Concklin Farm Cemetery

(Town of Niles, NY)  #147

Located back on a farm road which runs between Valentine Corners Road, northwest corner of town of Niles on the Harry Warne farm, and Rockefeller Drive, the road ending back of the present Sportsmen’s Club. This was the Town Line Road between Owasco and Niles years ago, and now abandoned except for farm use. Copied 1961 by Mrs. John Crosby, Moravia, NY Transcribed 1961 by Leslie L. Luther, Moravia, NY



Daniel					d Sept 10, 1863		ae 57y, 5mo, 12da

Sarah V., his wife			d Mar 5, 1877			ae 70y, 4mo, 24 da

William, their son			d July 8, 1833			ae 1y, 4mo

Warrin, son of Daniel & Sally		d July 5, 1835			ae 1y, 1mo, 17da

Barbinson(?) son of Daniel & Sally	d May 23, 1838		ae 5y, 11mo, 5da

Here also was a stone - an infant

Jacob					d Nov 4, 1884			ae 86 yr, 1mo, 16da

Calista BENSON, his wife		d Sept 15, 1882		ae 78 yr, 2mo, 17da

Infant daughters of Jacob & Calista	1 - d Jan 19, 18-0		aged 10 days

					2 - d Mar 3, 18_3

Sory Ann, dau of Jacob & Calista	d Feb 7, 1832			ae 1y 5 mo 24 da

Annette, dau of Jacob & Calista		d June 22, 1848 (or 3)		ae 1y 6mo 12da

John, son of Jacob & Calista		d Oct 25, 1835			aged 2 mos

John M.					d June 28, 1856		ae 84y, 5mo, 13da

Blondean, his wife			d Feb 17, 1849			ae 74y, 6da

Addie C. (or G.) wife of John H. CONKLIN   d Oct 21, 1862		ae 23y, 11mo

Sarah, wife of Matthew CONCKLIN		d Dec 11, 1836		ae 86y, 4mo, 11d

Adeline, du of Henry & Lydia		d Dec 13, 1842 (or 1812 or 13) ae 6 yr, 4mo, 27da

Fay					d Sept 7, 1862 			ae 26y, 2mo, 24da

Calista, dau of Philip & Susan A. CONCKLIN   d Nov 15, 1840	ae 3y, 1mo, 27da

Udolphia, dau of Janes & Ann CONCKLIN	d Oct 13, 1838		ae 1y, 3mo, 20da

Warren K., son of William & Delila CONCKLIN  d Mar 1, 1837		ae 9mo 25 da



Charlie M., son of Benson & Tanu (or Tina or Yanu) Torah CONKLIN

					d Sept 6, 1865			ae 5y, 1mo, 11da

Maria, wife of Wm. CONKLIN		d May 20, 1876			ae 44y, 3mo

Annette, dau of Wm. & Maria		d Jan 2, 1855			ae 4 mo

John, son of Wm. & Maria		d Apr 5 1861			ae 4y, 18day

Alfred, son of Wm. & Maria		d Aug 1, 1873			ae 6mo, 11da

Julia, son of Wm. & Maria		d July 29, 1866			ae 9mo 27da

Frances, dau of Wm. & Maria		d Dec 22, 1866			ae 3mo 3da


Jacob J.				d Nov 25, 1859			ae 59y, 3mo, 21da

Mariah CONCKLIN, his wife		d June 4, 1868			ae 63y, 8mo, 18da

John CONCKLIN, son of Jacob & Maria DE WITT   d Aug 3 (or 5) 1842	ae 6y, 7mo, 29da

Ellen M., dau of Jacob & Maria DE WITT	d Jan 5, 1872		ae 26 yrs

Margaret Elsey, dau of “		d Feb 2, 1842			ae 3 yr, 8mo, 2da

Warren, son of “			d Jan 22, 1842			ae 1 yr 1mo 29da

Tallman, son of “			d Oct 6, 1844			ae 1 yr 2mo, 2da


Daniel					d Jan 14,1836		ae 62yr, 7mo, 7da

Maria MILLER, wife of Daniel N. FRIAR	d Dec 3, 1865		in her 80th year


Catherine, dau of James & Abigail JORALEMON	d Oct 18, 1843	ae 2y, 2mo, 3da


Thanks to Wilda Marshall Brown  for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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