henry S. KIES and had 4 children according to 1850 census)
SELOVER		Peter R.			d July 6, 1815		ae 42 yrs "PRS"
		  (Note 1968 - stone now half worn away)
		Tamazan, widow of Peter R.	d Feb. 27, 1859		ae 80y 6mo 27da
		  (SELOVER genealogy, pgs. 159, 168=Peter R. SELOVER, son of Richard and
		  Catharine, b 1773, d July 6, 1815, m Apr 13, 1792 Tamzan VANDERBEEK, b June 1,
		  1778, d Feb. 27, 1859)

		Abram, son of Peter & Tamazan	dates gone
		  (SELOVER genealogy; pg 168 - Abram, son of Peter & Tamzan, b Mar 21, 1805,
		  d Feb. 2, 1826; unmarried)
SELOVER		Jane CONCKLIN, w of James W. SELOVER	d Mar 17, 1867	 b Nov 15, 1803
SELOVER		Gertrude DURYEE, w of Wm. SELOVER       d Nov 16, 1817 	 ae 19y 9mo 18da "GDS"
SELOVER		Margaret POST, w of Wm. SELOVER		d Feb. 7, 1880	 b Feb. 15, 1795
		George, son of Wm. & Margaret SELOVER	d July 22, 1829	 b May 12, 1820
SHAVER		Olive (compiler note: DEWITT), w of Morgan SHAVER    d Oct 10, 1841 ae 35 yr
STOLE		Charles, Co. D. 75th Regt. N.Y.S.V.	d 1865 - ae 25 yrs
SUTPHEN		Abram				d Sept 23, 1857 	in 69th year
		Sarah, w of Abram		d Oct 29, 1874 		ae 74y 7mo 23da
		Emiline, dau of Abram & Sarah	d Feb. 8, 1864		ae 27y 4mo 22da
SUTPHEN		Rachel, w of William		d Oct 10, 1843/41	ae 41/44y 6mo 16da
SWEET		Benjamin, son of Jacob & Catharine SWEET  d Apr 11, 1847	ae 1y 1mo

VALENTINE	Philip				d Oct 9, 1843		ae 58 yrs "P.V."
		Elizabeth, w of Phillip		d Dec 25, 1854  	ae 56 yrs "E.M.V."
VAN ARSDALL	Peter				d May 29, 1830		ae 60 yrs
		Charity, w of Peter		d Mar 22, 1850
VANDERBELT	Henry				d Apr 13, 1846	       	ae 73y 7mo 10da
		Margaret, w of Henry		d Jan 19, 1838	       	ae 51y 9mo 2da
VANDERBELT	Ameriam, w of James VANDERBELT	d Feb. 28, 1847	       	ae 28y 11mo 25d
VAN  DUINE	Margaret I/C, dau of Wm. & Mariah VAN DUINE
						d Mar 8, 1838		ae 6mo 26da
VAN HARLINGEN	Dr. Peter Styrker	        d Aug 30, 1802,		ae 36y 8mo 17da "PSVH"
		Mary, wife of "			d Mar 25, 1845	   	ae 76y 5mo 21da
VAN TINE	Mary, wife of Charles VAN TINE (on BODINE lot)
						d June 2, 1848        	ae 40y 5mo 12da
VAN TINE	Eliza M., w of Charles VAN TINE and dau. of David and Rachel WINTER
						d Aug 5, 1857	   	ae 30y 4mo 13da

WHITENACK	Alida, w of Jacob		d May 25, 1820,		ae 38y 6mo 23da "AW"
WHITENACK	Mr. Jacob			d  Oct 9, 1833, 	ae 38y 6mo 23da "JW"
WHITENACK	Jacob, Jr.			d Jan 26, 1820		ae 16y 3mo
		Catherine			d Apr 26, 1820      	ae 18y 8mo 6da
WILSON		Sally, w of David WILSON	d Nov 5, 1846  		ae 50y 10mo "S.W."
WINTER		Rachel, w of David WINTER	d July 26, 1846  	ae 57y 8mo 10da "R.W."
WINTERS		George, son of Philemon & Caroline WINTERS   d Dec 6, 1860    ae 1y 7mo 26da

Notes apparently by Mabel Crosby:

In 1961 I found the bottom half of a stone, near the How(e)s"  _____ _________ d Apr 30, 1827 in
his 30th yr.
Also, "P.B.D." scratched into field stone 1825

In 1968 we uncovered or located the following:
"C.V.A" on a small stone, about like a footstone, carved unprofessionally on the top edge
	near Peter VAN ARSDALL
"N.B." footstone near JOHNSON   (Perhaps Nelly BODINE)
"D.P." 1827"
"M x M", a flat field tne, done by hand, near Isaac AMERMAN
Also ______ _______  		Mar 19, 1840 	ae 75 y
Katy, wife of George		d Oct
Thanks to Wilda Marshall Brown for transcribing the information on this page into a digital

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