Cemetery on South Side of Murphy Hill Road

(Town of Moravia, NY)  #141B


copied by Miss Flora Daniells, 1961 Auburn, NY

CARPENTER, JAMES JR.				d. Nov. 19, 1837 ae 26y 2mo 2 da

CARPENTER, WILLIAM son of James & Phebe		d. Jan. 14, 1838 ae 13 yrs

LOVE, PHEBE wife of James			d. May 29, 1817 ae 62yrs

LOVE, JAMES JR. son of James & Phebe		d. Oct. 8, 1841 ae 11yrs

LEBASON, SARAH wife of Charles			d. Apr. 13, 1849 ae 20y 8mo 13 da

MOWRY, ALBERT G.				d. Oct. 5, 1844 in 35th yr

MOWRY, CALVIN son of Sirah & Betsey		d. Oct. 12, 1832 ae 15yrs

MOWRY, RHODA wife of Thomas			d. Jun. 30, 1817

MOWRY, GARDNER son of Sirah & Betsey		d. Dec. 3, 1823 ae 11y 7mo 8 da

MOWRY, EVELINA dau. of John & Sally M.		d. Sep. 5, 1834 ae 1y 10mo 25 da

MOWRY, SIRAH					d. Sep. 30, 1811

MOWRY, THOMAS					d. Oct. 31, 1827 in 8th yr

MOWRY, JARED					d. Mar. 22, 1839 in 63rd yr

MOWRY, MARY SMITH dau. of Thomas & Rhoda Mowry	d. Feb. 14, 1816 in 29th yr

Thanks to Anita Sharpsteen for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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