Located on east side of East Lake Road (Lot 42, Moravia NY) approximately 4 miles north of Moravia near Indian Cove Road in Cayuga County, New York  The information found on this website page was obtained from a headstone transcription or cemetery records found at the Luther Research Center at the Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society in Moravia NY.  The information was originally copied by M. Crosby 1961; also copied by Leslie L. Luther, 1961
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BATHRICK 	Abigail (Kettle) (1st wife of Tilley Bathrick	d. Sept. 9, 1812 in 71st yr
		also has marked "EVA"- a child's stone 


CLARK 		Jenks 						d. Aug. 19, 1846 ae 50 y 2 mo 25 da

COX 		Dorlesca - dau. of Wm. & Hannah Cox 		d. July 20, 1836 ae 1 y 5 mo		
		Hannah F. - wife of Wm. Cox 			d. Apr. 25, 1839 ae 27 y 3 mo 27 da

COX 		Jacob 						d. Aug. 16, 1863 ae 44 y 6 mo 21 da

FOWLER		Eliza Jane - dau. of John & Olive Fowler 	d. Oct. 5/9, 1865 ae 2 y 1 mo 5 da

FOWLER		John S.						d. May 3, 1864 ae 61 y 1 mo (L.L. has Dec. 3, 1861 ae 61 y 11 mo)			
Lydia - wife of John S. d. June 19, 1879 ae 78 y 8/11 mo
Leroy - son of John & Lydia Fowler d. Mar. 21, 1846 ae 4 y 11 mo 5 da GREENMAN Edward d. Nov. 8, 1850 ae 87 y 1 mo 7 da Phebe - wife of Edward Greenman d. Aug. 20, 1842 ae 72 y 2 da HEWITT Lewis d. Mar. 15, 1837 b. Nov. 14, 1757 (or b. Mar. 11, 1757) Charlotte, his wife d. Sept./Oct. 16, 1854 b. Jan. 18, 1863 HEWITT James D. 1792 - 1863 Phebe Hiscock his wife 1798 - 1863 James C. - son of James & Phebe Hewitt d. Oct. 1, 1817 ae 1 mo 20 da Charles his brother d. Sept. 8, 1834 ae 2 y 17 da LaFayette, son of James & Phebe Hewitt d. Dec. 25, 1853 ae 28 y 9 mo HISCOCK see Hewitt KIES Mr. Freeman "A Joiner" d. Sept. 25, 1834 in 41st yr KIES Mr. Joseph "A Joiner" d. Aug. 20, 1834 in 82nd yr "He was a soldier of the Revolution
and at the siege of quebeck."
Mary wife of Joseph Kies d. Aug. 23, 1841 ae 89 yrs (stone erected by her daughter
Charlotte CHILDS)*
REYNOLDS Daniel d. Nov. 10, 1866 ae 96 yrs Mrs. Susannah or Susan H. d. July 15, 1835 ae 56 yrs wife of Daniel Reynolds SECAUR/SECAUER John d. Jan. 11, 1889 b. Feb. 9, 1814 Lydia d. ___b. Mar. 17/12, 1817/12 Caroline, dau. of John & Lydia Secaur d. Apr. 15, 1862/67 ae 13 y 6 mo 24 da THOMAS Prince d. May 15, 1850 ae 74 y 2 mo 24 da THORNTON Charlotte - dau. of d. July 12, 1854 ae 9/3 y 11 mo 1 da James and Emaline Thornton VAN ORDEN Eliza D.(Dorleska), d. Feb. 29, 1836 ae 4 or 1 mo dau. of Wm. & Julia J. Van Orden also a large hs "J. I."

*L. Luther says a Charlotte Childs is buried in Indian Mound Cemetery, Moravia, NY, b. 1775.


NOTE: The following E-Mail message below was received on July 19, 2004
I just wanted to give you an update on Hewitt Cemetery.  My other half and I took a ride out in hope of taking headstone photos.   Hewitt Cemetery is so overgrown that there are no headstones visible period.  If it had not been for us stopping to ask a gentlemen if we had the right area and being given the exact spot one would have never known there had once been a cemetery there.  Perhaps you could add a note in regards to this on the cemetery page , to let others know.  S & M Marshall  July 19, 2004
From: Cindy Pursel
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com
Sent: Thursday, October 09, 2008 4:03 PM
Subject: Hewitt Cemetery

In June 2008 I visited this cemetery where my 4G-grandparents are buried and found their rather large stones easily. The grass had been mowed recently. While this small cemetery is not well kept (it is on private property and is, in fact, the front yard of a rental trailer) when the grass has been cut, one can read many of the stones there. The landowner lives up the next driveway north and was amenable when I asked permission to visit the cemetery. The renters were less friendly. If anyone locally wants to "adopt" this cemetery, please contact me for financial support! cindypursel@hotmail.com

From: Tom Castele [mailto:TC59@aol.com]
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2015 10:53 AM
To: cayuga@roadrunner.com
Subject: Hewitt Cemetery, Moravia NY


I just visited Hewitt Cemetery on August 12, 2015.  It was hard to find, as the entire property is surrounded by trees and overgrowth (I think this is intentional).  I knocked on the trailer on the property and the woman inside said that she didn’t mind at all if I walked through the cemetery (it is literally their front yard).  It was somewhat overgrown, but the larger markers were easy to find and read.  If your ancestors are here, it is worth the trip.

Tom Castele, tc59@aol.com

Thanks to Anita Sharpsteen for transcribing these records into a digital format.

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