Hall Cemetery

(Town of Moravia, NY) #141

Located three miles north from Moravia village on east side of Jugg Street, in NW corner of Lot 54, on p. 48 of theNew Century Atlas, Cayuga County, 1904.

“Back from the road several hundred feet, in a maple grove. This evidently was a large, beautiful cemetery, but all stones are down and many broken beyond legibility. Cattle range the grounds and there is evidence of vandalism.”  
-written at time of copying-

Copied 1956 by Leslie L. Luther, Moravia, NY
copies with: Cornell Library of Regional History
N.Y. Gen.-Biog. Society
Powers Library, Moravia, NY

PLEASE NOTE:	The Quaker Church Cemetery on Jugg Street in Moravia, near the 

		intersection of 38A, and the little Hall Cemetery up the same road

		have several rows of Slate Stone markers 8-10" in height, in the rear 

		of each Cemetery.  These are determined to be very early Quaker graves. 

		The Quakers were not permitted to have inscribed tombstones until 1842, 

		as it was considered to be too worldy, and against their doctrine of 

		plainess. Both cemeteries are close to the location of the 1804 

		Sempronious Friends Meeting House located on Jugg Street earlier 

		known as the "Quaker Church Road".  Hall Cemetery has 35-40 markers, 

		and Quaker Church has over 50."

BELDING		large monument, 10 ft. high, down flat

BELDING,William					d. July 8, 1847 ae 71y  4mo 20da

	Caty		wife of William Belding		d. Dec. 26, 1831 ae 50y  9mo 10da

	Priscilla 	2nd wife of Wm. Belding		d. July 7, 1849 ae 67y 10mo 1 da


	Caty		also on headstones, dates same as above


BENTLEY Caroline M.	dau. of Melancton & Eliza Bentley d. June 4, 1832 ae  2y  3mo 13da

BROWN	Daniel						d. Aug. 3, 1849 ae 51y  5mo 17da

BROWN	Ella		dau. of Phillip & Margaret	d. Oct. 22, 1864 ae  4y 2da

CADY 			In Memory of Hannah,  consort of Phineas Cady	

							d. Dec. 28, 1839  ae 81y 10mo 13da

CADY			In Memory of John W.  who	d. June 20, 1841  ae 24y  3 mo 17da

	Betsy Ann	dau. of John & Fanny		d. Aug. 24, 1843  ae 24y  4 mo 11da

CAR	Abner C.						d. Apr. 4, 1828  ae 28y  1mo 26 da

CHURCH	William M.	son of Stephen W. & Abiah Church

							d. Mar. 16, 1850  ae 15y  8mo  3da

	Ella M.	dau. of  W. & Abiah Church		_____________

FRITTS	Christina	wife of Christian		d. Sept. 25, 1852  ae 66yrs

GOFF	Roxana		wife of John Goff		d. Dec. 5, 1844 in the 55th yr of her age

HALL	Ann		wife of William Hall		d. Mar. 4, 1838  ae 70 yrs age

HALL	John						illegible

JOHNSON	(see West)

KINGSBURY, Julia A.	wife of H.J. Kingsbury		d. Jan. 19, 1853  ae 28 yrs

REED	Nelson A.					d. July 4, 1840 in the 20th yr of his age

REED	Amos						(never anything else)

SHARP	Clarissa	dau. of Norman & Betsey		d. Aug. 6, 1836  ae  4y  5 mo

SMITH			8 ft. high Monument, down flat

SMITH	Pettit						d. Aug. 31, 1837  ae 67 y


SMITH	Huldah		his wife			d. Dec. 29, 1855 ae 79 yrs

SNIDER	Wm.						d. Apr. 2, 1844  ae 74y  6mo 24 da

STANTON,Sally		wife of Joseph			d. Jan. 15, 1837  ae 32 y      6 da

WEST	Fanny		wife of Thomas West		d. Mar. 29, 1856  ae 65y  9 mo

WHITWOOD		In Memory of Charles  who	d. Apr. 19, 1819  ae 73 yrs

WHITWOOD		In Memory of Sibyl, consort of Charles who				

							d. Feb'y. 8th, 1828   __?__

WHITWOOD, Sibyl						d. Apr. 2, 1839 in the 56th yr of her age


1.  On bottom of Wm. Snider stone is W.M.C. Snider-Newark

2.  Several West bodies were removed from this cemetery to Indian Mound Cemetery, Moravia, including       

    Fanny West, where, on the Greenfield-West-Titus Lot in Sect. 7, is the inscription:  “Fannie Johnson,          

    wife of Thomas West, died Mar. 29, 1856, aged 67 yrs 9 mo & 4 da.”

Thanks to Anita Sharpsteen for transcribing the information on this page into a digital format.

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